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  1. 10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    There are those among us for whom marriage is not part of their genetic make up, and that is absolutely fine — singlehood should be respected and even celebrated. But societal pressures to conform to majority expectations is very real.

    This is why even though I get so annoyed with BTM’s back and forth with PM, I can understand how she may be intimidated by changing her ‘lifestyle’ because she is someone that values singlehood and independence, which I respect. I would love to see a representation of modern day women that willingly choose singlehood because they want to not cause they have to. So it would be a bit sad if BTM can’t be that representation if she ends up with PM. But if she doesn’t, it would also be a bit frustrating that we had to go through all these episodes watching their tug of war in love just for it all to be nothing. Basically I’m on the fence about whether I want BTM to end up alone but as happy as she would with someone or realize that maybe at one stage of her life, like when she was with LDW, she favored singlehood and not being married, but now her preferences have changed which is fine. I think we have seen a lot in this show people change throigh times and hardship; GG with her arranged marriage, CH with losing her judo spot but becoming star student to future barro employee.


    10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    And the only reason why this can be explored through a noona-relationship is because the power balance is shifted and without traditional male attitudes and power relations in place, can we discuss the changing tides of what defines this generation waiting to receive the baton from the outgoing ones.

    Seeing the Barro work environment reminds me of what I heard Google and other IT tech companies office buildings are like. You can dress however you want, the offices are all cool looking rather bleak but traditional to what most company offices look like. Then there’s the fact that no one addresses the other as titles and all speak one manner formally. It’s like there’s this precedent for coworkers to all treat each other equally, thus establishing a dynamic from the beginning with unconventional power balance compared to Unicon where everyone’s dressed professionally and using different titles. I still wonder if Barro is any different than Unicon though when it comes to protecting their employees. I know Brian did everything in his power when BTM was the top keyword search, but I can’t help wondering if what makes these two company similar is their willingness to throw the employee under the bus for the sake of the company. 


    10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    The internet has the potential to significantly shift power into the hands of the masses than the few. MIL is still trying to maintain hold of old school powers, and she shows it by the way she tramples on what she perceives to be the small and insignificant, symbolically drawing and leaving her mark on a much lesser human canvas. 

    Wow I love your insight on this chingu, I didn’t think of it like that! Ugh she is so creepy!!


    10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    Kakyung’s character seems very tragic.

    Honestly I wonder if the MIL is responsible for GG’s parents bankruptcy. Like it was a way to blackmail her into the marriage (since they all knew each other before her parents went in debt,  MIL saw how son was in love with her or how competent she was.) I recently found out that the Viki page for this show has a lot of character descriptions and spoilers if you scroll down near the end. The husbands backstory spoke about how he was very into film and went abroad or to some school for it that his mother was against. So maybe it was during this time when she decided she has to get GG aboard since her son wasn’t gonna be any help to the family business.


    10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    Is Tammy right to be that angry with her? Perhaps, perhaps not. But the greys in which these characters exist is exactly what makes this story well written so far. Except for the very few times in life when things are black or white, most others exist on a spectrum of greys.

    The grey part is exactly what I thought when I wrote the beginning of this post, because I think BTM changing her mind about marriage is a perfect example now life is grey. Sometimes you can’t keep the same mindset from the past because you’re not the same person as you were now. Sometimes you can’t just put yourself in a box or label yourself as something, because not everything can just fall in one category and be separated by lines, most of the time they’re blurred and it’s cant be black vs white.


    Pardon my air headedness, but what does it even mean, this whole analogy or metaphor or whatever you call it about the fish tank? What do the leads mean when they bring up this figurative fish tank ?? 

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  2. I feel like this was the week of progress and plot revelations, soooo many things came to light that now YS knows; Dan is an angel, what his mission was about, hes the angelic reincarnation of SW, and that he could turn into dust because of their love. Not to mention the family side with all the misdeeds they have done disguises as accidents. My favorite part? That there wasn’t as much angst as I worried about and it was actually handled so beautifully. S

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  3. Finally caught up with this show!


    i am shook about the news of the song song couple. Off topic, but relevant to my thoughts on BTMs reservations about marriage. Hearing about their divorce announcement was like being hit back to reality with cold water. Their marriage seemed like a fairy tale ending from a Hearing them not work out is that the brutal truth how real life doesn’t imitate kdramas. I think in this case, they’re trying to show a unique character that doesn’t see her fairy tale ending being marriage, but just having a partner for the rest of her life while she works. Is it wrong to not believe in marriage? I think it would have even even more controversial if she took a child free stance too (that she doesn’t want to just not get married but also she never have kids, which I think she did also mention yeah? Just didn’t say it outright). Fililial piety and family is extremely important in SK. So what to do in a current society where some modern day women want to take advantage of their freedom not to be tied down and married, especially when back in the day some didn’t even have a choice (I think her boss Brian had even mentioned something like that before he asked them about if they planned to get married). The thing about BTM is, I feel like she’s in denial and that when she was invited to her ex’s wedding, the truth was she didn’t want to marry HIM, but I think deep down she was hinting that she would waver for PM but I guess she’s scared. I may be wrong though. It’s interesting we get flashbacks of GG and CH in high school but we haven’t seen any from BTM besides the one with her and GG at the beginning if the company even though she’s the female lead. I’m not sure if maybe she doesn’t want to get married because she saw how her parents fell apart or what.


    8 hours ago, mushforbrains said:

    Is anyone wondering what the soap star is searching on Barro Everyday??surely that was not some throwaway comment...and him suddenly distancing himself from Scarlett???

    It could be he’s googling himself to see if a wiki page or something was finally made for him? Ahhh I really ship these two! Scarlet is literally us when we watch kdramas, and then meet our favorite character and then probably want we would do if wanted back in the show (go on set and give absurd storyline less insane than the actual script). But I tell you the truth, even though I love this pairing I was a little disappointed nothing has really festered between Scarlett and GG. At the beginning of the show, BTM comments how she asks her coworker if he has a lover and he says it’s GF modern day but she said that on purpose to be vague in case he was ‘bi or gay’. I thought that was the first hint that this show might have a non-straight couple. I sensed the chemistry in their first scene together at the bar, when she saves her outside when she’s smoking. I was so excited for their scenes and kinda bummed that they didn’t have another one together till a few episodes later so I wasn’t sure if maybe the writers back pedaled in having a girls’ love story. I’m all here for it. Jut as I’m here for a female lead that doesn’t want to get married or have kids like most societies expect of women, I’m ready to see a same sex relationship on kdramas to pave the way for more LGBTQ characters/pairings (I wonder if the lack of gender bender genres have to do with maybe SK acknowledging transgenders and thinking gender benders aren’t politically correct?)


    Now here’s the thing, I have a lot to say and I forgot mr of it but this I remember cause it’s been bugging me the whole show. WHY does GG hate BTM so much? Okay so we can justify that everything GG did company related at the beginning, getting BTM to testify as their shield than firing instead of letting her reign then slapping her for working in another company, but what about when she fired PM? And just what happened that she switch from a role model sunbae to BTM to feeling okay to backstabbing her? It is a bit confusing but then you see how GG depends BTM when CH talks bad about BTM in front of elevator at Godori’s apartment. BTM comments how not everyone turns out like GG who had similar situation and it’s her bad decisions that are to blame not her unfortunate past (when CH was recalling past and defending GG for how she turned out now). I wondered if BTM went through something similiar - she came from a rich upbringing then family became poor from bankruptcy. So is it that GG sees BTM as who she could have been if she made better decisions or didn’t have a marriage of convenience that made her a slave to the MIL (lol side note I would love to see scarlet witness their interactions and be like omg this is a real life kdrama happening haha I always think of that whenever the serious scenes between MIL and GG happen. Also what is with the MIL and young men, drawing them then tattooing then? Can someone please explain this?)


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  4. Personally I did not like the story as much as I wanted to. The only thing that saved me from stopping watching was uri leads and their magnetic chemistry. I also have to give it to PBY because even though she has short hair like DBS character, SY was nothing like BS. She was really able to make this character separate from the others like Oh my ghost ess (didn’t even realize at first it was the same actress). I just hope the next drama she gets, the story is as intriguing as her character so I can enjoy it even more, she’s one of my favorites.

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  5. I love this.


    At first, I was wondering how SED is any different from her ex husband with their obsession over the beautiful MYR face. Like, him being drawn to her was how the ex hubby felt drawn to her. But now that it’s revealed that he’s actually in love with MJH, and he recognized her at the shop (her changed looks seeming to not have affected his love for her st all except for falling in love with her suppose doppelgänger after waiting for her all these years...and still struggling to fully waver). So this goes beyond looks and he was in love with MJH all along, still even slightly since MYR is his ‘second mst important person.’


    I should have seen the other twist. I was getting a feeling they were siblings, but then all the drama with HJN and the fake relationship with MS, I figured they’re just all old friends. Little did I know it would go much deeper than that.


    till now I’m not sure if i should ship MS with HJN or MJH daughter. Sure it would be weird for mother and daughter to become sister in laws lol but I think MS deserves someone better than HJN (and at least she has her hubby to fall back to). When they were in the theater he gave  HJN thechance to pick him and put this all to rest.but she still chose SED.

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  6. So what do you guys think is the situation with the interns dad? Was he a whistleblower too then got health problems? Then JTJ visited his dad in the hospital. Unless maybe it has to do with Song, since we saw how he does shady stuff like tweaking with the sign of Lee’s office. The intern is a sweet cinnamon roll and I hope that’s not true. When JTJ found out the intern was recommended by Oh or something, I feel like he was giving a slight glare to the intern, like he might be his replacement or a sign that song wats to keep JTJ on a leash from rising to the top. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, luvabe said:

    Started to watch this drama because of Lee Jung-jae, but I got hooked right from the first ep. Good acting and even better writing!


    I've never been into Shin Min-a, but I must say she's pretty good here, and I actually like her pairing with LJJ. I'm rooting so bad for the couple I really hope TJ won't betray Ms. Kang. The preview for ep 5 makes me nervous tho :unsure:

    Same! I got nervous when he mentioned the card thing at the end. So far they have exceeded my expectations by working so well while being on opposing sides. I hope he doesn’t throw her under the bus when he kinda already did with the hotel room Kim in gyu interview.

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  8. I hope we get an extended kiss in the next episode. Gosh I love these two so much and crave more OTP moments between them. Not that I don’t mind the plot either. This show has successfully tugged at my heart strings more than I’d like to admit. I was not expecting to be hit in the feels so much with a supernatural show like this. I have always experienced moments in life wondering why are these bad things happening to good people? Why is life so unfair? And I feel like Dan’s situation brings to light the hope that everything does happen for a reason and life is fair.


    ahhh is it tomorrow already with the new ep?!

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  9. 1 hour ago, enigmatic_zephy said:


    if you committ suicide, that is the biggest sin and hence you deserve the worst punishment


    So, your mission is to fall in love. And the day you fall in love, if protecting that love requires you to give up everything and turn to dust (destroy yourself, go through immense pain for eternity).. guess what you are going to sacrifice yourself..


    the heaven you were waiting for will be meaningless

    to leave your love behind and go away from her life is painful

    and you basically die a painful death because that is just what you must do!



    So, your punishment of committing suicide.. fall in love.. and fall in love with the girl you have always admired.. who is your prettiest memory (whether you remember or not)

    Then what about the YS lookalike that hung herself? Why isn’t she an angel now too on a mission to fall in love? (But I see your point, because in childhood flashbacks it seems Dan had committed suicide as. Kid and jumped in the water..unless he was murdered cause he also looks like he had been an abused kid back then.)


    24 minutes ago, mylovekge said:


    I have so many things I wanna say but they always end up in a bubble lol


    - For now, we think she's just a doppelganger. Not sure about her committing suicide but she could have done this to free JKW from her. An angel who wasnt supposed to fall in love with a human. 

    - The accident looked like it was planned seeing how evil her aunt is. Of course, everyone will think its the evil one lol but a possible plot twist could be, that it was Ni Na's doing. 

    - Car accident - woah, i never thought of it this way but this could actually be possible.

    - Totally agree with you here. He's just as bad if he's done nothing to stop them.

    - Dan's mission is to find love for YS. He could very well be the 'love' he is trying to look for but doesnt know this yet. Because he will be trying so hard to push these feelings away knowing the consequences. 

    - I may be biased here because im a huge SHS fan but she really is a versatile and has portrayed a variety of characters with ease. Certainly one of the most talented actresses. Just to add, I must say her chemistry with L is off the charts!  

    Agree with everything chingu, especially the chemistry! Forgot to mention that part but I thought the same thing. It was so magnetic during the kiss scene, how like just from the brush of their lips he got addicted and leaned in for more, kissing her full on. I was not expecting that and absolutely adored it. Getting addicted myself and wanting more haha I cannot wait for future kiss scenes! 


    18 minutes ago, Ni Wen said:

    Welcome to this room @philosophie

    . I think Malti did not commit suicide, she was shot.

    . YS  stage accident is obviously not just an accident. Like I've said before, my feel tells me it could be Runa.

    . Dan is a naive angel. He thinks everyone is nice just because they appear nice and mean because they appear to. I can't stand it when he says Nina is so nice. Oh well probably she's really being nice but i can't stand her nicey nicey attitude when she's got a whole fake family aiming to harm YS in any way they can. Dan still needs to grow some sense and differentiate who's pretending to be nice and who's really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing this growth in him.

    . What's really heaven's plans for Dan is still a question mark. Let's wait and see.

    . YS or SHS. Yes love her so much too. I can't keep repeating myself how much of a gem she is. She is what I'm here for. :)

    I’ve always had a feeling it was Runa too. Only after that scene where she ran over animal and had no remorse, justifying it to younger sister. That’s when I started to suspect her as the culprit behind YS incident becoming blind.


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  10. I am loving this show guys! Just a couple of things.

    • art angel; is YS a reincarnation of his past love or just a doppelgänger/someone who happens to have same face as her? Why do you guys think she committed suicide? Is art angel still an angel, since he hasn’t aged and the shadow showed his wings and he eats lots of chocolate?
    • YS stage incident; was it manmade instead of an ‘accident’? I know her aunt stopped the transplant from happening, but was she behind the accident too? Or was her eldest daughter?
    • car accident; did art angel cause it on purpose so she could get the eye transplant? Or was that also an accident?
    • how in the world do people think the aunts husband is soft hearted and good?! He helped her burn the ledgers or whatever and knows about her bad deeds but has done nothing. I’m sorry but he’s just as bad as the aunt. So is the younger cousin, YS’s ‘shadow.’ How was it okay for her to be live streaming the party and act all innocent like she didn’t mean any bad by it? I jut hate how the supposed ‘nice’ people are worse than YS who’s looked at as nasty and bad tempered. At least she is real and never maliciously out to hurt anyone or help someone to hurt.
    • Dans mission; right now he’s shipping these two because he thinks art angel is human. What is the real mission/heavens plan? They have to know that Dan was gonna try setting those two up, thinking the other isn’t an angel like him. So what’s the end game? Why make him think he will turn to dust? Or is it encaustic he’s an animal angel, not an art one, that he would really dissipate?
    • YS...gooodness I love her. I know her character gets hate, but honestly she reminds me so much of the cold chaebol male leads that so many swooon over and never criticize. I love for once it’s the female lead that is role reversed. And may I add the actress herself so talented, saw her in still 17 and seeing her play such a drastically different character speaks volume on her impressive skills.


    ahh please guys give me your feedback on all this, I need to discuss soooo badly about this amazing show.

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  11. 1 hour ago, staygold said:

    With all my attention focused on the otp I missed why DM's mom got emotional seeing Geon Woo at EG's judo class. Did she lose a child in the past?

    I think so! Maybe the pictures of two kids in a photo is her deceased sibling and their grief is part of why they had EG come into their family. There’s also when EG is confronting Ryan and tells him that ‘DM Hasn’t told you anything about her.’ I am also wondering if the loss of her sibling contributes to her fangirling for SA. Maybe he reminds her of her deceased sibling? Or distracts her from her grief?

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  12. Yes there were for a loose ends I don’t feel had closure.

    • who was the guy that raped JSH when she was a reporter? (I thought it was same guy behind all this aka ceo of Nara news but guess not)
    • does HSJ know the extent of JSH’s involvement in his scandal?
    • Who was texting the police under the guise of ceo cho? Since we learn in the end he’s too mentally incapacitated to have been blackmailing him.
    • even more but I can’t think of it. At least the ending was happy? Was expecting HSJ to die while taking a photo or something.
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  13. Omomo now this is the kind of kdrama I live for!! I swear if either gonna rewatch this whole show again before the finale or binge it once it’s over. Once again I am left wanting to see the next episode so bad. Wash can tomorrow come sooner?!


    also I’m confused. Is CEO in love with SH??

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  14. 10 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

    Hahaha.... I thought about it too!!


    After ep.12, I start to question KSM's innocence again. Why is he so mysterious?? Is he the good guy or the bad guy? This episode didn't give any further clues, nor the preview. Argh! 4 more episodes... how will the story go? So unpredictable! (in a good way)...

    Chingu this was exactly what I came on the thread for! The end of the recent episode confused me. Is KSM not as innocent and a victim as I thought he was? Also why did LA touch his chest when he did a reading while back with KSMs thoughts about JI? Is he in love with her? Feel Guilty to her? 

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  15. Yeah with the scenes of LJH in prison getting beaten up by cell mates trying to be some sort of comic relief, it made me disgusted cause I can’t get over how he used a bat to hit the car of the deaf pregnant couple. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make him more likable or what, but it doesn’t work for me cause I still hate his guts even if his big brother was the mastermind behind it all and he’s really just a puny coward with all bark and no bite. Doesn’t change the fact that despise him tremendously. 


    On a lighter note, who else ships the prosecutor with JH??? Their scenes on the other hand jus make me ship them more and more as the episodes go on :wub:

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  16. So guys, one thing I’m confused about. Where in the timeline was number 88 staying with real DHJ then in orphanage with LYE?


    Let’s say that number 88 was first living with chairman and real DHJ then went to the orphanage. Wouldn’t he have recognized the house and wondered why LYe was staying. in the same house he used to live in before going to the orphanage? I’m just confused about the chronological order and how he goes from blue to brown eyes.p

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