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  1. Hi guys, Back to soompi after a long long time I do read up some of your opinions it's fun to read them..I am here for Song Hwa and Ik jun. I have watched all the Reply series till date and I was lucky that i always chose the right husband in all of them and all my ships sailed.. This time too I feel it's Song Hwa and Ik Jun hope this ship will sail too..There is still a pending scene left to be shown-when Ik Jun accompanied Song Hwa to get her biopsy report.. And her other suitor seems to always miss his opportunity be it a drink with SH or the umbrella scene.. And i also like the other couple Chu Mina and Seok Hyung..they are super adorable. I know I am wrong but why do i always feel like Ahn Jeong Won liked Song Hwa in the past.. Three more episodes left let's see what's in store..I am sure Reply team will wrap this series beautifully..
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