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  1. Hao Yi Xing added to the summer file after Golden Hairpin is retired. We may see it air as soon as next month. Also, Erha Manhua coming out in August. Link: https://www.kuaikanmanhua.com/web/comic/384608/ Chinese Ghost Story - HYX game that came out on July 15, 2021.
  2. Well... The drama (GH) is probably dead now. It is suspected. However, there are some positive signs of August broadcast so cross your fingers.
  3. I don't follow Golden Hairpin as religiously as HYX but the last I saw melons about censorship were in May and at that time, there were still issues with censorship. However, a lot of melons reported that GH might air in July/August. Nothing concrete. I wouldn't worry too much though. It will probably come this year.
  4. S+ is Tencent's top dramas with the highest budget and expectations. They are also promoted on the main page. Think of it as headliners for the year. Other S+ rated dramas were The Long Ballad, Legend of Fei and from upcoming ones Golden Hairpin, Oath of Love, Hao Yi Xing, You are my glory etc.
  5. Actually, based on recent weibo stuff, the reason for delay for Immortality is most likely post-production. Back in March, there were rumors that there was a change in the special effects team but since it was just a melon. no one really paid attention to it. However, recently a staff who works for the studio that did digital painting for ALP posted on weibo that his next works are HYX and TBW. A lot of fans ended up bombarding him with questions about HYX and so, he made another post in weibo that he had met the HYX special effects team last week and they were at the time still working on the
  6. I can't say for HYX but SPL won't air in 2021. They failed censorship and are back to the editing table. Also, no more BL dramas will be evaluated until after July now so the earliest SPL can go for evaluation is after July. HYX, I have absolutely no clue what is going on.
  7. Title : Theory of Love | ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ Genre : Boys Love, Teen-Drama, Romance, Young Adult Producer: GMMtv Broadcast Date: June 01, 2019 to August 17, 2019 Airing Network/Time: TBH MAIN CAST Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun) - Terd Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) - Khai Nawat Phumphothingam (White) - Tu OFFICIAL TRAILER EPISODES (TO BE UPDATED)
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