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  1. Omg I just loved how she described the whole LMHs last post (which we were thinking was sad) I am so positive with few of her words.......specially do read the part two it somehow fits how LMH must be thinking while posting that video/.::
  2. Sorry but wtf was that???? there is nothing much in the article to read about our couple and it’s so off like they wanted to put up something and so LMH was the bait..... See this is what I am saying other then Korean media all over the Asian media will start covering stories with just assumptions and rumours and I feel once it escalates than the agencies will have to step up and answer coz it than becomes the matter of Korean ppl’s (celebs)dignity and image as a whole. further more for our couple coz they have become a known name internationally post TKEM.. I liked the story’s punch line now even the media has become so petty that they are saying fans are suggesting where is your research guys??????
  3. I dunno how true it is but thought just to share.... if the said party has really informed both the agencies whts there reaction?????? Bh has also issued something look down but they ignoring all the sns rumours?????
  4. I am ready to make you the sacrificial lamb here and let’s all pray to make you the vampire if not anything else at least your Country’s amazing president will run away from you..... *****In Donald Duck I trust....
  5. Than I am impressed that he clicked pics with them and put it on his insta if they are not his personal staff it says volume about his humbleness and closeness towards them..... I think kge most popular staff (the river side pic one) is quite close to LMH tkem staff I think it’s a real small world for them.....
  6. same here it’s more of the LMH x KGE romance RickRoll'D (which I am loving by the way) than TKEM...... I am having withdrawal symptoms of not able to do alot more investigations lately..... ok now I just have a question which I am curious about I just checked LMHs staff accnt and they work on other stars also like is it ok in sk industry for the staff to work on different celebs are they not bound by some contract or something????? or is it that his tkem staff the photo he put in his ig was not his personal staff??? I saw that wdw hairstylist works with en no of celebs but LMH is like big na so I thought he has his personal team.....
  7. With so much of your love for the flute I am going to gift you the Indian flute coz I belong to the snake charmers land...... so just imagine you will have a playlist and an original one in your hand ......... maybe someday with so much dedication you will become the g8 flutists in the world........
  8. I feel(my pov) we are thinking too ahead of ourselves it’s so not right to always think that there post is for each other...... do we love to post and display our love for someone every time on our sns ??? it so cliche and childish and boring after a point ..... I feel in today’s post LMH is driving enjoying the weather and listening to some soul full music and nothing else ..... it’s nothing to do with kge (sorry gals but that’s my POV) so let’s not dishearten ourselves and enjoy the rains with him and understand some nice Korean music from our OTP..... I am also so happy that they are introducing us to such amazing songs and music.... ***** anyways my couture designed gold leaves outfit is ready minoshi let’s give it a trail for tomorrow’s d - day.....
  9. Wht if he comes with the golden leaves outfit ??????? what should we do then????? why do I feel that he will post something like this tomorrow m and it’s going to be seal a deal.....
  10. For me more surprising is what’s with all these random content updates like kge posted a gift by Chinese fans and that too at such an oddly hour ..... its 1.00 in sk I don’t think she is sleepless so she randomly thought to put this pic out of all and that too after so many days???? its so weird they both are putting pics that they never used to before .....Whts the whole theory?????
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