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  1. Good to hear that her husband will have a new drama. He has been approached but it does not seem he made up to take the role yet. "Flawed Humans", a romance comedy about a woman who hates pretty men and about a man who is too obsessed with appearance. I think Ahn might be good for that role. All the best!!
  2. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140802&page=1 Koo fans at DC-Koo shares this news, taken from an interview w her agency. June 1 to July 28, Koo's exhibition of her new art works will be held at Seoul JinSan Gallery. June is also the month that her new book may be released. That is the goal. April 26, tomorrow, Koo is holding her seminar as planned. Her agency also mentions that her next acting project has not been decided---but, hopefully soon. It is also pointed out in the interview by her agency that, since she recovered from her illness, she did not stop working. Koo Fighting!! Sunnies Fighting!!! I am so looking forward to her new book. Love her writing.
  3. Hi Sunnies! Hope you are all well. In case you are wondering what Koo's been up to... but I am sure many of you already know. In June, as we all know here, she will have her exhibition...details? I do not know. On 4/26, Koo is holding a seminar on the topic of "a life healed through art" I hope many fans go and report on it. I also happen to see an advertisement on Cryolab https://blog.naver.com/gyubin0804/221516197118 It appears that, in late March, Koo had a 3 min session at Cryolab. The promoter states that Koo went there for relief of insomnia and overall tiredness/exhaustion. Her session started at -120 degrees and went down to -130 degrees! Promoter says Koo tolerated it very well. I heard many good things about cryotherapy; good to know that Koo is taking care of herself. I hope Koo has a long, long lasting benefits from "extreme recovery" session. Missing Koo a lot. Sunnies, you all take care too. PS, I also heard through DC-Koo that there will be a season 2 of Koo on Youtube!! Yeah!!! More to see her!!
  4. Hi Izaku, Its an article about celebs who look younger than their age. Koo came in 3rd after Jang NR and Lee SH, actress and singer respectively. Good night Sunnies!! Thanks for the news about Koo's upcoming exhibit.
  5. I think what is important to note is that Koo simply expressed her memory of late Ms Jang: her warm gesture in that cold, cold winter when they all worked 24 hours a day. BOF cast really went through a great deal: car accidents, death, etc. Through it all, they stayed professional. Cheers to Koo. It is so like Koo to bring up a positive and warm memory of a person who cannot speak for herself anymore. RIP. Sunnies, stay positive and lets give a little prayer for Koo...may we see her soon on a screen of any size. I would not mind even a minor or a tiny role. Just want to see her soon. Miss her and her acting very much. I also hope that her book will be out soon. Take care!!
  6. sunnies, I forgot to mention,,, look for my translation at ChiBiTV--Koo's Diary of an Unemployed. Look for Purple R (Rissa Ballen)
  7. Hi Sunnies! It is good to see Koo every week via YTube. Somehow I am not ready to see Koo on tv screen, no matter how much I miss her. There seems to be an army of anti-fans that I find it difficult to stomach at times. I am actually hoping that Koo finds ways to continue YTube...guess we have to see. I hear it is for only 6 episodes..2 left!! There are so many Ytubers out there!! Koo can write, compose, edit, direct,,,,it is good to hear all her music. Lately, Koo is staying active as the ambassador for the Korean Art Association. Her art pieces are selected to be showcased along with other artists of both South and North Korea. It starts March 11 to sometime in May. Although the conference between Kim JE and Pres Trump did not end well (yet!), it is good that both Korea(s) are trying to share culture and communicate positively. Koo will be attending the opening day! Today, March 9th, Koo attended a talk concert about UNICEF. I don't know if Koo gave the talk concert or if she just attended. But, the title seems to be '구혜선이 들려주는 차드의 심장소리' 가 3월 9일 오후 서울 마포구 합정동 더보이드빌딩 문화예술공간 디벙크에서 펼쳐졌다. "Heart Beats of CHAAD from Koo HyeSun" which is held at The Boyd building in Seoul Mapo-gu. Maybe we will hear more about it. I am also anxiously wondering what is happening to her book: "SoJu's SangShik". Hope it comes out soon. I remember her talking about such a book many years ago. Can't wait!! Hope you are all well, Sunnies!!! Keep strong and Fighting!! I have been busy wi work and school that I did not come daily, but I will always be Koo's fan. Take care all!!! Fighting!!!
  8. I still cannot enter DC-Koo gal. Either something is wrong w my computer or ??? But, I am so glad that Koo has her YT channel. May it thrive!! Love it! Love it!!! Thanks Sunnies.
  9. Hi Sunnies!! Have you all checked out Koo in Korean YT channel? Now I cannot find the first one when she is talking about setting up the YT. It is her YT and directed by Koo!! I did not get to rougly translate this first one,,,which is the planning stage of her YT channel. Actors are freelancers and at times do not have work. Koo wanted to create this and it is: GHS: Diary of An Unemployed. I hope we see her regularly via YT!!! Love it. I always hoped that she would utilize YT one day!! Her tiny office in YangPyung!!. She must have been planning this a long time and that is why she came out in that variety show that introduced an architect!! Please go and subscribe and support and love our Koo!!! You can see and hear bits and pieces of AJH too. 2nd one: I translated roughly at the site.
  10. Hello Sunnies, I cannot get into dc-Koo gal for a long time now. Good that Koo has an active IG. It seems that Koo is writing another novel, titled, Soju's SangShik. She gave a brief intro to her novel...Cannot wait!!! "When you are not mine, you really become mine" To possess/want love, it only increases anxiety and fear. Love is possible after getting rid of such a mind set. Don't you think that is love? A strange philosophy of love by a strange female, Soju, moves an ordinary man, Sangshik. Here, it will move the "ordinary us". Kim Sangshik is an orginary male in his early 30's. Pi SoJu is a strange female in her early 30's. Synopsis Ordinary Sanghik is a friend of a soon-to-be-married groom. One day, at the friend's engagement party, the ordinary Sangshik meets bride's intoxicated friend, Soju, and becomes intrigued. Soju suddenly proposes marriage to Sangshik and starts to love him...but he wants to avoid her who burdens him.
  11. hi @Emily D. I clicked on the link but it says it cannot be found. sorry. Sunnies!!! If you celebrate, Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. And,,, Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to each and every one of you!! and to our dear Koo too!!!! Thank you all.
  12. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17363550&memberNo=38373329&vType=VERTICAL Partners Park posted behind cuts from Singles Magazine. No stories,,just Koo in some of the B-cuts. Good Job, Partners Park!!
  13. hi @loveukoo there were many articles on Koo visiting Africa as Unicef rep. sorry that i did not pick them up. but Koo showed most of it by her IG. this is one article on Koo's visit to Myanmar: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201812180100117890008642&servicedate=20181217 [스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] 배우 구혜선이 2018 한,미얀마 영화제 홍보대사로 발탁되어 개막식에 참석했다. Koo has been appointed a promotion ambassador for the Korea-Myanmar Film Festival and that is why she went to Myanmar. 지난 14일 개막한 제 1회 2018 한,미얀마 영화제는 '한국영화와 미얀마 영화의 현재, 그리고 아름다운 만남'을 주제로 미얀마의 영화 관객들에게 한국 영화의 과거와 현재를 소개하고 한류 문화를 직접 체험할 수 있는 장으로, 문화 예술계 종사자 및 영화 팬들이 함께하는 미얀마의 범국민적 축제 행사로 기획되었다. On Dec 14, Han-Myanmar Films Festival opened for the very first time in 2018. It opened with a purpose to introduce past and current Korean films to the citizens and artists and movie fans of Myanmar to promote cultural exchange between 2 countried. 제 1회 2018 한, 미얀마 영화제 홍보 대사로 발탁된 구혜선은 직접 미얀마를 찾아 개막식에 참석, 아름다운 미모로 시선을 사로잡았다. 흰 드레스를 입고 레드카펫에 등장한 구혜선은 현장을 찾은 수 많은 팬들의 환호를 받으며 다시 한 번 한류 스타로서의 위엄을 과시했다. KHS became the appointed promotion ambassador for this very first Korea-Myanmar Film Festival. She flew to the event looking beautiful in white dress and walking the red carpet receiving incredible, warm welcome.구혜선은 "공항에서부터 많은 분들이 반겨 주셔서 놀랐다."고 운을 띄우며 "뜻 깊은 행사에 함께 하게 되어 영광이다. 한국과 미얀마가 문화로 교류하는 자리에 홍보대사로 설 수 있어 행복했고 즐거운 경험이었다. 세계적인 축제로 성장하길 바란다."고 소감을 밝혔다.KHS expressed her appreciation by stating the she was very surprised by so many people who came to the airport to welcome her. She is so honored and happy to be part of this event, especially since its purpose is to share culture and art between two countries. She hopes that Myanmar Film Festival grows into an international film festival one day. 한편 제 1회 2018 한, 미얀마 영화제 홍보대사로 발탁된 구혜선은 최근 유세프한국위원회와 아프리카 차드로 필드 트립 봉사활동을 다녀오며 희망 메시지를 전달하는 등 바쁜 일정을 소화하고 있다. Before attending the First Korea-Myanmar Film Festival as an ambassador, KHS also just returned from a good-will trip to Chad, Africa as part of Unicef-Korea. She is leading a very active life spreading messages of hope.olzllovely@sportschosun.com
  14. AHHH!!! Thanks so much @loveukoo! She looks lovely at IG. I also saw pix of her arrival at Myanmar via Koo-gal http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140661&page=1 As someone said at Koo-gal, she has really travelled alot this year. France, Africa, Myanmar...
  15. Koo says she is on her way to Myanmar. I wonder why? Her husband is in HongKong for MoMa?
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