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  1. I’ve been away for too long. I came here to say one thing. Turns out, rumors on social media CAN lead both parties to issue a denial. Isn’t it all over the place that MinEun are dating? Isn’t lmh’s Instagram flooded with fans speculating that they are dating? Isn’t there a very popular korean thread that is all about how MinEun is an item? No news is good news y’all. This ship has sailed long ago. I’ve got lots of backtracking to do. p.s. I’m not saying anything about that couple. They could or could not be dating. I don’t believe in agencies denying sometimes. But with MinEun, why not deny when the rumors are right in front of him? Imo, it’s enough for him to deny if the rumors are not true. In my completely sane mind, sitting next to @HR., our couple is as simple as 1+1=2. They are dating! Should they ever release denials, I would say they are dating but want to keep their relationship a secret lol.
  2. I’ll take that job even if I get paid less than minimum wage
  3. I miss our boy! I feel like the new reaction was made for me and @Nikaa94. The “where’s my oppa” reaction Just warning you all, I’m going to be giving this reaction only until lmh comes out of hibernation.
  4. CAN’T... GET... OVER... THIS! The way they are looking directly into each other’s eyes and laughing together. LOVE is all I see. #couplegoals
  5. Y’all, let me sink deeper into the bottom of this ship. What if... they are already married?
  6. I’m back! Couldn’t stay away lol. I can’t recall how many pages ago but someone posted an interview of lmh talking about BOF and he said he wouldn’t take the role GJP today. I say, why not? GJP is one of the most iconic male characters of all time and memorable! It’s been over 10 years and who can topple him? Name one character. I can’t. Well, I guess lmh did make him iconic. I can’t imagine anyone else as GJP. That role belongs to him! I wouldn’t mind seeing him reenact GJP today, just for fun. GJP is love! He’s head to head with daejang in my heart Chingu, ma friend, I posted the longer version to convince you lol. The first one I posted was the short version Looks like I did my job here, I convinced you using someone else’s amazing edit lol. To be honest, I was actually hoping for KTR when I heard lmh signed on to The King. BUT, after watching it with kge, I’m glad it was kge. Of course, I’m sure we all know why I feel that way hehehe. But next up, KTR please?
  7. I vote @mademoisellesia and @AgentQuake as the best display photo! So yummy! Imagine the ducky is you and the bunny is me *runs. I’m never coming back.*
  8. This had me laughing because I pictured GJP screaming and running around with an ax lol. BUT picture Jong Dae with an ax and suddenly he’s badass and cool lol. Han Hyo Joo.
  9. Brace yourself for the highest budget drama of all time! Forget female leads, let’s look for the next male lead like @madmad min suggested.
  10. YES! I want lmh in a deep romance dark period drama But not with KTR because she would need to shed her image from Mr. Sunshine otherwise we will suffer from comparison Watch it! It actually seems like a real drama with the two and the chemistry is great . I don’t know how but it is lol.
  11. Ditto! But I don’t know too many new actresses because I hardly watch dramas unless I know and like the main leads . I approve IU, KTR, MCW and GHJ because I have watched them and I like their acting hehehe. IU is great. But I’m now wondering if she’s good with romance lol. MCW for melo! KTR for action. Looks like someone already anticipates this pairing. GHJ for rom-com.
  12. Not on my list. Unless it’s an action movie. Lol, notice how I throw most FLs I don’t want to the movie list? Well, it’s because they are established movie actors and lmh is less established in that area Agree with you all on no rom-com for movies! Heck, I don’t even want a rom-com for dramas and I think romantic dramas are far better than romantic movies. For movies, let’s sign him up for antihero kind of characters
  13. I haven’t seen Door Lock but Forgotten was really good (except for the end). It was thrilling, shocking and kept me on my toes the whole time. This kind of script, I approve! She can play his little sister. I cannot imagine her as his love interest. She’s too young.
  14. No new crumbs but July has been a wonderful month so far July 2nd - Captain didn’t post for 10 days straight but decided to post very early on this day, the queen’s birthday. The content speaks for itself: early morning stroll with the song “Dancing Universe” playing in the video. Conclusion: it’s the night of just the two of them with no one watching July 2nd - The queen posted birthday photos to thank everyone. She chose a cake given by MinGo shippers (says on the note). Surely, she must know Min + Go = Min Ho + Go Eun . Coincidence? She wasn’t present at BH Entertainment to take photos with her gifts. Could it be she was with someone? Coincidence? July 2nd - Captain posted another time, just a few minutes before the night ended. His post proved a few things: 1) He did not mind the speculations made on his previous post about him and kge. 99% of the comments were wishing her a happy birthday and assuming the two are dating. There’s absolutely no way he didn’t see the comments. He knew and posted anyway which probably means he welcomed the comments. 2) He was not alone that morning, further confirming he was possibly with kge. I assume the second post must have been photos taken during that morning stroll. 3) The person he was with is likely kge. Why? The BORDERS! He doesn’t edit his photos with borders. But who does? The queen! July 13th - Captain posted another song while watching the rain in his car. Title of the song: My Love by My Side. Conclusion: his love is sitting next to him . I don’t care, I’m running with this narrative Our ship is sailing. Everyone is convinced by now right?
  15. OMGGG Yes! How about mystery-horror-action?? I gave you both a “thanks” reaction @Nikaa94 and @Narine Joa but I really meant to give a “no thanks” reaction . I am the world’s biggest scaredy cat and I will for sure close my eyes the entire time of it’s horror. Still, I’m a dedicated fan so I will watch but not enjoy lol.
  16. specifically WW2 damn I hate them so much. I don't watch any western WW1 or WW2 related movies or series I stay far away from it.. I won't mind WW3 in a futuristic set tho While I’m here hoping if there is any script that deals with the split of north and south, lmh would be offered to lead and take it. Only me?
  17. Yes he did. Lmh said before he remains closest to syj out of all his leading ladies. I believe he said he still texts her. They are friends. Park Bo Young is a popular choice here. For some reason, I want to see them in a pure romantic comedy. She’s so tiny next to him, they’ll be cute. About time for a reunion, I say! Son Ye Jin, I want an action thriller movie! They can be partners in crime. Song Hye Kyo, I love her! But she is heavily shipped with 2 different big actors. I think it will be hard to act together without fan wars and comparing chemistry. But I think lmh would love to work with her. He’s always wanted to. I’ve said this many times before but I also want MCW, IU or KTR . Will the stars align and give us what we want? Or maybe we don’t need a female lead in his next project like @Nikaa94 said. If he plays a runaway criminal or framed character trying to prove his innocence like Two Weeks or Defendant, we can do without a female lead. My wish is to see him play an antihero hehehe
  18. In case y’all couldn’t see the credit because the font size was too small for my vision.
  19. My only request is that he films the whole drama in the sunny state of California, where I live
  20. Chingu, am laughing so hard because I have never related to anything so much! I haven’t continued IOTNBO since episode 4. I started Slave Hunters again and stopped at episode 10 (btw, I still recommend but it’s a little heavy for second time watchers lol). Just give me lmh!
  21. I gave you a “thanks” reaction but I really mean “no thanks.” Just, there isn’t such reaction I have never liked a drama about food. Give me lmh in action! I like badass, kickass lmh! Also, we can stab him a couple of times so we’ll get to see him in PAIN!!
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