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Goo Hye Sun 구혜선


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18 hours ago, bethcq68 said:

What does it take to get her back on the small screen?  I am sure she is missed so much.  How much does it take to product a 16 or 20 episode drama?  What will it require her come back?  I'd like to know then maybe we can do something about it.   Seriously!!!


It's hard to know what to say. The pressure campaign, from whatever entity refuses to back off, has obviously rattled production companies and Hye Sun herself as she has apparently gone completely underground. As in the case with her fellow peer, Yoon Eun hye, another actress who enjoyed immense popularity before a similar public faction used it's will to continue their one-sided attack, leaving both talents frightened, unprotected, and defeated, I believe that KHS has resolved herself to give up fighting, maybe never to return, or to wait it out hoping that it may finally fizzle out. Groups who run these organized attacks are special breed of crazy and show no sign of releasing their victims as they believe it makes them powerful and not the sullen, sad figures of jealousy and loathing that they truly are. Be that as it may, I'm happy that our girl hasn't resulted to the drastic measures that has cost their lives of so many within the industry who are no longer with us. It's a sick world in places and we all suffer from it. Even the monsters who make it so. :cry:

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Quick Poll- K-Drama Seasons


Chingus, it is time to get warm and cozy this winter.  We are already anticipating the next season of many of our favourite K-dramas, do take a moment to vote for your favourite K-drama with multiple seasons. Don't forget to let us know which drama you wish to see the second season of. :dorakiss:





re:  Your friendly and most favourite EO team : @partyon @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @confusedheart

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On 1/25/2021 at 6:09 PM, SidheartA said:

Hi! I am new here - well, newly signed up but I have been lurking for a while now.

You could say I am a new fan of Ku Hye Sun. It was around maybe late 2018  I think when I saw Boys Over Flowers on Netflix. I remember many years ago how I've heard people talk about this drama so I decided to watch it. Although I found the drama funny, even at times when it wasn't supposed to be funny, I was drawn to it - especially to the Jan Di and Ji Hoo pairing. I know it's only a drama but I really adored the 2 of them, I really thought they looked good together, so I started looking for Boys Over Flowers fanfiction where the ending was different.

Anyway, I also looked up both actors, behind the scenes videos of the show, and I was impressed especially with KHS. I was amazed at how talented she was. Such a jack(ie) of all trades! I even watched her other dramas like Absolute Boyfriend, The Musical, Take Care of Us Captain, Angel Eyes, and Blood. I wish I could find the earlier ones with subs: The King and I, and Strongest Chilwoo. I wish to one day be able to see her art exhibit.

When I discovered this soompi forum, I have started reading from the first page - even cross-referencing BOF promo related posts on Kim Hyun Joong's page hehe. 

Like all of you as a fan of KHS, I wish her success and real happiness. I hope she completely heals from all the pain she has been through and not mind the haters. From what I see on some Facebook groups and YouTube comments on her videos - even from a decade ago, a lot of people admire her talent and beauty.  


I also want to add that I saw The Manager episode she was on. What a hilarious show! 
It was also quite touching how she is treated like family by her management agency.

I am just one year before you know KHS. She should be the treasure of Korea, but few Koreans understand it. Anyway, you can support her in your way, such as by storing her music in your phone and listening to it anywhere.

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