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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Who can't get over these scenes because it really caused me to cry so much.        I never imagined how beautiful and excellent these scenes were. Ahh,  Bogum and Haraboji mad

@gumtaek chingu thank you for giving us updates as always! I LOVED the new stills! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE. :sweet: I didn't expect to love a couple like that after Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin unnie :heart:


And, Lee Tae-su is really a snake... what kind of man spreads a gossip about a person who is no longer related to his agency?! Aish... Karma will find you sir, eventually...

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Ohhh Mah Ghaddd chingudeul! 


I never expect an amazing episode after the troublesome epidose 6.


Episode 7 gave me so much emotions last night. It made me happy. I had a goodnight sleep. 

Generally, teasers are always misleading. That's the reason viewers need to watch the drama till the end if especially like of the caliber of ROY. It won't justify the next scene. 


Ahn Jeong Ha. 
Almost the opening minutes of ep7 is all about Jeongha. [Shoutout to those who are always doubtful and negative with her story in the drama]. I love that Jeongha's story is a revealed at this ep. Watching her family situation, sincha, I cried hard. The young jeongha's face makes the scene even sadder and more depressing. 


She saying "they both loved me and love brought me sadness from the beginning", I totally understand from where that trauma of/sadness about love is coming. Good thing she is smart and able to graduate from good university. An independent woman indeed. 


I hope Jeongha and the youtuber will meet halfway. Although their principles are a little off compare to each other, I still hope that aside from being a makeup artist she'll be a successful YouTube content maker.


Harabeoji Sa MinGi. 
Moreover, Hyejoon's harabeoji's words are all true. While talking to Hyejoon's appa about past. If he were just could make a return, he would gladly do it just to change his past mistakes and be a better father. 


Harabeoji wanted him to be called "appa" and yet Hyejoon's appa insisted of calling him abeoshi. I guess appa is softer, not formal and sweeter than the formal abeoshi. One day harabeoji will be productive and adeul Hyeongnam will be proud of him. 


Although I hate him a little here and there but I still want him to be in a better place. Those deposited money will have an effect to the family's financial status. How can such a smart person be conned? Well harabeoji's answer about that is so on point. "You just fall for it when someone is determined to scam you. Those who have never experienced it think that the ones who got scammed weren't careful enough but that's not true it all."


Btw, Hyejoon is such sweet child and a brother. Helping his brother to move and supporting him positively when the bad thing happened and emphasizing "it's not hyung's fault". And standing up to his father saying "I think you owe me an apology" in a relax manner is for me Sa Hye Joon I love you more. 


Haehyo and jeongha's confusing story. 
I like that JH is always emphasizing to Haehyo that her eyes are only for Hyejoon. I thought something weird would happen after he ran so fast going to Jeongha. It's okay that he only said goodbye to end the long day. I hope he'll not pursue Jeongha in the future because it will be an akward situation for the three of them. 


It is a smart moved by Manager Lee when she informed Jeongha about the situation of Hyejoon. Comforting Hyejoon in her own way, is the best. Five thumbs up for Mgr Lee and JeongHa. 


I love how childish the couple when they are singing the children's song while doing it on the piano stairs. 

The way Jeongha calling Hyejoon as "cheetah" as a petname is so cute. Other couple would have called babe, sweetheart  or honey but 'cheetah' is so adorable. 


The consent. 
It's not only Hyejoon who asked consent and so was Jeongha. The way they liberate each other from traditions that it's everyone's rights to get their permission especially when it comes to this. Relationship tends to become sour because of being patriarchal. This gives us insight of how they are when they get married in the future. 


What can is say about the kiss?  PBG has always been dubbed as the kissing craftsman. He has this skill of making the kiss so dramatic and so sensual. PSD has always been a chungmuro actress so she knows how to deal with different scenes. 

The kiss is so beautiful. The time stops. I love the way they kiss. I hope to have more of these kisses in the coming episodes. 


Manager Lee Min Jae. 
She is better at this time. I hope she will be more relax but I love how she is making all her reactions over/big. She is so funny.Watching her is so enjoyable. I love the  new hair. The best manager in town. 


Lee Tae Soo and Song Jae Soo, same sound ! I hate even the sound of their names. LOL! 


The Present.
'When you are utterly focused on your job, you won't be distracted but happy. ' 


'The most precious gift in the world is living in the present, learning from the past, and planning the future.' 

After watching the episode just found out that the precious lines that PBG tweeted comes from the book Jeongha gifted to Hyejoon. Another learning from this drama. 


The interview. 
Hyejoon is a smart man. He knows how to answer questions. That part of him and ofc the handsome face make the PD decision positive to pass him. 


Gateway-Lan drama. 
Daebak!  GWL is a medical and romance drama. I hope more of this. The chemistry is so real. Seo Hyun Jin and PBG have a natural chemistry. 


The big smile. 
Eomma and harabeoji and their big smiles after watching HJ's parts in the drama are myself while watching Hyejoon's parts in the drama and after that I shouted "Victory". 

Haehyo's eomma's natural reaction of being envy. 


Jin-U, HaeNa and JiA. 
Jin-U and Haena are so adorable. It's so funny how they talk with each other. How they are also using honorifics. LoL. 


About Ji-A.  Sigh. Don't know what will happen in the next episodes. I seem to feel she already let go of Hyejoon. I just hope the drama won't linger more on this topic. 


I love ep7. I hope the momentum will be passed to ep8.


Sorry for the long post. 


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Wow. That was a bit unexpected. I felt my heart go all tense and quivering when PBG was on screen with Seo Hyeo Jin. Both when she was playing the actress and as the tv character.


Wow. Is this what is called chemistry? I was just going along with the OTP in this drama and thought I was imagining the relaxed vibes surrounding those 2.


Then Seo Hyun Jin came on and the scenes just sizzled. Like I can hear the pop and crackle of sizzling meat on the hotplate. Wow. Am still trying to recover from their 2 short scenes. Did you feel your heart just stop when they were staring at each other? I just held my breath.


I hope his managment remembers. I guess a 8 year age difference won't be detrimental when she is 37 and him 29 when he comes out from the Navy?


And is that ex- manager's whole role as a sleazeball all drama long? He is damn irritating.

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And we start~


His mother is so hardworking :sweatingbullets:









JH's father looks different now :getmygrooveon:




I wonder who was recording JH in the salon


Can't wait to see HJ's next role :getmygrooveon:



The Brother's bank manager is totally smitten with HY... but who wouldn't be 





This scene kinda makes me laugh though...





Love the his relationship with his mom



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Video Preview for Ep 9 of ROY...


Hye-Joon's grandpa : Don't you know Hye-Joon is already a star right now?


Soo-Bin saying : Does Hye-Joon Oppa know about this? 


It seems like Jung-Ha is going to move to another place to live in.


Jung-Ha tells Soo-Bin : I want to us to be able to have a good relationship....


Grandpa telling the family : I've been selected to shoot an advertisement...


Hye-Joon's mom : Congratulations, Dad!


Park Do-Ha speaking to Lee Tae-Su : I won't let Sa Hye-Joon defeat me!


Park Do-Ha : You said that you're concerned about me. What are you going to do for me then?


Hae-Hyo's mom telling Hae-Hyo : How can you disappoint me when I've done everything I could to support you?


Jung-Ha to her dad : I've always been telling myself that I must stay strong....


Jung-Ha continues saying : I do not want to depend on anyone...


Hye-Joon's voiceover : I want to be someone of this time whom which people can connect with and find solace in me...

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Spotify link of 'What If' OST of Kim Jae Hwan. If you are interested. 



So many things I wish I could do better
So here I am just don’t know what to say
su manheun saenggag manheun gamjeong
geu soge maeil seo isseo

nae mugeoun mameul neoneun jal ala
eodi malhal su eobsdeon ildeulkkaji
nan ne apeseon halu jongil dallideus malhae


I didn’t know how much I really needed you
neul gidael su isseo pyeonanhaessdeon geuleon sai

But what if this is all
nae saenggagboda deoug teugbyeolhan
pyeonanhambodan eodinga daleun
Oh What if we make it all

teong bieobeolin maeumi keojyeo gal ttae
heojeonhago seulpeo uulhaejil ttaen
nan dabeul jeogdeus dangyeonhage
neoege gagon haesseo

han geoleum geoleummada sumi chassdeon
naneun eodi meolli salajyeo beolyeo
i modeun ge da ne yeopeseon gabyeobgi manhae

I didn’t know how much I really needed you
neul gidael su isseo pyeonanhaessdeon geuleon sai

But what if this is love
sojunghambodan jogeum keodalan
geuliumbodan gipeun alyeonham
Oh What if we make it love

What if this is love
tteoleojilsulog apeun maeumi
jinalsulog gipeun gamjeongi
Oh What if this is love

eoneu nal nega eobsneun nale
gyeondil su eobsi alyeowasseo
geunalui nan al su issdeon geoya
This is called love

This is called love
This is called love
This is called love




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The starting scene...




Hye-joon asks Jung-ha if she would like to listen to some music so the latter agrees readily. 


Jung-ha is placing her head on Hye-joon's shoulder as they listen to some song together so Jung-ha suggests that they listen to another song instead...


Jung-ha tells Hye-joon that she feels hungry and the latter also shares her sentiments and he asks if she wants to go go eat something together....


Jung-ha shakes her head and says she can't eat now otherwise she is likely to put on weight and she also reminds Hye-joon to watch his diet too as he needs to keep fit prior to the shooting...


Hye-joon assures her that he has always been keeping fit and that he can eat something now.


Jung-ha tells Hye-joon that he can't do that...


Hye-joon then jests saying that since he says it's fine then why is it he can't eat now...


He remarks that she is being imperious....


Jung-ha then asks Hye-joon does he not like her then?


Hey-joon smiles and says yes, I like you...


They then head for a cafe together...


Hye-joon tells Jung-ha that they can order some doughnuts since Hae-hyo is the endorsement model for Krispy Kreme...


Jung-ha agrees and says that doughnuts are the best when your sugar level is running low...


Hey-joon tells Jung-ha that he thought she wouldn't be eating...


Jung-ha tells Hye-joon not to use the words that she has used before to get back at her...


Hye-joon asks what drink she wants and Jung-ha says she wants coffee though it'll keep her awake the whole night but she still wants to drink it...


Hye-joon tells Jung-ha no, she shouldn't be drinking coffee then but Jung-ha states otherwise and says that she wants to drink coffee..


Hye-joon orders two cups of milk for them instead so Jung-ha remarks why did he order milk for her to drink when he is also getting what he wants to have...such as smoothie...


Hye-joon now asks Jung-ha in return, "Don't you like me then?"


Jung-ha replies yes, I do....


Jung-ha points to Hey-joon's drink and says that since doughnuts and smoothies are both sweet so doughnuts would go much better with coffee instead because of its bitter taste...


Hye-joon then tells Jung-ha saying he can't understand why people like drinking coffee because it's so bitter...


Jung-ha then tells Hye-joon that he is just like a kid...


She starts munching on the doughnut...


Hye-joon then tells Jung-ha that there is a some cream at the corner of her lips and hands her a piece of serviette to clean her mouth...


This is when Jung-ha notices that Hye-Joon's hands are pretty big and she tells him so that his hand can cover half of his face...


Hye-joon then stretches out his right hand and places it in front of Jung-ha's face so the latter remarks that she is unable to see anything...


Hye-joon then teases her asking her if she wants to see him so much...Then he remarks that it's too cheesy...he meant his words that he's said to her...


But Jung-ha tells him that she likes hearing them...


Hye-joon exclaims in jest and asks if Jung-ha really likes such cheesy lines and doesn't she find them to be too childish?


Jung-ha then tells Hye-joon that that's precisely the reason why she likes it so because she wants to experience what it feels like to be a kid when she is dating...


She adds on saying that when she is dating someone, she doesn't want it to be too realistic...because reality has hit her really hard when she was a child...


Hey-joon then tells Jung-ha that they can do that if that is what she wants...


Jung-ha asks if Hye-Joon doesn't want to then...


Hye-joon then replies that he can't be like this because he feels if you love someone, you should learn to be more responsible instead...


Jung-ha then remarks that she is really happy that she is dating such a great guy...


Hye-joon then tells Jung-ha that she has trained him to become a better boyfriend...


Jung-ha jests that he can see through her then and the latter laughs along with her...


Hye-joon ruffles and tells Jung-ha that he wants to dye his hair black because he is going to play the role of the doctor in the drama...


Jung-ha says that he hasn't received the script yet...


Hye-joon then tells her that he has already been briefed about his character.


Jung-ha offers to dye Hye Joon's hair...


Hye-joon then asks Jung-ha doesn't she find it to be a hassle since she is already tied down with her work...


Jung-ha then tells him that since his girlfriend is a make-up artist then she can still do this for him...and moreover, she has already been promoted to a designer...


She starts bragging that she has been told that she has received her promotion much faster than other....


Hye-joon then tells Jung-ha that he feels really at ease and relaxed when he is with her...it gives him a sense of security too...


Jung-ha then jests that it's exactly how her name sounds likes because An Jung-ha will make him feel really secure...


In return, Hye-joon says that his name, Sa Hye-joon means forgiveness...so he asks Jung-ha should he be forgiving towards everything and everyone then?


Jung-ha then picks up on his words and reminds Hye-joon that he has to forgive her for everything that she does...no matter what they may be...


Hye-joon then replies, "Yeah, call!" 


Jung-ha tells Hye-joon to eat the doughnuts too...


So the latter kids with her and says that he already feels full just by looking at her...


Jung-ha then tells Hye-joon not to say such mushy things again....




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