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  1. 7 hours ago, azuwaza163 said:

    Lol why KNetz didn't favor the love line. That is my favorite part :wub: Apology, this ahjumma is shallow, but come on! Aren't they the cutest ? but on the serious note, it just shows that he's also a man,  drawn into a woman, who not only the sweetest, probably a smart one as well. I will enjoy their sweet-but-awkward interaction while it lasts. It's been a while since CSW kiss a girl lol. 

    I agree completely. Maybe im a sucker for romance, but I don’t want writernim to get rid of the love lines. I even kind of ship NE and dr ye even though he also looks cute with the reporter and the dynamic of NE and Goo is engaging too.

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  2. 4 hours ago, 2handsintertwined said:

     I feel like I'm stalking you! We're in another place together! Hello!!!


    Haha or maybe I’m the one stalking you :P 


    after the wonderful are you human show, this is a great romance kdrama to fill my withdrawals with. Different plot, setting and overall genres but the originality keeps you just as engaged at AYHT.


    i hope we get a kiss this weekend!!

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  3. Ep 9 was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when HS left the bar with a limp (wrong leg!). Then when AS realized EC can’t read Korean. Or how EC realized he drank a medicine for the feet! The humor was so on point.


    ep 10 starts out hitting me right in the feels. I’m becoming more convinced that AS is going to fight for a democratic Josean. I wish Hina and AS would get along like our lovehate trio does hahaha. Kinda makes me sad to watch two powerful and strong women against each other cause of a man. I hope they also get a little sismance like our three men have. Wow wasn’t Eugene staying at the Potter’s House? Wonder if what she saw was a hallucination or really him. I don’t want them to part ways, I wish she would run to him and tell him it doesn’t matter if he’s lowborn or not! 

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  4. 17 hours ago, 122am said:


    The secret document shows that the king has deposited $100,000 into the Russia bank, I think. From my understanding it shows that he feels the country is not safe, so he took out money to put into foreign bank. If he needs to run, he can run anytime, since now he has a "bank account". It would be like the King has made back-up plans in case the country falls, he can go somewhere. This shows that the country is very weak and even the King doesn't have confidence in his own country, a betrayal move to his people.


    That's why Japanese people, Russians, and even USA will be interested in this paper as hard evidence, to blackmail the King. That way, the "Korean King can't sleep" as they repeatedly mentioned. Only when the paper is returned to the King, then the hunting for the document will stop. 


    The freedom fighters do not have support from the King. I think AS's grandfather receives salary from the King, as an official / aristocrat. With his rich bank account, AS's grandfather will donate some money secretly to the freedom fighters when they are running low. AS Master (Gunner) is a rebel, as he stated in ep 7 or 8, he is working against the government of the country and not helping them. But they are fighting for freedom and safety of Korean people.


    I think Hina is a double agent. I am not sure who wrote the note but in the previous few pages of this thread, someone did talk about it. 


    Yes it's possible all main characters work together as a rebel 'freedom fighter' team, we just have to see what happens in ep 9-10. 



     Oh wow, thank you for answering that chingu. I was wondering if the document was something good for the josean people or bad cause if the contents of the doc were leaked to the public, I was confused if it would receive bad or good reception. Seeing as how the king has basically put himself over the people, this would definetly anger not only the people but AS and her group as well right? I wonder how she would react. I know she is loyal to Josean, but is she loyal to the king?


    Woah, so as double agent of you mean she works for Japanese but issecretly working for the king? Who is she really loyal to? So far we know DM is to Japan and EC to America. What about Russia? Since they seem to play a key role too as a possible enemy.


    @bebebisous33 @bedifferent @mistymorning


    So gunner jang is a rebel and Hina may be a double agent. AS has said to her master she would follow him, so maybe she may become a rebel to aka go against the king.


    That all said, in trying to predict the ending of Joseans fate thanks to all these characters, will the monarchy system be removed as a whole and AS with freedom fighters and other characters help, EC in particular, establish a democracy by the people?


    i always associated her loyalty to Josean as also her loyalty to the king. But now I am wondering if this is setting up for the end of a government ruled by a king now that the class system as mostly been abolished too. 

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  5. Sorry if this has already been answered. I’m a bit confused about the secret document EC gave to the pawn shop. Had the king been embezzling money and that was what the estate was about? Or is it like the deed of the whole country? 


    Also, does AS and her master work for the king? Cause if I remember correctly AS’s grandfather was the kings favorite scholar and seems to have had ties with his son and the gunner master by knowing about their allegiance to fighting foreign influence on their homeland. I’m just curious if they have support from the king cause I’m always wondering like when I thought Gunner jang would get arrested for selling the gun or AS caught during the mission when DM shot her if they end up getting pardoned by the king cause they’re like his shadow army no one knows about. Basically does the king suppo AS’s group? Also are he and Hina allies too swing how she got a doc from them and burned it after telling EC to use translator? If that’s the case and DM and EC also turn to the other side aka Joean then maybe story will lead to all these characters working together to keep their country from being controlled by another nation.

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  6. Okay just some random thoughts and questions here.


    I love the AS’s grandpa. Like e seriously is grandpa goals. That American soldier, Kyle, what ethnicity is he? He mentioned British but he kind of looks Spanish to me. That flashback the fiancée, HS, has when he gets the pocket watch back. What’s the story about that? Either I missed something or that’s gonna be explored in future episodes. The mute fortune teller that stays with DM, does she sleep with him cause her kimonoip is always exposing a shoulder lie she just got out of bed or something? Just if she is, I don’t see how DM has a right to be territorial on AS when he’s got his own sidechicks.

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  7. I like this show a lot. No unnecessary angst or drama, and the story flowed without needing a villain. It wasn’t boring and I wish more shows are like this. Also I rarely get invested in the side couples but I was totally interested in wha would happened with other Secretary Kim and workaholic neighbor. Also ms bong and her hero are adorable as heck. Loved all the otps and overall drama. Please please have more shows like this where there’s no evil mother in law or enemy in the company 

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  8. Shipping everyone. The red lipstick girl with the bra pad hero man. The frugal workaholic with second secretary Kim. And of course our beloved OTP. This episode was great but I’m still confused what the whole mystery is behind what happened with the kidnapping and whatnot as well as why this is being kept a secret in the first place. I have a few theories one of them being like someone mentioned in an earlier post is that YJ is dealing with the trauma still. Maybe he’s even in denial and that’s why he’s never even spoken about it with his glasses friend. He would rather believe the lie himself that he was the one who left his brother because he doesn’t want to acknowledge and accept that he was the one that went through the kidnapping. Or/also he’s trying to protect Secretary Kim from getting back all her memories because he knows firsthand what really happened and ‘doesn’t want to make her cry again’ but obviously that didn’t work cause she still remembered anyways and for being mr perfect he should have thought far enough to expect such an inevitable when she’s been searching for oppa and reiterated countless of times how it’s important for her get all her memories back of that time. So the whole reasoning behind prolonging this reveal about what in the darn world happened is kinda iffy and a little of sloppy writing to me. Then again this isn’t the end of the show yet so I won’t jump to conclusions and my impression could very well change once we get the whole story. I just hope not to be disappointed or more confused than I already am now.

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  9. Finally caught up with this show. I just have to put this out there, KMS’s ponytail hair style reminds me sooo much of Ariana grande. So pretty.


    Anyways, back to the real important subject. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST?


    at the very beginning YJ said something along the lines how his hyung and KMS were only two people that should be grateful or something to him. Now after hearing mom’s retelling of past, kms’s memories and YJs trauma, is it safe to say he made a deal within his mom to say he was one that left his hyung so that SY wouldn’t feel guilty for bad action he doesn’t even remember? Idk I’m just trying to figure out what the heck is going on.


    oh yeah I love watching young sec Kim and the rooftop guy. I ship them hard haha

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  10. What’s interesting is that I think JA feared DH would get punch the door level mad because he was angry at YH that it was with JY, who he hates. So I think JA was expecting him to loose his temper too when finding out it was related to JY again. What does that have to say about him being mad at YH but not at JA? I think it was showing how he’s not someone that just gets mad easily even if someone does him wrong, usually it’s for a very important reason like in his case with YH where she knew about the bribe and was helping JY get him fired. That was more of a betrayal than JA that publicly in the meeting protected DH by not throwing him under the bus.

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  11. This is probably one of the only shows where I would totally be down for a season 2. Nonetheless it was a great show and ended accordingly (even though I would have loved to see DC and HR as endgame and maybe DC as prosecutor). But I like how it is because DC is able to get criminals through his field of work in a way HR and JS couldn’t, hence why they needed his help from the beginning cause he has a con artists touch to scheming against the baddies

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