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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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Hee! Got some google translate of the script reading.  It is alots of cute moment from Jung Hae In.  I think he must be really giddy.  Also this drama will be full of romance.

Description of script reading, Source from


With google translate


Hae In greeted Ji Min shyly as soon as he appeared in the script reading scene


After that he seems happy talking to Ji Min for a little while and began to read the script in calm manner.


Hae In show nervousness when breathing kn the same scene as Ji Min.


He reads the line "I am going to take a day off today, i am working today"


However Ji Min was puzzled and unresponsive to his words.


It turns out Hae In is nervous and done Ji Min conversation himself.


From the beginning of his debut, he said Ji Min is like a doll and it will be good to play together.


He was confronted with his ideal and he is nervous and he gave up with NG.


When Ji Min comforted him, he could not look into her eyes and laughed happily.


Spring Night is a real melodrama where 2 men and women are searching for love all the time , full of romance.

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[News] 2019.04.16 Jung Hae In Plays A Single Parent in Spring Night



From today's news (source): Spring Night's production has been keeping a hush hush on the storyline/character descriptions even though they've announced the casts. But today it's been revealed that Jung Hae In will play a single parent raising a son on his own. It'll be the first time he plays a single father so it poses as a great challenge for him.


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2 hours ago, mademoisellesia said:

But today it's been revealed that Jung Hae In will play a single parent raising a son on his own.


It sounds interesting and a bit different, so I'm completely in. 

We have so little information about this drama and they give it little by little. It's a little frustrating. I hope this week they show us at least, a teaser.

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So the little boy in the script reading is his son. At his age in the drama it's no wonder since they both play 35 year old characters.


I hope too that there would be teasers starting this week. Only 5 weeks till their premiere. I think there's something in this drama why ji min accepted:)

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Still of Kim Joo Han, Ji Min ex boyfriend.

Credit to author


An executive director of the bank audit department, a wealthy family, a cool brain, and a competent person with an appropriate fighting spirit.  Kwan Ji Suk (KJH) has affection and anxiety toward her lover Lee Jung-in (HJM).


More info can find the following with google translate. https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019041731314#Redyho

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I hope and wish that there will be good souls who can translate the interviews above. I can barely understand what their saying lol.


Ex boyfriend is good looking too. Ji min is sorrounded with good looking men lol. Oh can't wait. May pali pali:D

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