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  1. I love this show so much I’m still trying to catch up on all the pages in case I missed anything good. But in the meantime I’m losing track of my theories so before I forget, I’m going to share my thoughts in hopes to hear what you guys think of this as well. Man I adore this show.


    I’m going to start my predictions of this inception-like kdrama universe with the webcomics main leads. I don’t mind if JD is actually ‘evil’ behind her mask. I mean let’s say she does end up being still nice and in the end after all the bullying by peers and belittling from adults she gets her happily ever after only in the end while these people that have tormented her the whole time and only get a slap on the wrist? It would be so unfair that once everyone is nice to her and finally accepts her, is fundamentally at the very end when there’s her ‘happy ending.’ If villains in kdrama can be so easily forgiven, then why can’t our lead be an antihero(or antivillain, depending on how you look at it). I’m all for JD’s revenge/ambition. You go girl! I have a feeling DW would accept her even in her darkness (obvious by this who I ship JD with) but NJ will think he was used and he most likely was but wait-why would he get a free pass for this when he’s also guilty of treating JD badly? I don’t care if his whole ‘errand girl’ shtick was to protect her indirectly, treating someone you supposed in love with as a slave is far from romantic in my eyes. That’s why I’m sitting back and enjoying him as well as his mom get a run for their money...quite literally. Is the ‘dark’ side of her intentional by the writer or a product of being self-aware? I am leaning towards the latter only because if I were her, I would resent the writer so much for giving her every misfortune. Not only is she an orphan, she’s poor and bullied at school. I would be an extra in a heart beat (no pun intended) because it seems there’s so much suffering that comes with the expense of being a main female lead in this webcomic. Ideally if DW and JD end up together, then NJ and SM can be together(kinda of like what Do and BK would have been since in both set ups the girl was pining over the one sided crush for years)


    HR and DO...I am looking forward to seeing their ‘past lives’ scenes. I do wonder if the high school was maybe the palace way back then, hence the flower garden we see on campus has remained there despite morphing from palace to school. (For the area that they found the keychain while on school trip, that could be the town where the noble and peasant characters lived). Random, but a detail that stuck out to me was how HR would wrap the tennis racket for BK. I wonder if this will be a parallel in the other universe, maybe with swords?


    Essentially this show gives me much food for thought, like are the characters even self aware because of themselves or the worse writer is always making them self aware (or at least ability to, therefore making the high school webcomic itself about a webcomic characters that become self aware they are in one. So what I mean is the writer intends for them to be self aware-it’s apart of the webcomic story. Or is this completely out of their control and all of the free will from the characters????) it’s fascinating to me how the writer in this world mirrors a god in the real world. And how what could be characters recycled from an old story to a new story, is like someone being reincarnated from a past live like in real life. It’s all just so mind blowing. Are we just all characters in a story too and stage is our day while shadow is our night when we sleep?


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  2. Watching raw. When the dad walked in on murder scene, it seems he thought that the wife had done it because both the wine and art book were bday presents from hers and at the crime scene so he deduced it was her and called ha to cover it up. I think at that point only ha knew who was real killer by cleaning up evidence and such.

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  3. RIP WS...I had sincerely hoped u weren’t the killer but undeniably suspected since you were the lead obvious suspect. I was really hoping for some grand turn around, that all the money you borrowed would suddenly turn up like you had saved it and show up at the board meeting like you’re already a major shadow shareholder or something. I was waiting for his moment to shine, really. And as SH sobbed finding out her birth secret (I did too), the last thing she entered wa to lose the las family member close to her so this is a very sad ending indeed. Did the dad ever show up in the raw after being in the hospital? So was the last episode the last we saw of the SIL? Who ended up being the CEO of MC group? 


    Also did wench ever explain WHY she favored WJ so much over WS? (I mean lady nothing justifies favoritism but how can from such an. Young age you already prefer that one kid be kidnapped than the other?)


    Wow after all the lies and corruption, Ms ha’s team still stuck by her instead of staying at top and shifting alliances. Really ? 

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  4. 6 hours ago, diane90 said:

    They richard simmons me off !

    Seems I’m not the only one riled up by this drama :D so hats off to the writers for that feat at least. On the other hand, they didn’t do justice to any of the main characters because take the second counselors daughter (I forgot her name..the actress from perfume..) so far in front of the flower crew member she has shown this elegant and perfect very noble lady persona. But I doubt that st this point the flower crew member will care how she is a monster to her servant and have a feeling (more like fear) that he will betray his friend Hoon so that GT gets chosen for queen instead of the woman he loves. Also, are the writers really trying to pair up GTs brother and the maid? She’s totally abusive to him! I don’t care if it’s joseon Times because writers seem not to, conveniently for plot point someone that has grown up as a peasant and blacksmith himself has become royal king without so much as anyone batting an eye at that in the palace and now GT is getting away with posing as a noble lady. Also how everyone acts like kissing is not a big deal...Hoon and GT...and the other two couple I mentioned. Wasn’t Chastity important to them? I’m not saying this show aims to be perfectly historical adaption but for trying to depict joseon time and use their setting for the story sake whenever it’s for their convenience is frustrating because there’s just too many plot holes and things that don’t add up.

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  5. Honestly till now I don’t have much sympathy for Soo...or his ‘father’ since they ghosted on the wedding day. You’re telling me since then the father, even a third party, could sendn’t her a message to let her know he’s okay, alive at least without revealing king secret? I’m sorry but I have personally am extremely frustrated with Soo. Does anyone remember how much debt he left her because the wedding was unpaid?! Fine don’t even contact her. The times he interacted with Hoon after...he couldn’t be considerate enough to make sure all expenses are taken care of? Not like he can’t afford it now that he’s the richest of all. And then I honestly cannot understand his rationalization behind bringing GT to the palace. He can barely protect himself or handle the affairs like a proper king, and then he wants to drag another person into it that has already had two assassination attempts after her?! My perception of him so far is a selfish, self absorbed and inconsiderate ‘fiancee’ that doesn’t deserve GT. Sorry not sorry,  

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  6. 3 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    But their loyalty is based on that principal that what they are doing is not that evil.... like murdering someone. They have no idea that they are actually covering up for the murderer. Her employees are not aware that she is involved in MWP's death. They were not present, when she ensured that Mo would get a heart attack. So far, she has presented the case from 15 years ago as something that would damage MC Group. In their eyes, she might be harsh and brutal but they don't suspect her that she killed someone. They got  unsettled, when Ms. Han asked to increase the pressure onto JYI indicating that they didn't like the idea. 

    Oh yeah! The look the employees shared when she was like no we need to push more and involve the son. And while they may feel responsible for the death of JYI, they have no idea like you said that they are also accomplices in covering up this murder unknowingly. So will they switch sides and end up helping SH?

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  7. Poor YD. He tried to ‘freshen up’ his man cave but ended up just over doing it. He reminded me of myself when I end up putting too much perfume for a first date haha. Wow these two need a first date already! They are already started to do pda with hand holding, and just closer in general. I love the team’s handshake too by the way...I can see them doing it at TOP haha if they all end up working there.


    You know, I have to give my commentary on the TOP employees because it’s what makes me look at Ms Ha from a different perspective. Objectively, there are some things about Ms Ha that don’t make her overall a treacherous and evil person. She isn’t homophobic-as seen with how she treated WJs secret. Her employees are extremely loyal to her-the subordinate didn’t listen to mo when she was in custody and replace her. Th thing about her employees being loyal to her, is that these are normal, non wealthy and privileged people like most that ms Ha work with. Why do such powerless people support a corrupt person like Ms Ha? Obviously it’s behind their pay day as they could still get paid if they remained loyal to mo. I hope I make sense.


    Wow I cannot believe we are are having the finale this week..time flies. I don’t know what will happen, but if WS is hopefully not the culprit, I’m fine with seeing him as CEO...and SH leading top with YH. Of course i would love to see girl power and SH become CEO too but I wonder besides her moms murder case being cleared, does she really want to lead company? I can’t wait to hear all your guys prediction and theories for the ending.

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  8. Hey, for anyone that craved any makjang, this recent twist totally fulfilled that. What I’m a bit confused on is 1) how did WS know SH’s birth secret already? (I voted him as suspect..is this another clue that he is guilty??) 2) if mo didn’t know his daughter was his sister (lol makjang level question) why was he so ‘guarded’ and such with her (ms ha words)?


    im ready to know what is ms ha background, we already know she doesn’t care for money, so she’s not living a luxurious lifestyle, what is motivating her then?


    Soo late to the discussion about the kiss, but can I just fangirl about it?! I loved how their make out sesh, no one was stiff and awkward, it was very natural and passionate, and I love how clever they have gotten now. I ship them so bad!!! 

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  9. I’m on aboard the ‘WS is the suspect!’ Ship. I m sad though because poor SH now really has no one in the family that’s a true ally or even real family for that matter. Makes me so angry whenever they show her dad’s office with a big photo on the wall and one on his desk that has his sons without SH in it. Way to win father of the year award buster. 

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  10. What’s interesting to me is that YNs daughter SB is in the states yet she is so desperate not to move there with her. Is SB even her real daughter? Also as much as I ship JJ and SW (what a nice twist if HJ ends up with that righteous prosecutor so she gets some love too) I wonder what her true feelings for JH (husband) are. Is friendship, or does she have an unrequited love for him? Does he know her brith secret too? Is he an exception to her revenge? (His youngest sister too since she works for her?) then again we know she’s out for revenge, but what is her end goal or overall scheme? Take back Deo? What about the fate of MIL and kids?

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  11. 1 hour ago, kapneemo said:

    I have a spoiler for you. Mo Wan Jun, heir to the throne of the MC Group, is TRANSGENDER.

    And I think the eldest outs him at a family dinner or allude to it without mentioning WJ particularity while bringing up transgender topic.


    @thistle also Chingu it seems like the reporter found footage of WJ leaving her moms house years ago before  the murder. But WJ denies ever meeting her when she confront him about it. SH is using her knowing the secret too to keep ms ha on her toes, because I think ha told WJ to stop cross dressing and keep it secret forever so it doesn’t leak out. But now that she got a whiff that SH knows, she wants to send her abroad (I’m just assuming based on watching rawr I can be totally wrong! I wish drama milk would live recap this). 


    YD shows his mom the footage too to see if she recognizes WJ. She doesn’t but then ms ha shows up in the video too and his mom recognizes her. At this point, not too many lovey doves scenes between SH and YD except when they’re in Wjs apartment snooping around and he seems to be like, empathetic with WJ about how uncomfortable it must have been to hide his identity. But no top flirting or anything romantic it seemed like unfortunately. (Haven’t finished full episode though)

    5 minutes ago, tulip06 said:

    Okay, we know that.  But that is what I want to see, anyway.  Also, if he has a boyfriend etc. 

    And what he looks like as his alternate persona!

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  12. 34 minutes ago, auberon said:


    ah so WS and WJ were technically illegitimate before their mother became the second wife? thank you!!

    Yes I think the second wife was a mistress when she had WS and WJ so meanwhile mo was still married to SH’s mom even though she didn’t have SH till the mistress already had her sons. By the time Sh was born though, the first wife moved out and the second wife moved in (I’m assuming..might be wrong on all this so don’t want to make any guarantees but this is my presumption).  It’s even been debated that WS (eldest son) was from a different father hence why they push so much for WJ to be the heir.

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  13. 53 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    @thistle Please continue posting... I agree with you, @nrllee and others that this drama is definitely lacking in some areas.


    In my eyes, this drama has its flaws but mainly due to the writing. They turned GHR into a superficial and naive NIS agent. Her reactions were sometimes quite disturbing... like f. ex. when she is happy because she thinks, she will get promoted for discovering that the plane crash was a terror attack. How can she rejoice about such a promotion, when it is connected to the death of more than hundred people? It makes her look like insensitive and selfish. Besides, she was initially introduced as a super agent (she has a cover in Morroco), then once week later, she is described as a rookie. Then we see her having a gun unloaded (?) in her flat... as a NIS agent, her gun is supposed to be loaded. Her colleague came aloof too... I can not see her as a NSI agent due to her comments. 


    I guess, the main error is that the writer tried to create funny scenes but this doesn't work here. They should have sticked more to the action and the thriller. Comedy is in the wrong place here.



    But now, let's focus on the story itself. I have the impression that the real issue of this "incident" is not just J&M as such but the politicians and the NSI. Like the director Kang Joo Chul said it, the NSI's work has changed. The agents have become the errand boys for the government. Jessica would have never been able to organize such a plane accident, if the president and the Prime Minister hadn't already decided to support J&M. I have the feeling that there could be another person working at the NSI who has been helping them... the one who was smoking a big cigar. So the corruption is the real problem in reality which explains why CDG has to work outside the box in the end... he is forced to become a vagabond as he can no longer rely on the authorities. He will try to use the media and ask for the president's help, in the end he will fail. That's why he will leave GHR's side. GHR is definitely too naive, when it comes to NSI. She has not realized that agents in the NIS are traitors.

    Chingu! So happy to see you here.


    Yes absolutely, I have a problem with the writing too. I mean I don’t even work for the government and if I found out children, the very ones I was responsible for inviting from my country, died in a plane crash, I wouldn’t be so cavalier about it like she’s been the whole time (maybe except when she flashed back to what he said and when she heard the audio but still the promotion and just overall lack of empathy and accountability ruin it). We also know from her interview video, that she applied there in 2006(and it’s 2012 at this point in drama?) so how can she be so much of a rookie that even after six years she can’t defend herself against the male lead yet be qualified enough to call herself an NIS agent?  And then if she’s so smart and relies on brains, why did she so far have to ask two of her colleagues one of which (elder guy) seems to be in on it with her male coworker? 


    I think my my biggest problem is none of these spy centric cases seem to relate to modern day issues like I’m used to seeing in kdramas and enjoy. Unless maybe this plane event was a re-enactment of when that Malaysia airlines went missing or something? I don’t know, I’m honestly a bit lost with what’s going in. So far we have this woman (always speaking super good English) that seems to be related to the old mans death that tried calling in the plane crash to report. She is the bad side I guess. Along with others working for korean embassy as we see our leads face off each one. But what conspiracy is going on? What kind of corrupt is happening that little kids would have to be the sacrifices of it? And you’re telling me there’s no good NIS agents? Just seems like everyone in power and the mass majority of spies are on the bad side which makes this even more frustrating.


    So vagabond means he’s not loyal to one agency? Is he like a freelancing assassin? Or agent for intelligence (aka giving info to different country agencies?) or he’s like a vigilante and just does his own thing? The only thing about the last one is how does he have the money to fund being a nomad like that and hide from such powerful people that want him killed to shush him up?

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  14. 49 minutes ago, thistle said:


    Well, I'm quoting myself but for good reason because, oh my goodness, I just realized that my first post on this thread totally called Second Son out.  I was right!  He did want to wear his wife's jewelry!  :lol:

    And she’s still a Virgin so you were right about them never sleeping together. Also seems like ms Han confirmed he he is transgender too..and gay possibly ? Hence why he wanted to go to Paris?

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  15. So here’s the thing, I do think that Sh and TH/YD (ugh sidetracking but I know right @ the reporters?! Like mind your own business! Maybe pay attention to each other cause one of you is a double agent! Hahaha you seem to think you know everything but you guys know nothing of your coworkers) anyways these to need more back up! CNR seems to have left country based on what I saw on raw episode (we did get our scene of them eating with mr cute fan father so that was nice) and these reporters are untrustworthy, so who else is on their team?! They need more allies and a better plan (with plan b, c, Z cause even SH has surpassed ms ha (or Han?! I keep messing up her name with the step moms...other side note I know i keep diverting but while on the topic..I totally have to agree with everyone who suspects she has not so platonic feelings for the father). I do think her eldest oppa could be an ally. I am calling it-all the ‘funding’ he got for this recent movie is actually just saving up as much money as he can to go against these guys (at least I hope so) and his silly careless, debt ridden persona is just a mask.


    Now dare i may ask about the second eldest? See I took a human sexuality in my college and a transgender as well as a transsexual came to discussion panel for a lecture. A transsexual man is a straight man that just enjoys cross dressing where as transgender woman Is a woman that was born as man but knew she was supposed to be woman and takes hormonal and surgical action to make those changes. See, we know the marriage was sexless (though they said that transgender isn’t linked to sexual orientation so no matter what gender they transition to, it doesn’t relate to what their preferences are) but that might not give any indication to what the second eldest secret is. There’s was also that ticket to France-I am not sure if maybe that has a clue to what is going on?

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  16. 20 minutes ago, thistle said:


    I started this drama late (binged on it last weekend) so I didn't know.  How frustrating!  

    It's definitely Ms. Han behind this translation travesty.  TOP is at work on the interwebs.  :P

    Gosh darn you ms Han! Can’t you let this go just once ?!


    but for reals..if I was SH I would use my chaebol connections to find out who has a grudge against TOP and use their thirst for revenge to help make a break through in my moms case

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