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  1. Can someone spoil this for me and explain the story for someone that hasn’t seen it but considering to and wants to know ahead of time in case I end up just wasting my energy and time in a show I will be disappointed in? My heart can’t handle any of that. At least, what do you guys mean by the incest twist?
  2. Oh great *facepalms* The toxic cancel culture from identity politics and political correctness from US is starting to poison SK. Please don’t ruin It please
  3. Yes there were a few plot holes...like the actress patient that I was worried would show up in the las episode and cause trouble for our couple in the mom’s place. Or that MY never actually had a heart to heart with JR on why she was so possessive of her when they were young and clear the misunderstanding. Or how in the world MYs mom went from being almost dead, to getting plastic surgery and successfully getting a fake identity to fool the doctor and even become head nurse.
  4. Incredible show with a great ending, something rare these days where mot current shows I either skip or drop it in the middle. Major feels in the end when oppa owned his independence and dream. Overall beautiful story and I hope I find my own soul family like that
  5. Chingu what is the name of the sageuk from your profile picture?

    1. Jillia



      It's from the drama "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" with Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum. :)

  6. Can YJ and DH please break up already?! Ep 8 and they’re still together! I hate rebound relationships
  7. The butterfly symbolism is strong in this show, but what’s even more fascinating is it has so many negative and positive meanings; -little MY ripping butterfly wings -STs butterfly trauma -butterfly hug
  8. What does PPL stand for? I’m seeing it everywhere in the dramabean summary and comments
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