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  1. the actress playing the role of SK lost so much weight. She looks like she has an eating disorder. Quite painful to look at her.
  2. JA and HD were trying to be cute and funny. But they don't have the acting chops to pull it off. The guy who played Emperor in the Last Empress would have played the sceen beautifully! I think even Jahee could have pulled it off. HD looks cute but her acting is not very good.
  3. It's still early days for the wicked to show signs of guilt or repentance. SR knows what she is doing is wrong. And she will be very upset when she finds out that aiding HR's schemes will throw her love interest and Miss M together. I have seen HR in other dramas, always the wicked one.
  4. Sorry to cut your post. I really wonder why this great love for YR! Maybe the audience find her weird nose and bulging eyes an entertaining sight! The actress has overplayed the role. YR is supposed to be greedy and ambitious. But the actress has turned the role into something diabolic. There's the dumb one, the bland one on top of this overacting YR. But I invested too much not to know how it will turn out. I mean, I must see how they will exorcise the demon out of YR and flatten her bulging eyes!/ It's like the other show that I have stopped watching 'no matter what'. I
  5. @maribella, somehow I don't think NR loves anyone. He imagined himself in love with BCW even before he knew her. He thought of her as his passport to wealth and having a family. I guess it is supposed to pull the heart strings but his character annoys me no end. I sincerely hope that some clever scheme that he sold SA will backfire big time and hurt granny dearest. Let both of them feel granny's wrath!
  6. If I recall correctly, families of Chairman and wife pushed for them to be together. he always said no, as he was in a relationship with SH. The desperate Joo asked faithful side kick to get rid of SH. Chairman turned to the desperado when SH disappeared. I am sorry but I hope something bad happens to SJ. That is the only way his crazy obsessed mother will learn her lesson. Anyway I have stopped rooting for him once he blackmailed the dumb one. Ha, he truly his mother's son.
  7. I think TP and YR need to end up together. Both their acting standard declined after she left him. TP, I need not say more as @maribella said it so well. YR has gone from weird nose to weird nose + bulging eyes! A real sight for nightmares. When she tries to act like a mafia boss, she stands legs apart, takes a deep breath and hunch her shoulders. Its like her inner Annabelle doll meets sumo wrestler. With her over-acting, she has turned the character into a psychopath. There's no rehabilitation for psychopaths so please writer, don't even try it!
  8. The writer made the male lead busy with so many things - bromance, romance, sweet Minu and finally, his heart broke over losing all three ! The guy had no time left to focus on getting revenge. And really so many episodes have passed that its no longer an interesting part of the story. The writer has left it for too long.
  9. I love your post @kdramagrandma. I too changed my opinion of JW. I disliked her from the moment she would not ack sweet Chae Won as her daughter. Then she has the gall to vent and say the girl should understand HER! JW told her son that she was focused on her business when his Dad was ill. So the no. 1 priority in her life has always been her business. I just don't get why CW and her Mother are so accepting of JW and her priority. The reaction of Aunt and the rest of the family is more natural. Moong and Koala even listened to her reasons why they should wait to get married,
  10. Yes. The main lead there was also as bad as the one in this drama. Maybe all the good ones don't want to work with this writer!
  11. Absolutely agree! She had the audacity to say that he was arrogant to her parents and never opened up to them! She thinks what they did to him was just a slap on the wrist. But at the moment I feel more irritated with the 2 guys. SH - why so stupid, still hung up over this immature selfish woman! The words she uttered shows that she still thinks her family is up there and has the right to act the way they did. Her parents just didn't do something spiteful - it was downright wicked. and the restaurant guy! I feel a bit sick every time they show him with JE's
  12. I guess I am the only person here who likes Bora! I haven't seen the part yet when she found out who is the father of Ari's baby. Till now I have found her to be rather vain, a bit of an airhead but a kind hearted person. And I love her beautiful smile, it really lights up the room. From the start, I didn't like Ari's abrasive attitude esp towards the step-Mom. She only started to be nice to her when she saw how accepting she was of Byeori and how much she helped her - even to the point of lying to Ari's Dad. Bora even loaned her money to get an apartment. They made a deal
  13. Oh dear. I thought it would end with the death of weird nose so that TP and YJ could be together. Why did they kill off the little cutie with the sweet smile. I loved watching him. He was so natural and clearly enjoyed his role.
  14. Love your post I am looking forward to seeing SA's brother grow up and become a man. Now he is like a silly child, hiding from Mummy! He told SA that Koala and her were never an item. She got angry so then he called Koala to warn him not to upset his sister. Don't like him. He has no mind of his own and clearly no backbone ... YET! Not sure how 'James' and MH ended up married to each other. James said MH tricked him into marriage. I didn't like the way she was treated but I don't feel that much pity for her. If she really did something to force the marriage, ka
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