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  1. Another new fic: Jung Tae-eul x tyrant Lee Gon Kim Go-eun x Lee Min-ho
  2. Aww. You crushed my hopeful heart here. I was very hopeful for them in movie/drama project together. Ps. Sorry LMH-ssi, but KWB-ssi is a hot dude. I cant resist.
  3. Thank God I didn't have nightmare tho I saw it last night. Hmm... KES really likes writing in codes.
  4. What the hellokitty is this? ps. I got shocked seeing their version like this. Poor my heart.
  5. Happy bday @makshimus' mane and @MissSuperCyan. This is for your gift. Please do solve this quiz. Fighting~
  6. Glad to be of service. Ps. I have been camping on all those sites waiting (and praying of course) like lunatic for updates and new ones. I'll let you know next updates. Anything to feed our RCLs(/gents). Fighting everyone, don't forget to lurk, snoop, and share for infos and anecdotes about our couple.