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  1. 3 minutes ago, cautionelectricity00 said:

    Hi everyone, 

    So I just stayed up past midnight to watch the episode subbed after avoiding spoilers and I'm so disappointed we didn't even get a hug nor a confession.. when he ran to her my heart almost left my chest man!! But he was like let's visit your granny and go to the police and I'll be happy oops ajhussi get urself together! This drama is killing me :bawling: they shouldn't have shoved those pieces of hope of a romance development right to my shipper delulu face its not fair!!! 

    I'm so sorry I guess it's gonna be my first and my last post in here, I'll just go back to being a reader and enjoy your awesome posts and insights ..


    No please continue posting! It is comforting to know someone’s thinking exactly what I am when watching this.

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  2. The x ray guys subplot seemed a little random and just out of touch with the story. They barely interacted with our main characters or their coworkers and it just seemed pointless. Otherwise I loved it. I wish there had been a wedding. I almost for a minute thought she might end up with MH when they brought up that comfort thing but then I like how it was explained that on the cotrary it’s normal during the honeymoon stage of a relationship to not want to show your embarrassing side to the person you like. 

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  3. I feel like JY dug his grave even deeper when he was confronted by DH after he left his phone at the theater. JY said that JA betrayed him-so even if she did wiretap DH, get DW fired, and do all the wrong things she did, it ended up all benefitting DH and in the end the one is protecting is DH. And he knows that too.


    im so used to there being episodes wasted on misunderstandings and angst that I like how this played out. I’m sure he’s angry, but that doesn’t seem to be the emotion dominating him when he calls out JA through the mic and wants to talk to her. It’s like he understands her even if she hadn’t given her explanation yet cause he knows about the debt and what she was going through to pay it back. He knows that she left now for him, not for herself or a selfish reason like helping JY.

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  4. I don’t think JA will die becauss what was the point of DH changed her life, bringing it warmth and light so that she could learn what it means to be a good person? I feel like if she dies then everything she has learned would be kind of for nothing. The only thing that could possibly indicate she would die was the Reborn comment and even that she said she’s okay with being reborn. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, 2handsintertwined said:

    Omg! Hi! I'm happy to see you here discussing this drama! I think it's a beautiful drama with a deep, emotional plot, and I think everyone has their own special story to tell us. And I feel like I'm stalking you. I keep finding you in every drama thread! Hahahaha :D. And I understand how you feel. I want to see this drama so bad. And I want to what happened next. I am sad that episode 12 ended like that! It left me with so many questions about DH and JA, and the rest of the cast! I'm just going to repeat what you said, "This is torture. Please let it be Wednesday already!" :).

    Chingu <3 i’m Ecstatic to see you here! Haha i could be very well stalking you too. Or we are just stalking each other unintentionally through our similiar interests in the same kdramas. I think we might as well be family cause we are so alike :wink: I agree this drama is beautiful; the dialogue, cinematography, storyline, characters, and overall plot that leaves me wondering if i will ever see these two as more than the ambiguous dynamic they have at the moment. And i know we were left on a major cliffhanger! I am so impatient for the new episode its tormenting to wait an extra week. I want to know what happens next too. The preview was helpful but it looked like some scenes were reused from episodes already released and then there were some few scenes that we haven’t seen like DH’s younger brother seeing broken door and finding out about affair. I wonder what older hyung will do when he finds out and if he will feel bad enough for DH that he’ll reveal his Scrooge ways of hiding money under floor. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, chickfactor said:

    A couple of very stray comments about Yoon-Hee's family:


    - DH told JY, "you would never marry a woman from an ordinary family with a kid." (paraphrased)


    - Sang-Hoon mentioned that Ji-Seok lives with DH's sister-in-law, i.e., YH's sister.


    So she's from an ordinary family (not rich, and I guess not poor) and her sister lives in the U.S. Maybe most of her family lives in the U.S. which is why they are never mentioned.



    One other thing is that DH mentioned his father just once that I can remember. After JA kills the ladybug, everyone talks about the biggest thing they've killed, and DH talks about how the three brothers held a pig down while his father chopped off its head.


    So they had a father, and I'm assuming that he died. I'm also assuming that he died when the kids were pretty young. I think that explains why he is so close to his brothers and mother.

    Also YH, when DH and her finally had that big confrontation in recent episode, mentioned something about how they got DH’s mom a house but not her mom.

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  7. On 4/27/2018 at 7:41 AM, justamom said:

    The kiss in Coffee Prince was always one of my favourite. Even then I was like, come on, he's so much hotter than Gong Yoo! :lol:

    WOw just realized he was working with Gong too in that drama (duhhh!) just funny cause we’re always referencing Goblin and what’s a coincidence MAs lead and that lead were costars.


    @sadiesmith who’s sitting on couch in bra photo with YH and DH in it?

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  8. 5 hours ago, akhenaten said:

    Every time LSG and IU are together in a scene, there's this certain something that I feel, a vibe, that somehow makes it seem that they are communicating beyond the words in their dialogues.  Everyone seems to agree that even without any physical contact between their characters, the electricity and sexual tension between them is just so palpable.  The first time it actually hit me was in that crowded train scene.  Such an innocent and mundane scene.  LSG as Park Dong Hoon was just trying to keep himself from being pushed against the doorway and squishing IU's Lee Ji An in the process. And Lee Ji An was just trying to keep herself upright.  Yet the way they avoided to come into contact with each other and tried to look away, it was as if they were afraid that a mere touch would result in spontaneous combustion.  It was there and it really caught me by surprise. 

    I felt and thought this exactly too! Also not sure if it was my imagination but he was swallowing back nervously too, like the tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife!


    4 hours ago, noor1 said:

    It was a brilliant ploy by writer considering that there was no way in hell that the cynical, jaded, world-weary Ji-An, who doesn't trust men, would have learnt about the golden nature and struggle of DH otherwise - coming to empathize and care for him.

    I agree! I also felt like it was a poetic way to show every time DH was alone suffering, he actually wasn’t because someone was there aka JA. I mean this is a guy that hasn’t even vented to his close brothers or ever disclose really to anyone when he’s feeling pain and something bad has happened in his life. He’s always protecting everyone that he sees never really been protected himself. I’m not trying to romanticize the wiretap and glamorize her listening in on him, but I do think for a nice guy that also knows JA’s upbringing and past financial situation, he will understand her monitoring him. But when it comes to realizing she went beyond that by invading his privacy just to keep tabs on him for personal reasons, it may stop him forgiving her when he’s such a private and prideful person. Also how he said he didn’t want anyone to know back a ton the bar in same scene JA said she wanted her secret on a billboard. So I am scared how he will react and I am also aware of the ethical dilemma this brilliant ploy presents. But I am selfishly hoping she doesn’t get in jail for that and he forgives her, maybe even thanks her (here’s my delulu rationale coming in) because he has someone that was with him during the difficult times and is touched that she didn’t peg him a pathetic person but rather risked it all to protect him.


    4 hours ago, nearsea said:

    I was especially amused that he was waiting for her outside Jung Hee's bar. He had no reason to wait for her at least at that moment. I think it would be kind of interesting to see him wanting to meet her/wait for her, when there is no more dealings between them, no more work talks or something about JY. I wonder what will be his excuse after he becomes a director and he's a free man. 


    I was Pleased that nobody at the bar made a big deal about DH accompanying JA to her home and all joined them. But I did notice the hyung (SH) expression like he knew something...maybe suspected that DH does have a crush on JA. Or like he assumed at beginning of drama JA doesnhave a crush on DH? I was anticipating when DHs neighborhood friend and brothers met her because I wanted to see what their opinions would be of their relationship kinda like how GI and his loan shark friend were trying to DTR(define the relationship) of JA and DH. I would be so happy if JH or someone was like ‘wow I’ve never seen you care about even YH and look at her like How you do with JA’ or something indicating that the others notice too this indescribable soul mate chemistry between them.

    2 hours ago, nearsea said:

    become clueless too when people see him as a paternal figure to her. He's not her father, please don't make him one. :S   Also you won't confess to someone that you like him, on their face, if you regard him as a fatherly figure. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 

    Haha in this thread we like to puke every time either JA and DH are referred to as brother/sister or father/daughter (*double puke*)


    So I’m really bummed next week won’t have any episodes. Until then please help me alleviate my MA withdrawals with some theories, predictions, and questions. I have a couple inquiries myself that I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on.

    1) why do you think JH cried after calling JA and confirming she liked her hubby?

    2) what is SH saving up for by putting all that money under the floor?

    3) will DH make a selfish decision in coming episodes? What do you think it will be?

    4) will we ever see JS aka DHs son?

    5) do you think GI (loan shark) will join forces with JY?

    6) what do you think will happen with JH and the monk?

    7) same q for KH and YR?

    8) what do you think will be endgame for work politics? (E.g DW comes back as director, DH resigns, JY is fired, etc?)

    9) what do you think JA will do careerwise or educationwise after leaving (this is an inference from preview) job? Where do you think she will go?

    10) what do you think will happen with YH?

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  9. On 4/26/2018 at 11:49 AM, stroppyse said:

    Jealousy - Jung Ho Seung

    On an Autumn day, the light rain
    only loves the fallen leaves.


    I felt so very, very jealous,
    That until the light rain stopped
    I rolled around in the fallen leaves.


    Could it be JW is the light rain and MH is the one who rolls around after the rain stops? Thus signifying that Mh and BY ar endgame? Just trying to see if there are some hints to the future of the plot

    On 4/26/2018 at 4:35 PM, hhuyen said:

    Haven't watched this drama and wondering if I should? Is it good?

    If you like an genuine, no-beats-around the bush kind of heroine, then this is your drama. She is a cinnamon roll and the story of thus show makes the viewers experience 100x better. I really recommend this as an avid kdrama fan that enjoys both a good story and character, especially female lead. Also a rare gem of a drama where it isn’t obvious who she will end up with which it makes it even more intriguing to watch. If you enjoy a show that is thought provoking and deep too, then this matches your tastes too because of the poems in each episode and the subplots and overall themes. I hope you see it and come back here to let us know your thoughts! I’m curious to hear what you think.

    5 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

    Actually I dislike weak female characters in dramaland, they tend to be so fragile when it comes to rejection and heartbreak, but not for WBY. Even, she easily cries but I love her straight forward and she's being honest to her feeling, acts for it bluntly. I like her persistence and her struggle in pursuing her love. The way she overcomes her feelings seems natural. I mean that's how, that's the same reaction we have in real life too. I mean, dramas love to make their females go into hiding and avoiding mode, and the guy will look after her. In short, even BY might seems weak but she still has her dignity after several disappoinments and I think she is kinda cool when she tells things honestly. 

    Agree with this all, I wouldn’t have been able to describe BY better myself chingu. I hope she gets the full time job cause she deserves it! I want to see her end up with whoever she loves too because she also deserves that. I just wanna see uri BY have it all cause I’m cheering for her :) 

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