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  1. There was a scene where Esther said to herself that if the Park family found out the truth about Noa, they will hate her. And another scene, when NJ's Mom had 'dna' proof that Noah is related to Gangchuel, Esther looked so surprised. Did the writer forget this or it's no longer convenient to pursue this? Esther is dumb as rocks and can't act to save her skin so maybe the writer just decided to put it down to plain dumb poor acting!
  2. It's just like the other show "get out of my way" they got greedy & derailed a good drama. Very disappointing.
  3. I guess because there aren't any uncles/aunties lead/supporting as well as no strawberry generation. Those 2 groups are the main viewers.
  4. Please writer, don't make Hong end up as a mental patient. She lied, cheated and did all kinds of crime "for her son". Now she will be the one who destroys her son. She needs to feel the pain of that every day of her life.
  5. frankly, i haven't experienced that. I have seen couples side each other w/o knowing the facts. Or worst, go off on a tangent and slam each other because of some conflict in their personal lives. I really hate to work with couples! So glad that my organisation now has a rule - once the couple gets married, one has to leave the organisation
  6. The only thing I dislike about MR and TJ relationship is that I don't like office romance, especially when one party is the boss. It can be very uncomfortable for the couple and is unfair to the rest of the team. I have worked with my share of office couples. When there's a problem either in the office or the couple has a falling out, things can get pretty ugly.
  7. You're way kinder than me. If i was the writer and the lead actress is giving me attitude, I would just write her off. What's so great about her that the writer has to derail the show? her attitude is very unprofessional and is a signal to her that she can be the diva any time she feels the need to. The couple have been apart for so long in the drama. There's no need to bring them back together. If the actress wants to act so unprofessionally, let her know there are consequences to her childish unprofessional attitude.
  8. I agree that NJ and SJ shouldn't get back together. She left him at a time when he needed her support.
  9. I stopped watching this show. Was channel surfing & came upon this scene where NJ told sly fox she has paid for her crime! How? By wallowing in guilt so everyone has to treat her like a delicate flower? Idiot writer.
  10. Same here. It rapidly went downhill from there. I watched off and on at that stage. I stopped watching it completely when they focused on the sly fox. Good grief, the writer moved all the characters off planet Earth. In that weird corner of the galaxy that they relocated to, the sly fox was the center of that universe.
  11. I honestly have my doubts about the sexual assault. A man sexually assaults you and you can work for him for the next 30 years w/o a hint of it to anybody?! But hang on, it's now the in-thing in the US! Hong should be named President of the me-too movement! A woman like her would never let the Chairman forget about it, esp if she bore him a son. Throwing yourself down the staircase to blame someone else... please writers, the scene has been done to death. Move on.
  12. This show plays fast and loose with DNA. Maybe the writer hopes to be another Stephen Hawking!
  13. I am not really feeling this sincere repentance from the fox. She is still manipulate and trying to get her "sons" to do what she wants. She still wants them to fulfill her dreams and ambitions. As for looking great at her age, her mouth is clear evidence she has gone for botox!
  14. Dori is a normal k-drama kid. When one is missing a parent, it's always "every kid has a father/mother and i don't. My greatest wish is to have father/mother". LSH fulfilled his greatest wish coming back as his "Dad". Dori always said LSH is his most favourite person in the whole world with Esther as no. 2. I know he is only a kid but I dunno why I just don't like the little guy. I hope Chan turns out to be their child! Chan is adorable. @newyee If I recall correctly, VC was the son of Chairman's mistress. Not a foster or adopted kid. AR taunted him with that twice. That he would not be in this position if his brother, Chairman's legitimate son (LSH's Dad) was still alive.
  15. If she was portrayed as a good person, viewers would think less of Yeoning and Yeo Ji as a couple. I like the story the way it is. To me, there's no need to add in the love angle. Plenty going on with the political scene.
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