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  1. 12 minutes ago, zenya22 said:

    I agree. This is good and I am for now disliking the lead girl. She capitalizes on making money preying on human weaknesses. On Episode 12, when Eun Ho was forced to save his noona from the lake and doing doing CPR while crying on her and all the photographers had to do was take the pictures and watch. That was heartbreaking. 

    Hey chingu, wow I had no idea how much CGI is used in kdrama. I honestly was a bit lost in that scene because of all the errors, so I can’t comment too much on that aspect but I just wanted to also add that I was also surprised how when characters in kdrama are watching a TV or phone screen Or in the camera (last scene when he’s looking at cam watching his daughter), it is actually a blank board on it. So despite the errors, I certainly learned something new.


    I hope we get more people on this discussion. This is honestly the show I look forward to the most every week. Does anyone know so far what the ‘hidden messages’ there are in the show that the article a few posts above hints at? Also if any of these scandals they discuss are actually ones that happen in real life?


    when I saw the car accident, it instantly reminded me of princess diana’s Death (she was driving away from paparazzi and died in car accident) as well as the other side when a paparazz died in the freeway trying to chase after Justin Bieber (something we aren’t seen unless maybe this is a similar story to how the camera tech guy in SH’s company ended up in wheel chair or we will have a scene like this in the future?).


    How far one must go for a scoop? Is it worth it in the end, deaths included, for that one headline and story?

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  2. 12 hours ago, MidnightRain said:


    I haven't watched the latest episodes yet, but I think the two "friends" around Jung-Won are both quite toxic to him. Hae-Ra and that douchey plastic surgeon (whose name I forgot) are always purposely digging into Jung-Won's wounds under the guise of "it's for his own good" and "I'm just trying to help out". For example, the insecure surgeon friend would constantly make snide remarks about how Jung-Won has no one to go home to anyway, or how he pointed out Hae-Ra's feelings for Jung-Won when Ha-Kyung barely passed away not long ago. He claims to hurt for the loss of Ha-Kyung, but he's all up in the relationship between Jung-Won and Hae-Ra. It's like, dude, the man's wife just died after lying in a coma for five years, please allow him some private time to grieve. Stop acting so crass pretending to be considerate because his intentions are clearly to hurt Jung-Won due to his own jealousies and insecurities and whatever problems he has with Jung-Won.

    Sorry to cut your post chingu but adding one more note to the plastic surgeon friend (not sure if this has been discussed yet) he’s the one who HI was cheating on with right??

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  3. Cheering for go ara and praying for a speedy recovery!! I love how not only she is so hard working and does her own stunts, but has lately been taking upon such empowering female roles. It breaks my heart to hear about this injury because she doesn’t deserve this after all her hard work :bawling:


    I could see the writers taking this two ways, either have her in some kind of fight scene or something where her leg gets injured to justify why she may be limping in future scenes. And/or she gets such a higher up position in the place that she’s in charge of the guards/damo without having to do field work herself, so she’s kinda the one ordering the people on ground to do the manual labor and leg work, pun intended.


    of course I don’t want the actress to exert herself at the expense of my selfish desire to see her   In the show, but I do really hope that the worse case scenario doesn’t happen where she leaves the whole show overall.

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  4. Anneyo chingus, finally caught up with this show.


    I was scrolling back through the pages and I couldn’t find anything about the injury you guys mentioned Go Ara has. What happened? Seeing her hold her stomach in the end of the recent episode, I wondered if maybe her injury on the show was more than just acting. Especially since from what I know, she does her own stunts. 


    Now for the actual plot and such, I was surprised by how much progress our OTP had when especially after watching the beginning I had assumed there would be minimal to zero romance. Oh how I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. What do you guys think will happen with these two when he’s married and getting further up the ranks?


    DMS. Just like I am curious about YJs backstory, like many of you I also wonder what his story is. And I wonder if it has anything to do with prince MG’s girl, the ambitious one that is now close to the queen (I don’t know her name). Is she a sibling or a lover of DMS? He seemed to recognize her (I loved that twist-did not see that coming either that these two would know each other and it might shake the alliances up since she is basically prince YG’s enemy) and chase after her. It was also after he was commenting to his friend about prince YGs crush on YJ and how his friend was too young to know what he meant yet. Reason I mention this is maybe it’s a hint to the possibility that she’s an ex lover since DMs seems to know what love is if he was so sharp to notice YG feelings for YJ.


    prince mg. This guy was seriously at the crown prince ceremony?! How is this guy not in jail when he’s become so sloppy in his killing that bodies are literally at his house prior to this ceremony? Just astounds me how he’s still standing free to this day, but of course then uri leads would have no enemies besides the minister to go up against and who doesn’t get entertained by the kinds of twisted and murderous villains like prince MG? I’m anticipaing his demise and take down more than the diabolical Noron minister (the one from Misty kdrama that was the news boss; sorry don’t know his name either XD).

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  5. I would love to see a drama with SSR and JNR again, just this time his character not a total meanie whack job having an affair. I did kind of like the bad guy x good girl dynamic in a sense, cause he’s so good at being charismatic and rough around the edges while her being so angelic and kind. Seeing how the leads from goblin reunited in Touch your heart, I would love a imiliar kdrama like that for them. 

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  6. Wow this thread should have more pages!i think this show is very good. You have comedy and serious feels (when she finally found out about her husband’s affair, I realized this drama isn’t just about humor cause it can be so funny sometimes). I absolutely agree the leads are doing a phenomenal job at the body swap roles. I first saw LYR in her revenge daily The Promise. Honestly it seems as if they’re two completely different actresses when comparing the shows, that’s how good she is with the characters. She changes her voice, etc. The other lead UJW is incredible too! How she can go from LB to BM without leaving any trace of anything from the other character still astounds me. But I do think we will see the characters start to get each other’s ‘personality’ if that’s what the crazy science guy said. Also our girls let the other childhood friend that drugged them off too easily. If that were me I would have done way worse!!

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  7. Indeed I am content with the ending because I could see no other fate for all the characters. However, just as we got so many flashbacks of Hyuk and sunny, I would have loved some with her NWS if they really had some thing special together. I think in the end the summary just doesn’t match up to the show. I have experienced that in the past with a kdrama where the synopsis turns out to be nothing like the actual story (but can’t think of an example from the top of my head because I’m still so shook from this finale).

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  8. 3 hours ago, booha said:

    Okay I just read an article which said there would be a substitute actor for NWS.   Though I’m not sure  how accurate the news is, it makes sense.   We talked how central NWS’s part was in the plot line.  It seems the TLE team knows that they can’t just push off NWS.

    Now I’m getting where stars land nostalgia.


    is it possible they will use rocky bear as the sub actor? Like he gets brain surgery and goes back to looking how he used to?

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  9. I am disappointed with how it’s turned out but I will still see the final episodes because I’ve unexpectly grown very fond to Ari and attached to her arc >_> I am curious where her story will take her. After this week, I think sunny will remain empresss and watch over ari who will become the next empress (hence last empress because sunny last one to be empress not from imperial family?). I guess I’m just gonna stick around to see the ending. But I’m not fully invested in this like I was at the beginning or with some dramas in past. I think I already started to get less invested when the bad guys would just keep winning and we were only a few episodes close to the finale before the extension. After awhile of always seeing the villains ‘win’ it gets redundant and boring because I wanna see the good guys succeed too!!!

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  10. 12 hours ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    However, no one is discussing IJ's role in what happened to her sister. Yes, they had contact, and he ended up saving her life by breaking into her car and taking her to the hospital. However, after he found out how she got like that, he sat quiet and pretended like it didn't happen. His passive actions back then is what led to the karmic unfairness of him going to jail. He said it himself, that he should've done or said something then and he did nothing.Although I feel the secretary uncle had more fault than anyone because he is the one who helped cover it all up back then.

    Sorry to cut your post chingu. Especially when I agree with all of it. Just wanted to add my own 2 cents to your 3 cents :lol:


    how you say IJ was passive with Hrs sister case reminds me of in the very beginning of the show when he sat passively in his car as HR’s shop was raided and I think she was even hurt. His secretary asked if they should go out to help her but he said no and just sat back in his chair. That stayed with me till now cause I didn’t like that scene at all. He’s not a bad person for the kind bad persn he could have been growing up as a chaebol. But that doesn’t mean he’s innocent and completely good either.had the takes been turned, would he have done the same as HR did?


    12 hours ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    Finally, SH. I still don't like her. Why is she trying to get revenge on HR? Is she still mad she didn't marry IJ? That wouldn't have happened even if HR wasn't in the picture.She hasn't accepted that IJ never loved her like she wanted. She hasn't accepted that it was all an arrangement from the very beginning. She is also horrible person. I get that she doesn't want to be with TH, he's not my favorite person either, but that's your child. How do you just pretend like you don't have a child? She has no right to judge HR, when she didn't disclose to IJ her secret daughter.  I also don't feel sorry for the father. The family that he "chose" has been keeping him as a human vegetable. Karma is a funny thing.

    I’ve really tried to understand SH and like her, but honestly I can’t stand her either. I’m just sick of her being so sick of HR. I get that she’s scorned woman but she shouldn’t have treated HR so badly from the beginning when HR wasn’t even hitting on IJ or nothing. And also put responsibility on IJ s hypocrisy for how everything went down instead wanting to kill HR then destroy her. I mean doesn’t this woman have bigger fish to fry?! If her mom trying to set her up in another arranged marriage with better candidate SH interested in, then yes it obvious she in love with IJ and taking it out on HR. But man there’s a limit really. How many more hissy fits she gotta have before she finally gets over herself? Your child knows you’re her mom for Chrissakes! And really, after meeting her you still not attached or miss her at all and want some sort of relationship with her? At this rate SH doesn’t even deserve Jennie, Jennie deserves way better,  

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