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  1. This is the first time I am writing on a C-drama thread. I rarely watch C-dramas, though I have enjoyed Love Me if You Dare (the only modern C-drama I have enjoyed so far) and Yangxi's palace ( the only period piece I ever managed to finish). I also became interested in this drama though the trailers. I had very little knowledge of the actors going into the drama - though I had heard good things about Zhao Lu Si and her acting in the Romance of Tiger and Rose ( which I tried to watch...). Zhao Lu Si is definitely one of those young gifted actresses. Her comedic timing is spot on, yet her melo acting is just as endearing. I did not even realise there was a big age gap between her and Lin Shen, until a couple of episodes in. She holds herself well with Lin Shen, that I could care less about the age difference. Lin Shen reminds me of Cha Seung Won...and I certainly find him more attractive with the facial hair. The one thing I really liked about the drama is the fact that it address the age gap. So often you would have the ML being younger and the female lead a little older than their actual ages - but here - the ML is actually falling for a 21 year old. I find that very refreshing! It is also refreshing to see a FL that knows what she wants. She does not doubt that she is not "good enough for him" - she likes him and that's pretty much that. The complexity of this relationship lies with the ML - as someone mentioned above " he is the one that is stumbling". With his image and family background he would be expected to marry well. On top of this him being in a relationship with a much younger women would probably be frowned upon. There would be people thinking that he is just "playing" with her and not actually being serious about the relationship. All in all the first 10 episodes were a fun watch.
  2. You know what, I was also wondering the same thing. One of the reasons I feel this way is because of the way Jin Gyeom's mom seemed to emphasise that it was her baby and the way that Min Hyuk seemed almost indifferent to the fact that his partner was pregnant. Also the almost nonchalant way he told her to get an abortion. Or he is just really dedicated to Alice. Maybe I am just overthinking In terms of the time-space conundrum from what we have seen so far, the "Future" people can travel into the "Past", using that device, or so I presume. We do not know yet if the "Future" people can travel into the future as well. Also, the way I have understood, in the future realm time moves slowly; from 1992 to 2020, we have a lapse of 28 years in the "past"; in the future only 1 year has passed - 2050 to 2051. So, if time slows as an object approaches the speed of light , this might explain why travelling through time exposes them to radiation as well. Of course the laws of cause and effect also would come into play and this is the fundamental reason why murder is not allowed. Jin Gyeom's mom, by staying back already caused a glitch. Then we have Jin Gyeom who was conceived in the future, but born in the past. Technically Jin would have been a year old in the future. As much as Jin Gyeom's mom was probably killed for not "handing over" what she knew, I wonder if it was also out of necessity?! In my earlier post I had said that Jin Gyeom's mom was probably born around 2020, putting her at around 30 in 2050. Now if as @Sleepy Owl has suggested Tae Yi traveled to the future, and given that 30 to 31 years is roughly over 1 year in the future, she would stop ageing. Also had Jin Gyeom's mom still been alive and if we go with the premise that Tae Yi and her are the same, then you would have two like objects in the same space. So this makes we wonder if she was told to go back and because she refused she was killed? I guess the weekend could not come fast enough
  3. Hi Chingus, if I may add to this, I think someone told him that she was happily married the in the "current" timeline? I wonder who that was? I will be very honest, this was one drama that I was not planning to watch, at least not right now. However I read several comments online praising the show, and I really hope that these first two episodes are a good indication of what is to come. The story is mysterious, yet not too convoluted to follow. I have already become invested in the characters, good and bad. So far this is one really good production, I really hope it stays that way. Regarding the book in episode 1, where is it now? I wonder what that torn page contained. I am also inclined to, for now, to think that the little girl must be Tae Yi, following in her father's footsteps. Though why does she look like Jin Gyeom's mom? Also something else that is bugging me, when Sun Young and Min Hyuk ( Jin Gyeom's parents) travelled to 1992 and Sung Young decide to stay back. Did you she not mess up her timeline? If we assume that Sung Young was around 30 in 2050, she would have to have been born in 2020. Is this why she told Jin Gyeom that he should pretend not to know her in the future? Or is this why she was killed? Looking forward to what's in store!!
  4. @monalisa I was surprised to see this thread active still I hope you will enjoy it.
  5. @inbetween0and1 thank you for sharing that translation tweet...to be honest most of what is written there is almost exactly how I have felt as well. I can safely say I have read around 98% of this thread - so yeah been lurking here the longest time - but I convinced myself I would just be that silent participant... I have probably been watching kdramas for around 10 years now and yes there have been several on screen couples whom I secretly wished would get together in real life. However, reality takes over, life goes on and most of them are now forgotten. I watched TKEM, because of KGE, or at least that's how I started. I was fairly active on TKEM drama thread, and my sentiments on the show have been expressed there. I won't lie, when I first saw snippets of the press con, I actually thought KGE looked uncomfortable around LMH......please don't throw water at me...I thus went into the drama without expecting too much, and the first kiss scene also did not do much to convince me otherwise. Somewhere along the line, I then saw the Netflix interview and maybe between what I saw there and what people started commenting about KGE and LMH I actually started paying attention to them. Again, my rational mind tried to reason with me that these are professional actors, so yes they would behave the way they did even behind the scenes. What I think struck me the most, initially, was just how at ease these two were with each other. They seemed to be so happy, always smiling and laughing. Then when each hug scene and kiss scene in the drama started looking more and more convincing, and the BTS of these started looking even more realistic, I started getting curious. I now found myself checking out this shipper thread, reading comments on YouTube videos and checking out both actors IG (I already follow KGE). When LMH posted the pic of him and KGE walking in the sunset and KGE shared the pic of her sitting next to him and singing, I was like okay promo...however by the time the beachside, hand-holding photos came along, I started to falter...and well I guess the birthday uploads have only helped cement my commitment to this ship. I have never really been a LMH fan, but I have a new found respect for him. KGE has been subjected to hate before; I still remember the time she had to take down her IG post of her on the beach. Yet, here you have LMH, the most followed celeb in Korea, openly posting pictures of her. In almost every interview, he compliments her. The whole birthday upload - as many have already said - he knew what he was doing - he saw all the KGE comments - and yet there was no denial, if anything there was only further affirmation. Of course I know that life is not all rainbows and unicorns. If this ship truly sails then cherry on top, if not, this would have been one great ride! I have not had this much fun because of a drama or a couple. This shippers thread has honestly been my happy place! The last few months have been stressful, but the stuff I read here always leaves me with a smile and I start most of my mornings here. This is my first post in a while...and it was quite cool to find these new emojis and features A big thank you to all the Chingus here who keep this thread going, for all the analysis and sleuthing and for all the pics and gifs and videos!
  6. Thank you to all the Chingus on this forum for all your thoughts, videos, gifs, pictures, etc. I unfortunately wasn't able to participate as much as I would have liked, however I truly enjoyed reading the thread whenever I got a chance! I am glad I stuck with this show till the end. It had its flaws and it has received its fair share of criticism. However I looked forward to Friday and Saturday, reveled in watching the BTS, enjoyed and still enjoying all the LMH-KGE "are they - are they not", checking out some of the actors IG posts and of course being a part of this thread The ending was all about LG and JTE and I actually liked the fact that they did not get married, but rather stayed in their respective universes and became a weekend couple that traveled and grew old together. I probably found the whole show- down with Lee Rim anti-climactic, but it was kind of symbolic JTE killing the present version and LG killing the 1994 version of LR. My one confusion in all this was how only LG, JTE and JY remembered the past and no-one else did? The biggest revelation was probably the kid with his yo-yo and his adult self. Order was restored and almost everyone's life turned out better. The way they showed JY and MSA were actually together was cute and Eun Sup and Na Ri. I also laughed when I heard about JY also having twin siblings in the end Speaking of Na Ri I wonder why she did not appear in the final episode?! Finally a special mention of Maximus, who became a star in her own way
  7. This was a good episode. I guess one major mystery has been solved , though is it just a coincidence that Shin Jae and Lee Gon were wearing the same jacket? I guess we finally got to see PM Koo's true colours. I must admit I am a tad bit disappointed with her, though I guess, she is sticking to her character. Luna in ROK - I can only imagine the intrusion and invasion of privacy JTE must have felt knowing that Luna had been in her room, was using her phone, messaging her dad. Regarding the lightning scars - if Luna were to die of natural causes - I guess JTE would not get the scar. Three favourite scenes were 1) where JTE "introduces" LG as her boyfriend to her father. 2) LG gifting Eun Sup with the car. 3) Eun Sup saying everything he needs is right here - while hugging his siblings and Na-ri. I am a bit concerned with Caption Jo trying to persuade Shin Jae to pursue JTE. I am sure that he is only looking out for LG, but I can't help feel a little troubled by his approach. I think the show has poised itself nicely to wrap up most loose ends over the next three episodes.
  8. These two episodes were for me were just excellent. This was probably the first time in this series that I actually enjoyed both episodes almost equally. Firstly, if there are still people out there bashing the chemistry or the lack thereof between LG and JTE, I hope these two episodes have proved you otherwise. These two have had sweet moments throughout, some that were great, some not so much, and some of the times these moments felt isolated or disconnected. With these last two episodes there was a build up, and one thing led to another. That "to-the-rescue hug scene" was one of the best I have ever seen. The way LG declared JTE his queen, without even batting an eyelid, on the commotion it is about to create in his kingdom. He did not need an answer from JTE anymore. I liked the cut-back to where when she tells him that she will live only for today - in response to him asking her again to be his queen. I guess LG took a leaf from her page, and decided to do the same. Clearly he learnt from last time and ensured that JTE stayed with him . LG definitely knew this time he was going to get "scandalous" with JTE, and he sure did not disappoint . There were quite a lot of revelations - court lady Noh (clearly the parallel universes and the travels between them have a history), PM Koo ( how did this happen, or did I miss something?) The Yo-Yo kid saying he warns against threats and battles enemies. I am enjoying the conversations between Shin Jae and Jo Young, hope to see more of them. It will be interesting to see Luna's dynamics in all of this, now that she seems to have "replaced" JTE. My one question is why did they not kill JTE in ROK, but rather dragged and kept her in KOC? I hope JTE stays on, I have always enjoyed LG and JTE more in KOC. Hope the next four episodes carry in well from here!
  9. I was one of those that was a bit disappointed with episode 7, and wasn't actually surprised at the ratings. HOWEVER after completing episode 8, I realised just how important episode 7 was. I have not really had a chance to read all the posts, apologies in advance if I am repeating anything already mentioned. Episode 7 was a reset in more ways than one. Was this the episode from which they changed the PD/editing team? It was slow, and I was surprised that the momentum gained from the hug scene was not used to push the story. Instead the story backtracked, and somewhat restarted in a new angle. The best part was Jo Yeong and Eun Sup meeting each other. Episode 8 was excellent. The was a lot more character exposure and new interactions. I am certainly looking forward to more Jo Yeong - Eun Sup and Lee Gon and Jo Yeong - Shin Jae and Lee Gon. The meeting between Prime Minister Koo and Luna was also quite interesting. We finally know for sure where Shin Jae comes from and my guess would be that Lee Rim used Shin Jae to gain favours/money from the dad in ROK - clearly the dad paid the price as well since he landed in jail, shortly after Shin Jae "woke up". By far Shin Jae seems to be the more developed character in the show, and I wonder how he will feel knowing both his "moms" are alive? I wonder why Lee Ju Hin's mother was kept alive? I feel that once she knows about Lee Gon she will help him out. Lee Rim seems to be building an army of sorts. Getting people who owe him, and who will be indebted to him into important positions so that they will serve him when the time comes. He obviously started this initially thinking he was the only one who could in and out. I would definitely have loved more Lee Gon - Tae Eul interactions. The "love you" was a bit surprising, coming from Tae Eul. I thought it would have been the other way around. But I guess this was a Carpe Diem situation for her. The story seems to have finally hit a stride, and I hope it stays this way going forward.
  10. This was by far the best episode! For once I felt the episode was coherent! Seeing yesterday's episode I could not fathom why PM Koo would rock up the way she did to meet LG in Seoul. However today's back story made a lot of sense. I was almost ready to vilify PM Koo, but after the way she handled state affairs and the way she respected LG's decisions, she definitely moved away from being a shallow character for me. Finally we also see more emotiveness from Jo Young. He eyes during the LG and JTE handwriting scene was superb. I really do wish however there would be more interactions/talk between him and LG, like when they were kids. After seeing Shin Jae and JTE's background, again, I got a better understanding of why he feels the way he does about JTE. She has been a beacon in his life, and he certainly intends to be guided by her. He even be became a detective like her. Let's hope he stays safe - even with Lee Rim's eyes on him. I liked that we got a "after the kiss" scene. It put the kiss and their relationship in a better perspective. I was on another site today, where the kiss was lambasted, and JTE's reaction heavily criticised. To me, JTE responded and reacted quite maturedly, no big eyed "what do you think you just did?" ...come on she even asked LG to remove his clothes, albeit for other reasons. The Naval scene was thrilling and fit so well with the rest of the storyline. It also showed us what good leadership the Kingdom of Corea is under. My first favourite scene today, was the handwriting scene. How cute was that! The second was the "forehead kiss". Last, but definitely not least was the hug at the end...wow...that was just pure emotion Let's hope today's episode set the precedent for the rest of the series, and this is a case of good things come to those who wait!
  11. This was probably my favourite episode thus far. I enjoyed watching LG and JTE in Corea, more than in Korea. I also liked the interactions between Jo Young and JTE in this world as well. One of the things that used to irk me was how I would often get confused with the transition between the two worlds. I would often know we were in Corea because of the tram. Now, especially since seeing the Shin Jae scene today, if this was not intentional. I feel like characters who actually have a connection with the two worlds, or are the only ones on either side, are shown without the transition being obvious. Another relationship I am wondering about is Shin Jae and Luna. The way Shin Jae was drawn to JTE, makes me wonder, if he did come from Corea, if he has a connection with Luna. I still have a lot of issues around the editing of the show, and even the directing, but I look forward to Friday just as much as the rest of you here
  12. Hi Chingus. I hope that everyone is keeping safe! A decent first episode, though probably not the start I was hoping for and I would be lying if I said that I understood everything that was going on Considering this was Lee Min Ho's comeback drama, there was a lot of fan service in this episode! I am not the biggest LMH fan out there, but I am definitely enjoying his mature side more. I am a big Kim Go Eun fan, but I guess I we will have to wait to see more of her. So far her character looks like she is going to be a lot of fun! Definitely looking forward to more bromance between Joo Young and Lee Gon. One thing that stood out for me with regards to the "parallel" universe, is how there is a role reversal. Lee Gon's family in Corea is of royalty, whereas in Korea they were not faring well. Also more than a parallel universe I am wondering, like some of you have already mentioned if there isn't also a past and future loop? Looking forward to the next episode and theories.
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