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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Immortality 皓衣行

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S+ is Tencent's top dramas with the highest budget and expectations. They are also promoted on the main page. Think of it as headliners for the year. Other S+ rated dramas were The Long Ballad, Legend

So help us God... It is one day before Feiyu and moran's birthday April 9th...    

I can't say for HYX but SPL won't air in 2021. They failed censorship and are back to the editing table. Also, no more BL dramas will be evaluated until after July now so the earliest SPL can go for e

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Immortality Spin Off titled Long Cheng Bao Dao start shooting yesterday in Heng Dian, the story is focusing on Xue Meng and Mei Han Xue's adventure, Long Cheng is Xue Meng's sword's name and Bao Dao means precious weapon. 




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I need to say before this tread become super crazy in few month...suppose to be in April. I did read many BL and the Scum Villain was my super favorite until I read The Husky and the white cat aka 2HA aka Immortality

I read twice...the 343 chapters and I laugh and I super crying. All emotion was there....it's super intense!!


OMG Can I imagine Chun Wanning and Mo Ran with Leo and Arthur? Dunno....but they do have a same age like the characters.... Leo age was ...appr in human body Chu Wanning age. Mo Ran was suppose to be 15 year old when he reback to himself..so Arthur will be perfect.


Do we will have the ''things'' everyone waiting in the cdrama serie? The director said we should be happy with how they make it...I hope....


:hooray: please please Immortality I hope you will come fast...2021 was suppose to be a year for new Cdrama BL coming out....


Anyway, I'm sure we will have many people who will cosplay again a lot for Immortality like Untamed....


edit: awawaaaa they already take care each other :sparklyeyes:



Credit Twitter xi_yunxi

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On 2/28/2021 at 10:30 PM, elsanna said:

Why the pink though??? I don't remember when Mo ran supposedly wore pink:cries3:


Yeah me too! Actually I dont remember when moran ever disguised to be a woman. Did he?

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WAIT O.O I GOT A DATE IN MY INSTAGRAM (I think I will just take day off if it's true)

APRIL 8!!! it's suppose to COMING OUT OMG IT'S THAT TRUE!!!! LET'S ME :luvarrow:


the trailer suppose to coming soon OMG OMG OMG !!! MORAN X CHU WANNING OMG OMG OMGGGGGGG


皓衣行》最新路透曝光 陈飞宇靠在罗云熙肩头- 楠木轩

credit for the owner


I hope it's the part from the novel about Mo Ran X Chu Wanning wedding....kyaaaaaa but that not possible sigh.....



credit for the owner


Arthur you look so cool in Mo Ran :heart: 

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