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  1. Hello Sunnies!! Long time. Sorry for dropping out like that. Have not kept up at all. Had my own troubles and work and school. I cannot promise translations. But it seems like you are all doiing well. Thank you for keeping the thread alive and well. Feel bad. Its amazing that when Koo had to deal w her own troubles, I also had mine. Somehow, I needed funny distractions but hers was just as painful and could not deal w it. sorry Sunnies. I could understand when she said that she reached out to her public and fans because she needed to rely on people who would be there for her unconditionally. But it turned on her too...calling her crazy, etc. But when one deals w shocking personal matter, I now think it is quite normal and understandable. You can only do that best you can. Too much pain can drive you to do so many uncharacteristic things. So, I support and stand by Koo. It will take time to heal and we all need a little luck and a log blessing and faith. Tons and tons... She is focusing on her school and trying to stay strong. It is hard. But I hope she persevere and finish. I pray she moves on expecting that it will be bumpy with attacks and pangs of raw pain always nearby. Koreans resort to suicide so much. I pray that never happens for Koo or for anybody. Koo is facing all this in public--that is brave. Whenever we can I hope we can just give her thumbs up no matter what and give her a lot of support. I dont expect it to be anytime soon...but I pray it will happen. I pray all you Sunnies are well. Take good care of yourselves in this hard time of pandemic....it was crazy. When it rains, it pours!! Stay strong. I forgot how to get back in here!! IT always happens. hahah. take it easy. i pray that when the time is right with a bit of luck from above, Koo will start acting again. I miss it. Thanks Sunnies.