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  1. May becoming from bias here, but I feel like uri OTPs new dramas don’t have the same sizzling chemistry with their leads like they did with each other. SH is amazing in his current drama hero, but I just don’t see the same fondness in his eyes and smile like he had in INAR. Same with SB, she was spectacular in WSL but (do not read if you don’t want to know the end of stars land)


    The romance was so meh that in the end we don’t even see her with the actual male lead, many theories that the last scene was with a double. I mean not saying there was any bad blood between the leads. Just that it certain,y didn’t have the same kind of amazing romance like uri INAR had. 


    Please kdrama gods! I pray you cast these two again in a new show together, PLEASE!!!!!!

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  2. @bebebisous33 what I love about the leads are that they are both creative in their own right. SH loves art and JH loves literature. What’s fascinating is this is embodied in the drama itself with the mystical art we see at the beginning of each ep and through SH’s collection, as well as the poetry and when JH quotes a work he is reading. This adds to the depth within the drama. Because it is not just the sense of the story, but the character themselves.

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  3. I absolutely love the actress of the female lead. I dunno if it’s just me, but I feel like she has really made the character come to life even though I haven’t seen her play a cold character like this before. She impresses me because I have noticed the subtle changes in SH since the video call. Smiling more, less serious, etc.This brings me to believe that by the end of the drama, she will have been a whole new person, happy go lucky, a breath of fresh air. Part of me wonders if she will remain a ceo or get into something else, like art. Maybe even start a normal life and get away from the public eye.

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  4. Hey chingus im finally caught up on this drama.


    who loved it when JH said “so this is how she’s been living all this time” after the horrible insults from the evil ex MIL? It’s like every experience that’s made to pull them apart only brings them closer and understand each other better.


    Im looking forward to reading all your theories and predictions. It will help me deal with the painful wait for next weeks episodes.


    i really am curious what’s gonna happen with JHs friend/‘sunbae.’ She seems like the opposite of JWS where she love for JH will have her be selfless and help the main leads be together while JWS will let his mom continue wreaking havoc on uri OTP because he’s selfish and wants to possess her (I don’t think he really loves her. At least if he ends up doing that. So far he hasn’t except for showing his jealousy. He may support them just cause it rebelling again this mom and for first time in life he’ll have confidence to after seeing CHS do what she wants instead of everyone around her is making her do).

    Hey chingus im finally caught up on this drama.



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  5. Am I missing something? I’m so confused why HS’s oppa went back to hanyang and tried to get back together with CP. now that your sister has had to be apart from her husband and you guys were about to run off, you go back to the very place you were gonna run away from? And when he tells the CP that he didn’t want her family to be in trouble, does hat even make sense when her dads the one that killed his?

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  6. On 10/19/2018 at 4:42 PM, AlexandraReid said:

    Ah, I hope the two will meet each other on public channels again. No, date in real life. Is their chemistry real? 

    I think this too all the time. Especially in the scene when she sees the video he stored in mysterious file of laptop and talks about how the celebs actually fall in love with costar to make chemistry more believable or something. Body language and everything, I felt like the fourth wall was broken and it was about them.

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  7. 8 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Besides, I would like to add that the last episode definitely revealed that the doctor Yoon has a different agenda than the chairman. Not only he is lying to GMS but also to her. He doesn't tell her everything. Then he acted as if he was not the one who informed her about his health issues in front of GMS. Now, I am wondering if he is not the one who hired a killer... and he could be trying to put the blame on the aunt. Notice that due to his behaviour, the aunt is harassing more and more GMS. The fact that she keeps saying that GMS will die soon...

    I’m also wondering about those MRI results. The Dr lied to GMS that they weren’t out and by what he was telling the aunt, I’m thinking he was definetly lying to her too. So what did those results really say??


    13 hours ago, shaselai said:

    I am confused about something about what the Bad Manager is trying to do. I understand he wants to bury GB but what is the new evidence? When the lackey/prosecutor(?) asks him about reason to reopen the case the manager mentioned someone witnessing him. But how does that help put GB away? You can argue he is worried about him being identified(?) but then says MS wont remember.


    1. He wants GB to be locked up.
    2. He will fabricate evidence.
    3. He is afraid MS will remember or he will use MS as a witness?


    But either way I think him reopening the case will be his downfall? Or maybe GB's original story was she was with MS but since MS has memory issues the manager will frame it in a way that GB lied about MS and then puts up MS having memory problems that will make her alibi invalid?

    I noticed he’s always chewing gum in almost every scene he’s in. I feel like maybe that might be an evidence against him that will be used later on. Like his gum is still in the hotel somewhere.

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  8. 2 hours ago, marfisa said:

    Well, I have just read the live recap and watched the final part.... the death of Eugene was not necessary.  He was the reluctant hero of this story,  he had an hard life and not even a kiss in exchange of his love’s sacrifice. All the deaths of the characters were unfair, but the one of Eugene is the most tragic.  I will never watch again a drama by this writer... she seemed to just try to close the story in some way... I am left with the sensation she went for the mistreatement of her characters in order to shock the audience. It does not work with me, miss writer. I will always cherish the wonderful characters, full of humanity, but I will never come to terms with the ending the writer chosed for them.

    I couldn’t agree more chingu. Besides the ending I cannot accept, I’m also salty there was no kiss scene. 

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  9. 20 hours ago, triplem said:

    I really want her to know his condition soon. 

     Ugh same here chingu! I’ve just binged and caught up with this show, absolutely love chemistry with couples and the story is engaging despite the occasional ring arounds. My only problem is that it’s about time she knows already! I don’t want her to find out in the last episode like some shows did in the past about the love interest finding out the characters secret *cough* 


    Dear judge/your honor 

    *cough cough*

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  10. Hey guys, finally got around to catching up to this show and I am enjoying it so far. I am confuzzled on a few things like who the heck is the crown princess’s baby daddy. At first I thought it was HS’s oppa because the look she gave him in that one scene that it was her, her dad and him in the palace. But then there was that other guy who got the letter and the possibility @bebebisous33 put out there about the younger prince being the baby daddy. Personally I would not be pleased if HS’s brother is the one who knocked crown princess up because that just complicates things way more than they already are with WD’s dad having been the one that ordered the death of HS’s bio dad. 


    Is WD and HS’s marriage even legitimate when it’s not his real identity and he is technically married to the crown princess?


    Now there’s one thing I would love to hear from you all. What do you think will happen in the end for these two? Will they remain in the village and live as they are now, or will HS move the palace with him and they will be the future king and queen?

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