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  1. Sorry, I'm new to this drama series comment thread. Watched the series from time to time and wondered by it is named "Home for Summer". I just realized that 'yeoreum' actually translates as 'summer'. So I guess the drama is about creating a 'home' for 'yeoreum' (summer). Nice! Hope all ends well.
  2. Cutest ever...is this what SHS does to prepare for her kiss scenes (and she had many of them in ALML)?
  3. Totally agree. The story is getting ridiculous in terms of the dependency of IS' family. I believe the writer wants to redeem IS in the viewers' eyes but in fact is making her pathetic and not redeemable. She is not really helping her family. She is an enabler, allowing her family to do what they want (which is actually nothing) without any consequences. What MR said to the uncle and cousin is absolutely needed: aren't you adults, aren't you ashamed of your reliance and do you expect IS to continue giving hand-outs without even trying to work for it. IS made a mess of her life and now MR has to "fix it".
  4. For those who are browsing through this thread and want insightful interpretations of the drama, read the blog posts (if you haven't already) from: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/category/angels-last-mission-love/. Quite interesting take on the story; unfortunately the posts don't cover the entire series. Happy reading!
  5. I think the drama finished off well and gave hope for their future together. Like Dan said, he had 100 days with YS which was actually a gift so he was thankful. I'm also happy that we received "this gift" of a series to enjoy together. Like everything in this world and in our lives, nothing is ever perfect, but we are ok with that. Thanks again to everyone on this thread for making it fun.
  6. Thank you everyone for the recaps and pics/videos of this episode... so good! Can't wait for a happy ending (definitely) tomorrow. I hope KBS shows us lots of great photos/videos of the wrap party as well .
  7. Now that we are getting to the end of this series , I have a burning question as well: Where did Dan get all his nice cool outfits? His first suit for the interview was provided by Angel Hoo, but after he started working for YS? Did he get an allowance from the diety? Cash or credit? If YS is paying him a salary, it must be lots because in just a few months he has acquired some really nice shirts, pants and jeans (mostly white), jackets, shoes and sneakers; not to mention several expensive watches as accessories! Curious mind wants to know
  8. Just finished watching the latest few episodes and wondered was there a sudden change in plot direction? The writer is now trying to make us feel sorry for IS and accept her behaviours? I can't believe how many family members are coming out of the woodwork and how can these brothers and family not be known to MR who was 6 or 8 years old when abandoned? Are we to believe that MR had no idea that her mother had any family members? Of course all of the family members are incompetent and must rely on IS to keep them afloat. Also, the Na sister and brother dual are written as predictable cartoon-ish evil characters. Of course they will be a few steps ahead of MR, TJ and IS to bring them down. We are almost certain to have to endure the rest of the series with MR in frustration and tears. Only hope is that her character stays competent in order to see through the plots and resolve them.
  9. Happy International Kissing Day (July 6) everyone! https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/06/us/french-kiss-origin-trnd/index.html
  10. I've been away for a few days and what a fun discussion about the drama and the leads..., especially trying to figure out whether Dan had a cell phone or tennis ball in his pocket in that one photo ... so sad the show will end soon . I recall Dan getting 3 wishes from YS in order for him to come back. He used up 2 of 3 already. Anyone figure out what his last wish to YS to be?
  11. I think the introduction of more characters to create conflict is the way for the writer to make us start feeling bad and sorry for IS. Up to this point IS only showed her selfishness, especially towards MR and SJ.
  12. Just no redeeming features for JKW anymore, how sad he is now using guilt on YS to leave Dan.
  13. Seems like the same type of conversation from JKW to Dan every time...angry, threats, warn, go away, angry...repeat
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