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  2. WINNER - W KOREA June 2019
  3. HPL stays strong in no 1 position and Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young also top the list Happy to know this drama is a success.
  4. @Caramel machiato OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHH FOR YOUR HELP //AIR HUG lol hahaha AND ALSO THANK YOUUUUU HAHAHA I'M A STUDENT MAYBE THAT'S WHY HAHAHA JK IT'S NOT LOL I'm gonna edit all the links now into images hahaha thank you once again
  5. - On Da Hee's birthday, Seon Ho was bringing her a cake and they planned to go to the movie. But Joon Seok called Da Hee to meet, and Da Hee ditched Seon Ho. So Seon Ho went home returning the cake and then to the library all day. Joon Seok also ditched Da Hee that day according to their texts. We don't know what else happened to Da Hee that day. - Da Hee stopped going to school. It's not clear what she told her parents why she started having panic disorders. But it could be anything, she could have said stress from school, etc. But there was no mention of any sexual assault at that point. - A while later, Seon Ho saw that Da Hee didn't go to school for an extended time, knowing that it wasn't a normal sickness, he decided to visit her. When the flower shop owner teased him for bringing flowers to a girl, he just smiled and said, it's just a friend who has been sick. - Da Hee somehow told Seon Ho that the reason she stopped going to school is because of Joon Seok. - Seon Ho fought with Joon Seok on the rooftop and fell and became unconscious. - Hearing that Seon Ho's unconscious, Da Hee now told her parents that she was assaulted, and that it was Seon Ho who did it.
  6. This is my favorite ending! Thanks a lot for this. I hope writer and PD nim are reading this thread and decide to adapt this ending. If not, this will be my ending in my imagination. I can picture RG's smile already and how he'll greet DM with a PG kiss on top of the kid's heads. Kamsahamnida!!
  7. @ziggery567 jjang. How can you be so meticulous. Ok, since those 2 videos was deleted, let's analyze what happened there This is my version of uploading picture Upload the pic on imgbb Then embed the code from "BBCode full linked" thing Then, paste here. Then delete this part (the highlighted part) (url=https://ibb.co/C0XfsqF)(img) https://i.ibb.co/CPn7Ggy/imageproxy.jpg[/img] Just leave the https: to .jpg or .png part. Here is what happened when I delete the yellow part (enter the new paragraph after deleting, and the link will generate to picture)
  8. To your first question: yes that's what Dong Hee recalled to Seon Ho's parents. That wasn't the only thing Soon Ho did for her, as there's another flashback when he sat down to eat with her not wanting her to be left alone. To your second question: that's what Da Here's parents said to Seon Ho's parents. Da Here's mother might have confronted Seon Ho and his parents if not for the fact that at that time when they found out Seon Ho was already in a coma so they took it as karma and that Seon Ho had a conscience and committed suicide. Speaking of that, did Da Hee want her parents to think that Seon Ho committed suicide out of guilt towards her, instead of the truth that she probably knows, that Seon Ho did it to protect her against Joon Seok, because of what she accused Joon Seok of to Seon Ho?
  9. @Aziraphale I looooooveeeeee that snuggly gif of yours...... It is so sweet and so natural of them.
  10. Her Private Life remains #1 as buzzworthy drama. Same for Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young - #1 and #2 again. Great job to the HPL team!
  11. @ucylucy although the theme of the drama kinda familiar (saeguk and nowdays/future seoul) but seems intresting plot,we known kim eun sook plot is briliant when it cames to fantasy drama.As for Female lead yup some of them have strong character like gil ra im in secret garden,but all the spotlight goes to male lead. as i count there 3 of her male lead got dae sang (hyun bin,gong yoo,lee byung hyun).
  12. No. SH got Da hee cake but because she cancelled on him, he returned the cake to his mum and went to the library. So flowers came when? When she stopped going to school and he tried to visit her? Sorry if I am confusing anyone. I'm trying to do a timeline to better understand what caused the bullying and lead to SH's accident
  13. Binahearts is one of my fav writer in Soompi. Most of the time, we have the same likes and dislikes about Kdrama. Though she always review about dramas that has her bias in it, but I hardly seen her in shipping mode. She is very objective writer. This time PMY-KJW chemistry just makes everyone has the same wish. hahaha too early to have an alternate ending when we do not know the real ending yet.... No worries, if I write about the ending, I will let you know here.
  15. Ha, while everyone is hoping Ryan and Deok-mi marry and have kids, I'd prefer it if he took her back to New York so she can finally spread her wings as an artist. I can just see Ryan encouraging Deok-mi to hone her craft and become a successful artist in her own right. He would be so proud of her. Surely there are celebrities in New York for her to fangirl over, right? And maybe Shi-an can fly over for the occasional visit, ha. Looking forward to the next episode, Wednesday can't come sooner! Also, why so snuggly?
  16. It is a bit jumbled to me too. She was assaulted on her birthday, stopped coming to school the next day, told SH she was assaulted by JS ...when is this? I thought it was not long after her birthday. If SH went to the flower shop and got DH flowers on her birthday when she claimed to have been assaulted, how could the librarian say SH was in the library the whole day? I hope the writer has a chart of the sequence or it will really ruin the drama. Edit: I thought SH bought flowers for DH on her birthday. Wrong?
  17. Watch: Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Experience A Mysterious Happening In New Teaser For “Perfume” May 21, 2019 by U. Kim KBS’s “Perfume” has revealed a new teaser! “Perfume” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a genius designer in a creative slump and a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back. They are both given a second chance at life through a magical perfume. The teaser focuses on fashion designer Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok) designing a red dress. While he dramatically cuts a piece of cloth, the video cuts to flashbacks of him with Min Ye Rin (Go Won Hee), peacefully waltzing on the grass. Seo Yi Do angrily starts ripping his self-designed red dress off of a mannequin, and when the video cuts to housewife Min Jae Hee (Ha Jae Sook) ominously opening her eyes, Min Ye Rin appears in front of Seo Yi Do wearing the red dress. In the background, Seo Yi Do narrates, “My muse, whom I had lost, has returned.” “Perfume” is set to premiere on June 3 at 10 p.m. KST. Lol! Not too shabby. I understood half of what he said hahahah.
  18. OHHHH WAIT I THINK I KNOW WHAT VIDEO IT IS CAUSE I REMEMBER AGES AGO TRYING TO REWATCH A BTS VIDEO. FOR EP 9 AND 10 I COULDN'T FIND THE BTS CLIP AND I WAS SO CONFUSED TO WHERE IT WAS So the one that got deleted is the ep 9 and 10 video right? Had to go back several times to @intrariver's post and the one that is now private is the banmal video right? I am fairly sure that the bts for these 2 eps is no longer there I'm going to send some links of some screen shots cause I still have no idea how to insert an image...the url thing doesn't work lol https://ibb.co/hdpK1vR- ss of me searching for ep 9 bts https://ibb.co/xzPs6Wt- ss of ep 10 bts search I just searched up both eps just to see if anything would pop of an official video even though they combined both eps and nothing from their official channel just sinamoles's eng sub version https://ibb.co/gFpQKqJ- ss of the playlist where ep 8 bts can be seen (1st video) and following that video are clips from ep 9 and 10 https://ibb.co/48yzhD1 - ss of the playlist where the private video is there and above and below of that video is a clip from ep 10 and 11 https://ibb.co/Y8Ft1hc- ss of the playlist where you can see that the first video is from ep 11 and the 2nd ep is from 12. The 3rd to last video and the last video are the bts of ep 11 and 12 and 13 respectively. They joined ep 11 and 12 into one bts video, the 3rd to last one NOW WHERE IS EP 9 AND 10'S BTS ? because usually they put the bts after all the clips of an ep and that bts video would be before the next ep clips right? Though they started joining some of the eps into one bts video but anyways as you can see there's a bts for ep 8, then clips for ep 9, 10 and then 11. BUT NO BTS FOR EP 9 AND 10 OK I think that's all lol Please correct me if I've been wrong the whole time lol but I'm fairly sure that it's the bts for ep 9 and 10 cause I remember trying to find it and couldn't awhile back EDIT: has nothing to do with the videos but omg it took me like 40 minutes to make this post lmaooooo Another edit: If someone could please explain to me how to directly upload pictures that would be much appreciated since I what I'm doing now is taking a screen shot, saving it as a png, then uploading it onto a website to get a link so that I can post it here and it's rather time consuming Another edit: now I'm a little confused which one was deleted or became private cause on my pc and in the screen shots the one that is private appears to be ep 9 and 10 bts. But anyways, it's this bts and the banmal one that are no longer viewable Another edit: sorry in advance for all the edits lmao I've noticed that I always or majority of the time go back and edit my posts lmao so sorry to anyone who's read what I said before reediting
  19. I dont know how to vote in weibo, it will direct me to another page that need registration something, so although i have 2 weibo app but i cant vote LOL. I just watched a few short clip of Ever Night in Baidu, oh boy he is really different, he surely talented and really can act! Proud of him.
  20. Minho spotted at the airport 052019. Finally, we see airport photos after almost 2 years. But it's quite different from the usual photos, since we see him here carrying his own luggage just like a common traveller. I love him in these photos.
  21. KBS’s “Perfume” has revealed a new teaser! “Perfume” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a genius designer in a creative slump and a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back. They are both given a second chance at life through a magical perfume. The teaser focuses on fashion designer […] The post Watch: Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Experience A Mysterious Happening In New Teaser For “Perfume” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  22. KBS’s “Perfume” has revealed a new teaser! “Perfume” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a genius designer in a creative slump and a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back. They are both given a second chance at life through a magical perfume. The teaser focuses on fashion designer […] The post Watch: Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Experience A Mysterious Happening In New Teaser For “Perfume” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  23. I don't think all the violence is necessary even if it is a crime drama. It doesn't need to happen onscreen or show us all the dead bodies. There's nothing new in those scenes and we already know what YC is and how he operates. The screen time could be utilised better as you said. The drama seems to have forgotten about the rom-com and isn't make much use of the new body premise or SY and CM's relationship. Maybe we can hope for something in episode 6? They are best together! HJ was useless except for helping SY to finally make a link to her and YC. I felt like they just had her in this episode so SY had someone to interact with. How long is that stupid girl going to lie about being pregnant? It's going to be pretty obvious she is lying in a few weeks! I agree PBY did a great job shouldering most of the episode alone. I'm looking forward to their reunion too. She was so happy in the preview! It will be nice to see them together again. However, unless we learn something new next week it does seem like killing off Min was pretty pointless apart from a convenient way for YC to get the abyss marble. Thank you!
  24. Hi maria, looking forward also for his next film, “Long Live the King,” set for release June 19. Like his previous movie, the upcoming flick also is a "gangster: genre, but it has a completely different tone. Despite dealing with elections and politics, the director said it is not a political film at all. Below is KRW with his PD talking each other. In one of his interviews, KRW said it took time, but he eventually learned his director's style and ran with it. He said that there were times when he memorized all the lines, arrived on the scene to find that everything has changed. cr-Korea Herald
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