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  1. Ah @Samuel Yohanes , the same problem also exists for actresses too... Think about Son Hye-jin or Gong Hyo-jin unnies... I guess Korean entertainment sector is really ruthless... Everybody can date whoever they want and people should respect that. However, it is not possible in Korea I guess... What hit me so hard was Jeong-ha and her fathers moments in this episode. I started crying when the father said "forgive me"... It is so so so sad. How her mother treats her and how his father wanted to be with her but did not want to separate her from her mom and also he didn't have finance
  2. Happy Chuseok chingudeul! All my love from Istanbul to you! I forgot to tell something about the kiss scene (in the car); I loved how they asked each others permissions, they respect each other... Kissing might be teasing if one part doesn't want and the other wants or they might hesitate even if they both want. I loved how they cared about each others thoughts... And I wonder what is going to happen in the bedroom scene, when I thought about it the second time... they seemed a bit upset Anyway, happy holidays!
  3. Ah chingus, I burst into tears at the end of the episode; what is going to happen to our couple I loved how eomma supported her younger son Hye-jun-a, kudos to eomma! She's so kind, like an angel, the exact opposite of Hae-hyo's mom who's a plotter... ugh. I liked her at the beginning but now I don't. I hope haraboji will have a good future as a model! Kudos to haraboji too! And I hope that Hye-jun and Gyeong-jun's father became a better person by learning from what he did... he actually loves his youngest son but maybe envies him but he shouldn't treat him in bad manners. J
  4. @gumtaek chingu thank you for giving us updates as always! I LOVED the new stills! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE. I didn't expect to love a couple like that after Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin unnie And, Lee Tae-su is really a snake... what kind of man spreads a gossip about a person who is no longer related to his agency?! Aish... Karma will find you sir, eventually...
  5. 안녕하세요 chingus! Just finished episode 7 and OMOOOOO I don't know what to say, I have very mixed feelings because I was so happy at the ending scene when I saw our Hye-jun putting his right hand on his heart (Note: I do the same gesture in Turkey, it is like a "thank you from my heart" gesture!) I felt a deep warm feeling in my heart! Hye-jun-a, you steal everybody's hearts!!! @LRM11219311 chinguya don't get so mad at Hae-hyo he's just a rich kid from the block hahahaha! He really is jealous right now of his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend. Learn from the pa
  6. waaah chingu @gumtaek my heart pumped so fast! thank you for all your updates! aigoooooooo!
  7. Good morning chingus! But I'm a bit disappointed that they only give some hints of Hye-jun's career, why TvN didn't give us some hints about Jeong-ha's career in the synopsis or photos? I want her to kick Jin-ju's... you know because what Jin-ju does, is not competitiveness but it's treachery. Happy Monday chingus!
  8. Aigoooo! Chingu @Sakurafairy what a careful sight you have!!!!! If they started dating in 2019, will we be able to see him after military?! Waaah I feel like I won't be able to wait until next Monday and every Monday I'm feeling so tired due to work and my enjoy was this drama I also started watching W: Two Worlds Apart the same time with ROY. Do you have any other suggestions? I finished IOTNBO this summer. Maybe the Nine Tailed Fox?
  9. 안녕하세요 @Springmaiden ! (Although it is 9 pm in Istanbul hehe). So yes, I might be an eonnie, being older than 30 y-o Actually, I guess the only "future narrator" is Hye-jun. I don't think Jeong-ha or Hae-hyo are the "future narrators" of the storyline but they are also the POV (point-of-view) characters of this drama. Hye-jun has spoken from the future when he said "At that time I didn't know we'd end up like this!". In my opinion, this might be due to the military service. In Turkey, our military service for men is also obligatory but not like Korea; ours is not like "
  10. Dear chingu you got me "lol" at that part I love the narration and directornim's close ups and all of the beautiful scenes, they're so impressive! I love these much more realistic dramas for sure, Dinner Mate was also one of the dramas I liked so much because it's narrative was about two persons from "real/fiction". I love surreal dramas too but I guess, during this pandemic, I needed some realistic dramas that will help my emotions... that will give me some hope about the future. Surreal dramas do not give me a single hope. Who said, I cannot remember the nickname, "a
  11. Dearest chingus, I just finished episode 6 and let me sob for a minute please, it was so so so so beautiful. And sorry not sorry to say this but this relationship is better than It's Okay To Not Be Okay's couple! (Yes, I cried so hard for Moon Kang-tae and Ko Moon-young in IOTNBO but 아이고, THIS-IS-WAY-BETTER). It's much more realistic, I feel them, it is like I can feel their heartbeat! So good! And chinguyas, I don't want to say "I said so" but "I said so"... love triangle is on its way but, it is not a triangle, it is like a dot who tries to enter in the way of an ar
  12. What does it mean "At that time, I didn't know we'd end up like this..." Hye-jun-a do you want me to cry a lot... What does that mean
  13. Oh no they didn't! I LOVE Park So-dam's acting! She brings to life such a joyful character who had great sorrow in the past! I am definitely sure that we will see her family anytime soon in the coming episodes! Please don't think like that, she's a shining star! I cannot even forget her acting in the Parasite movie, she and Choi Woo-sik were like true siblings
  14. I didn't watch Encounter but I guess I don't like SHK, sorry about that I didn't like her acting in Descendants of the Sun where Kim Ji-won shone out. But I want to watch Encounter because of Park Bo-gum now! He is so good! Just a moment ago I finished episode 5 and ah my heart bumped so hard at the end! Our Hye-jun-a started liking his best fan/friend Jung-ha-ya!!!!! Hae-hyo seems to be a bit jealous of the situation, despite that HH didn't spend so much time with JH, he started liking her too. In my opinion, that is because his best friend likes her, likes to be around her and b
  15. I haven't watched episode 5 yet and TvN just posted the trailer for episode 6 and my heart is fluttering!!! Oh God!
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