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Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

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Thank you so much for bringing over the pix.

She looks absolutely lovely.

Posters are calling her youthful, a doll, goddess, pretty....


Koo wishes audience at the outside event a wonderful day filled with happiness. The moderator asks audience to watch her movie. Koo says, you don't have to watch it, but you must watch it, making everybody laugh.


Partners Park clip: I could not totally understand it. But, Koo si saying that she did not make her film based on actual event..


I read an article on Koo...it was hard for me to really understand it deeply....when Koo talks professionally, her vocabulary level is at a higher level. I have to take longer to translate. :D The little that I did understand says that she absolutely loves working, Mystery Pink took one day to plan, one day to film and one day to edit!! Can you believe that? She is also planning to make a film about her second story in her book: Story of Maria. I read that story along with Mystery PInk. I really liked it. It was dark yet refreshing and psychological. 

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12 hours ago, kooswan said:

[인터뷰]구혜선 “사랑은 나의 전부가 사라져도 괜찮은 것”



I will try to translate it later..except for the last line which became the title of the article.

Q. 구혜선이 정의하는 ‘사랑’이란. GHS's definition of love is?

A. 사랑은, 결국 나를 파괴시켜 나가는 과정이 아닐까. 나의 모든 것이 사라져도 괜찮은 것. 나라는 존재가 그다지 중요하지 않게 되는 것. My thought is that love ultimately destroys me. Even if everything about me disappears, it is OK. My existence, who I am becomes unimportant.

(This is Koo's concept that I hope to understand more. It seems contrary to Western concept...I could be wrong...but I am definitely curious. Feel like reading her book again!)

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Doesn't she look gorgeous? I just love to see her this passionate:wub:, wonder what she is talking about :rolleyes: 


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Thanks kooswan.

I cannot hear Koo either. 

The crowd is so loud.

I think the crowd is so close to her that either she cannot get out of the car or cannot close the car door. I think I see Koo mouthing the word, moon or the door.

good to see Koo get attention.

Thanks Sunnies!!!!

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Hello Sunnies! It's been awhile...


It's sooooo... good to see our dear Koo again. She's getting prettier by the day and there is just that glow and contentment that radiates around her.  You can tell how much the public miss her by the way she was cheered and mobbed during the red carpet walk and when she got into her car.  Just so proud of her!  There is just one Koo and the rest are not even close to her standing. I hope she will get good reviews for her film Mystery Pink.


She's also getting more active in IG now which I think were messages for her husband these past few days when they were apart from each other. I'm glad she's sharing them with her fans somehow.  Looks like she has become more open after marriage, maybe because she has a very supportive husband who is always cheering for her openly. She really made a good choice in picking AJH as her husband.


Thanks @cheerkoo for your non-wavering kindness to translate news and snippets about our dearest angel.Thanks also to @shadia71and @kooswan for keeping this forum active.


Fighting Sunnies!

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Thanks Sunnies..

Koo seems to be getting busier---shown through her IG.

The pix with Mango sleeping on her work...she wrote, "in the middle of work"

She also posted a pix of "going to work" and a pix of shoes/boots stating she is going home after work.

I heard in dc that she was filming at Haeri village which is the artistic community in Paju area of Korea. I saw some pix through google and it is very pretty there. I am very curious what work she was doing. Above clip of a lady shaking 2 bags of smart meal packages seems to be from Haeri village. The lady is saying she is going to share it with Koo although she rarely shares food with others. (keke)

I also saw her narration of EBS DocuPrime's Shall We Do Art. It is really well done. Just loved listening to Koo. I head she had a bad cold while narrating. Neverthless, she is the most appropriate person to narrate on the topic!!

The white rose/flower that she wore as an earring on the last day of Junju Film Festival looks like the flower she wore at the hospital when she and her husband donated to seal their marriage. I wonder if it is a flower that her husband made for her. (keke)

So much to look and hear and translate....sorry Sunnies....I will take a look when I can. Translation will be skimpy.

But Thanks so much for finding so many goodies!!! Love it love it!!!

Have a good day!!!

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