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[Drama 2019-2020] Never Twice / No Second Chance, 두번은 없다


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MBC Drama

Never Twice / No Second Chance



Original title: 두번은 없다

Network: MBC

Genre: Family

Episodes: 72

Airdate: November 2nd, 2019 - March 7th, 2020

Airtime: Saturdays @ 21:05 KST

Production Credits

Production Company: Pan Entertainment
Producer: Kim Hee Yul
Director: Choi Won Suk
Screenwriter: Goo Hyun Sook




“No Second Chance” tells the story of guests who stay for a long period of time at “Paradise Inn,” located in the neighborhood of Huam in the Yongsan district. From the first room to the sixth room, all the guests are different in age, gender, and even where they grew up.




Park Se Wan as Geum Pak Ha


Kwak Dong Yeon as Na Hae Joon


Youn Yuh Jung as Bok Mak Rye


Oh Ji Ho as Kim Poong Ki


Ye Ji Won as Bang Eun Ji


Park Ah In as Na Hae Ri


Song Won Seok as Kim Woo Jae


Character Chart:



Other cast:

Nakwon Inn people

Joo Hyun as Choi Keo Bok
Song Won Suk as Kim Woo Jae
Jung Suk Yong as Choi Man Ho
Go Soo Hee as Yang Geum Hee

People around Na Hae Joon

Han Jin Hee as Na Wang Sam
Park Joon Geum as Do Do Hee
Hwang Young Hee as On In Suk
Park Ah In as Na Hae Ri





Press conf












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Oh Ji-Ho, Ye Ji-Won, Park Se-Wan and Kwak Dong-Yeon are cast for lead roles in MBC drama series “No Second Chances” (literal title). They will join already cast supporting actors Youn Yuh-Jung, Joo Hyun and Han Jin-Hee. The drama series is set at the Paradise Inn and people who are staying there. The Paradise Inn is located in the middle of Seoul and sits opposite of a 5 star hotel.

“No Second Chances” first airs November, 2019 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Saturday 9PM time slot after “Golden Garden.”).

Credits: asianwiki

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Never Twice / No Second Chance, 두번은 없다 - Saturdays @ 21:05 KST

Not much activity on this thread :unsure:. I enjoyed the first two episodes; at least the acting and actors are good!


Interesting to see there will be a "veteran" love-story line and I hope that the drama keeps that as the focal point.:D


Looking forward to the romance between Na Hae Joo and Geum Bak Ha. Though I do hope it is a super slow burn, and a couple of years in the making. It would just be inappropriate right now.


My favourites at present are Gam Poong Ki and Bang Eun Ji. I actually enjoy watching Oh Ji Ho, for a change!! :D


My least favourite pairing is Na Hae Ri and Kim Woo Jae - something just seems out of place for me, with these two.


I hope the husband and wife,  Choi Man Ho and Yang Geum Hee, find life worth living for. 


It is interesting to see the dynamics of hotel family. The father and daughters-in-law...where are the sons/ husbands ( did they pass away?)


This is a weekend drama, so far it does not seem to be makjang...but we have the usual tropes of destiny and to many coincidences...everyone is somehow connected. I hope this will be the strength of the story and not the detriment.

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Reposting my comment from another site...


I was not originally planning to watch, but I checked this out because of Kwak Dong Yeon and was pleasantly surprised to see Lily of Vagabond and Jennifer of 30 but 17.


I cried with Geum Bak-Ha (Park Se-wan) and I'm rooting for her and baby Yulmo as they build a new life. I think they're going to have a wonderful family at Paradise Inn. I'm beginning to see how the inn owner Bok Mak-Rye will be a force behind Geum Bak-Ha and how the people at Paradise Inn will grow together as a family.


I like it that Na Hae-ri (Park Ah-in aka Lily in Vagabond) has a love-hate relationship with her cousin, main lead Na Hae-Joon (Kwak Dong-Yeon). I hope their relationship won't go the dark route.


I also like it that Park Jun-Keum is taking on another fashionable overbearing mother role, and I hope the show will make me like her as much as I did in Wolgyesu (written by the same scriptwriter).


Four episodes in and I can see how this show has a lot of potential to be heartwarming as well as entertaining. And since this is KDY's first main lead role, I really hope for this drama to deliver a story that viewers can have fond memories of.

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I’m really enjoying this show. It has a lot of heart.

My favorite storylines so far are the suicide couple and widow mom. I guess when people are gravely wronged I get behind them pursuing justice. I’m just so glad that Mak Rye and her gentleman friend were able to stop the couple before it was too late. It’s nice that they were able to air their grievances and get a second lease on life. I’m rooting for them to overcome their battles ahead.


As to Bak Ha, I know it won’t be easy to find the truth behind her husband’s death and embezzlement charge but I hope it’s all exposed eventually. In the preview it looks like she’ll face a setback and become discouraged but I’m hoping she’ll get back up. 

I must admit that the storylines with Eun Ji and Poong Ki crack me up. Eun Ji coming to blows with Mr. Expensive Wig was so funny. Both her and Poong Ki sure live exciting lives. :lol:


I hope that Woo Jae finally report what happened on the night of the fire. I can’t imagine that he can continue living at the inn in sight of Bak Ha and still keep that secret especially when he sees her struggling. It’s better to confess and ask forgiveness like he said. 

I’m glad to see Hae Joo no longer acting like a scatter brain. I would like to understand his moral center because it’s not quite clear to me yet. Obviously that hotel that they love is involved in dirty practices most certainly at the behest of the elders in his family. Will he also think their current practices are okay or will he clean up their dirty practices?

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I think that if one wants to try out this drama, they should watch the 4 episodes which has seriousness, undertones of romance, comedy, a little bit of mystery and just entertainment.  I will be watching this one regularly for sure, I like all the characters of the inn and its like them against the hotel characters with its a small world in the mix as to how they are connected or will become connected.  For 2019, I can safely say that I have watched less than 15 kdramas fully as they do not have much holding power some of them I can easily miss an episode.


No second chance requires the viewer to watch each episode.  Looking forward to more fans of the show, being entertained and comments.


Take care.

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I enjoyed the comedy in this much more than I thought I would. Bak Ha being extra strong and embarrassing Phony Harvard at the gym. "Hwaiting", haha. The evil Mum, In Sook, watching Poong Ki on the tv. Funny. "Oh shoot. What's wrong with me? Why can't I stop staring at the cheesy and tacky man?" as she struggles with herself to not click the remote. I'm pleasantly surprised with how fun this drama is.



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I tried this drama because of Yoon Yeo Jung, Park Se Wan, and Kwak Dong Yun and initially expected the usual family-centric stories like other weekend series.  The stories of the guests in the inn have been compelling and sad, each with their own story so I can’t wait until each person’s story is fully shown.  Yoon’s character as ‘mama’ of the inn will help each of them and perhaps herself overcome any struggles.  The family who owns the rival hotel is supposedly ‘evil’ but so far they are portrayed as cartoonish evil.  What I didn’t expect is the laugh out of parts of the story that are so much fun and nicely balanced with the sad bits.  Looking forward to future developments.

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