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  2. Seems like he is still resisting. Dude, if someone kisses you other than your wife, be done with them. Why are you still answering her text messages? The only good thing he is doing now is, he is trying to bond with YR after he overheard his wife and YR talking about him.
  3. @mtoenlob Welcome! So good to see more fans of this way too underrated, understated drama. Love how you described it, how it draws the viewer in, invariably evoking reactions and keeping one emotionally invested through it all. Children of Nobody is the first work I've watched of any of the four leads, so I had no preconceived notions about them going in. All of them, as well as the strong supporting cast, particularly the child actors, far exceeded my expectations - delivering pitch perfect performances of their respective fractured psyches, and I cannot imagine anyone else as them. The script, the soundtrack, the cinematography - they all came together as a cohesive whole, creating an unforgettable viewing experience that continues to haunt me now, and leaves me hoping that we will see a sequel reuniting the original cast and crew in the future.
  4. So we were tracing back a little before the shareholders meeting. Now we're back to the present. Both Dom and Gal are in the hotel room, looking out the window waiting for the time. He looks a bit tired and Gal wanted to give him some oil to rub on temple, but he didn't want to. DJ is on the phone with Veronica Park, a bit surprised about what she decided, as she is putting on her clothes. She arrived at the venue for shareholders meeting, saw DJ and went to him to talk. Just then, the two police officers arrived and talked to him. Veronica Park left the scene after commenting about the police officers. Back to where we left off last episode. Meeting started, Veronica Park noticed Gal standing up to talk, so she seconded her just like last night's episode. Dom went up the podium. Gal asked Veronica Park to stay. She is anticipating something fun, while Gal assured herself that everything will be fine. Dom so excited and started to look around, and noticed Veronica Park. Who is this girl? Then someone shouted for him to start, he looked down, when he looked back up, the faces blurred again. He got nervous and Gal gave him encouragement from afar, fighting! Dom started his speech, and Gal stood up to object by challenging something. Flashback to them preparing for that scenario. So Dom threw the question back one of the directors. He answered, and then Dom showed a video of him having a chat with a woman. Then another clip of another director throwing rubbish and then another one drunk. So the directors shouted stop stop stop, and switched off the screen. Dom whispered to his uncle, sigh, I've prepared clips of other directors too... Veronica Park so excited to see what's happening, and laughed. She asked Gal, who is that person? Dom bowed and apologized. Gal shouted for the other directors to apologize too. The directors went up one by one and bowed as well. Suddenly Gal and Veronica Park both raised their hands impatiently... Gal is alarmed, so is Dom. Gal anxiously asked Veronica Park to put down her hand. The uncle chose her though. So she asked her question. Dom answered very well. Veronica Park, Gal, DJ and Mom looked satisfied and proud. ~ end of first part.
  5. Welcome to this thread! And thanks for the compliments About your worry... One of our friends here, @excitedgal came to his FM last Sunday. She said it was a good fanmeeting. You can feel that he sincerely wanted to thanks his fans for waiting and supporting him during his military service period. She also said that Wookie is fine. He even addressed the BS issue so well. With a big heart. So proud of him. And love the way he tackled the issue. I put it under spoiler ^^ So... Don’t worry about him. And let's support his new drama. Seems like it will start filming in mid June and start broadcasting in October.
  6. Finally I can feel the romcom part in today's episode arghhh I hope they'll continue doing this lol
  7. Alright, as I wait for my com to update...44 minutes remaining which...Er...*sigh* imma talk about mine! 1) Kim Nam Gil. I love him with his action moves. He looks so hot and handsome in it! Surprisingly enough, I never gif any action scenes, I’m such a KNG fan disgrace hahah. His voice strikes me in my heart hahah 2) Lee Jin Wook Gosh, I love him in voice. Voice only haha. I just take a lot at his past works...there aren’t really a lot of interesting ones, but I would say he is a versatile actor! I love him too! 3) My Chan, Kim Dong Wook Kimchi have been in my list for the longest out of the first 2. I never knew I like him until I watched Guest. To this day, Guest is a master piece to me! 4) Ju Ji Hoon Hoonie. Wah. For him, I watched 3 of his movies last year in the cinema. It’s awesome! He acts as a good guy role or as a bad guy role, he works real well with it! 5) Ji Sung I never talked about him for a while, but to me, he is really a likeable man. Especially in Kill Me Heal Me I love him in that hahaha he is so good playing as serval characters with different personalities. Hongkong 6) Ruco Chan He is one of those actor who could rock earrings and rings and look so badass with that (Ps. Bought my first ring and pieced my ears cause of him hahaha) I look like a gangster at one point going full emo mode with black nail polish haha Honorable mentions Kenneth Ma Ron Ng
  8. By the way thanks for recap and today's episode much more better, finally more OTP
  9. Indeed lol. I feel sorry for those new viewers who will start the show later on and don't know what they signed up for Imao. If only they knew the "Left-handed Wife" stands for Amnesia.
  10. Of course his English is perfect, he lived in Canada long time, so yes its perfect
  11. Hi sunnies! I hope that all of you are doing well. @cheerkoo, thank you very much for the translations you do, but please, take a rest. You deserve it! I have a question, did the couple sold their home in Yongin and move back to their flat in Seoul? I have noticed that they are spending more time in Seoul lately, maybe it is more convenient when they need to be close due to work. Koo will have an exhibition in June, and maybe it is more convenient to be in Seoul. Anyway, I guess that the driving time among Yongin to/from Seoul is only 30 minutes approximately. Another concern, besides the cancellation of her contract with the agency, is Koo's health. I hope she is ok. I really want to see her back as an actress, in a good drama.
  12. Ha Ha! Don't worry, i've calmed down! I'm ready to ship those cute babies (in so far as they are a credible couple, chemistry and acting wise) and i believe that I'm not judging the episode or the drama entirely on this pic. But i can't help myself: I'm just very sensitive to the fact that whatever is happening in the moment between the characters, the network try to sell it as romantic moment. And it works because look closely at the pic, his eyes are all on her lips! Physical contact without consent got up my nose very quickly, especially in this scene where our ballerina seems distressed, vulnerable and powerless. But hopefully in context, it won't leave the same effect. Those pics and gifs from Guerilla Date gave me a heart attack! But you're still allowed to continue, for as much content as you can get your hands on! Is a trench coat that i'm spotting in this pic from her next photoshoot? The queen of Trench Coats is back! This scream and earthquack that you feel right now is me losing my mind at the other side of the earth! The part in bold: is this her polite way to say that he's a very good looking man? That would explain the part in the vids of the press conf where he seemed very satisfied with himself and tried very hard to make eye contact with her? Eye contact that she avoided like a pro with all her newly acquired flexibility/ballerina skills! Those two are fools! This declaration of love is so pure and so true to every SHS's fan experience that we should add it to the OP of her thread. Few thoughts on the press conf without subs: I'm really into, like really into her new fabulous look! Ponytail and black dress remind me a certain junior prosecutor who is still dear to my heart! KMS is still trying to do doing all those long eyes contacts with her and she has a hard time to avoid him, thus the awkward body language sometimes where they seem to dance around each other without finding the right posture. She's so much more relaxed and natural with LDG. What to not like about the guy! He's attractive, older than her, mature, tall and a real gentleman. I feel already the 1st symptoms of a major SLS coming, provided that his character is not the obsessive creep described everywhere. I don't mind the promotion of the ballet but i'm here for watching SHS pretending to be in love and i want plenty of that! So my little gift to myself!
  13. @Lmangla I watched a clip or two and it does look interesting compared to the summary lol. I had a feeling the mother in law wasn't the actual mother. I'll watch the full episode when I get a chance. Thanks for the recommendation.
  14. Source: Eva Armisen, highlight by YeoNiverse Painter Eva Armisén shared a selfie w/ #YooYeonSeok in Jeju last week (May 11, 2019) "Yesterday I met korean actor @yoo_yeonseok everybody told me I had to see Mr. sunshine. I am about to fly back home and I am ready to watch
  15. The left-hand was a clue to many things. Because of it, Sanha knew about the fake watch (that Esther planted with the corpse) Also through it she suspected that Geon is her son, just because he is left-handed too (the most ridiculous thing really)
  16. 640 For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you have brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I have found in you I will be forever thankful baby you are the one who held me up never let me fall you are the one who saw me through through it all
  17. Extract from soompi Jung Hae In Talks About Not Calling Han Ji Min “Noona” Despite Their Age Difference May 21, 2019 by S. Nam On May 20, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” held a press conference with director Ahn Pan Suk and the cast. “One Spring Night” is a romance drama about two ordinary people who fall in love. Jung Hae In plays a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho and Han Ji Min plays a librarian named Lee Jung In. After a tumultuous experience with his ex-girlfriend from college, Yoo Ji Ho is raising his six-year-old son Yoo Eun Woo when he meets Lee Jung In, allowing his forgotten emotions to resurface. During the press conference, Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min showed natural chemistry that made it difficult to tell they were six years apart in age. When asked about their acting chemistry, Jung Hae In said, “Han Ji Min has been acting for much longer than I have been and has a lot of experience. I’ve gained so much [from her] at the filming sites. I learned how to deal with unexpected situations while acting. I tend to make a lot of mistakes, but Han Ji Min never makes any.” He added, “As she’s much more of a senior actor and has a lot of experience, I’ve gotten a lot of help in those aspects. I’m learning not about how to act, but about what attitude I should take while working.” Jung Hae In also touched upon their age difference. He shared, “I don’t think of her as someone older than me. I haven’t called her noona even once. I’ve never even called her sunbae. I’ll call her comfortably once the project ends.” Noona is a Korean word used by a male to refer to an older female, and sunbae is a word used to refer to a senior. Han Ji Min also shared her feelings about working with Jung Hae In. She said, “When working together with a young junior, I try to think of the characters more rather than who’s older or younger. Instead of a junior or senior, Jung Hae In feels like a fellow colleague.” The actress also revealed that the two conversed often and that she received many tips on set. She added, “While working with Jung Hae In, I felt that he was manlier than his image and had strong leadership skills. I don’t get the feeling that he’s younger than me much.” “One Spring Night” premieres on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST. It will be MBC’s first drama to air in that time slot. Watch the latest teaser for the upcoming drama here!
  18. Dom sent GH out the door with all the free stuff from the hotel room. DJ and Dom continued talking about stuff, about voices, and they ended up on the sofa with DJ asking Dom if he is in a love relationship. He smiled and said that there is someone he wants to fall in love with. DJ asked who and if she is pretty. Dom said pretty, while the screen cut to GH outside looking up to the sun. They talked about voices again, DJ asked Dom to call the girl so he can also hear what kind of voice that girl has. Then he handed Dom the envelope with money from his mother. Cut to DJ and Veronica Park the night before when they met. She is very happy and smitten by him of course. DJ get her to sign a form, as in preview. Cut to driver in all black at the office, talking to someone on the phone. Dom in the hotel suite, trying to sleep but cannot. He saw the slippers on the floor, then imagined GH picking up the slippers talking to him, saying thank you for the slippers. He tidied up the slippers and put them nicely under the bedside table. He walked out to the rice cooker, imagined GH talking to him again. He walked down to the swimming pool, took his phone and called sleeping GH. He asked if she is asleep, yes... She is annoyed and wants to hang up, but Dom doesn't allow her, and provoked her that she sat up on her bed all awake now. She started a tirade of scolding, but he fell asleep by the poolside chair listening to her. There is a voice over by Dom which I didn't catch.
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