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  1. Hi ladies!! I'm back after a hiatus and I too stayed low key like our beloved captain LMH!!! Like I mentioned before in this thread, I gave LMH until 02 July to inform everyone that he is dating and it seems he took my "threat" very seriously thus posting in the wee hours when everyone is sleeping... I thought I was still dreaming when I saw the post Haha This guy isn't really helping himself right.. he happily and openly accepted the consequences of all fans and shippers wishing KGE in his post... he must have told her that he is willingly going to protect her since she is more low key than him.. The bgm that accompanied the post was the absolute trigger otherwise the post itself is still debatable however him positing on 02 July is a total giveaway I wouldn't be shocked or surprised if LMH posts again when he wakes up later or KGE dropping another cryptic bday IG post.. Keep calm and carry upon shipping!!! Our captain is way too generous with his breadcrumbs till we are all getting indigestion in a positive way...
  2. Hey friend!!! I'm here!!!!!! Took a break from this thread.. need to get my life back haha Babe! I'm here!!
  3. Okay ladies... an article has been published about them... https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/lee-min-ho-kim-go-eun-totally-compatible-lovers-in-real-life-according-astrology/
  4. I saw a comment saying LMH uses the exact same pic that KGE posted in her IG in which the pic was framed in white... She says LMH almost never frame his pictures in IG... So the convo goes (in my delulu mind).. "Eunni, can you send me the pic that you edited to post on your IG coz I'm planning to do upload the same..." "Are you crazy??? Do you know what will happen if you do so??" **LMH sticks out his tongue at KGE**
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