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  1. Even if JG and TY are not related, it is still creepy to be in relationship with someone who can be clone of your mom. It's more than sick, actually. I will stop watching if the show moves in that direction.
  2. It is of course a given that the mother would accept DH after initially rejecting her as a girlfriend or wife potential for JS. But i still look forward to seeing her rejecting DH just for the perverse pleasure of it. I still think DH badmouth NH and we will have to disagree on that. More than the mother accepting DH, I would like to see her accepting NH as someone good enough to be her DIL. If DH was repressed by NH, then where were their parents all the while? NH herself once said that DH was lucky to not have pressure put on her and she could do or not do as she chose. NH was under pressure to always be the best at everything. Once she knew about the divorce, the mother was the hardest on NH than on the other 3 and she kept saying how could NH of all her children disappoint her! I feel sorry for NH. It's like she is not loved for herself but because she is someone who can be used to elevate the mother's status. So if NH really suppressed DH, then I would question the lack of parenting. DH and JS have to get together then hopefully the writer will put NH and GJ back together. She hasn't really moved on, with the Director. She thought that GJ is in a relationship with his ex. and in her dealings with the Director, she is always quick to pay back, not to owe him anything. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about him. I find him very humorous and entertaining at first. But now I find him quite annoying.
  3. Going to say something really unpopular! I still l like Jae Suk and Da Hee as a couple but I think they both need to grow up some. Together, they seem rather irresponsible. Jae Suk abandoning Gyu-Jin's car and expressing surprise that his brother got upset with him. Da Hee leaving that mess for her mother to clean up - her mother who wakes up early to prepare breakfast for the family and works hard all day. Or maybe it is because while I still Da Hee, I like her a little less. ever since her conversation with Gyu'Jin's Mom and she made some derogatory comment about Na Hee. In my book, you don't do that to your siblings esp not to someone who you know hates your sister's guts. Da Hee wasn't able to be so upfront and truthfully when questioned about Jae Suk and his girl friend, right? the mother will so hate her when she finds out the truth and will blast her to bits. Would be good for Da Hee to experience what Na Hee lived with for years. Then lets see if she is so quick to bad mouth her sister just to remain in that woman's good books. And what's up with the the folks at the chicken shop? We have seen the parents having tea\coffee 3x now and all 3x they drank from paper cups! In their own shop!! C'mon Korea, do your part to protect Mother Earth! Don't be so richard simmons lazy!
  4. I don't really follow actors and cannot remember the names of majority of them. But Lee Sang Yeob I know from his many appearances on Running Man (my fav show). I think he has a cute expressive face. He doesn't need to say much but can convey a lot just from his expressions. I didn't like Woo Won from start to end. And I really felt sorry to see him end up with Ye-Eun. She's had a tough break and going from a real man to a girlie, sissy diva.. might be better for her to fall in love with Mi Soon who is 10x the guy Woo Won would never be This was a very enjoyable drama. Love the interactions between the 3 ladies. It really lived up to its name 'Good Casting'
  5. I agree! I am enjoying this drama too. And although he is not a lead, just love Seok-Ho and all his scenes. Also, I wish they stop the scenes of the Woo Wan. He is supposed to bring laughter to the show and lighten it up. But his antics and his diva attitude isn't funny. And seriously, if you had a relationship with a real man, would you be attracted to a high maintenance girlie guy?!
  6. Yes. At first, I thought Chan MI and Team Leader would get back together. But now I am shipping her with YSH. Oh, cuteness and brains in one package! I have been to Korea a couple of times on business trips. And yes, at some places they openly practise this ageism! It is sad as all over the world, we are becoming an old population. Only China and India do not face this problem. Or rather, China will in a few years due to their one-child (male preferably) policy. So Korea should come to grips with ageism. Japan has learnt how to address this situation so Korea should wake up too!
  7. Yes because there's usually a lot of anguish watching the first leads. Me too! I am watching to see how this story unfolds. All those missing years and both still hold each other in their hearts. I tear a little each time papa talks\thinks about his little sister. I agree with you on this! I had a Uncle (may he RIP) who was like this too. Finally my Aunt told him that she will manage the family finance - every single thing. He wold come to her and tell her about this and that person's sob stories. Sometimes my Aunt would pass him the money or some of it to help his friend. Most of the time, she would discuss with him other aspects of the friend's situation and my Uncle would get other ideas on how he can help his friend in non-monetary ways. . I hope GH finds someone other than the delivery guy. I don't like him much. He looks sullen at times. At other times, he carries himself with this almighty attitude. I also don't like to see the market ladies drooling whenever they see him. It is supposed to be funny. But gee, he can be their son so it makes it rather sick. I only found it funny the first time he appeared and they drooled. GH should find a job. she seems to do nothing but laze around at home. Does she need someone else to look after? She has a son to care for! The delivery guy has nothing going for him except his height! I agree with @eLizza comments on NH and GJ. I am still shipping them! I don't think they should have gotten a divorce. What they needed was to learn how to communicate. They still care for each other - if they didn't, they wouldn't bicker so much. But I agree @brooksmom that in this situation I blame GJ more than NH. NH can be very prickly and annoying. GJ comes across as very caring and lovable. He always said he don't blame her for the miscarriage but in a fit of anger, he yelled out that it was her fault. That would cut deep. And many times he has some good thought to do something for NH but is always interrupted. He then just brushes off his good thought. And NH would feel the pain of those missed moments, interpreting them as just another sign that GJ doesn't love her. Then she would be extra cold and prickly with him. At the workplace, its like him and the other doctors against NH. NH said that he wasn't like this previously. So I think GJ finds subtle ways to punish NH. NH is just more direct and shows it openly. And often these people are taken as the aggressor, the one at fault and the other party are the "poor victims". Anyway hope they get on with the father and his sister's story. They are mainly the reasons I am still watching this drama.
  8. 13 hours ago, Saja La said: Korean high school is 20 years old, unlike other high school in other country we graduate at 17.... Oh, i thought TI was around 28-29 in the first episodes and ED was 20. So, in the current episode, TI should be 36 and ED should be 27. That gap seems ok to me... TI is successful now is due to him working in New York, US, and knowing Korean society, if you have work overseas like US, when you come back to Korea, you are a hotshot.... If I am not mistaken, ED dropped out of school for awhile and went back because her father pushed her to graduate? I too didn't get the impression that TI was much older than her. And she seems to think they had some kind of bonding.. she referred several times to "you forgot about 'us'? The way she said 'us' is like a pairing not just as you and me = 2 persons so 'us'... haha, bad explanation but i hope you get my drift. This actress really shouldn't play the lead. She is really bad and makes the character look like some kind of clown masquerading as a badass grown-up. Who picks the cast for this series? Seems like chosen for exaggerated facial expressions - ED, the chairman's son, HW and her husband. I can hardly look at the screen!
  9. I agree with both points. The actors who played HJ and DG have been brilliant on other dramas so here, I blame the writer and the producer for their bland performance here. They were really kind but extremely dull unappealing characters. Two positives make a negative! But the absolute worst was having that lazy, self-entitled loser Papa Lee move in with HJ and her family! Its like rewarding him for being a useless parasite. I actually felt sorry for JS whenever they showed the family together. Its very obvious that Dad and Sister don't regard him as family. Maybe that's why they had ill-treated HS as well. If JS is not family, his wife will definitely not be loved by them. At least he has a daughter who loves him. And the writers's idea of JS's sister maturing is by being married to HJ's brother. Other than that, she has not changed. She is still the same stuck-up brat to her colleagues. She still acts like the Queen to her Dad and pushes her brother like he's worst than a stray dog. We only know she loves her niece because she said to her many times (when HJ and JS got divorced). It was never evident when they showed them together but we had to take her word for it. And I felt nauseous each time she told HJ "now we are real sisters". Hello, you have a real brother whom you never treated as one! How would you know how to be a real sibling! Just because she is nice to HJ, we are supposed to regard her as turned over a new leave, maturing etc. She needs to be nice to HJ to stay married to HJ's brother!! And the writer's idea of a joke is to have those two women constantly call themselves beautiful. HJ's mother whose face is so fierce and damm scary. And her sister-in-law who sorry to say, despite the evident plastic surgery actually looks quite gross. Looks like she has overdone the plastic surgery.
  10. Nobody knows that Yeeun and Minseok were in a relationship. Minseok said he would tell his Team Leader about their relationship, meet Yeeun's parents and marry after after the mission was over. But I wonder why Yeeun never brought up the matter to find out why he died. I mean, I would have a lot of questions if I was in her shoes. It looked like BCM ran off after "Michael" instead of attending to Minseok? I surely hope not. That would be quite unforgiveable. I love the start of the drama. Glad to see In Young In the drama. I remember her from when she was second lead in one of her first few dramas. Fans of the first lead went overboard in supporting their idol and were too nasty to Young In. I have had a soft spot for her ever since! Also watching because of Kang Hee (wow, the older she is, the younger and sexier she looks!) and of course the gorgeous Lee Sang-yeob.
  11. I had connection problems the last few episodes. Was able to watch snippets but not the entire episodes. Did YW's Dad recover all his money? He had agreed to that thief repaying him by installments but after everything went bust. That crazy woman made money peeling garlic! But still her hair and makeup looks the same as before her husband went to jail and the family lost money! And only when she lost everything, she referred to JH as her "son-in-law" and he became family. Did they ever show that MIL and family was aware that her "baby" was dating YW's sister?
  12. Some people look attractive when you first see them. They become more and more unattractive the longer you know\see them. Some people look very plain when you first meet them. Then become more and more attractive as their inner beauty shines through. DH is like this. She doesn't need the makeup and clothes to look attractive. I like this drama. A lot of good actors. Currently watching because of DH - would like to see her role expand and the inner strength and beauty shine more. Also watching because of GH and NH. If this couple could only learn how to communicate. I think from past scenes, NH was not always so rigid and cold. It may be her defense mechanism because I am sure she also feels guilty. GH always assured her he does not blame her for the miscarriage but in a moment of anger, he screamed that it was her fault that they lost the baby. So he too just like NH, cannot communicate honestly. Many times he was about to reach out to her, then was interrupted and the moment passed. So NH thinks he doesn't care. They care for each other and will find their way back together. Just going to be painful to watch them struggle. I guess his annoying first love will help to move things along.
  13. Loved the drama. Most dramas take time to build up interest. But this drama was fascinating from the very first episode.
  14. @brooksmomDon't get me wrong. I dislike JH too. Just that although he acts this way, doesn't make me think better of BYR. She's a greedy opportunist. I don't see her as a victim. And maybe JW is so bland that it's hard to see her as a real person. If she discovered JH's infidelity after marriage, I would feel for her. But married him knowing he slept with another woman in their marital bed on the eve of their wedding - I kinda despise her as much as I do JH.
  15. Sorry to cut your post. I think JH is a despicable guy but I do not feel pity for the two women in his life. BYR treated her ex-husband and son the same way JH treated her. And JW knew the score before her marriage. If she had any pride, she would not have gone through with the marriage. She knew he married her because of her background and she fits in well into his life, like a good piece of furniture. And every time she takes some action, it is our two wimps who seem to suffer from it. BYR just lands on her feet and digs her claws deeper into codfish. Every time they show JH, I am reminded of Tiger Woods! Ya the famous serial womaniser and adulterer. But it was his Mother, not his wife who kicked up the biggest fuss when the news broke on his series of adulterous relationships. His Mother said Tiger used to comfort her when his Dad cheated on the Mum and she thought he was one person who would never do the same to his wife. And psychologists had a field day going on about the self-hatred and loathing Tiger must feel to do the most loathsome thing to do in the world. The writer is either going to make JH a through and through baddie or we hear violins and see redemption for him. Did JH stalk and chase BYR? For most of the drama it was BYR who wouldn't let go of him. Maybe its an episode that has not been screened yet in my country.
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