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[Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM


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@graceyco The more the merrier! And yes, can't wait for Friday. Its gonna be very difficult to wait for a week:tears: I have a hunch that we'll have a sad ending, I hope I'm wrong but yeah we will have a rollercoaster  ride throughout the drama. And yes they're so sweet offscreen. I really liked this gesture of LMH. A true gentleman for a reason



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Hi, yeorobeun..finally find a place to express my love for this OTP, but hoping as a couple in real life as well :heart:. Thanks for creating this heaven, will catch up diligently :)





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I want to erase the spoiler
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11 hours ago, graceyco said:

AAAH! Welcome welcome chinggu! They're also my new favorite! I think we should come up with a cute ship name! My friend suggested something like LeeGgone  -- Lee Min Ho + GGONE (which is Kim Go Eun's IG name)


It would definitely be fun to have more fans join us here! Esp now that their scenes are building up for the next episode! I'm so excited for Friday to come! 


I'm so happy to see them as good friends off-screen! Look at this BTS!

Ok, I actually love this couple name! One, you explained why. And two, it actually spells out Lee Gon lol. :lol:

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  • graceyco changed the title to [Official] Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun (MinEun/LeeEul) #1YearWithTKEM

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