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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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1 hour ago, gumtaek said:

The Press Con in the Episode 9 teaser was for the movie whhere he pkayed tge chaebol's son, right? Saw Park Do Ha and Won Hae Hyo with Sa Hye Jun when he was interviewed by Park Seul Gi.

I'm not sure about it. But it seems like the preview can tease scenes in ep 9 or ep 10. The preview of ep 7 has the scene JH hold the mean co-worker's wrist but it happened in ep 8. Ha, I got so much free time to even discuss about the preview of the drama LOL

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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes


They observed the same thing.


@touchthesky99: Thanks for the screencaps! It's the movie with PD Choi Se Ho (who was in the screencap), that Sa Hye Jun wanted to be in--- where SHY played the chaebol's son.


Hmmm...from the teaser, he seems to stealing the spotlight from Park Do Ha and Won Hae Hyo. 

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1 hour ago, backstreetboysfan said:

I loved the dancing in the rain scene.

I also love that rain dance especially when Hyejoon was doing the ballet dance steps. B)


LOVELY!  (reminded me of his character in Wonderland:wub:)




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Happy Chuseok too! @Sakurafairy and RoY chingudeul


The rain scene was very beautiful. I know we all can’t stop talking about it. First it was a rain confession and then they have a rain dance. :fullofhearts:



I think the song  “Every Second” played during this scene really fit them so well. 




Every step I take I’m following your steps
Everyday I’m walking right beside you

If I gently give my arm around and wrap around you
We can forget about the world

Whatever you want Whatever you say
I’ll make it with you

Whatever you want Whatever you say
So that you can always put up a smile

I, the one who you see will never change a bit no matter what the reasons are
I’ll stay with you the way I am at this moment with you

Glooming tomorrow, ineradicable today
I know it might be uneasy or troublesome
But don’t you worry I will hold you

Everything might change and days can just go by
But every second of our time will stay by your side

Midst of busy days out of my mind every time I look back
You are by my side always

Whatever you want Whatever you say
I’ll make it with you
Whatever you want Whatever you say
So that you can always put up a smile


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8 hours ago, gumtaek said:
They observed the same thing.


@touchthesky99: Thanks for the screencaps! It's the movie with PD Choi Se Ho (who was in the screencap), that Sa Hye Jun wanted to be in--- where SHY played the chaebol's son.


Hmmm...from the teaser, he seems to stealing the spotlight from Park Do Ha and Won Hae Hyo. 

His eyes lack sexual desire maybe because he's tense and nervous?

Sorry I can't delete pics from your post. I have no idea why


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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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What do you think is going to happen to HJ and JH? How will they get back together? Do you think they still have hope to be with each other again? Will HaeHyo pursue his feelings for JH in the future? Waaahh. MONDAY COME FAST! I’m getting crazy. :crazy::tired::crazily: are they going to spend the night at JH’s house? Are they really going to break up? Arrrggghhh. :fear::crazymad:so frustrating to wait!!! 

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5 minutes ago, LRM11219311 said:

What do you think is going to happen to HJ and JH? How will they get back together? Do you think they still have hope to be with each other again? Will HaeHyo pursue his feelings for JH in the future? Waaahh. MONDAY COME FAST! I’m getting crazy. are they going to spend the night at JH’s house? Are they really going to break up? Arrrggghhh. so frustrating to wait!!! 

1. I have my prediction of what might be the reason for their breakup in previous pages. I think they'll drift apart then get back together in the end.

2. HaeHyo, I think he'll pursue JA in the future (base on his monologue in the car from ep 6 if I'm not mistaken)

Btw, do you guys think PBG and PSD discussed before shooting kiss scene? Or they just go with the flow?

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‘Record of Youth’ dissects privilege, generationism and consent through Korean lens


[Warning: This article may contain spoilers.]


Like a thief in the night, Korean drama “Record of Youth” easily dominated our TLs and birthed tons of stan accounts even before it dropped on Netflix. It didn’t need hardworking gimmicks to rake in viewers because frankly, it has everything: a charming powerhouse couple in “Reply 1988” fave Park Bo Gum and the only Jessica from Chicago we know, Park So Dam. Complete the equation with a plot straight out of a late-night fanfic and it’s a hard hard pass. 


But these aren’t the only reasons why “Record of Youth” deserves our sleep-deprived selves. To limit them to its stellar casting and relatable story is to overlook the important, nuanced layers in the show—and it has A Lot™.

“Record of Youth” follows the lives of three people in the fashion and celebrity industry: Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo Gum), a model who’s been battling several failed auditions on his way to becoming a well-known actor. There’s his fan named Ahn Jeong-ha (Park So Dam), who, after quitting her office job, becomes a makeup artist in a salon in CheongDam. Adding to the K-drama love triangle is Won Hae-hyo (Byeon Woo Seok), a model, actor and one of Hye-jun’s best friends. 


In a thrilling saga of family, fame and far-fetched dreams, trust me when I say that “Record of Youth” doesn’t disappoint. Here are more reasons why this heartwarming serotonin machine deserves more credit. 


It doesn’t shy away from the reality of privilege 


Hye-jun and Hae-hyo have been inseparable friends since childhood. Their story moved into a sequel when they took the same career path. However, compared to Hye-jun’s “progress,” Hae-hyo’s career is the one taking off. 


If there’s anything that sets them apart, it’s their social status. Hye-jun has lived a life of nonstop hustling for his family—making ends meet for his grandfather, bank employee brother, construction worker father and mother who works as a helper in the house of Hae-hyo’s family. Because of this, Han Ae-sook, Hye-jun’s mother, spends most of her time with Hae-hyo’s mother Kim Yi-Young, a stay-at-home parent-slash-Hae-hyo’s personal assistant. 


In an episode, Han Ae-sook and Kim Yi-Young find themselves in a conversation about their sons. “These days, parents need to help their children all their lives,” Yi-Young proudly tells Ae-sook, which reflects her capability to invest all of her time in her son’s career—thanks to their well-off background. “Then there’s no hope for this world,” Yi-Young bravely talks back. “How can parents possibly help their kids with everything?” 


Surprised, Yi-Young answers, “Are you saying I’m wrong?” Let’s see, what does she do as a full-fledged stage mother? She can meet reporters to make sure Hae-hyo’s reputation is crystal clear. She can make decisions that involve her son’s career. She can talk to agents to keep projects coming. Heck, she even has the guts (and money) to buy her son new Instagram followers. 


Meanwhile, there’s Hye-jun. Fresh from an abusive management that doesn’t pay him well (or at all), his typical day involves coming home to his family and receiving never-ending disapproval from his father and brother. 

Not to discredit Hae-hyo’s effort for his own career and pit the boys against each other but we can’t deny that privilege plays a huge part in the—dare I say it—romanticized concept of pace.


It values consent 


“Record of Youth” stands out in a sea of rom-coms that involves accidental kissing in meet-cutes, the “do this or else you get a kiss” card and the male lead pulling his love interest aggressively and randomly for a kiss (which often leads to problematic overtones). 


In an episode, the show bowed to the importance of consent. “There’s something I want to do, but I need your permission first,” Hye-jun asked Jeong-ha before hopping in the car. “You have it,” she said. After sharing a kiss, she asked in return, “I thought about it, and you’re always allowed. Can I be too?” Hye-jun answered, “Do whatever pleases you.”


In a previous episode, Hye-jun’s view on consent was also reflected in a split-second. During a conversation, Hae-hyo suddenly pulls Jeong-ha. Alarmed, this made Hye-jun ask his friend, “Did you just grab her?”


It’s a shady subtweet to toxic parenting


Unfortunately, the concept of a “real job” still pesters many young dreamers today, especially in Asia. Hye-jun’s father often criticizes his desire to be a famous actor, and the discouragement intensifies when his father’s favorite comes in—his brother. 


One time, Hye-Jun’s emotions reached an all-time high, desperately wanting to end the inequality. He found himself talking back to his father. In return, he slapped his own son. 


This is just one of the many instances in “Record of Youth” that dissects how toxic parenting and boomers’ false sense of superiority could affect kids’ perception of themselves—moreover affecting their mental health. 


But this specific scene leads to an important discourse. After the incident, Hye-jun’s grandfather talks to his son, asking him to say sorry to Hye-Jun because he deserves an apology. “Even parents should apologize when they did something wrong.” Well, RickRoll'D generationism. 


It wants to trump the pressures of society 


Somewhere along the series, Hye-jun gets the bread he deserves. He’s starting to become a household name. (Our reaction: Kim Kardashian’s “it’s what she deserves” meme).


Thanks to his trusty manager Lee Min-jae, Hye-jun’s projects come in like welcome guests. However, Hye-jun has to make a decision. Between a romance and a period drama, what does he pick? Despite Min-jae’s persuasion on the latter because of the “bigger fame” he’ll likely get, Hye-jun chooses the period drama. Simply because he likes the quality of the story and it’s the kind of job he wants to do.


No hate on romance series (because hey, we’re writing about one right now), we just love seeing artists stick to their thing.




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ROY friends thanks for all the updates. I just watched the two latest episodes last night but I needed to rewatch 5-6 since I needed to connect scenes. 


I miss this thread and all of you here. I've been so busy and couldn't do multitasking. Well at this time I need to go backward to read all the posts and updates. :wub:


I'm just so happy that our couple is reaping the success of what they have sown in their own careers. Seeing JH is happy and contented with HJ while letting her guard down means comfortability. HJ has always been the warm person in the drama and JH because of family bg has been a big fan of stability/didn't want unpredictable situations. Now,  they become part of each other's lives. 


I actually don't love rain and rainy season. It's too hard to drive:vicx: but because of this drama I think I change my mind. The rain dance is wonderfully done. Please, correct me if I say this is the only drama wc this rain dance has been incorporated. 


I thought, during ep5-6 Haehyo will be bad but the arrows are now pointed to the former manager and HY's mom. The writer has a great way of putting all of us in cliffhangers. 


The scene where HJ and JH were together,  guessing here if it's a love scene or they came from disagreement. Lol, I would love to know the real scene. Well, as far as I'm seeing, I think for me it's a love scene but maybe I just misread the faces of the couple. Let's see. It gives me thrill what will happen to their relationship. 


Seeing the preview of next episode, HJ will be very busy. Normally for an actor/actress it's hard for them to stay together because of schedule. 


We are halfway done with the drama and I'm glad its rating is very good in cable channel, always no.1 and on Netflix. 


I am always thankful that SoDamssi's comeback drama is this. Parasite has given her so much and thanking this drama that is also giving what she deserves. 


PSD and PBG have an undeniable chemistry in tv. I love their faces and acting. Their chemistry shut up all those haters in the past (oppss sorryB)).


I hope one day they will be in a movie also. They will become comfortable with each other if that opportunity knocks on their doors in the future since they already made a drama together. 


These are the books that they used in the drama. If you want to purchase online. 







@Sakurafairy thanks for that jeongha's gif and your lovely descriptions of her,  much appreciated. :wub:



Jeong Ha in different layer of expressions. 

That hair bangs with rollers are always amusing to see. I can see myself. :D







I forgot to greet you all a Happy Chuesok!:hooray2:

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Happy Chuseok chingudeul! All my love from Istanbul to you!


I forgot to tell something about the kiss scene (in the car); I loved how they asked each others permissions, they respect each other... Kissing might be teasing if one part doesn't want and the other wants or they might hesitate even if they both want. I loved how they cared about each others thoughts...


And I wonder what is going to happen in the bedroom scene, when I thought about it the second time... they seemed a bit upset :(


Anyway, happy holidays! :foryou:



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