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Son Ye-Jin 손예진


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@slowpoked I think they made her look more "Asian" feel.. base on make up. I think it was part of the campaign idea.


Behind the scenes /make up from mujin








Valentino Divas (DI.VAs) and Son Ye-jin




The visuals of the DI.VAs campaign with Valentino and Son Ye-jin have finally been released.


In the new season, the'DI.VAs' campaign launched by Valentino's creative director Pielpaolo Picouli is the ideal and challenge the House pursues. The main motto is to admit differences and sympathize with those who freely express themselves in order to pursue the truth, while at the same time not losing a romantic and intellectual attitude. 'Truth' defined by Valentino is the power to express oneself through constant exploration without compromise, to recognize diversity within the community and to take risks.


The pursuit of different values through different voices and different opinions. This is the key message of the Maison Valentino campaign this season. The three personas featured in the Divas campaign are Valentino's new global face and muse. Korean actor Son Yejin, China's Guan Xiatong, and Japan's Kōki were chosen as the main characters to continue Valentino's story. In three campaigns with different themes, each device expressed their contemporary aesthetic. Through their individuality, they showed wonderful charms representing Korea, China, and Japan.






The advertising campaign, modeled after Son Ye-jin, was captured on the camera with the concept of a photograph taken on the street through lighting reminiscent of a street light in Itaewon. Kwan Hyo-dong emphasized shades and colors on the music stage, and Kouki was inspired by 'Kakashiza Shadow Play Theatre' and captured it with a Japanese perspective.


The DiVas campaign emphasized the value of Asia with global personas that embody Ficholy's vision. Artists from all over the world who have experienced different cultures will realize the values of the same Maison and build relationships by becoming true cultural ambassadors. Let's look forward to the activities of Valentino and the three muse who will unfold the values that Valentino pursues in this era of no borders or borders.




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Son Ye Jin will be endorsing Korean skincare brand, AHC - but looks like it will be in China(?)


- Other actresses like Kim Hye Soo, Oh Yeon Seo and most recently Krystal (announced earlier this month on social media as ambassador) endorse AHC - represent in Korea or globally.  More news soon





As an actress, she is professional and dedicated, and leads the viewing frenzy of Korean dramas with her acting skills and strength. After years of acting work, what remains unchanged is the amazing beauty and skin condition that can withstand the big screen! This time, she came to surprise with Millie Cheats AHC Purple Filter Essence, to refine the skin, improve fine lines, protect the skin's youth, and not be afraid to shoot face. Who is she? Surprise will be announced tomorrow!



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Woow...she has a lot of CF

She is smart, she could express many faces depending on the CF theme. 

Do you feel she has Yoon Seri persona in Valentino's CF?

Does Valentino DiVa mean brand ambasador?




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@puan iryantie the term at the moment is being more used as "muse" . The global brand ambassador is Zendaya and Valentino has other brand ambassadors too in China etc.. YSR is fashion icon - all her luxury brands including Valentino and many others hehee..


Spackman Media Group's press release


Spackman Media Group Artist Son Ye-jin Selected As Valentino’s Muse


  • Represented by MSteam Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the associated company of Spackman Entertainment Group, Spackman Media Group, iconic Korean actress Son Ye-jin chosen to grace luxury fashion brand Valentino's worldwide campaign


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 23 March 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that Korean megastar Son Ye-jin of MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("MSteam Entertainment"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group") has been selected as luxury fashion brand Valentino's muse.


Son Ye-jin shall grace the luxury fashion brand's worldwide campaign. On 22 March 2021, Valentino unveiled a global advertising campaign featuring Son Ye-jin that seeks to portray self-expression, truth-seeking and intellectual attitude that is both romantic and empathetic.


Previously, Son Ye-jin was the face of Crocodile's woman apparel and Smart Communications Inc., a leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines.


Son Ye-jin's latest tvN K-drama, CRASH LANDING ON YOU, achieved massive record-breaking viewership success in Korea and became a top hit in Japan, attaining #1 on Japan's Netflix for four months. The K-drama was one of the top 10 Most Watched Netflix Shows in the United States. Son Ye-jin was awarded the Hallyu Drama Best Actress Award at the 15th Seoul International Drama Awards for her role in CRASH LANDING ON YOU.


Her recent films include BE WITH YOU (2018), THE NEGOTIATION (2018) and THE LAST PRINCESS (2016), all of which were invested by the Group and/or Spackman Media Group. 


In 2018, Son Ye-jin's performance in BE WITH YOU, which broke the all-time first week box office historical record for romance film in Korea, clinched her the Best Actress Award at the Seoul Awards.  Son Ye-jin also received the Prime Minister's Commendations at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards and won the Best Actress for Hallyu Dramas at the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards, underscoring her international status as an iconic Korean actress. 


In 2016, Son Ye-jin won the Best Actress Award in the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards based on her performance in THE LAST PRINCESS.


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You can now find Son Ye Jin on the Korean site of Valentino when shopping :) 



A collection that represents a progressive attitude with creative expression


We are releasing 'Valentino Divas', a global advertising campaign with actor Son Ye-jin.




They haven't released her video/film yet. So that is not on the website yet. Otherwise, Valentino has been still updating their SNS accounts with SYJ.





#ValentinoDiVas: a diverse cast of voices and values, brought together under a collective narrative.
For #ValentinoCollezioneMilano, Son Ye-Jin (@yejinhand) is photographed throughout Seoul in the new collection, featuring a macramé jacket and crepe couture skort, and the new Valentino Garavani #RomanStud Top Handle bag.





The photographer made a black and white version in his instagram story. So it looked cool



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@puan iryantiethey're usually posted later - it depends. Sometimes they answer a few questions 


posted on official weibo accounts


Son Ye Jin and Krystal - AHC Ad




Son Ye Jin and Valentino film


on official instagram now:


The Valentino DiVa is independent and free, unafraid and inspiring.

In a cinematic exploration of Seoul, Son Ye-Jin (@yejinhand) stars as the latest member of the #ValentinoDiVas, a symbol of Valentino’s values of empathy and strength.

Discover the looks she wears, including the Valentino Garavani #RomanStud accessories, shot for #ValentinoCollezioneMilano, by visiting the link in bio.




from official Glass Magazine account:


Glass is proud to present our first cover reveal in conjunction with the launch of our Chinese edition, Glass China. This Son Ye-jin cover is one of three that graces the launch issue, and we are honoured to feature it in the global issue too, as a special commemoration of this exciting time.

Rising to fame in romance-themed films and television series, Son Ye-jin had become a household name in South Korea in her early twenties. When she secured a lead role in the series Crash Landing on You, the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history, her legacy in the genre was sealed. Its release globally on Netflix in 2019 welcomed Son Ye-jin to the international stage and guided her to her latest project, The Cross, in which she makes her Hollywood debut opposite Sam Worthington. Exact plot details are underwraps but the story is set in a diverse, albeit dystopian country where the rich and the poor are separated by a giant wall. Not a far stretch, some may argue, from the state of today’s society…
In juxtaposition to its concept, the film offers a metaphorical bridge between the east and west to mould the narrative in the media. “Right now, more and more diverse Asian cultures are gaining attention and interest [from international viewers]”, Ye-jin says.
We hope Glass China can be part of that bridge too.

Glass China is available to pre-order on the Weidian App, where there is an official online store.
From today, Glass China will be sold in bookstores and newsstands in China.


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SYJ has leveraged her post CLOY popularity to model three clothing lines, CL, BAU and Valentino, which is rare since most brands lock up models as exclusive for the contract time period. In cosmetics and health care, it is more product specific exclusivity. Since CLOY, it appears she has focused on CFs and her dating news did not drop off international interest in her. It seems she spent 2020 enhancing her model status. In fact, the Valentino endorsement takes her out of Asia to now a top model for a global, premier brand. 


The Valentino endorsement may bring her more international interest than the Actor 200 project. In recent articles writers have used the term "struggle" for her to find her next acting project (which is an odd term but I checked it twice). We know she is constantly sent scripts but she has not been linked to any project since August 2020 (the ill-fated Moon-River drama) and the stalled Cross project.  She has said she wants new challenges and an English/Hollywood movie would be one. Because of her record number of CFs, she can wait for a special film project. But she has not had a drama/film shoot in more than a year. There is an old casting movie saying "out of sight, out of mind."  Then again, there are shippers who believe that her current work project is tending her HB relationship.

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I think it could have also meant to imply she is  carefully choosing what project to do next. I have seen others translate it differently than what the articles had said. 


Since we don't know what SYJ's plans are this year and if Cross is her main priority project -that she is hoping to film this year. She has to think about that movie as well as her personal life. Otherwise, she's been busy with all the CFs and most recently with the global campaign of Valentino DiVas. 


I really love how they shot the film. It has a film noir/femme fatale vibe to it. SYJ's looks can kill :)


With all her latest endorsements and projects, it is very female driven/women focused. She is still into more female driven works. Hopefully she can work with an all female cast and director/team. I know it was on her goal list too.  





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She updated her instagram and Red account


too cute. She even thought her Valentino DiVas CF is awesome too :) Some of the Cinderellas left comments and likes. I don't think she saw the finished CF after her film shoot. They did an amazing job :) 




She wrote have a good weekend



She's not only on the cover of Glass China but on Glass as well. The magazine is out on March 31 (it's in the comments)


You guessed right - she is one of our covers as well! Please head to http://newsstand.co.uk on the 31st to get a copy.



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Crash Landing on You musical in 2022


According to Pop Music on the 29th, the drama "Crash Landing on You" will be reborn as a musical in 2022 and will visit the audience.

The drama "Crash Landing on You"" is a drama about the absolute secret love story of Yoon Se-ri, a chaebol heiress who crashed into North Korea in a paragliding accident with a gust of wind, and Ri Jeong Hyeuk  an officer who hides and loves her, achieving an average of 21.7 percent and 24.1 percent on February 16, 2020.

In particular, it is still gaining huge popularity and attention, as it has been released worldwide through Netflix and has caused the fourth Korean Wave boom in Japan.

The production company Pop Music Co., Ltd. and T2N Media Co., Ltd. have completed a global copyright contract with Studio Dragon, and plan to continue the performance starting in Seoul in mid 2022.

"We have completed a copyright contract with Studio Dragon and will start selecting and casting major staff," said Kim Jin-seok, CEO of Pop Music, a production company. "We will do our best to make it a good work." In particular, the recognition of the source IP is so great that many actors and overseas production companies are already inquiring about it."


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9 hours ago, yejinatic1981 said:

Always pretending to commend YeJin but actually underestimating her in every comment. You can't fool everyone.  I wonder why you are here. I have observed you enough and tracked your "internet DNA" and you are a diehard of the actress they pitied against SYJ. Please support your idol NOT by hanging out in this forum to understimate SYJ, her choices and achievements. Thank you.

i didn't notice  :dissapointed_relieved:

yes its disgraceful if she/he came here to do this.


if the antis are bashing her one time, then I will pray for her happiness ten times.


I like Yejin voted "I will not care too much about how others look at me, I think we should realize your own value, find out what you really feel happy about  and try to achieve it" (SON YEJIN, 2021).



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There was never any bashing in this thread. If you have a problem with a person, please DM. It's not needed to vocally call out someone in public.. especially when someone like SYJ doesn't care about what other people think and she is use to anti fans / Gong Hyo Jin even talked about anti fans before too. So she is use to people saying bad things about her too (who don't even know her) - Even I got accused last year too - from people who somehow read my posts wrong? I don't get it since I got called a lot of different things on different Soompi threads in the summer / My favorite is that I work for HB's agency.


I recently came across some articles back in 2006 about her anti fans back then. (why? because she took over O Hui after Kim Tae Hee?/they were modelling with O Hui back to back then a lot)- this was when she was more introverted /shy - didn't have much friends. So now she has a lots of friends and a good supportive friends/Cinderellas, supportive boyfriend HB etc.


People want to hate on her or people in her life currently because she is happy in her personal life and carefully choosing projects to do. I don't get it but like SYJ says in Glass China.. You need to find something valuable that makes you happy and achieve it. (whether it is art/painting etc) Covid-pandemic has made a lot of people bored and they write crazy stuff online on SNS - that is not in this thread. 


Meanwhile SYJ recently got beautiful flowers  - not confirm if from fans or endorsement.





A Moment to Remember is in JWS' greatest moments. SYJ is mentioned a lot in a lot of her co stars Kofic bios: Jung Woo Sung, Jung Hae In, Yoo Hai Jin (the pirates) was mentioned etc So Ji Sub's Kofic video included a small clip from Be With You too.



Their Actor is Present Videos (if you're interested)









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6 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

You need to find something valuable that makes you happy and achieve it.


I think as you grow older and in the business for too long, eventually you just learn to brush off negative comments. Yes, it hurts in the beginning, but it's part of the business, and you eventually learn that some people are just inherently mean - you just can't please everybody. SYJ is at that point in her career and personal life that she can ignore those negative comments and still be generally well liked by most everyone in the industry. She's stable and steady. Of course there will be a difference in how an SYJ would handle such situation vs. say, a new idol just getting her first TV drama. The latter will still be sensitive. I think even SYJ would say that she was once at that point in her life as well.


Even on the off-chance that she retires now, she will go down as one of the most prolific actresses in the history of the Korean entertainment industry and no negative comments can ever dispute that. 


6 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

Meanwhile SYJ recently got beautiful flowers  - not confirm if from fans or endorsement.



Is it just me or the background music is one of the songs from SITR?

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I am part of this thread because my interest is in Yejin's incredible acting ability. I came to know her in January of 2020. Since then I've watched everything she has done (except Sunhee and Jinhee) including CLOY twice, Classic 3x, Be With You 3x, and several others twice. I do not have an interest in her CFs and personal romance. There are those who want to know every detail of her life and others like me who want to see her acting. This forum can handle all types of interest in Yejin. I simply bypass the posts I'm not interested in and look for the posts that have information about her acting.


I might compare this to my interest in Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls back in the day. I avidly watched his games, but I knew nothing of his CFs and personal life.


Anxiously awaiting another Yejin film or drama!

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