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Poll: Participating in The Olympics

Sleepy Owl

Participating in The Olympics  

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  1. 1. In which sports event from the Olympic Games would you like to participate from Category A (Choose upto 3)

    • Short Sprint Race (100/200/400m)
    • Long Distance Race (800/1500/5000/10000m)
    • Hurdles Race (100/400m)
    • Steeplechase Race
    • Relay Race/Mixed Relay Race
    • High Jump/Long Jump/Triple Jump
    • Shot Put
    • Pole Vault
    • Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javeline Throw
    • Rowing
    • Diving
    • Surfing
    • Swimming
    • Canoe/Kayaking
    • Sailing
    • Triathlon
    • Marathon
    • Gymnastics
    • Trampoline
    • None of the Above
  2. 2. In which sports event from the Olympic Games would you like to participate from Category B (Choose upto 3)

  3. 3. In which sports event from the Olympic Games would you like to participate from Category C (Choose upto 3)

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  • Poll closed on 07/30/2021 at 08:00 AM

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1 hour ago, Thong Thin said:

As for indoor sports, I love swimming and squash ( which is not found from the above category)



Squash is among the indoor sports that I always wanted to try but still couldn't do it. But from what I remember, Squash is not included in Olympic Games, or maybe I missed it out. Please do tell me if it is part of the Olympic Games or not :heartxoxo:


1 hour ago, Thong Thin said:

Represented in the school events for 100m, 100x4 Relay and hurdles.



Last time I was in a Relay race, it was in School and I was filling in for another guy who got injured. I almost made my team lose the rose, still we managed to come third thanks to the other fast runners. :loolz:


Knowing how I am when it comes to races, I am sure I would have a hard time in hurdles race :joy:



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8 hours ago, Sleepy Owl said:

I agree with one on one sports being more stressful. Like if you are having a bad day, its over. For me, in case of team sports, I might have a bad day at office and still the team could win. But that cannot really be the case in one on one sports, until your opponent is having a worse day :joy:


Haha, true! And I'd rather have everyone be playing at their best, and not be in a place where they're wishing ill on their opponent. :lol:

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sorry but i don't recall what made me watch my first Olympic match. Probably because my parents were watching something back then. So I knew that it was supposed to be a big deal but only later on realized what it actually was. Now I watch it at times if it is on and depending on what channel shows it. Problem being that the all the matches aren't focused or sometimes they will cut one match for another. It really irked me in the last one that I was watching. I think it was the Taekwando match and just before the final they decided to switch to another event on the channel that was airing it. Language barrier can also be an issue at times so will watch it occasionally,


perhaps another fun poll that could be held is What if your favourite fictious character/super hero/manga/anime character were taking part in the Olympics what would they take part in. Also add in some humorous outcomes.


For instance Thor would probably take part in the Hammer Throw competition. but for fun results he may end up getting disqualified once he re-summons his hammer back


Captain America might take part in the Discus Throw (since he likes to fling his Shield a lot) maybe face a similar outcome as Thor.


Superman might try out for a long jump until they realize that he can fly so his jump doesn't count.


Green Arrow, Robin Hood, Hawkeye and Bullseye can try for the Archery competition etc..


anyway thanks for the poll had a lot of fun.

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On 7/24/2021 at 3:08 AM, Sleepy Owl said:

Since we are talking about participating in the Olympic Games, maybe you could also tell us when and what made you watch the Olympic Games for the first time, about your fondest memories from Olympic Games and why you like this interesting sports event, which many consider to be among the oldest ones. 


Hello everyone! :heythere:


@Sleepy Owl Thanks for tagging. The O games are truly special and spectacular. I could not watch as much as I would like during this current O games, but reading about the ups and downs of some of it is just as good an alternative for me. While I never dreamed of participating in any, knowing full well how hard that would be - yup, like winning a lottery, perhaps? lol - I do enjoy watching the spirit of competition being kept alive, over and over again. And when I feel that spirit, fond memories of watching the O games flow again, and the best part of it was that it would bring me back to my days of competitive sport. The only few competitive sports I participated in and was lucky enough to represent my schools were badminton, volleyball and air-rifle. Those wonderful competitive days made me want to ditch the workplace and go back to school again haha. :highonflowers:



On that note (of O games and sports), one movie I'd recommend to everyone, if you haven't watched it and like sport-related show, is Leap. It's available at Viki.com (for a fee) and several other streaming sites. It was an interesting and exciting watch for me.



CR: https://mydramalist.com/53971-leaphttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_(film)


May the O games and spirit of competition live on and on! :fullofhearts:

Edited by -JC-
trailer added ;)
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Thank you everyone for participating in this event and making it fun by talking about the sports you like to watch and even would like to participate if you were to take part in the Olympic Games. I hope you all enjoy the Olympic games now that some drama episodes are getting postponed due to the this sports event. 




The sports that got the most votes from each Category are: 


Category A - Swimming (19 Votes)




Category B - Badminton (27 votes)




Category C - Archery (29 Votes)




Your Friendly neighborhood and resident EOs

@Lmangla, @partyon, @agenth, @confusedheart326, @Sleepy Owl

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