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  1. Just for people who want to watch the kiss part Dong Hua kyaaaaaaaaaa episode 35 for 60 second. I put into spoilers quote hm ...just....for prudence and for heart sorry for the quality, I got the 720p but dunno how I encode the gif, it's coming really weird...anyway hope you all appreciated. If I can I will cut all part and make all into gifs...but sadly it's late in night and I want to sleep awawaaaaa @angelangie oh yes we can't send link or upload any video that why people pm me if they want something Oh btw I finish your serie you was so into it in netflix. A little thing called love cute serie. And I'm back because Pillow Book kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. OMG OMG OMGGGGGG I watch until episode 42 right now and ALL THE KISS FROM the novel was there !!!! Dong Hua is soooooo active in the kiss I will post some kiss so please be careful for spoilers some from ep 35 and some from ep 42
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