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  1. First I want to thank the writer, director and actors for giving us a wonderful drama from start to end. It is one the rare kdramas that did not feel rushed and for the most part makes sense. It also gave those who are not familiar with baseball or sports an insight on the behind the scenes aspect of the sport - what general manager, operations, coaches do in order to ensure that there is a good team playing for the season. I did not realize the complexities that goes into running a sports team, this show enlightened me on that. They also were subtle in addressing areas that we tend to make either a big deal of or ignore. That is the advertisement lady who is single but she actually ensured that she had a life outside of work, though it was not shown as well as the fact that when she puts her mind to it she is a very competent worker. You also had BSS brother who is disabled but that does not stop him from living a full life and working with everyone else getting along with them. They made it a focus as it affected BSS but once they fixed that, they showed there is more to him. I am glad he stayed with the company. Also the show did not make it an issue but integrated it. The reason why I point out these 2 components is because you rarely if ever see this in a kdrama and when done its awkward and not seamless. I am glad that Kwon finally got rid of that choker named his uncle who made it seem like he was doing him a favor instead of the other way especially when he has an incompetent weak son. He and BSS reached an understanding, they will never be friends but that does not mean they do not respect each other and they know each other fairly well. Hence that ending for them with that scene was just right. Then you have the players and the coaches who in all the turmoil finally came in their own, matured and become a stronger team as a result. At the ending I wondered if Seo Young Joo became the general manager, because although she is the only female operations manager, after working with BSS I'm sure she would qualify and if it did happen. This would be significant in the sport as she could have become the first female general manager for a baseball team or sports team in the country. She also proved her skills as competent and professional and I enjoyed watching her talks with her mother. I am sad to see this show go but all good things must come to an end and I am glad I got the opportunity to watch and enjoy it. Take care.