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  1. Against my better judgement, I tuned in to watch Ep 88. No-one asked Gina Hwang how someone could fool her and impersonate her daughter? They don't even resemble each other. Can a Mother not recognize her daughter?
  2. BH decided to treat Maria as a real wife and took her on a honeymoon because of his son. If not, she would have kept him from seeing his son. Too bad, I don't feel sorry for her. At least she died happy! Maybe I find myself being more and more irritated with GS, that I find GT is growing on me. She's the gutsiest of the 3 sisters.
  3. Just watched the final episode. Great drama! I enjoyed every episode. The psycho could feel remorse because he inadvertently hurt his own son? Hmmm
  4. Aunt don't approve of YS. YS's Dad don't approve of GS. GS's Dad don't approve Aunt and YS's Dad relationship. Oh dear, big headache coming on!
  5. I am puzzled as I have not read any viewers comments criticising GN for not having kids. Only about her attitude and the way she lived her life, basically doing nothing - which BH was not approving of. Not sure if the Chairman guy will turn out to be the new boyfriend but not liking him very much. Waiting for the Dad's diary to be read - there will be another explosion!
  6. Oh, I didn't get that vibe. I thought it was her loss that made her turn to the "taxi service". From the start, I thought she would be the love interest of Kim Do Ki.
  7. I totally agree with the viewers comments. Could only find the site in Korean so couldn't read the comments. Just saw Ep 17. I am glad that GN is maturing a little now. I didn't find it commendable that she refused the money as I fully agree that she doesn't deserve a single cent. She seemed not to have contributed to the marriage at all. It seemed like she only took and took and never gave anything. She spent her days shopping and going for "facial upgrades" as she calls it. A housewife who doesn't even cook and clean and thinks her husband is lucky to have her because of h
  8. @Lmangla you are right, the characters are very unlikeable. There isn't a single likeable character in the show. Maybe the love interest of the second sister. But I think she is also unlikeable and I don't wish such a nice guy for her! The three sisters are quite happy to accuse their father of murder but have doubts whenever the stupid policeman suspects anyone else of murder. Their father has some secrets in a locked suitcase. They demand to know the contents. They try to bully the Dad and put him on the defensive, just to satisfy their curiosity. The balleri
  9. My view is that this guy does not tiptop around her. He did not marry her for money or family connections. He stands up to her when he needs to. if he was upset about her taking contraceptives, he would have spoken up when he discovered it. He only spoke up when she falsely accused EJ of causing the miscarriage of her fake baby. Nor did he talk about wanting more kids with her.
  10. You missed nothing! I felt the Predator was a big yawn. From the mother's reaction (fear and revulsion), he is the son. Just waiting to find out how poor doctor YH ended up as her son. It was said she moved and changed her name but as a child YH was mercilessly bullied for being the psycho's son?
  11. In the East, there is still a stigma of an unmarried woman having a baby and a man who would not wed the marry who is carrying his child. SH was being responsible. I saw the scene where he called her HR out on taking contraceptives. I didn't get the impression that he was angry about that. But he was angry that she lied that she was pregnant and said EJ was responsible for the miscarriage. He told her he knew she could not be pregnant. Many things were said about his character - that he had something going on with HR when he was engaged to EJ, that his ambition is to take over FIL's
  12. That MSA died at YH's hands was just luck for Jeni's Mum and the others. The way she was kept captive and tortured, it would have just been a matter of time before she died. Even if they didn't know MSR was being tortured, they knew she was held captive. And RN is the teen heroine only because of her association with the teen heartthrob. Otherwise, most people would rather she remain dead. Jeni living with her criminal Dad and back with the self-absorbed spoilt son of the lawyer. Let's see if her personality undergoes another transformation. I thought t
  13. SSR told Logan she had been with JDT for 20 years. But the twins are 19 years old?! Okay, maybe she is poor in counting. Mr Jung could immediately tell SSR and NAG apart. Logan who supposedly loves SSR and JDT who supposedly loves NAG could not tell them apart! According to NAG, she has been doing her best to help Mr Jung's career advancement. And if Mr Jung loves NAG and knew that she was the one that JDT killed, why did he keep up the ties with JDT. Only now when JDT is arrested then he wouldn' take his calls?! Yes, the Ep 1 was strange. JDT supposed to have thi
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