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[Drama 2019-2020] Never Twice / No Second Chance, 두번은 없다


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@lexicon, I was touched by Do Hee and In Sook’s exchange in the hospital. However, it was from the perspective that they’re both of the same level and are like frenemies. I can separate their exchange in the hospital from their rightful comeuppance for the deeds against others.

Regarding Hae Ri, I know she does realize that Woo Jae is a kind man and in her own way she love him but obviously she doesn’t love him enough to be courageous for him. I just feel that she wasn’t horrified enough by the physical and painful beating he has suffered.

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Kocowa Translation:


Eun Ji: I got fired!

Poong Ki: It’s because you keep flirting with guys.


Eun Ji: I don’t flirt with anyone. What do you take me for?

Poong Ki: Why would you cause trouble at my workplace?

Geo Bok: Mak Rye, let’s get married.


Mak Rye: Stop making things uncomfortable. Let’s just keep living like this.


Geo Bok: If that’s what you really want, I won’t push it anymore. I’ll just leave.


Bak Ha: This is all my fault. I’m sorry.


Somebody: How Hae Jun’s condition?

Bak Ha: Hae Jun ssi. Don’t you remember me? (Please don’t tell me amnesia is getting introduced here)


Bak Ha: Don’t you know who I am?


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019-2020] Never Twice / No Second Chance, 두번은 없다

Hi Chingus I guess this will be goodbye :mellow: I guess we got the happily ever after for some of our couples and I know that some of us won't be happy with the way things ended with some of the characters.


It was rather sad to see everyone leave the inn, but at  least Mak Hye won't be alone. 


This is the first time, ever in my K-drama watching history, that I completed a weekend drama. It was a simple drama, filled with warmth and humour - for the most part. The highlight was for me Bak Ha, Hye Joon ( what a talent Kwak Dong Yeon is!!) and Yul Meo, but I also loved the mature romance between Geo Bok and Mak Rye and the committed relationship between Man Ho and Geum Hee. 


Thank you to all the Chingus who shared thrie thoughts and insights :heart:


I have to put these here:


Finale interview with Park Se Won and Kwak Dong Yeon





My favourite scene in the last episode




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I've just finished the drama. didn't expect myself to feel so emotional towards the end when Mak Rye was having the monologue :tears:...

i avoided family dramas all along but this one is so exceptional... no ridiculous makjang draggy plot, full of so much warmth & love


i'm glad HJ's mom turned herself in... it freed BH from the guilt of having to charge her, thus opening the way and making it possible for HJ&BH to be together in future. I think the breaking point for the mom was hearing HJ called her a monster.


i still feel very sad for the baker couple... even though Man Ho became successful in his area of expertise, it is so sad to me that his wife couldn't really share the glory & joy with him... Geum Hee tries really hard to make sure she doesn't forget the husband, she always make it a point to say "my husband Man Ho" :tears:


Also really love watching all the interactions between the elderly couple... theirs is really a love that survive the test of time and distance :wub:

i know the ladies won acting awards for the MBC year end drama awards last year... but actually KDY's acting impressed me most. ...i hope he gets more recognition in future


To all who have shared in this thread. thanks! till we meet again in other dramas :)

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@hahanzyy, yes KDY’s acting impressed me the most too. I’ve seen him in two other drama shows before this but I really enjoyed him most here. I like this drama a lot because of its warmth. I was even satisfied with Hae Jun’s mom redemption in the end. Seeing them in jail and seeing her nearly lose Hae Jun through her actions with Director Son made me believe she finally understood the gravity of her actions. 

Overall, I liked the characters and cast. Looking forward to seeing them in their next project.

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