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  1. Welcome welcome new friendlet's have fun together. I understand, I'm from the old Soompi before they remake it in 2004 or earler...I register again back in 2006 in a same time I was in spcnet and d-addict...I think I was in 2001 there. So many time I lost my nickname and password I didn't know which one I use it. Normally I use MiakaFY but I have many nickname so dunno which one I use it. Also which email I use it omg... Yes, we want to catch people and bring them in the tread so much lolll now happy we have few new peoples coming here and keep post it. Everyone are CR
  2. In TWO DAYS, Mother's Day in Canada. Go buy some flowers for your mom or wifey:)

  3. I saw it from Instagram, twitter and facebook...I was like WHY WHY WHY I CAN'T TRAVEL TO HAVE A PLACE OVER THERE. My bb sister was sooooooo mad that we can't travel over there. Fans over there got a bag with a LOT GIFS I WANT THE BAG. I CAN SLEEP WAITING THE LINE UP!!! I will fly over there and sleep on the line up!! (hm I think my bb sister is more intense than me....) The concept for the concert is INTENSE. Did you all saw what fans did it???? They buy the same place like Xian Zhan fans....the big building in China Shanghai when they rent the place complete for Gong Jun....
  4. credit Baike Details: Chinese title: 护心/Heart Protection/Protective Heart English title: Hu Xin Genre: Xian Xia/Romance Episodes: 36 Director: Broadcast Period: Broadcast Network: Based on novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang Cast: Credit Novelupdates Again, this another from my favorite author. I know I know....but I'm so happy that most all her novel is adapted it. Currently read it...
  5. MDL credit Details: Chinese title: 一时冲动,七世吉祥/ Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse English title: The Seventh Generation Genre: Xian Xia/XuanHuan Episodes: 36 Director: Broadcast Period: Broadcast Network: Based on novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang Cast: Rumor to be GONG JUN AND SEVEN TAN...not confirmed!! I can't wait so I make this tread before. This is my top one favorite novel Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse and from my most favorite author. Most
  6. Oh!! isn't because I don't write in the tread that I didn't see the episode LOL I'm in episode 42 when they are out. My mom watch on tv and keep asking me when it's coming the next episode oh my my... Wu Lei doesn't want to kiss. He really a shy little guy come on. Specially that will be his first kiss in on screen...let's him take his time LOL Arthur(Fei Yu) too doesn't kiss no one, why no one complaint it ^^ When he acting with Irene from Ever Night he was only 17-18 year old. He now he watch some serie and still not kissing Wu Lei is only 21-22 year old.
  7. OMG DEAR!!! thank You so much I think it's better to paid with my Youtube account and be suscribed for them and will be more easy for me. If I add tax (15%) hm probably a bit more expensive.. in Canada. Btw, 3 couples doll in Taobao cost 101$ dollard Canadian hm and I need to paid the customs and the everything...hm That will be more expensive than when I command from Yesstyle o.o Another lady in toronto I think she buy a lot from Taobao, ask me for the couple doll like 36.5$ and I need to paid the customs and everything too..so will be probably like 60$ or more...
  8. kyaaaa dear You know me so well LOLLLL I know I'm still feel a bit cold with what happen with the 9/20. I remember I was so shocked it with how Chen Yi was with Crystal in this fanmeeting. Yes I have read also all hypothesis for what happen. But after that I was hope he write back to Crystal in Weibo or just be a normal friend like always. When he appear in Happy Camp and he was acting with Zhao Lusi, I was hope Crystal was there too. Dear, probably still hope for Love and Redemption 2 with both of them. We don't know the story inside between them..but I still believe that is my MOST FAVORITE
  9. Download until episode 32 but just start to watch it. I watch episode 01 and currently on episode 2. Liang Yushen seem take a lot from Jin Yong novel. Specially this serie really alike Fox Volant of the snow mountain and The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre. Eloped couple from probably a big sect coming in a place where they struggle with money and poverty, husband want to win some competition for to bring wealth for his wife and his future baby. Common begining I know...in all wuxia is like that but that why I like it so far. This serie was filming in 2017 and only out now.
  10. omg i hate him so much in Under the power, he was sooooooo wicked and I was so happy how he end. No I think it's because he acting in 2013 Demi-God and Semi-devils..he was the raper Xu Zhu. That why this image was sticky on him like forever. That was write in chinese newpaper or something like that I read before. That why viewers was stick on this image and after that he can't seem to have luck in his acting. Did someone know why they cut the serie into two season? They want to grab more viewers or they saw the serie didn't bring a lot viewers so they want to change something?
  11. @uglypearl and @ducan Welcome Welcome and FINALLY MORE WOH LOVERS COMING TO WRITE We try SOOOO much to bring more fans into the tread and have a happy time with us!! So when we see new figure, we are SOOO HAPPY!! Yes, the best adaptation for danmei right now and with so much candy in each episode, our heart was so happy. The relation between each characters, how the interaction bring them in another level. Sure they said ''bromance'' but we know that they give us much more. The acting was perfect and like I always said and Zhang Zhehan x Gong Jun was really professional!!!
  12. When I start to watch yesteday it's because Ren Jialun . So I start to watch episode 01 and that really GRAB my attention. About when they meet together in the first and the lizard was there, how it's like a dream/fairy..I mean, the color was warm. So yes, I finish the whole 12 episodes LOL and was waiting for more. Specially waiting Gu Chuan x Xiao Ning knowing the connection between them. Did you all find is a little weird about the Doctor P. He use to call our Gu Chuan...Xiao Chuan. He was like don't fall in love, don't do nothing that can make your heart too fast. BUT when he
  13. Ok I must confess, when Untamed *Mo Dao Zu Shi* was done, I was bet that our Goddess will acting in the next project with Xiao Zhan. What is my surprise when I READ Wang YiBo was acting with her in Legend of Fei and Xiao Zhan with Yang Zi. I hear about this rumor but never though that...again another NOVEL FROM TONG HUA will adapted into a drama o.o which one? This one ? Once Promised or this one? Lost You forever Novelupdate credit Wait a minute....Xiao Zhan serie isn't out yet, it's already complete more faster than the Legend of Fe
  14. @SC2019 Actually I was trying to watch everything out from Cdrama and download it. Sure sometime it's take time to watch all because I'm really busy with real life but I'm try I'm really promote a lot for WOH as you can see, but I'm update in many cdrama and finish a lot already. It's just I feel sometime in a tread where they have a lot peoples who discuss it, I...coming from nowhere and write something is a bit weird LOL so I'm lurker in popular tread. Try to mask my presence Yes, no worry, this drama I currently recommend to few friends and they watch it. Sure it's l
  15. Thank dear yes I have read it. But something happen to me when I want to buy it. So I went to facebook and send them a msg to help me to command and bring to Canada. I want all the 6 dolls. Seem like the lady who take command cannot take anymore because each people BUY a lot (probably to reselled it) and they are become strict now. I will try to command and if I can receive it before September 2021 I will be so happy. Anyway, well poke Youku directly on facebook...they will help and probably they will seem me of facebook, so it's give them a push...to help me hehe... Taobao account...I w
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