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[Variety 2020] Twogether (Netflix) 26 June 2PM KST Premiere!

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2 hours ago, wallflowersforjane said:

It's great that the Show went back to South Korea but I was also disappointed that there wasn't a Taiwan episode to balance it out. Next season, okay PD-nim. No lack of SG fans there.


The fans are so lucky to feature one more time in the Show and spend more time! Such a wonderful memory that they can keep forever. I am so impressed at how SG and Jasper strategised to find Starbucks Girl but also really sad that they couldn't go up to her. I hope she understands why when she watches the episode.


Isn't it interesting that SG's fans are more boisterous like him while Jasper's fans are quieter, like him too? Haha!


I found myself wanting more BTS footage as the episode ended! I hope the team can release more on Youtube to tide us over till the next season!


@JenL It was a pleasure to watch the show together with you and so cool that we became friends through this. Thanks for always checking on our watch progress @Lawyerh @endeavor @Alice Wonderland. We are finally done!


I totally agree - a Taiwan episode would have been a good idea for both cultures! Haha, I feel like you're much more patient with Stuckbucks... I was like, just give him the clue, woman! And totally agree that LSG's fans were more talkative, but Jasper's fans tended to be more demure - maybe extroverts attract extroverts and introverts attract introverts! More BTS would have been wonderful....maybe next time. Yep, it's been nice to have a watching buddy and glad we became friends through this too! Yay for finally finishing (I feel like other Jasper fans are judging me harshly, haha!)

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@wallflowersforjane Oh just come back and found your message here. It was such a good show. I mean a superb one. It was really fun from the start to the end. It's quite rare to find a show that I really like it much than this before. Anyway. It's fun to watch it with you and all the chingus here. Wishing for S2. Hope Netflix hears us here. Haha. 

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I just finished watching this over the weekend! Starbucks was the memorable fan for me! Haha! :joy: I feel the same way, that they should've gone to Taipei, but that means we could hope for more content in Season 2!


Just like in his other variety shows, Seung Gi also showed his leadership here. It's obvious since they're only two! I just love how he's the leader type who's always bound to make some hilarious mistakes along the way. Jasper's such a teddy bear!

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re:  Your friendly neighbourhood EO Team


@confusedheart @Sleepy Owl @agenth and @partyon

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