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  1. I really wish more people watch this show and talk about it here. Its light and good; however; if you are on a diet be careful as there is a lot of food porn here that wold make the dieter tempted. I am tempted and tell myself "I want to cook that". It seem that Peaches is special and there could be a triangle - as big brother is allergic to peaches yet she is crazy about him and with the younger brother she is not affected by his special hand - which signifies something important in that he can be "normal" with her. Its a shame the sis has to lie about her debut, yet I am glad she found a friend and maybe a future opportunity with convenience store meals. Looking forwards to the next episode. Take care
  2. If you want to watch something light, this is the show to do so. I am already hooked and have not even completed watching it as yet. You do not need to watch the original Dae Jang Geum for this, however that show is a classic and is very good. You should watch it, good luck in finding it on a streaming site as its over 10 years ago.
  3. This information was kept with probably 6 persons - YH, ET, HS, MY, JJH and probably SH. I mentioned SH because YH trusts her a lot with things happening in her life so she may mention it to her. SH knew what YH's ex did but as to the actually father "-----". They decided not the tell everyone in order to protect ES and it does not matter as long as the key persons know. When ES becomes an adult that could be discussed but its not the main issue as long as she is happy and has a stable family environment that's the key to ES's upbringing.
  4. All ends well for everyone. We are happy there was no extension. Ep 50 (final) MY meets with Yang to determine what scum ex action will be, after she leaves HS tells her that he told MS and why. MS tries to tear the contract but it’s taken away by scum ex, MS also pleads with him to do the right thing but the ex chooses himself and leaves. MS is in tears once scum ex leaves. Scum ex meets a buyer to make the deal and gets arrested. Highly unlikely that he will be in jail for more than 3 years. HS/MY finds out what happened, HS looks for MS but no luck; however MS was at his store. MS is very sad and regretful, HS is there for him while he cries. Next day, JJH finds out about ET leaving for Africa she gets worried and rushes out for confirmation, ET/YH are discussing this in ET’s office. JJH gets confirmation from ET, she starts scolding him about this but YH lets her know that they are going together. After hearing this, JJH is headachy and happy to see ES. YH talks to JJH saying that she will be at ET’s side etc. JJH is grateful and thanks YH. MY meets the ex in prison, they talk and he asks to see MS, MY lets MS know and we see ex saying some thoughtful words but MS is not there as he refuses to see him and he lets MY know why. WAM finds out about MY’s illness from KS, she is reasonable this time. It’s a family meeting at the house with the members getting a list as to how to look after MY’s health, it’s read aloud and all are fine. YH lets them know that she will be going away with ET. ET also tells his family, JJH starts to take control of wedding preparations, she contacts MY. The sisters talk about HS/MY and YH’s marriage. CK calls HS for a meeting, its DY/JH turn and they are nervous, it’s an awkward introduction as HS finds out that DY is ET’s niece and the family connection. The fathers talk about the couple to which HS has no issue with the relationship as long as they like each other, JH/DY are happy much to the dissatisfaction of CK. JJH finds out that CK lost and is happy about this as she likes the respective partners for ET/DY. JJH talk to ET/YH about the wedding preparation which has them uncomfortable looking at each other while JJH takes over. DY does her interview but feels that she did not do so well and talks to JH who tries to cheer her up, however their talk is interrupted by a scolding call from MS. DY seeks advice from HH how to help JH and gets it (seems like a trick by HH). ET/YH are at the hospital talking about the wedding prep by JJH saying that is not what they want. The couple decide to do the wedding themselves, ET/YH gets clothes, YH lets SH know that she is marrying ET that day. YH meets ET dressed up he is happy, makes some promises, it’s a vow between them and they dry kiss. ET asks ES permission to be her father etc. she says yes to that. ET/YH also asks ES permission for them to go travel together, she says yes to that as well as long as they are together she is happy. ET/YH/ES are now a family. YH tells SH that she is very happy and thanks her for everything, the couple go to their next meeting calling each other “yobo”. It’s the elder meet to discuss wedding matters it was getting a bit heated with the respective pairs JJH vs MY, CK vs HS which is seen by ET/YH who let them know that they got married once they got ES’s permission to do so. The elders are surprised by this, JJH is upset with ET, YH discusses it with her family who seem to be okay. WAM and SH start over in their relationship, with WAM holding out the peace branch. DY/JH meet, to which in order to cheer him up DY does the cute kid act which has her embarrassed but JH likes it asking her to do it again, DY runs out and receives a call that she got the job/internship. The couple are happy. HH is running the store giving instructions to the shoemakers, later she sees MS/JH playing a game. It’s a funny but casual talk with the trio, HH got upset with JH when she receives a thank you text from DY saying that he liked it. JH says it different getting from your girlfriend than sister, MS also gets upset with JH. Light moment. MY sees her doctor who asks her how she is, she seem to be at peace with herself. Later she along with SH meet ET to discuss his program, it seems that she plans to help him but it also seems like she is reflective about some things as well. It’s a new day and all appear to be getting ready for ET/YH/ES’s departure. JJH is upset that the trio are leaving, CK offers to take her to the gallery. It’s a warm time with ET/YH/ES, MS drives while MY/HH have a nice talk, JH picks up HS. MS/MY/HH reach their location, it’s a surprise wedding with all the characters there cheering and ES as the flower girl. MY is happy and expresses her thoughts while down the aisle, HS puts on the wedding ring, all are smiling. HS thoughts are expressed as well, the couple hug. There is a wedding picture taken and the show ends. Thoughts First I want to thank all of you for accompanying me with the show, it has been good with different opinions expressed in a funny, respectful, insightful, interesting and open-minded manner yet full of goodwill. I enjoyed it, now I can turn off my alarm and get some sleep sleep time, not that it was a chore – but it’s the weekend. In episode 49, I made an error in relation to the character who was helping KS saying that he was a possible neighbor and love interest for WAM when he was neither. However, I think it would have been good if they went in that direction for WAM, she has been a widow for too long and apart from the cafe/KS frankly she needs a man. This is one of the very few weekend dramas that I have watched that ended things in a decent manner with no form of rush and is done neatly. HS/MY are together for longevity and are happy as they are now complete with their lives with loved ones surrounding and protecting them. ET/YH/ES are now a family, they did a personal ceremony and register the marriage. However, what happen to the honeymoon? They have also matured individually and together, as long as they are together everything will work out. YH learnt from her previous marriage as to what she wants from a relationship and demands it from ET who gives it to her as he realizes that she will be beside him as a partner. ES is now free to be a child/herself without the worry of her mother being insulted for it by the in-law or others. ES is more happy and stable, wanting to marry her friend from kindergarten. Hmm in the future will ES marry him? JH/DY are the dating couple who provide support for each other and sincerely care for each other’s well being and their family. They like ET/YH have also matured personally, professionally, individually and as a couple. I really wish that edited scene was played but its gone now. SH/KS the flat couple have reached a place where they can live comfortably with WAM who has in her own way grown up and got a better understanding of her daughter in law who is not to be bullied. HH has matured and carries the legacy of both HS/MY. In that she will do investing but also watch over her father’s business, she is her own boss using the skills that she has gained from both of them and part time job experiences. HH is still HH and I like that because she has her immature moments but her loyalty for the most part has always been to the family and those that she care for. After a while may be she will start dating someone but right now her focus will be on HS/MY and her professional life. MS has received one of the best things in life and that is a complete family. MS is no longer alone and is now free to be himself after hours. He lost his bio father but did not lose a father as he has HS, instead his bio father lost. The fact that he is siblings with HH is fine as well because they treat each other as such. In the future he will meet someone but one of his top criteria would likely be – must get on well with his new family. JJH is happy that the persons that she cherish the most are finally with people that she wholeheartedly loves as reach her on a spiritual level. It just so happens that they are from the same family. However she was a bit too troublesome for a while due to her over protectiveness of ET, snobbish ways and close minded views about life. CK is the same in a way but he has somewhat learned to accept the new DY and tries to accept her boyfriend JH. The drama has ended with all the key areas tied in a pretty bow. My recapping has also ended, not sure when I will do another, as I am taking a break. Gone for now and take care of yourselves everyone.
  5. It’s still about MY Ep 49 MY catches scum ex trying to scam her with the other characters being informed about her health. HH has trouble accepting this and is upset. MY confronts the ex about her illness and he pretends that he does not know anything, she plays the recording and tells him that this was a test to see what he would do etc. Ex shows his true self, MY scolds him and asks if he ever thought about MS. MS confronts Yang as to his meetings with scum ex, Yang tells MS about the scam and that MY is ill. Meanwhile MY tells ex that she is protected by her people but he will have no one, ex scoffs at MY who leaves as she was feeling ill. Ex is now suspicious of the signed contract, see MY being ill and struggling he follows her. However the Park family picks her up, takes her home and she sleeps comfortably. MS meets HS to discuss MY, he is having trouble accepting this; HS tells him the truth, MS cries as HS comforts him. HH is still upset, JH tries to be strong for all. SH talks to HH about MY etc, HH says that she does not like all this happening to MY etc. MY overhears the talk and is very touched. MY comes in the room trying to comfort her, it’s a touching scene with JH/SH watching. The next day ET picks up YH/ES, JJH volunteers to look after ES. Ex does not trust the signed contract, MS confronts ex as to the scam, ex comes with a lot of excuses, shifts blame and try to use the fact the he is MS’s bio father to get out of this. MS listens, says that he understands something about MY etc. and leaves, he cries outside. HH picks herself up and tells HS/gossipy man that she will take care of the store etc. It’s a thoughtful scene with HS hugging HH for her actions & words. KS invites WAM for a date, as he was lifting a box, he meets a helpful new neighbor, the talk is brief but this is seen by WAM who smiles. Signs to a possible love interest for WAM. While on their “date” WAM/KS talk to which he says that he is fine etc and what he wants. JH/DY are on the phone talking when he sees CK drinking, he hangs up. CK is having trouble accepting the new DY etc. JH responds with some sincere words, they talk about their respective feelings etc on DY. As they were leaving they got in a fight with some customers and sent to the police. DY picks them up and gets angry with the whole situation ending up slapping one of the person who got in the fight with JH/CK. Its, funny and JJH ends up picking all of them up and taking them home. At the house they are being scolded by JJH/ET they defended themselves, CK leaves the room and DY reconciles with her father. The next day ET’s issue comes up again with the doctor in charge trying to persuade YH to convince ET that he is needed in Africa etc. ET cuts him and tells him that he is getting married etc., YH watches this concerned. At his office ET/YH argues about the issue, YH makes her point saying that he should go etc. and leaves. Scum ex has not given up on scamming MY, he meets gossipy lady who calls MY and tells her. MY looks at her medicine suspiciously. JH tries to encourage MS to be strong, he comes home to see MY there, they have a meal in which he is tearful, regretful and self-blaming as to ex causing trouble etc. MY tells MS that it’s not his fault but he does not accept this. There is a light but important moment with YH/ES as she mentions getting married etc. ET recalls YH’s words when she proposed to him and comes to the house. YH is outside waiting for him, ET says he has to go but he does not want to give up on them and asks that she goes with him. YH says yes to that, he tries to put up roadblocks but she obliterates them and he hugs her. The next day at school ET/YH go to pick up ES, ET tries to break up ES’s hand holding with her friend. ES tells them that she will marry the guy in a stubborn manner which has the parents stumped. Scum ex is still pushing the scam, MY discusses this with HS as she was leaving who is worried, she tells him that she will be fine. HS contacts MS and lets him know that scum ex has not given up on stealing from MY. Scum ex receives a call from his scum partners with him being optimistic with a deal closure and new beginning for himself. MY meets Yang and they talk. MY goes strong, holding the medicine while talking to Yang meanwhile MS confronts scum ex and blocks his path. MS takes out the contract. Preview ET/YH gets married Scum ex gets desperate Thoughts It does not surprise me that scum ex has never learned from what he did in the past and is still doing in the present. Because to him in the first place it was never his fault it was MY etc. for a person who claim to be able to read people well he is so dumb. Yang at least have a conscience and I do not think he changed the medicine but he is guilty of trying to harm MY. From the preview it’s the end for scum ex and likely redemption for Yang. ET/YH issue was one to me was easy in the first place as they can work overseas and be parents to ES, they have a mutual goal. I cannot imagine the woman who JJH wanted to pair up ET with wanting to do so. The family have their own unique way of dealing with MY’s illness particularly MS/JH/HH. HH cries it out and picks herself up, MS blames himself while JH is strong for everyone. I hope that scene with JH/DY from the earlier preview is seen because he needs her to be there for him as he always try to be the most reliable person but he needs someone to lean on, namely DY. The new neighbour to me will become WAM’s love interest as the drama is wrapping up and they are giving WAM a life separate from KS/SH and the café which gives her energy to be active. The next episode is a wedding, there were other scenes in the preview but the 2 were the key ones. Thanks again for giving me another link which works just as well. Take care and looking forward to the next episode. Other - I agree with @darr in relation to statements that is being used for Africa. I won't expand on this but the whole thing also points out arrogance, hypocrisy, stereotyping and discrimination as to people of color and certain nations/continents and its very sad when they do this because its like boasting that my country is better than yours and you need me etc. its a complete turn off and which is why the world is the way it is - very sad. However it seems that all these first world countries have forgotten something very significant and that is a large number of civilizations, inventions etc came from those continents that are poor etc., they have made their contributions in making the world develop etc. So its sad when they do this and its not patriotism here. No man is an island, no one stands alone; never forget where or who has helped to make your life better. There is a strange thing called humility and sincerity it goes a far way. Gone for now
  6. I partially agree with you, but it was the first time we actually got to see CK in a more humane perspective. Cannot guarantee CK's help in ET's project, reason he shafted ET once and it was YH who got ET the support he needed. This is also why ET does not put much focus on CK as due to his actions CK has been marginalized in the family as they have all grown with their own lives being enriched by other people. CK on the other does not see that and looks at profit, class etc. as you have earlier stated once he open his mind to other possibilities then he'll become richer. JH took CK's words to heart and may be in the future could provide him with the help he needs. One thing I like about DY is that she is decisive in her personality, likes and wants, she also knows her parents. As a result, I disagree with you here. DY at home provided CK assistance with his job, she has an idea what it entails and did not like it. She found her talents & happiness in home design /interiors & JH, also knowing CK's personality he will not be satisfied with letting her have an entry position etc. Everyone knows that she is his daughter, if she started as a clerk he will look on it affecting his image etc. also look on how he was when DY rejected MS, he still tried to pressure her in accepting him as he meets his criteria for a "son-in-law" which is money and connections. SH's home life has somewhat settled with a supportive husband and WAM in her own way, finally getting a mom etc. These women nightgowns suck/uuuggly and should be cut up for cleaning furniture. BTW I miss Manager Ko. The upcoming episode preview shows how JH and MS are dealing with MY's illness, ET's choice of not going to deal with vehicle program by using he is getting married as an excuse but to me that can be resolved if all three of them go together - ES can get a lot of world experience and growth over there, YH can still be a doctor. MY calling out scum ex on his crap was nice to see. MY knows that she is being watched so in order to catch him she had to be bait. Glad that at least Yang had a conscience to do the right thing. Gone for now
  7. I watched the clips and this is what I got from it, hope it helps:- MY still got it in spite of her health troubles, thank goodness for the pen recorder. Ep 48 MS although happy to see MY/HS are getting on fine is a bit troubled as to the reason why YH called the maknees over to help them out more. He relayed this to JH who does not think much about it. Scum ex and Yang are in discussion in their plans to steal from MY. MS being suspicious of his scum father later confronted him about his meetings with Yang the reasons etc., MS warns the scum, they argued, MS leaves. SH/YH discuss MY's health issues and are trying to do stuff to make things easier for MY/HS. SH stopped by MY, they talked, SH called MY - mom and hugs her. It seems that JJH has consented for the couples to be together, DY told JH the news. CK is hurt that DY seems to be farther from him than before as she has no interest in the hospital. JJH baby sits ES and introduces her to tea which of course ES does not like, she prefers juice they did come out with a happy solution at the end. ET/YH had their first date - no ES etc., they took pictures, held hands, walk and talk MY is suspicious of scum ex's meeting with Yang, she talked about this with HS and later got some information from MS. MY realizes that scum ex knew about her illness and is trying to take advantage of her. MY later meets ex where she is in a daze and signs over her building to him. As soon as she signs the papers, the scum ex is about to take it when MY proved that she was pretending and catches him. Thoughts I am hopeful that next week will be the last episodes as I think for the most part all of the key areas have been covered. MY/HS are together and are likely to have their wedding, ET/YH will get married despite the fact that presently his foreign health aid is having some problems which may require them to travel, JH/DY are a couple with JJH finally relenting to the respective pairs being together as she loves them so much and know how good they are for the other, flat couple are there with WAM learning to adjust , MS getting a family regardless and has matured somewhat, HH is just HH. The show as I have previously stated lacks passion but it was overall okay. I just wish and hope that the live stream sites do not give as much trouble. Take care, have a good week and gone for now
  8. Hello viewers, Right now I am having challenges with the live stream - if there is a techie out there please let me know what does this mean - "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported". It happen in all my browsers. Provide help if you can. I will continue to try but if there is one thing I am a bit upset about is the regular live streaming challenges that I had to face with KBS, Now the other site that I have been using is giving me trouble, geezz!! I am ready for the end, it took me over 7 days to watch the subbed version.
  9. She has no choice as the respective partners are very good for the people she loves the most and loves them sincerely in return - YH is very good for ET and likewise JH is for DY. Breaking them up in a way is destroying her own family.
  10. I have my alarm set to 5:45 am which is about 20 mins before the start of this episode to allow for watch etc. However, I do not know what happened, but it seems that today's episode started roughly 50 minutes before the usual start time, as such I can only give a recap of that part. Found out the reason, its a national baseball event, game not started as yet, but the players are wearing Korea on their shirt prepping. So here goes Ep 47 YH/ET/ES are going to school/work when he gets a call, he hangs up but later he contacted someone regarding their research project on Lewy, it does not seem good. HS/MY are on a call they seem happy, they have a date. HH is making a sale while HS sneaks out. HS/MY are on their date, she has a out of it episode but later comes out of it, HS is there for her while ex was following them. Ex discusses his plan to Yang to scam MY's wealth; Yang seems hesitant. At home MY/MS talk about Yang & scum ex as MS had earlier mentioned seeing Yang; they both find the actions of both men suspicious. MY stop by the house where she/HH talk a bit. MY comes to her home to which HS is a bit worried not hearing from her but she calms him down, HS went out to get some drinks for them. MY realizes something was strange about HS's actions so she plays her pen recording of the last event. It seems that from it MY knows that HS knows about her health issue. MY was out of it for their date and he said a lot of beautiful/touching words to her which is tearful. Realizing this MY rushes out of the building, sees HS and hugs him. Show ends Thoughts Since I was unable to watch the show in its entirety, I cannot really give thoughts about the show itself, maybe after watching the subs. All I can say is that both HS/MY are good people and its a shame that its happening to them, as stated in a previous post I wish they could do something more original instead of foisting this illness/situation on us viewers, its lazy. I wonder if the country have a high rate of Lewy, dementia, Alzheimer there which is why they are bring it up in their dramas and want to punch it in our heads. If you wish to see clips of the episode please go here: Gone for now, take care and have a good week.
  11. It’s still about MY Ep 46 HS tells MY that he is moving in her place, MY tries to send him back but it does not work, MS is watching all of this with a bit of amusement. The Park siblings talk about HS/MY and HS decision. DY is going to meet JH she is nervous as she is still thinking about the kiss. The couple meet and discuss her job hunting & CK JH acts like everything is fine while DY thinks he is amazing etc and excuses herself. When she left JH releases his nervousness. At breakfast CK throws a tantrum at DY, she gets up and leave the table. JJH finds out that DY returned her card & car because she will not break up with JH etc. ET tries to defend DY to CK, who says he is doing it for ET's sake etc. JJH meets DY as she leaves the house, offering to help but DY says no to that as that is CK’s money too etc. and leaves the house. ET/CK were arguing about the situation when JJH comes in, they become silent she finds their behavior strange. SH/MY meet to discuss the café/WAM/KS, MY praises SH who talks about HS to her. MY later stop by the doctor to discuss her health. Ex calls MY with a call to discuss a meeting to talk about MS etc. while following/checking up on her to be scammed later. MY comes home, where she/HS talk, she is trying to push him away but HS cannot help worrying about MY while at work and later contacts her for a meal. She lets him know of her appointment, however on his way he sees MY taking a taxi, which he thinks is strange and follows her. MY meets the ex who is probing her on symptoms of her health, he brings up her father in the talk and that HS knows about it etc. MY is unsuccessful hiding it, the ex hired the waiter to take MY’s bag and her medicine to check it out. When MY leaves, she is worried thinking her symptoms are worse, the ex follows her and asks questions. HS comes and sees the ex, the talk is brief, MY is upset with HS. Later Yang/scum ex meet to discuss MY, her health and the scam. ET/YH talk about HS/MY, to which ET comes up with an idea for the family to make MY feel better. The whole family and gossipy couple are at MY’s house treating it as their own she is surprised to see them, ET is there as well. It’s a happy time with family, friends, food, song and dance and smiles. After the meal ET talks to MY about her health and the importance of family at this time. There is also talk in the living room SH/YH straightening the place, MS & the twins talking stuff in MS's room, SH comes in along with KS and lightish moments. Later ET/HS talk about MY etc. HS thanks ET for his help and ET advises HS what he needs to do for MY etc. without telling him about MY’s health. It seems that ET/YH were going on a date the next day, she date dresses with her hair out etc. she meets ET who is happy with her look, only to transform back into Dr. YH as the hospital was offering free health care to the elderly. WAM is at the café complaining about having no customers etc. SH takes over a bit and knows that WAM is in pain, at home WAM whines about it, later SH comes to her room and gives WAM an ice pack etc. MY makes a meal for HS/MS, its bad HS says that he will do the meals from now on, it’s a light but happy moment with the pair with MS looking on with a smile. JH calls JJH for a meet, later calls DY they talk a bit to which he mentions that he will be seeing JJH. JH tells JJH what is happening and what he wants to do for DY etc, JJH responds positively to JH and gives her approval of DY/JH’s relationship. DY comes in and finds that out, the couple of course is happy with this. Meanwhile ET/YH/ES are walking, talking, ES is still upset with ET. JH/DY finds out that JJH will be meeting ET/YH/ES, they hurriedly leaves. However, as they were leaving they all see each other and try to ignore the meet but all got busted by ES who calls JH “uncle” and hugs him. JJH sees this and finds out the truth as such the meeting got cut short. JH/YH talk about this at their home. JJH at home is upset with ET/DY with CK there, the talk is there with ET/DY still refusing to part with their respective partners, JJH goes to her room. Yang meets Yoon, they talk about MY , she tells him about MY request for guardianship etc. MY calls SH for a meet and HS talks to gossipy man about MY to which he mentions something related to Alzheimer’s etc. but brushes it off, but the words stuck with HS. SH/MY meet, MY asks SH to be her guardian (I think) and that she is not well. HS recalls MY’s strange behavior and goes to ET with his concerns as to her health. ET tells HS the truth and the type of care that MY needs. At the same time MY tells SH the truth about her health etc. which has SH astonished. HS could not believe it at first, ET is considerate/thoughtful in explaining everything. HS is hurt and tries to fight this fact with tears, HS sadly walks and sees MY arrive via taxi. SH comes home, is tearful about MY/HS. HS sees MY and asks why she did not tell him Preview ET/YH meets Ex try to have Yang do a pill switch, to worsen MY 's health to make the scam easier JH tries to convince JJH to have the respective couples be together (I think), showing her an album of the family etc. Yang meets MY MY confronts Yang/ex Thoughts Very few of us talk about Yoon’s role as she is a small character here, however I feel sad for her because she is being used by Yang in order to harm MY. Yoon trusts Yang and she is aware of the long friendship with them and that MY has been trying to help Yang. As such in order to help Yang/MY she ends up telling him things because she thinks he cares for MY, unfortunately that is not the case. From the preview there is a clear difference between HS and ex (again), one only cares for the MY and goes to help while the other scum ex cares only about himself and goes for harm. In addition scum ex is using MS to get information on MY, who unknowingly does that as he is being used by his father as well. When you think about it both Yoon and MS are being used by the ones they deeply trust i.e. the scums in order to harm MY. If those loan sharks came, drag him away after beating scum ex very badly and put him on a ship to work, I will be very happy if that happens to scum ex as he deserves this punishment along with the others I have previously mentioned. JH/DY are so happy to finally get approval to date only for it to be taken away by JJH, the busterer for this – ES. It would be nice if this is resolved happily, but it was a funny scene all the same. Until the next episode, take care and gone for now.
  12. I replayed the subbed JH/DY confrontation and kiss scene several times, I realized that it was not only their relationship they were fighting for but DY's demand to be treated as an adult and become independent from her parents. CK's belief that as long as he pay the bills regardless of her age, DY must obey him which she did initially. However, since she has started working and dating JH, DY as a result has matured. Note the words that she said to CK - he was insulting her and she would rather do without than break up with JH, JH's words were - he will support her in becoming independent, love her more and that he is disappointed in CK. I loved it when JH just held out his hand and she confidently put her hand in his walking away as a united front. After that, DY's regret in not seeking her independence from CK earlier and her promise to become better not only for herself but JH as well. I liked this a lot as what we were viewing is the growth of a couple in both forms as individuals and a couple. I had previously mentioned in a post that the old DY would not be able to survive life realities should she lose everything, but now we see that she can as long as she has JH loving and caring for her more than ever. It's interesting to note how DY was raised to be dependent on someone else and tolerant which is why boorish CK is of the belief that he can say/do whatever. If she had not taken the job and remeet JH she would have been the old DY. I wonder what would have happened if JJH saw/find out about this? By the way I would love to understand the content of DY's resume because all this time CK has been harping about the lack of JH's qualifications etc. but I am of the assumption DY's is skimpy at best as YL Group was her first job, DY for the most part was being trained to be a typical kdrama housewife of a certain class similar to JJH whose primary role is the home, kid/s, husband. When thinking of this, I remember overhearing something a young girl said - she wants to be a housewife but an educated one with degrees. What we know is that there is a difference between housewife and kdrama housewife. Siblings HH/MS - mmm; Couple HH/MS - mmm mm . Gone for now
  13. According to a viewer translation of HH/MS scene, they said that gossipy man says that they seem more like siblings which they were surprised and unhappy to hear. Until we watch the subbed version, we won't know for sure what gossipy man said. However, what is sure is that HH/MS are comfortable around each other and can be themselves be it family or couple it works for them. MS would not have to deal with this as he was never her bio son, but the mistress and scum ex - the bio parents who do not have a grateful bone, sincerity or blood in them towards MS or MY. He is registered under the ex's family register. If HH/MS ends up as a couple MS becomes part of a loving family in a more official manner, if not he will still be part of the family as MY treats him as her child. So the winner in this case would be MS when all matters are resolved. I still do not like JJH, however ever since she found out ES's identity she has come around somewhat, by listening/talking to YH she has realized why ET loves her and what makes her a good fit for the brother that she loves so much. Because of this, I am going on a little string of hope that she may not be opposed to DY/JH due to family dynamics as much before unlike CK and its for the following reasons: She knows for a fact that JH sincerely loves DY She has a general idea as to how the Park family personalities are, therefore she is reassured that DY will not be bullied but more likely treasured by its members not because she is their daughter but because JH loves her. ET will be there looking out for his niece, so DY is safe She somewhat likes JH the person DY will not be seeing MS as a potential partner but more likely a brother making her less worried as she did not like MS for DY. What she wanted most for DY is what the Park family has in spades and that is being a decent family with a lot of emotional loving wealth, not so much the $$. This is unlike CK who seeks to profit from anywhere without any effort per se. It would be funny if she actually knew that JH is YH's brother and did not say anything about it for the sake of DY and the above factors. Hopefully that string stays firm. I admit replaying JH/DY scenes several times, as I liked all of them. Gone for now and take care
  14. It’s all about MY Ep 45 HS asks MY what happened, she does not answer at first, the ex arrives at his place and wonders about MY’s behavior earlier. MY comes up with some excuse stating that she is taking a step back and wishes to live at her house etc. HS counters that he does not believe her words etc, she asks for time, he angrily leaves MY is sad. Everyone finds out that MY has returned to her home, are surprised and wonders the reason for this as its strange, they talk to MS who could not give them a good answer. SH/YH talk about what is happening in their lives, SH notices the ring, due to what is happening at home YH wants to keep it quiet for now. CK makes note of ET’s ring, JJH is relaxed in her response, DY finds out that YH has accepted ET’s proposal. Later while helping DY with job hunting, they talk about ET/YH’s marriage etc. they are about to kiss, but got blocked by the sign that says no to that. ET/YH had a light moment at work, ET later found out that JJH went to see ES, and he thanks her for doing that. ET is still wondering if the MY on the list of participants with Lewy is the MY that he knows. MY goes by HS store to appease him but no luck. HH/MS are in her neighborhood walking, talking about HS/MY etc. which is seen by gossipy man. It’s a standard greeting and light talk when the man tells them that they would make a good couple which has them shocked, saying no to that and they leave. The ex and Yang decide to partner and take MY’s wealth for their comeback. Yang, are you sure that you were a decent businessman, even getting scammed? The doctor finds out that MY has not told her family or those close to her of her illness, he advises that she does so and why. MY says that she will let them know later. HS is at the her house, asking MY questions but she is coming up with different excuses, he tells her that she is lying etc. MY says that it does not matter etc. WAM’s has to deal with a difficult customer who leaves, she complains to KS at work and home. After making a presentation at work, SH comes home to listen to WAM’s solution to the café issue which is for SH to quit her job etc. SH listens and says yes to that. MY gives Yoon some instructions and asks her about Yang. The scum partners (ex/Yang) find out that MY is looking for Yang to which ex advises that Yang meets her. In response to WAM’s proposal, it is KS who counterattacks with his resignation letter which has WAM upset & tantrum mode, she loses this one. ET stops by ES’s school, she introduces her boyfriend to him, ET breaks up the pair, ES gets mad at ET and leaves. YH meets JJH at a gallery, they talk a bit in which YH praises ET etc. JJH is touched and asks YH to call her something more personal. ET finds out from YH that she/JJH are now on good terms and has given full approval of them being together. ET now suspects MY being a participant of the Lewy Project from YH telling him of the issues at home. He contacts MY’s doctor. CK contacts JH/DY for a talk at the hospital, they did not know that the other was there until they met in CK’s office. Boorish CK tells them that he opposes their relationship and demands that JH/DY break up etc, DY says no. CK then makes threats to take away DY’s car, credit card etc. DY gives it up easily more or less saying that she does not need them anyway and how important JH is to her etc. JH is surprised and touched by her actions, CK starts but JH defends DY and scolds CK actions etc. The pair leaves, CK loses. Later puppy couple are holding hands, walking and talking which leads into a kiss. Finally, and a decent one at that. Gossipy lady finds the wedding shoes while MY is in the shower, the scum ex stops by the house and sees MY, he says some words to her but realizes that she is in a daze. MY does not recognize him, mentioning her father and her age, scum ex realizes that this is a good opportunity to steal from MY with scum Yang. HS is at home missing MY, he calls her and they talk. MY later stops by her doctor stressing the urgency of getting treatment for her illness, he somewhat calms her down but she is worried. ET sees her and they talk, he advises her to tell the family about it , she says no to that why and mentions her father etc. Gossipy woman gives the shoes to HS, he imagines MY walking in the rain etc. Later SH stops by HS sees him drinking and they talk. MY comes home and is contacted by HS, HS tells her he is on his way. HS repeats the words that MY gave the family when she first moved in and that whatever it is they will deal with it together. This is seen by MS and gossipy lady who thinks he is cool and MS is surprised. Show ends Thoughts I liked the ending as HS clearly show to all exactly the type of man that he is, he does not run away or blame others, he man’s up, gives love & support and takes responsibility when needed. What I am happy about is the fact that he is aware of her father’s illness, he has a lot of questions but the only way it can be answered is she tells him but he is also aware that she needs him so if she is running the solution find a way to catch her and stick to her permanently – Crazy glue. I think after this MS will more than give approval to their relationship. The dictionary at this point is inadequate for us as viewers in our opinion of the scum partners (Yang & ex) who is of the distorted belief that MY stole from them, harmful, is a complete jinx and as such should compensate them for their inadequacies by stealing her wealth. They have very selective memories as it is clear that they are “purer than snow”, this better not happen and the story line needs to end very soon. I do not like this plot line at all or any new ones for that matter but I am wondering if they are using this as a way for MS to completely break ties from his father. I sincerely hope they get caught before any of this occur, if possible I would be happy if they get sent to prison - hard labor, that way no one should/has to feel guilt or blame self namely MS/HS/MY. I agree with @quandocuando & @solucu it should be wrapping up stories time and not bringing any new one, the typical action would be rush rush ending which makes the viewer annoyed and upset. By the way, to me only 1 wedding will be fine i.e HS/MY, ET/YH can happen later or as I stated in a previous post just register the marriage a ceremony is not needed for them as they are a pretty casual couple. Good for puppy couple, not only did they stood up to Boorish CK, we got a surprisingly pleasant and decent kiss from them. This pair is in for the long haul, they will not marry now which is fine, but it will happen later when they have stability in their lives. It seem that the pds have decided to pair HH/MS with the gossipy man stating that they look good together much to their angst as I said in a previous post by doing this it makes MS very grateful that he is not MS son and he knows the family. It would be interesting to see if and when this happen how will JH react. As for gossipy lady, I do not mind her in this role as I recognize her from a previous daily that I had recap, she played the mother of the main lead (male). Let me tell you she make WAM look like she not trying at all as a monster-in-law, hateful character. Gossipy lady is tolerable and likable here. WAM is an elder brat, I really cannot believe KS when he says that she worked hard. I liked KS’s counterattack and SH was just sitting there looking innocent/weak with this WAM strategy dealing . Have a good week everyone, take care and gone for now
  15. Its proposal day Ep 44 MY undergo tests to find out her illness, during this time MS/HS talk about her father etc. HS thanks MS for telling him etc, MS says sorry for his earlier behavior etc and HS lets him off. After the tests MY talks to her doctor worried about everything and comes home thinking as to what he said. MY arrives home, HS asks where she was and she comes up with an excuse which he accepts. At home the Park family treats MY as one of them to the point that HS takes her to their room, they talk happily there. JH/YH talk about their respective relationships, its an awkward talk as JH is hoping to get ET/YH on their side when the connection is fully revealed to the elders. JH/DY are concerned that they will be told to break up. JJH stops by ES’s school, where she sees ES get in a heated talk with the boy. ES greets JJH and tells her about it etc. JJH gives some advice which has ES crying she tries to appease ES by making weird faces, making ES laugh this is seen by CK. CK/JJH talk later, in which he tells her that her actions are strange etc. she is upset with him and he is sarcastic. MY is using a pen recorder to state what she is to do, she is contacted about her results. The doctor tells MY what her illness is, seems to be treatable and advises her what she should do. MY leaves the hospital relieved and goes somewhere to play the piano. While playing, HS has done making MY’s shoes, YH is looking at couple rings, smiling, she talks briefly with HS in her room. ET is working to which MY is on that list of subjects of Lewy (I think), HS stops by seeking advice as to how to propose to MY. ET thinks about his casual proposals to YH with embarrassment, he does not tell HS much but that it should be done from the heart and thinks about YH/proposals. HS continues talking happily while ET is ashamed of himself. ET later meets YH, he talks about his actions relating marriage, rings etc. to which YH says its about the heart etc. it’s a teasing moment before she leaves. JH/HH are comfortable at MS’s house, they talk about the upcoming proposal with MY/HS, it’s a light but fun talk with all 3 which ended when the ex arrives. JH/HH greet the ex and leave the house, they talk about him. The ex teases MS calling him a mama’s boy etc and lets him know that he is moving out etc. The ex is hunting for Yang. MS/MY later meet, she asks about Yang, but does not get much info from MS. MY recalls the end of her friendship with Yang. There is an opening ceremony of a home store for YL Group, Yang is there in the background looking in. MY proudly watches MS who was the guide for the clients, while there she sees Yang, goes after him but misses him as he is taken by the ex. Yang and the ex have a talk in which the ex makes a proposal which includes MY etc Still not clear as to the ex’s agenda WAM is at café class, not/refusing to learning anything, at the café she/KS talk about SH and the café. At home SH gives WAM a list of things that need to be done, its war between the women, KS goes to their room after the women talk. SH/KS are okay with her receiving KS’s support. Outside the hospital, ET realizing that YH is still upset with him admits that he is clueless when it comes to romance and asks for another chance. YH tells him to hold out his hand and puts a couple ring on his finger etc. he is touched and does the same and asks her to marry him to which she accepts. They are holding hands and smiling. Its JH/DY vs ET/YH in their objective of getting relationship consent. JH meets ET in which ET shows the ring to JH, it’s a funny talk and a replay of ET interrogation of JH when he was considering DY etc and its now payback with ET being the recipient. JH asks for a favour. DY tries to sweeten YH as well. ET/YH meet to discuss JH/DY and the issues with this. MS takes MY to Nsmsan and wishes her happiness, MY says no matter what she will be happy and walks to meet HS, she remembers the past when this happen. HS gives MY flowers and the wedding shoes and officially proposes to her, they hug. At home, YH tells SH/HH/JH that its time to call MY mother etc. HS/MY are happy in their room wearing rings in their bed, talking about the wedding etc. MY recalls an earlier talk between wearing their couple shirts. The next day, HS/MY go wedding dress shopping, MY puts on the dress and the shoe is about to be presented to HS but she disappears. MY had another one of those out of it episodes, walking in a daze in the rain, HS could not find her. MY comes to her home wet, only to see her ex and kicks him out. HS finds out that she is at her house, MY does not say anything but is thinking, HS arrives worried asking questions but she could not answer. Show ends Preview ET/YH relationship is up for discussion along with keeping JH/DY dating connection a secret from JJH MY visits her doctor ET sees MY’s name on the list and wonder if it is her MY’s actions is affecting HS, who touches the I love you teddy bear The ex finds out about MY’s health as he came to the house when she is in daze mode Thoughts The ex’s agenda is still not clear but one thing is sure and that is he plans to do whatever it is with Yang, the subs may help somewhat. It just dawned on me that for the most part ET/YH are a very casual couple and though they care for each other a lot I do not think they really know each other per se, this is when I compare HS/MY to them, there are more normal moments than special moments to me. In a way I think this was purposely done to show the difference between YH's old life which was full of formality and restrictions while her new/present life is clearly not and how that influences them as a couple and others. Because of this casualness, I am not sure we as viewers will see a formal wedding ceremony for this pair. Since divorcing there was only one time YH dressed and that was to help ET out with obtaining funds for his charity. JH/DY although they are strong are understandably nervous as they tend to lean towards the principle of listening to/obeying elders which may be to their detriment. HH is shown to seek MY’s advice in making money, may see the results of that soon. MS has shown a bit of maturity when it comes to HS/MY ‘s relationship as he has seen how happy MY is and accepts it. I really hope that ex does not harm MY because if he does, he definitely will have MS to contend with and lose his son in the process. By the way, I think he and ES are the breakout stars for the drama based on the responses form the viewers on the characters. One is too adorable, the other is a bit on the complex side you are all over the place because he is bad but not so bad as a person and as such you would like to see his growth as a person. ES is one of the very few child actresses who in a drama I have seen grow physically, you can see the before, during and now pictures its there. It’s likely that in the next episode MY’s illness may be revealed to the Parks, I am not sure if ET is bound by confidentiality as he is not MY’s doctor, how is he going to approach it. Until the next episode, gone for now and take care
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