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  1. I chose to watch this show for the mindless entertainment and so far it has pleased me in that arena. In that, I do not have to think just ignore the reality of how some of the scenes do not make sense. However, I am surprised at how dumb they are making the NIS Agents and some characters to be especially when they are supposed to be seasoned veterans. It has reached the point where CDG appears much smarter than them as well as GHR a "rookie" . Case in point the whole who gets Kim Wool gi first, there are several flaws with this and top add several cherries on the top - the ambush, the man goes into cardiac arrest and only GHR had the common sense to read the man's personal and professional profile to know his blood type. I also find it strange that they did not know he was a drug addict, if there were rumors about this as the bad guy Jerome told the dead VP why isn't this info known to NIS. This is why I had to comment and laugh, then you have a known national traitor taking over the special unit under trumping up charges on the good ones. The best thing is that nowadays k-dramas have put in the clause before the start of the show that this is pure fiction and has no aspect of reality known what so ever. I have also realized that we are now 1/3rd in the show so this is straight up introduction, the goodies have to lose badly to the baddies before disappearing. Looking forward to see how they are going to close this and when is the meat of the story going to start. Gone for now.
  2. Looking forward to watching this, enjoyed the first season. Its no surprise that the others move on, they learned a lot at that hospital.
  3. This is the only kdrama that I've consistently watch since the start of the year. I am guessing something is off if I'm no longer into it as I used to be. I've read most of the comments here and tend to agree with most of them namely @bebebisous33 , @kasjady and @naori87. However, somehow I disagree with Saya becoming a ruler as he is too much like Taelha and Tagon in terms of seeking power and method of ruling. Due to their influences he has disregard for humanity and respect for fear, manipulation of it, super strength etc. He does not really distinguish good and evil, for him the end justifies the means as long he gets what he wants. Once ES returns, its the fulfillment of the prophecy, but what's next? ES's is now rising in power and no one in Arthdal knows that with exception to Tanya and may be Mubaek who has hope for the prophecy of a new world. Also a part from the fall of Arthdal, what does ES truly want, yes he is learning to become a leader but what would be his end goal once he reaches it. Tagon wants to conquer the world with Taelha, Saya wants to continue that legacy but ES-what will he want or do? Being Igutu/Neantal - is considered evil, monster and a curse. I think its important to understand how this has affected the 3 men. Tagon - hates himself and it for being Igutu, which was brought about his father and how he was raised. As such he tries to hide it and at the same time is not hesitant in using its power as a symbol of death. He thought if he started a peaceful rule, he will be admired by the people etc. Instead he became a true monster Saya - sees being Igutu as an advantage in terms of power, being rulers/domination over everything. He's no better than Tagon, he destroys and manipulates people mentally. Eunseom - learns to embrace being an Igutu due to how he was raised and his experiences. In that he is recognized as an Igutu but is also due to his actions being accepted as one by other tribes. His symbol on his back, now a flag represents the changes. He does not have to hide being an Igutu and apart from the one moment of weakness is not ashamed of being one. I understand Tanya & Doti wanting to return to the Iark as they miss the peaceful, simple life before becoming slaves, now freed. However, they have all changed and its not as easy as before the Wahan tribe is no more as they have seen and learned many things. The wise woman of the Wahan tribe felt sorry for Tanya as she died because she saw what was to come and now Tanya has to deal with it due to being the spiritual head of Arthdal. Take care.
  4. A second season is definitely needed as this set has shown the start of Tagon as ruler of the Arthdal kingdom and ES's journey to power. As such there is much more of the chronicles to tell as when you watch all 3 sets of this season it feels like the culmination of the start of the story. The prophecy, the journey of the key characters, what drives/motivates their decisions/actions/heart, the consequence of those choices. What is going to happen when all 3 instruments meet - bell, sword and mirror in Arthdal? Not only will they be affected but Tagon/Taelha, the various tribes to name a few. In addition we now have the question as to which main character is ES - is he Inaishingi or Ararum Haesulla? Can he be both with the responsibility of uniting all the tribes and overturning Arthdal? Or is he just one of them and if so which one is he as one gets the impression that Ish was a rival of Ararum. Will Konmaeru return reveal ES's identity? With the knowledge of the twins, how are they going to react when they see each other their upbringing is completely different as well as their thought process. Saya was raised to do whatever it takes to be in power, killing is irrelevant only strength matters. ES is just smart and he learns not only from his tribe but from experiences. After watching the subs- Saya overheard the prophecy, Ipseang got a conscience, ES gets more subordinates - imagine DS recognizes the Momo tribe as allies of ES through the flag, the military now fears Tanya because of Mugwang's death - they know of her predicting how he died etc. and is of the belief that its due to his disrespect of her, Tanya realizes she along with her people have changed inwardly after being in Arthdal, we find out how much more cool are the Momo tribe, Yangcha gets promoted to Tanya's bodyguard, ES learns another lesson and gets more info on Ago tribe. I liked this episode and am going to miss it after the final 2. Therefore, I really hope that there will be a season 2 as even when ES arrives at Arthdal, the story is incomplete and all the other characters have not fulfilled their roles as yet. Take care.
  5. After watching the subs I think this episode is important to understand what/who created Tagon and his goal towards being Arasum Haesulla. It also tells you about Eunseom and his goal. Tagon said he does not like to kill, yet he was raised to be a killer through his father and those who use him for their power. Tagon thought of having his rule to be a peaceful one but because of Asa Ron's greed and Mihol scheming he's being prevented from doing so. Not that I justify his actions but this is what is being seen from his and Taelha's perspective. He was taught to hate himself as an Igutu etc. What this does prove is that Asa Ron is a coward, he chose not to listen to Asa Sakan's words and prodded the monster in Tagon now he is truly afraid and running. It is because of these men actions that Tanya's prediction of Aranthdal downfall will come true, the crescent moon night there will be death. Eun Seom is trying to learn how to gain power through people and his first case is Ipsaeng who acknowledges that he is a horrible person. Yet its Ipsaeng who is teaching Eun Seom several things about tribes and people. In a 5 min preview Tanya says that power has to do with the heart (I think) which will explains Eun Seom's rise. As for the flag, when I saw Taelha's, said that Eun Seom already has one created by the Momo tribe, the horse will return when he feels that ES is strong enough. What is happening is the growth of a leader in ES and the journey of a leader who end up causing the downfall of a nation - Tagon and the path they took. The other good stuff was the death of Goldu - the Momo tribe captured one of their men who told them the truth about Sutanik's death and they are likely to forgive Ipsaeng as they knew that he lied to protect the wife from her own death. The girl's power returned but she may lose it again because of it. The concern is the people who saw her save someone in spite of being Neathnal and being afraid of her strength - hiding or acceptance?
  6. I watched the raw version and from I saw with the preview is that Tanya is a hot commodity, the Naenthal are players in this game as well as Saya. Tanya knows that Eunseom did not die. As a matter of fact there are a lot of players which I'm sure you have discovered. However, the scene that had me in tears was Eunseom being broken through Teodae's suicide his last words to him were cruel and made him feel some serious guilt. It would be weird if Eunseom did not feel anything after seeing something that devastating in front of him. However what revived him was Tanya's words to Saya - he saw it and believe it to be a dream but it woke him up. I felt it for Dalsae as well and I get that he would not be angry at Eunseom for what happened so Dalsae will prove to an enormous support for him. The preview shows Eunseom planning to escape - lets hope he succeed, along with fellow slaves. I wonder what Saya really feels for Tagon his "Father" does he love or hate him or does he think of him as a stone to the point that he has Tagon jittery. I also question the security of that place that Saya entered with no problem especially in light of the fact that Tagon for the most part seem to have guards around him all the time as well as watching others. The subs should give some clarity.
  7. After watching episode 9 you learn some important things, such as:- Wahan Tribe are the direct descendants of Asa Sin and Tanya is the successor of those powers. There are a small group of persons who actually practice the faith that the Wahan tribe did including Saya Tanya's powers are just coming into being and is growing under the new changes, the fact that she heard Saya's prayers was interesting The Neathanals were not wiped out completely and its possible that Nunbyeol is Igutu, she's adopted into that family. They had to disappear and it seem that they are looking for Eunseom The so called slave traders who calls themselves Saram are actually worse than those that they disparage. We now know Mubaek's aim which is to set things right for the clans. Dalsae has come a long way from the past, I think he along with Eunseom have grown in this adversity, they have never given up. I like the fact that he is now protective of Eunseom which has to do with he seeing Eunseom's efforts in trying to save their people. I am glad that Teodae died as he had lost it being the weakling that he is, reaching a breaking point. Its interesting how Tagon thinks to deceive Mubaek who is no longer fooled and has turn the tables around by fooling Tagon (being on his side). Mubaek gave him key information in order to earn that trust. With this information Tagon is happy as he now has a weapon to challenge Asa Ron and the tribe. Say what you will about Taelha, but I admire the fact that she is always by Tagon's side giving him strength when he needs it. She is loyal to him in that respect which explains their relationship well, they know each other. Tagon's wife has disappeared, we saw her for less than 1 min in the previous episode and that's it. A few persons called this episode boring but I completely disagree, its a must know episode with all the above and the fight with Asa Ron, Mihol and Tagon to name a few. Looking forward to the next episode. Gone for now.
  8. @BlueNotes We are in the second season, its the third season thats in September 2019. @bebebisous33 I do agree with you, the upcoming episode will definitely give us more clarity as to Mubaek's actions and Yeonsol's role which of course is significant in the fight against Tagon. However, I do want Mubaek to get more information on the Wahan people as he is aware that they are the direct descendants from Asa & Risa. Take care.
  9. After rewatching episode 8 along with the preview, I understood what @bebebisous33 was saying about Mubaek trying to save Tanya's father first. The thing is - is now the right time to save this person? We are not sure if there is a time skip etc. at that point. The reason I am saying this is that just like knowledge and maturity time is needed. The father is learning a lot about that world but he has not gained enough knowledge to be more useful to Mubaek's aim to save the world. Mubaek has already acknowledged that Eunseom is the real Aranum Haesella, but he needs to know about Tanya and Saya (find them) in order to achieve that dream. Its the same with Tanya she is using Saya to gain knowledge and power so she has to learn about this world first. I am not saying that Mubaek should not save the father but when? I think for now its best that the father stays where he is as its advantageous for all, I think when we see the episode we will understand more, maybe he is just telling him what his plans are etc. It's not surprising that Tagon does not know that Mubaek has departed from his side because Mubaek has not shown any signs of disloyalty. Tagon does not have the key information that Mubaek has, if he did find out Mubaek would have been dead already. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is applicable to Mubaek here with Tagon. What I do want is for Mubaek to find out Tanya's identity as the bell through her father letting him know of her ties to Eunseom and the fact that they were born when the comet arrived. From the preview we see the fall of Asa Ron, the weakling crazed look at Eunseom - will he save or kill him? and Saya's increased trust in Tanya. Tanya mentioned at the end that Saya will be her 1st weapon, so I am wondering what will be her 2nd? Gone for now.
  10. @bebebisous33 I think you are mixing up Mubaek and Tagon here based on your previous comments, their attire do look similiar. It is Tagon who is keeping Tanya's father as hostage for 2 key reasons (i) to keep Tanya in check (2) to take advantage of the man's interest and ability to learn about this new world especially bronze technology which Mihol has the strange assumption that he has a monopoly on. The Wahan's all underwent a drastic change as to the peaceful life as they know it, however they have shown their ability to learn, adapt and change which is what was clearly shown in the last 2 episodes. The changes to their personalities with this tragedy came a nasty reality check. The present them were isolated from other tribes excluding there neighbors until the Asa/Arath came and took over were of the belief they were okay and strong and blessed by the White Wolf. Mubaek is protecting Tagon's brother because his role is important in the future especially when the power dynamics comes in play. Plus the brother, should he recover is likely to go on Mubaek's side in the future. Tanya realized that the present her is weak and in order to become strong and fulfill her role to her tribe and Eunseom "E" must gain power by using the stone beside her (Saya). Dalsae who did not understood and disliked Eunseom in the first place learned to appreciate "E's" efforts to save his people but at the same time confidence got shattered with his people becoming slaves and inability to save/protect them. He experienced betrayal from his own people for the first time as well as they are blaming him for doing nothing as one is a weakling and the other a coward. "E's" underwent change due to his somewhat free interactions with Saram, however he did not expect to be betrayed by his own people i.e the coward. That chained walk/talk was enlightening and "E's" horse calls him weak because that what he is at the moment. But that is a typical kdrama or novel trope to transform someone from weak to strong through encountering hardships and changing for the better. As for romance, not in a rush for it and if I see it in part 3, would understand because this part is focusing on Tagon's/Taelha power dynamics and the growth of the 3 children of prophecy and in a way some of the people of the disbanded Wahan tribe. Mubaek, knows that "E" is of the sword but have not yet found the other 2 which is critical. Looking forward to the next episodes as it looks like fun. Take care,
  11. Of late, I hardly watch any kdrama - why because it feels like the same thing different name. So I decided to try this episode and to be honest I'm hooked, I liked most aspects of it especially the background story of the key characters, the fact that one tribe are full of dreamers etc. I cannot compare it with game of thrones because I have never watched it nor have I watched an american drama regularly for over 7 years. Why - some of them has gone too far in one's personal principles and its like they are trying to force feed it to the viewers that it is okay to be or live like that when I'm not, the other is the fact that they go on forever especially the popular ones. So for me to comment here in a good while shows interest and I will continue to watch this drama looking forward to the next episode.
  12. I really wish more people watch this show and talk about it here. Its light and good; however; if you are on a diet be careful as there is a lot of food porn here that wold make the dieter tempted. I am tempted and tell myself "I want to cook that". It seem that Peaches is special and there could be a triangle - as big brother is allergic to peaches yet she is crazy about him and with the younger brother she is not affected by his special hand - which signifies something important in that he can be "normal" with her. Its a shame the sis has to lie about her debut, yet I am glad she found a friend and maybe a future opportunity with convenience store meals. Looking forwards to the next episode. Take care
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