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  1. Hello soompi-ers and fellow shippers wishing everyone happy 1 year with all of you around..... it’s been some time I came here but could never miss this day when we all met a year back..... let’s ship them all the way and always be here to support them together and individually..... happy shipping girls
  2. Hey ladies sorry coming back here after a long time but loved to read all the Deets that I missed so actually it’s going to be a year for tkem in April and I have connected with leeeulfandom on Instagram for a gift idea for tkem fam..... if anyone of u guys are interested u can dm leeeulfandom and participate
  3. Gals big development has happened so LMH has commented on kknv post and the twist is he doesn’t follow any of them so it is confirmed that he is stalking tkem costars ig post regularly that means he must have seen kge igs also and that’s a biggg win for us
  4. So it seems naver blog does have a story of our couple rumoured dating some blogger has written that he/she also thinks that they are a couple....
  5. Fans are angry on bh coz they did not add one of there biggest star kge on the New Years video so everyone is asking where is she even I felt that why the hell bh is not acknowledging kge nowadays There are rumours that she might be changing her agency so less of her content on bh ig handle..... So kge posted an igs of LMH on her handle when she very well knows that he doesn’t even follows her so it’s taken that they both spazz each others ig handles and that way LMH will be able to see her igs ***also my shipper mind it could be that kge posted that
  6. I also felt that why did she delete all her post of yesterday..... maybe the agenda of supporting her love got fulfilled but my mind is rolling in the part where I feel yesterday’s igs of friends was a hide away tactic for posting LMH she can’t post LMH solely so let’s me post my friends to cover up the act I love how bold she has become and how she effed sbs and there treatment for tkem i am so happy to fangirl this girl....
  7. Heartiest congratulations to LMH for winning the best actor award It was so good to see him after such a long time being MIA but I felt he was sad and lonely while taking the award as if he wanted someone besides him... sbs played dirty with tkem and team but we all knew sbs is useless and pathetic kge posting igs of LMH was like icing on the cake for me just get married already!!!!!!!!!! somewhere trying to say everyone we are dating openly but in my own discreet way and style it was like she being the gf/wife and supporting her love and saying him
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