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Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

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쿠  전시회에 또 가고싶다..I want to go to Koo's exhibition again.

'마리  이야기'는 좀 슬프다. "Marie's Story" is a bit sad.
쿠의 관점에서가 아니더라도 가만 읽다보면 몰입하게 되더라구. Even if it is not Koo's work, I feel myself getting absorbed while reading.
결국엔 마리를 어느정도 이해하게 된달까, 뭐 그런...Eventually, I feel like I kind of understand Marie.

'미스터리 핑크'는 "Mystery Pink" is
한 줄 한 줄 읽을 때마다 whenever I read one line at a time
전시회장에서 본 장면이 떠오르는거야. all the items and images that I saw at the exhibiton come up.
목소리가 들리는 것 같고.. 그 얼굴이 생각나고 그러네..I almost feel like I hear the voices..and I remember the faces..
시간내서 한 번 더 가보려구..I am planning to make time to visit the exhibition again.

쿠, 애썼어. Koo, you did good.
언제나 힘내, 쿠 Always, be strong, Koo.


(I also ordered the Scenarios. I am very looking forward to it. I enjoy Koo's writing. I am not sure what it would be like to read a scenario as oppose to a novel. I hope we overseas fans also get a chance to see Mystery Pink, when the exhibiiton is over. Koo Fighting!!!)

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Thanks @Rain Song for bringing goodies.

A person posted above went to see Mystery Pink as it was free.

In the ending credit, she saw AJH's name in it. He cannot be missed.

She saw Seo HJ in the movie and was wowed by how beautiful she looks. (Koo once said long ago how she works really hard to bring out the best in the actors whom she works with.)

Yang DG's expressions are DAEBOK. Be prepared that it is a story of someone's death and that it openes up so many questions about it. She is not going to reveal whose death it is but if people don't get it, she says look at all the items and images around and we will get it. 


[I read in dc-koo~A dc fan wonders, besides AJH, if one of many whom Koo credits for her movie includes the 2 pd's from the wedding diary. I do not remember their names now. ke I am guessing that one of ther names might be the last name listed on the screen that Rain Song posted. Lee wooyoung....I am even more curious about where Mango is sitting down and sunning herself. What a glorious spot to get some sun. Lucky Mango!! I want to get a tour of AhnGoo's home. I would imagine it to be simple with just the necessities. Looking forward to the next book, AhnGoo Home. ]

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"오늘 더 사랑해"..구혜선♥안재현, 달달한 부부

본문듣기 설정
구혜선 인스타

[헤럴드POP=배재련 기자]구혜선 안재현 부부가 달달 부부 셀카를 공개했다.

배우 구혜선은 21일 자신의 인스타그램을 통해 "#kuhyesun #ahnjaehyun"이라는 글과 함께 셀카 사진을 공개했다.

공개된 사진 속 구혜선은 남편 안재현과 스마트폰을 이용해 셀카를 찍고 있는 모습. 얼굴을 맞대고 다정하게 셀카를 찍고 있는 모습이 무척 달달해 보인다. 동안 부부의 완벽 비주얼 역시 시선을 끈다.

한편 구혜선은 배우 안재현과 2016년 5월 결혼, 신혼생활을 즐기고 있다. tvN '신혼일기'에도 출연, 달달한 신혼 생활을 자랑하기도 했다.

▶ '이 화질 실화냐' 방탄 워너원 트와이스 설리 리얼 직캠[헤럴드팝 네이버TV]

saw this one.its trending in naver.
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Thank you @RainSong...

I was a bit hesitant to translate above article because part of it is not true. 


It is a very sweet title: " 'I love you more today.' GHS(heart)AJH, a really sweet couple"

But, the article says that GHS posted above picture on her IG. (Did she?) And that she used hashtag #koohyesun#ahnjaehyun.

Maybe it is a post from other IG's?

The artcle says that their face-touching pose elicits sweetness as a couple and how good-looking they are. 

[I am wondering it such article popped up to forewarn the fans about the coming of the book, AhnGoo House...??? 

If so, then, let it come...]

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I like this article and video which seems to be written and made by Herald News. Sorry..probably this post is better or more appropriate in AhnGoo thread..but I have to leave for work soon..

[POP영상]"엘프부부"..안재현X구혜선, 안구부부 케미 탐구 {pop video} "Elf couple..AJHxGHS, hunting/researching AhnGoo couple chemistry."

there is nothing new that we do not allready know that is wrtten inthe article or the video...

but very sweet and I thank whoever is doing it to promote them. At the end of the video, it says "we pray that they only walk the flowery path of life,,,,also praying for blessing of 2nd generation..." 

keke That is cute...well...me too. :wub: 

"elf" is the word used by a customer at Kang Restaurant to point out AJH who popped out of hot kitchen to take a break and say hello to customers. I think "elf" is like male version of fairy/beautiful magical being in Korea...

initially I thought the customer was insulting AJH because ,to me, elf is not so beautiful Santa's helper with big ears...but Koreans do not look at it that way...keke:D

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Yes wish khs and ajh the best in terms of career and married life.They deserve the best.Now I'm waiting for khs next project.

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Thank you @Rain Song for bringing over the goodies.

Koo's painting is titled, Snail's House.

Suddenly, the vibrant colors are Koo's paintings!!!

Love them.

Love her painting titled JaeHyun also. The feel of "JaeHyun" and the feel of "Snail's House" feel different...:tongue::D


Got Koo's book, Scenarios.

Opened it up just this morning and could not put it down. "Marie's Story"....Wow! So far, it is really good.  And,,,there is a chill factor...OMG!!


I think the book can be good for those who want to study Korean. It is not dense or overwhelming in terms of amount of words. It is engrossing!! 


Wow..already, I want her to write more!!


Just finished her book/scenario..took me 4 hours!!! That is a short duration with my Korean limitations!!!! :D I just could not stop. It is a scenario and I can almost see the scenes.....Initially, it was chilling and yet so refreshing and so absorbing...and then I am left with so much to wonder and think about ...can't explain. Her works always seem to leave so much 잔상/remnants...Bravo!!



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Koo wrote Corner of spring, Seeping in of sea.

(thank you @Rain Song)


I remember that painting, corner of spring when it was all yellow with white lines. I also remember her husband's drawing,  all in blue..when Koo got her teaching certificate.




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Please forgive my attempt to translate her few poems...:sweatingbullets:


#58 My happy home


8 animals live in our house.

One big gentle dog with a good sense/tact (눈치)

One small gentle dog with a speedy sense/tact.

One small gentle dog who just notices.


One gentle cat if he is far away.

One cat who is gentle even if he is close.

One cat who is gentle if he is appropriately far away.


One gentle male kid who is just tall. One female kid who is sensitive and ferocious.


That female kid manages several of the animals.

Everybody has sense and tact.

It seems they live within their own distance and boundary.


The tall male kid is the keeper of the lighthouse.


#59 Maarriage


Why did I? I am very curious.


Definitely (without a doubt)

I need it.

Once in a while,

it is irritating.


I nag, 

and I get nagged too.

At times, I feel like kicking it out, then,

We hold hands.


It's boring.


We start chattering.



I get the courage to be poor.




#62 Pet


From now on, I am not going anywhere.

I am going to stay home.

I am not going to travel, leaving you behind.

I am not going to ride the plane.

I will not leave you.


If your 10 years is my 100 years, I want to use all my time.

I don't want there to be a single reason for my not being there for your end. I don't want there to be a single reason why I could not hold you.


If I am to give up who I am 

to be by your side,

most people will think me crazy.


But, I want to be that crazy being 

so that I can be there for your end.


That is the most important thing to me.


Because I am your pet.


#60 Pet



All day long


Not at the wide living room

But at a corner, we stay together.

haphazzardly attached together.

Even though a nice cushion is on your side.

You are always sitting on top of me.


Too heavy.


We don't demand anything of each other.

Attached together like tics

Blown by the wind

Smelling you

Become absorbed in thoughts

Fall asleep



I feel the love.










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I cannot help but love Koo's writing--her thoughts.

#62 just made me cry so much...

8 pets living together.

I am laughing, crying, feeling warm and cozy.

Cannot wait to

Thanks KOO!!!!


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