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  1. happy 10th anniversary to PBG's Japan fanclub. when i went to Bo Gum's Good Day fan meet here in Manila, seated beside was a Japanese fan who is a member of his fan club. she gave me a small pack which has candies and Bo Gum's picture sticker. they are so sweet !
  2. @the_sweetroad, that is because Bo Gum is a welcoming person as well. Like Bo Gum, like fans. hope you will continue to enjoy the thread and be with us as we await Bo Gum's projects after his military service is over. take care and stay safe !
  3. thank you @the_sweetroadfor sharing your story. go ahead and watch Bo Gum's other KDrama such as Reply 1988, Hello Monster (I Remember You), Encounter and Record of Youth. you will appreciate him even more because this young man does not only have good visuals but amazing acting skills as well. not to mention he also has a wonderful personality. and if you have time, you might want to read through this thread from the opening page.
  4. welcome to Bo Gum's thread @the_sweetroad! if you don't mind, and only if you're willing, can you share with us how you became Bo Gum's fan?
  5. this guy is really so lovable! and there is so much we can learn from him. may he always stay humble, thoughtful, considerate and kind. God bless him.
  6. I totally agree with you @gumtaek. Even if the haircut is not that fashionable, Bo Gum's side profile, whether left or right is always amazing!
  7. below is an old interview of Bo Gum. quite long but a good read; it will make you appreciate him more and you will realize that Bo Gum is still the same, then and now. he hasn't changed though he is more famous now. happy weekend chingus! stay safe. God bless us all. https://bogummyday.com/interview-tenasia-25feb2016/ Park Bo Gum, From Boy to Man He was really well-brought-up. The boy who, due to his good looking face, was known in his neighborhood as the “Mokdong Kind-hearted Hotti
  8. Bo Gum is really an amazing person, one who gives his best in everything he does. here's the MV of "I will give you all". you can feel his very sincere love as you watch the video.
  9. Seobok has many conversations/dialogues/questions that seem simple on the surface but if you ponder on it, you'll find out there's more to it and the questions are difficult to answer. some of the dialogues are mentioned in this article/review : https://www.hallyudorama.com/seobok-review-gong-yoo-park-bo-gum-tackle-lifes-biggest-questions/ A “Seobok” review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the dialogues that seem to be apt moreso now than ever before. During a confrontation scene, Gi-heon snaps at Seobok who questions his reason for protecting him:
  10. hi chingus, reposting here Bo Gum's accompaniment of Lee Seung-chul when they guested in "Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook". thank you @Sakurafairyfor the article. by the way, i like your new profile pic. stay safe everyone! God bless us all.
  11. thank you @gumtaekfor bringing this up. i would also like to know if the producers already have an ROI based on Seobok's current distribution. i hope they do.
  12. thanks to all the chinggus ( @autumnight , @AnimusSunrays (welcome to the thread), @Sakurafairy ) who have given their reviews. they are all insightful and expresses how i also feel about the movie. i've watched the movie twice, and i agree with @gumtaekthat you need to watch it more than once to be able to draw out its richness. the movie is deep and like what @AnimusSunrayssaid, there are some conversations that seem simple, but are actually thought provoking. https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/entertainment/2021/04/14/039seobok039-review-a-fun-thriller
  13. hi chinggus, all the news about Seobok makes it even more super mega exciting to watch it ! can't wait for April 15 to come. @U Can, it must be very difficult to refrain yourself from sharing with us your amazing Seobok-watching experience. don't worry, 2 more days and we can altogether have a grand time discussing the movie and the wonderful work that our dear Bo Gum had done.
  14. i share your sentiments @gumtaek ! it's not yet Bo Gum's time to win an award; that his award winning season will come soon and it will be such a wonderful moment; these are what i think so that i will not be disappointed when there are news like this. good thing that Seobok is coming soon. maybe his award winning moment will come after Seobok.
  15. thanks @U Canfor sharing the Seobok video. makes me even more excited to watch the movie on April 15. also, reading those wonderful news about Seobok and Bo Gum in the navy make me happy as well. by the way, that sword pierced through Gong Yoo's chest reminds me of Goblin.
  16. totally agree with you @gumtaek! Seobok's director did not stop until our Bogummy accepted the role because he only has Bo Gum in mind for this role. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/park-bo-gum-gong-yoo-upcoming-film-seo-bok/ It has been confirmed that actor Park Bo Gum will be starring in the upcoming film Seo Bok alongside Gong Yoo. Seo Bok tells the story of a former intelligence agent, Ki Heon, and humankind’s first human clone, Seo Bok, who has the secret to eternal life. Gong Yoo will be playing the role of Ki Heon and Park Bo Gum the role of Seo
  17. Hi chinggus, so excited to watch "Seobok" on April 15. Had just bought a ticket from ktx.ph.
  18. welcome to the thread @Zgm616. like you, I was a lurker of this thread for quite some time. I guess you can't help but be involved (even by just reacting) in appreciation of Bo Gum and of the people who took time to contribute here. enjoy !
  19. the video where our dear Bogummy got emotional (his voice cracked) as he introduced the special number "See You Again". proof that no matter what he does, whether acting or hosting, he puts his heart into it.
  20. hi chinggus, it's been a while. i hope everyone is safe and in the best of health. it's "Love in the Moonlight" throwback. all the hanboks that Bo Gum wore looked very good on him. like what the videos below asked, which one do you like best on Bo Gum?
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