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  1. 9 hours ago, reydevan said:

    So in the latest preview, IC tells Carrie that her son is alive. But of cos, he wont be saying it's HJ. 

    With a new backgrd song, it feels like a different drama. Haha. Argh why did they not release the backgrd music?! 

    At that point hopefully MH finally comes clean and tells C about the baby switch. Or HJ confesses his birth secret J, and she tells C thinking HJ is now her long lost brother. I am curious to see how C will treat J, the baby she kidnapped and raised vs once she finds her real son she thought was dead all these years.

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  2. Just watched he first episode and adored it! I’m enjoying the cinematography and story telling so far. Here’s some thoughts/predictions/theories I have:

    • @rocher22 I’m totally shipping DH with NN though I’m curious if his childhood friend ‘battery’ might come into play for a love triangle if she has unrequited feelings for him (I feel like he very much likes NN by the looks he gives her, and so far she’s either oblivious or too traumatized from past to even consider liking someone new. But maybe DH can change that).
    • @Fabbo indeed it seems that RM slept with NNs boyfriend at the time. RM always wore an ‘R’ necklace and when NN shows up to his place, she sees some wine glasses and clothes scattered like they had drunk then hooked up. On the table she also notices R’s necklace. NN was about to open the door and walk in on them but decided to wait outside listening to music. Poignant scene. Maybe it’s better that way, waiting for the dirty deed to be done and confront them once they walk out that room rather then walk in on them in the middle of the nasty act. I dunno, her decision is definitely worth discussing about because I’m curious what you guys think about that.
    • I’m pretty sure NN’s current best friend is gay and having an affair with RM’s current boy friend (who I was semi relieved to see wasnt NN’s ex boyfriend, or that would have just resulted in even more angst on my end as a viewer, despising to see him on screen and main lead having to deal with him too along with RM). The reason I think these two are having an affair because he happened to gift RM perfume, which also happens to be NN’s besties job. I suspect that the perfume ‘for his mom’ in the back seat (that RM mentioned noticing looked like someone sat there, a sign that guy or girl her boyfriend is probably having an affair) was actually for him, a customized scent. Maybe RM will accidentally take that one and wear it, which NNs bestie recognizes the scent and realizing she’s the fiancée to his down low lover (if he knows already that he’s engaged). 
    • Other than that, I guess the question so far as the past is unveiled, is why did RM do that to her best friend? I know there’s no reasonable excuse to cheating, but the interesting tidbit I’ve been told when to analyze infidelity situations is to look at the relationship the mistress had with the victim. In the case of if it’s a sister or friend, basically someone the victim knew or was close with, there a significant factor in how the mistress hooking up with the taken man wasn’t just after the man, but chose him because of her relation to the woman. In a sense maybe she was envious of her, or so insecure in her own taste of men she trusted more her friends? 
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  3. Scenes I’m ready to see:

    -SR showing RJHs team SK food and Sauvignon blanc she kept talking about

    -the team member that loves SK dramas falling in love with an SK girl

    -RJH witnessing how SRs family treats her

    -SR showing him her daily life and coming to her work under guise of body guard

    -RJH seeing SRs savage boss side

    -dan and second male lead fully coupled together so they can continue to help uri main couple be together


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  4. I’m loving this show, absolutely adoring it. I can understand with the controversial setting or pairing, that this may be interpreted differently in SK, so I will just be giving my perspective as an American. I think SR’s fondness for the North wasn’t the writers efforts to be ‘pro communism or Anything like that, but highlighting how someone living the most luxurious and best possible life style, actually enjoyed such a simple and ‘less developed’ life in NK. It was showing how home is where the heart is. It’s highlighting her bonds with the people there and how there are no barriers no matter the political or cultural climate to bonding with someone from ‘the other side of the train tracks.’  SR refers to her and RJH as Romeo and Juliet aka star crossed lovers. I’m sure if a similar show was made here where an American ends up in the Middle East in a terrorist labeled  country, such a pairing like this would be met with much controversy in the US, especially if the American enjoyed living there like SR did. Another instance I can think of is an American and Russian together, and how much backlash that would get since an American could be at risk of ‘treason’ for wanting to move to Russia for loved one. I wish love had no limits or bounds and that reality, the world was at a stage of universal peace so no possible social interaction and bond could be withheld. 

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  5. sometimes I notice patterns in kdrama formulas, like how in short 16 episode dramas I usually expect a kiss from the top around the episode 8 mark. For revenge dailies, I noticed that around episode 60 is when the ‘good guys’ finally get their revenge, with the last sixty episodes being the build up and all the reason to furthermore motivate the main characters to get revenge. For Janice at least, I feel this is the case since even as the drama began with her out for revenge, so many horrible things were inflicted on her as a repercussion. The moment she finds out her own birth secret, she will flash back to particularly the times she was bullied by her blood mother and sister, as well as almost nearly assassinated by them too, which will probably propel her even more to also despise Carry for letting her go through that knowing full well the truth about her birth secret from the get go. We only have ten episodes left and at this pace, I feel like maybe this won’t occur until episode 70? 

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  6. On 12/21/2019 at 6:31 AM, Lmangla said:

    so the whole time I was thinking that she didn't have to actually spend the night with him in order to make an accusation. or if it was necessary to create that illusion, then she could have spiked his drink, dumped him in his room and walked away and reported him. that would have been more effective clear headed revenge. what on earth was carrie and danny thinking with

    this kind of pimping?


    1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

    I couldn't even get why they slept with each other after they break up


    Sorry to cut your posts chingu but I actually had been meaning to address your valid points too but had been so overwhelmed from binging last few episodes that I forgot to wholeheartedly agree with you. I had been expecting her to either get him drunk or drug his drink to make him blacked out and then accuse him afterwards. Not just because her mom supporting her daughter actually sleeping with someone for revenge is absolutely absurd, but because I was shocked HJ even agreed to sleeping with her AFTER breaking up with her. Let’s say their argument was that she needed to actually sleep with him to get the dna at police station to prove he ‘raped’ her, isn’t the mom worried about uhm I don’t know pregnancy? Which seems far more worse than concerns about YJs feels for HJ? Like is she just wanting YJ to have an illegitimate child too as part of the revenge? 


    Lets just say the whole time YJ and HJ’s sadly failed attempt at a steamy revenge scene happened, I had the Jackie Chan “what the Simmons of the darn Richards heaven”


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  7. 3 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    he does seem to know that hae joon would not do such a thing

    When J thief did that, I had the sudden thought that maybe he understands HJ because he also loved someone else before marrying pregnant YK but chose ambition and greed over love (and that woman died giving childbirth to Danny)

    6 hours ago, Gigi Salapong said:

    There are so many discrepancies in the thought pattern of this drama.

    Chingu I couldn’t have said it better than myself. You hit the nail on the head. I am so confused why HJ is obsessed with trying to see Janice again. DUDE YOU BROKE UP WITH HER! Lord knows if you can’t let alone understand but even accept that she did this for that revenge excuse, I would hate to see how you will be when you find out the whole truth (well half truth really, that YJ was raised with too that they are from enemy families and what ‘his family’ as well as SRs family did to hers to deserve this). Like just listen to the elders, trust in your lawyer, and now focus on your marriage or at least keeping this oh-so-important birth secret that you chose to protect over YJ. Instead of even sympathize with ‘wow, I couldn’t protect her when EH planned for her to go abroad, or the turmoil she had to experience when I broke off my engagement which was really all for nothing since I broke it off anyways’ I guess the out of all the characters’ thought pattern I don’t comprehend or really like the most obviously is HJ. He is just so narrow minded. He just made a 180 degree turn from focusing his thoughts on EHs reveal, to YJs actions. He hasn’t even like stopped himself once to be like ‘wait, I chose my mom and now I need to just let this go or ride the wave or just do anything besides having anything more to do with YJ like I originally resolved to’


    I guess I don’t pity HJ because he obviously doesn’t think he deserves what YJ did to him. If he did, he wouldn’t be trying to find her like this and prove his innocence. I just feel like I will be even more disappointed once he finds out the truth because he will make himself out to be the victim more and hate YJ.

    3 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    how does clark kent have such powers of disguise?

    My thoughts exactly as well as when EH has vivid dreams of carry yet doesn’t recognize her as well, Carry.


    5 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    That was quite intense between Sera and Eunha yesterday! They got it all out! 

    Now that EH is no longer supporting their engagement or helping SR be with HJ, SR has nothing to lose saying how she really feels. And she had a point I didn’t think of, for all of EHs entitlement about ‘saving HJs life’ (which we know is absolute Simmons of the Richards if you know what I mean) that he Made it up more than enough by raising SR in her place. I really did pity her briefly and I feel like Danny has too in the past while talking to her, she is no way a good person but in my eyes a little more sympathetic than HJ. She is really trying to do everything in her power to keep the only person that truly cared about her even if it means resorting to toxic, unhealthy and extreme means to do so. And even after how badly HJ has treated her (which can be argued with her trying to manipulate him with Phillips law suit and whether what she has for him is even really ‘love’ versus Possession) after their fight I saw the little girl SR that must have gotten so attached to HJ when her mother would slap and blame her.

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  8. Just finished episode 34....two things:

    -HJ begs EH to keep his birth secret a secret when frankly he could blackmail her back for COMMITTING A CRIME and threaten that he will put her in jail if she exposes the truth, cmon HJ I’m not even a chaebol and I know this much

    -YJ saying she never regretted loving him when just the episode before they were both regretting in their thoughts during date of having ever met three years ago (but then she leaves in private and it seems maybe she was just lying to him so I dunno)

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  9. @Lmangla sorry chingu im still in episode 33 so I’m need to catch up. Right now I’m just wondering if they’re gonna go the pregnant route where she ends up pregnant from their scandal. Excited to see how that unfolds though I agree it’s a shame the chemistry isn’t that strong because usually when a couples chemistry is strong I can even feel it myself by the way they look and hold each other. But it just feels so...flat and empty when I see them. And I really I want to feel something because there’s so much potential with them being enemy’s children and all this taboo factors to spice up their dynamic.


    are we gonna be getting episodes on Christmas and New Years?

    happy holidays too by the way! :heart:

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  10. 5 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    what do chingus think will happen? maybe we will see hae joon and janice break up?

    At this point, HJ seems like he’s firm on the path going to him marrying YJ. Unless he gets black mailed into it by his dad begging him to do it because he doesn’t want his dad to go to jail. Or that something suspicious about YJ gets him to break up with her, I don’t think he will get back with SR.


    The way the plot is going though, I also think that we will find out about the switch first before the kidnapping. Carry will either hear it from the nurse or eavesdrop on a conversation between that hospitalized nurse and EH. Then proceed to make the these future in law families to hate each other more. The only thing is if YJ finds out-she May think that the switch means she’s fallen in love with her brother (incestscare plottwist) which makes her want to distance herself from him. But with that case, she might start to question the whole backstory because I’m pretty sure she calls her brother ‘oppa’ not dongsaeng like a younger brother which she knows HJ is younger than her. So unless she has a moment of amnesia like it seems many of these characters have; EH dreaming of past Carry and still not connecting their faces, HJ meeting YJs ‘younger brother’ and not recognizing hm as lawyer he first met, etc. 


    @yamiyugi @marrez1 @chococarmela


    what will be this shows ending? I know it’s too soon to tell but I love thinking about this, with any show I watch that goes week by week currently airing. It’s the fun of predicting and theorizing as I excitedly wit for the next episode and time to pass to near the end (especially with a long daily like this).


    I hope Carry doesn’t die. She sure has done a lot of horrible things, but just as much suffering she’s inflicted she has received as well. Honestly I think a major karma in this is that she never knew her baby was alive or switched and now he has inevitably been involved in her revenge without her realizing-showing how much the power of hurting someone just comes back to hurt you. It would be nice if she ‘lived for YJ’ like she promise especially after the trauma she put her through and most likely will continue putting her through as the plot thickens. 


    @tulip06 I honestly thought it was comically nonsensical how mad HJ was because he wanted to know who was singing the lullaby. I mean honestly, his anger was totally unnecessary, it’s not even a man singing it so it wasn’t out of jealousy and seeing as how he does smack job at protecting YJ from SR, didn’t seem like it was out of concern for YJ in case it was his crazy psycho ex. It’s not like he was adopted and having sudden memories of hearing that lullaby from his long lost mom. That’s why I was kinda laughing at how ridiculous he was acting, like what the heck is going on? Why is he getting so mad? Especially when he’s had way more than his moment to be mad about far worse and frankly important things related to YJ and her well being. Whatever though writers, I stopped overthinking when all your characters seem to suffer Prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces). 


    @Sota Baka that’s what I worry about-when carry finds out HJ is her son, she will try to either prevent YJ and his marriage from happening (maybe by saying he’s her brother?) or try to get them divorced if they already have by the time she finds out birth secret, because YJ is the daughter of the woman she despises and would never approve anyone form that family for her son. Even if it’s the very daughter she raised and loves the most. I pity YJ the most so far, I know SR also has no one that truly loves her but at least she has her dad. YJ really got no one, maybe HJ and her brother but of her brother really loved her he wouldn’t let her go through this revenge plan in first place and HJ, we already know he needs some major character development to become more likable.


    I think what will make me start to like HJ is when all these twists and reveals come along he will always stick by YJs side and protect her, rather than let it tear them apart or go against her, maybe getting revenge himself (though that might still be more entertaining then him just predictably throwing a hissy fit and tantrum like SR). I’ll give him credit for believing in Janice about this current elevator incident, but still it’s underwhelming how he still acts so guilty and let’s the elders put him down like he deserves it as if he had a full fledged affair. So I need him to be more selfish, or at least honest with himself about his selfishness so he can stand up for himself more and not tolerate being treated badly by others especially when he’s with Janice as if that’s what they get for going against the adults. 


    Also, I could see Janice helping HJ replace his dad’s position. Now that would be a sweet revenge, because so far the dad is doing all this, pushing for the marriage, to save his own skin. And he’s always been scared to be replaced by HJ at work, so let his biggest fear happen.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Takingthehighroad said:

    I love this thread for all the different views shared. I'm in awe of you generous, kind, forgiving people; wish I could be that way but I'm not. I've discovered while watching this drama that I have a vicious streak. And here I always thought I was just about perfect. Oh well.


    I think this drama shows how hard it is to have a career & a family. Imagine what you think is great home-life - nice home, great husband, financial stability, great career. You even work with your husband. What could be better than that? Then BAM! ZONK! (Batman/Robin talk) You learn that what you thought was so wonderful wasn't wonderful at all - it wasn't real - it had all been a lie. That great, caring, protective husband of yours was not great or caring or protective - except with another woman. I wonder did SJ ever really comfort JS? Or did he just sit around with that bland, noncommittal (hang-dog) expression? But then again, that expression probably looks like passion & love to Yuri. And Yuri's perpetual wide-eyed injured look - is that her look of love & passion, too? I think those two (SJ/YR) make a great couple; they can sit around in their love-nest & cry & whimper together.

    I even wonder if her promotion wasn’t real in a sense. Like we keep hearing it should have been her coworker and maybe all this time it should have been her but SJ felt guilty and told his boss to promote her in exchange for helping him with YR.

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  12. 23 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

    Apgujeong Midnight Sun since I have heard positive reviews about it. I don’t think that I have searched hard enough for it though.

    Off topic but (actually no because if I go on a spiel about how the main female lead in that show is similar our female lead here...there are a lot of similarities and they both don’t start off as goody two shoes right off the beginning soo mods please don’t be mad) I love that daily! That and Golden pouch are my favorite (totally not because my favorite pairings are oppa and MC).  @chococarmela I recommend those two if you need another daily to watch...that are complete too so you can binge :) I can also PM you if you need a site to watch the English subbed eps. 


    Of course I understand in dailies there’s bound to be some fillers, inconsistencies, and plot holes because of so many episode. However (besides the weird inability to recognize J’s brother Superman style as you said, because it really is absurd with simply glasses and different hair he doesn’t recognize him but oh well. I was also wondering why in the world when Phillip and SR were at hotel, everyone was meeting in garage. Aren’t these rich folks wealthy enough to use valet??) I do have an issue with MY’s ‘revenge plot’ because  here she is giving her daughter the responsibility to seduce someone while she comfortably hangs out in the shadows. Why doesn’t she seduce one of the fathers? 


    Im a but confused on the painting. I feel like it’s important, but what’s the story behind it? Who painted it? Why is it so important to EH and why is MY keeping it?


    SR...sometimes I sympathize with her other times I disapprove of her. If she wasn’t such a brat I would understand her desperation to keep HJ by using J’s claustrophobia weakness and sabotaging your big sisters stuff. I know she’s jealous and her mom neglected her and she is an insecure person so HJ straying Away pushes on those insecurities she’s had since young with her mom ‘loving her uni more’ than her. The thing is, we brushed over it ourselves how compared to other dailies with pitiful and athletic characters that have gone through far worse than SR, and kept acting like goody two shoes. And many of them were poor orphans that never behaved close to how SR acts out in her tantrums. I actually do hope she ends up with the brother, I feel like if she falls in love with someone else (though again it’ll be another vicious cycle not only being dumped for revenge but if he also shows hows he in love with J when already she dealt with thst scenario with her ex fiancée...I just want SR to stop having such bad blood and become on friendly terms with J, I hate seeing sisters pit against each other like this.)


    HJ...devils advocate, J’s intentions towards him are not pure and seeing how in future we don’t know what she has in store for him, giving her a run for her money and toying with her like this is only making up for the karma that will come back to him. Yet I know I posted about this before, but I just can’t stand how the writer makes his character. She proposed to you! She says she likes you. Since you had to string along SR because you were unsure if feeling was mutual with J, now you can stop all that and actually be honest with yourself. J was spot on, he’s no better than Phillip because he lies to himself. And we can sympathize with his accident three years ago and his circumstances now being engaged, but I hate how it somehow makes sense for him to be in love with her after all these years when they only even spent like one day together and knew each other for that long too. Yet it doesn’t make sense for him to drop everything to be within this girl he has supposedly been waiting for after nearly dying with her from falling down building and saving her from being played by a bad guy. What other situations do they have to go through to be together?! When they were through nearly none three else’s ago and he miraculously fell for her! It’s like the pace is all off snd wishy washy which is frustrating.

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