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  1. Yes there were a few plot holes...like the actress patient that I was worried would show up in the las episode and cause trouble for our couple in the mom’s place. Or that MY never actually had a heart to heart with JR on why she was so possessive of her when they were young and clear the misunderstanding. Or how in the world MYs mom went from being almost dead, to getting plastic surgery and successfully getting a fake identity to fool the doctor and even become head nurse.

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  2. This show had one of those stories that is ahead of its time (1984, matrix..) near the end of this series when it reaches its last arc


    It revolves around the leverage team preventing an epidemic from happening. Whenever a show about cases and current events is aired, I consider that these are all possibilities or real modern day issues to be concerned about. But I had no idea the extent of how much a real pandemic would possibly happen. Makes me wonder if we have a real life leverage team out there in the world and if they’re alright...


  3. 6 hours ago, mujisano said:

    Some characters are not making much sense, especially JGS, I really dislike how his change was so drastic and jarring. Yes, he's entitled to hold both light and darkness in him, but the way this change was executed and shown was not believable.


    And now they're claiming that he is his father's mini-me? Not by a long shot.... If he was, he would have been able to save Danbam each time they were in hot waters, and not have had to rely on Yi-seo's abilities. JGS says he's madly in love with Yi-seo, but WHY? I wish there was some time dedicated to showing how that love began & flourished.

    I found it unsettling how extreme his shift was. But you’re right, he wasn’t competent to save DB every time it hit trouble, so why would he be considered as heir and a mini me to his father? Well, seeing as he bugged his coworkers phone or recorded their conversations (maybe by getting him drunk first to put his guard down?) the only reason he even got so far in Jangga was relying on his connections to DB to get inside intel that would ever so slightly get him ahead in the game. Which will most defiantly come back to haunt him. What will happen to jangga in  he end? Will GS or GW Inherit it? Or the ahjumma that was relocated and possibly become the step mom of that cute daughter (forget her name)?

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  4. Just for confusion sake, is The Guy supposed to be same as peppermint killer or the one that killed ISU? And was the one that got punctured by OHJ The real peppermint killer Or another copy cat?


    im loving the psychos in this kdrama. They all got a screw lose and the actors are immersed in the roles, like the one that showed up in blood at the police station haha he reminded me of the joker. But there’s a lot of criminals. I feel like we need a list or chart if there isn’t one yet because I’m getting confused with like, who is responsible for murdering who and who’s in charge of who

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  5. 3 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

    @bebebisous33 you right killer get killed by another killer is good point & they always get killed when the police is on to them  . 

    I find suspicious this detective alway left behind don’t rush to the crime scene like other detective. 


    I feel like  he not only leaking information to his boss but he may have dark secret too , One thing The guy enjoy is spot light & humiliating the police  :D




    How did that detective even discover OHJ’s address? If he was as the one that broke into her house, how did the candy killer find OHjs hide out?


    i have a couple theories on him. One of which that maybe he is the boy that was in that car SY witnessed. Also that the superior that’s trying to use him as a spy, is the ex husband of the female detective? If not I am curious who the ex husband is and if has a part in any of this. And if the female detective truly cared for isu or was jealous of her and has a hand in her death too.

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  6. Scenes I’m ready to see:

    -SR showing RJHs team SK food and Sauvignon blanc she kept talking about

    -the team member that loves SK dramas falling in love with an SK girl

    -RJH witnessing how SRs family treats her

    -SR showing him her daily life and coming to her work under guise of body guard

    -RJH seeing SRs savage boss side

    -dan and second male lead fully coupled together so they can continue to help uri main couple be together


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  7. I’m loving this show, absolutely adoring it. I can understand with the controversial setting or pairing, that this may be interpreted differently in SK, so I will just be giving my perspective as an American. I think SR’s fondness for the North wasn’t the writers efforts to be ‘pro communism or Anything like that, but highlighting how someone living the most luxurious and best possible life style, actually enjoyed such a simple and ‘less developed’ life in NK. It was showing how home is where the heart is. It’s highlighting her bonds with the people there and how there are no barriers no matter the political or cultural climate to bonding with someone from ‘the other side of the train tracks.’  SR refers to her and RJH as Romeo and Juliet aka star crossed lovers. I’m sure if a similar show was made here where an American ends up in the Middle East in a terrorist labeled  country, such a pairing like this would be met with much controversy in the US, especially if the American enjoyed living there like SR did. Another instance I can think of is an American and Russian together, and how much backlash that would get since an American could be at risk of ‘treason’ for wanting to move to Russia for loved one. I wish love had no limits or bounds and that reality, the world was at a stage of universal peace so no possible social interaction and bond could be withheld. 

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