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  1. I have of course. Eternal Love, General and I, Flame's Daughter, Princess Agents to name a few. Though, I took a break in between so maybe that's why I was so affected by this drama.
  2. This was the worst gift you could have given me.
  3. I am still not over this drama. God. I have never shed these many tears for any fictional pair as I have for these two.
  4. Has there been any word on the English translation of the novel? I know the author mentioned something about it. Also, it's so sad to hear that P'New ended up with a debt for a series that I thought must have generated a lot in revenues. It's definitely helped the actors gain a fandom base both domestically and internationally. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he can clear his debts. I know some fans tried to donate but he is refusing donations. He doesn't want them and that makes me respect him so so much. I think the DVDs for the show should be released soon and I hope it can help him pay off his debt.
  5. This is going to be full of angst. I am not sure if I can watch this.
  6. Title : Theory of Love | ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ Genre : Boys Love, Teen-Drama, Romance, Young Adult Producer: GMMtv Broadcast Date: June 01, 2019 to August 17, 2019 Airing Network/Time: TBH MAIN CAST Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun) - Terd Jumpol Adulkittiporn (Off) - Khai Nawat Phumphothingam (White) - Tu OFFICIAL TRAILER EPISODES (TO BE UPDATED)
  7. Title : Make It Right The Series Genre : Boys Love, Teen-Drama, Romance, Young Adult Produce r: Copy'A Bangkok Official Websites: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram Broadcast Date: May 05, 2017 Airing Network/Time: 21:00 hours (9:00 PM) on LineTV T/N: The series is based on the Thai BL novel by the same name - Make It Right. No English translation of the synopsis is yet available. EPISODES (to be updated) MAIN CAST Krittapak Udompanich (Boom) - Tee Peemapol Panichtamrong (Peak) - Fuse Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm) - Frame Sittiwat Imerbpathom (Toey) - Book SUPPORTING CAST Manasaporn Chanchalerm - Jefing Wichawet Ua-Ampon - Tan Rattaporn Sukpun - Muk Kittiphong Lerganjanoi - Nine Boonyakorn Ratanaumnuayshai - Tank Sutiwas Wongsamran - Yok Rathavit Kijworaluk - Wit Jirapun Nonthanee - Es Vichapol Somkid - Lukmo Phiravich Attachitsataporn - Champ Banyada Inthapuch - Jean Kavinpat Thanahiransilp - Tern Natpathara Sakullerdpasuk - Sid OFFICIAL TEASER OFFICIAL TRAILER SEASON ONE
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