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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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Spring Night will be in Netflix!!



SEOUL, April 22, 2019 - Netflix Inc., the world's leading Internet entertainment service, announced that One Spring Night, a Korean romantic drama, will launch globally on Wednesday, May 22.

One Spring Night is a story of two people whose uneventful lives become shaken by unexpected love, leading them to seek what their hearts truly desire, instead of being fixated on faith. Lee Jeong-in, played by Han Ji-min who is well known for her leading roles in Yi San, Familiar Wife and The Light in Your Eyes, is a librarian who knows how to appreciate the small things in life. Jung Hae-in, whom Netflix fans fell in love with for his role in Something in the Rain, plays Yu Ji-ho, a well-mannered pharmacist who tends not to hesitate when it comes to love.

The series is directed by Ahn Pan Suk who is known for his realistic storytelling of love and emotions in such television dramas as Behind the White Tower and Secret Affair. For One Spring Night, Ahn has collaborated once again with writer Kim Eun whom he worked together for the mega-hit drama Something in the Rain.

One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May 22, one hour after its television broadcast in Korea. In the U.S., Mexico, Norway and Japan, all episodes will be released on July 12, while in the rest of the world, two episodes will be on the service weekly from June 1.


Above source from https://m.marketscreener.com/NETFLIX-44292425/news/NETFLIX-BRINGS-TRUE-TO-LIFE-KOREAN-ROMANCE-ONE-SPRING-NIGHT-28457734/

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This will be great. Fans globally can watch it right after each episode airs. I guess english subtitle wil be available early after each episode.


The cast are all veterans. We just need a good story. Please be good writernim. I am sure the cast and director will deliver. Can't wait for May 22:wub:

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@tok-soompi The previous dramas shown in netflix, are the interviews and teasers for these dramas subtitled by them in english? I don't know since i was not yet subscribed but i am planning to as my brother said there are a lot of korean dramas there so i don't need to download anymore. Are you subscribed to netflix? Is it worth it?

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More images and news from hellokpop

“One Spring Night” Is The Newest Korean Romance Series Netflix Fans Would Love

By abbyinhallyuland | April 22, 2019


From the writer-director tandem of highly-popular series Something in the Rain, an idyllic picture of genuine romance will be painted in One Spring Night.


Reuniting with the showrunners of his previous hit drama, Jung Hae In pairs up with Han Ji Min to portray an extraordinary love story.



Portraying the role of Lee Jeong-in, Han Ji Min will breathe life to her role as a librarian who knows how to appreciate the small things in life. Jung Hae-in whom Netflix fans fell in love with for his role in Something in the Rain, plays Yu Ji-ho, a well-mannered pharmacist who does not hesitate when it comes to love.


Han Ji Min


Their uneventful lives get intertwined by unexpected love. Defying what they believe, they seek what their hearts truly want. One Spring Night aims to depict an encouraging love tale between a man and a woman searching for love. It aims to reminisce romance at its brightest and most poignant yearning.


Directed by Ahn Pan Suk, viewers can look forward to another realistic storytelling of love and emotions. The brilliant director is known for his sound rendition of television dramas White Tower, Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine. Collaborating once again with Kim Eun, whom he worked together for the highly-successful Something in the Rain, raises anticipation.


Jung Hae In


One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May 22, one hour after its television broadcast in Korea.




Jung Hae In

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21 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

@richelle, i did not subscribe.  But my sister does.  She said many movies and dramas (western).  Some korean, not much.  But i believe it is increasing. :wub:  you should consider.  As long as there is internet, you can hook on to it, no need to watch from tv.


Thank you chinggu. I actually checked my brother's account and most of the korean stuff i already watched. So no need for an account for now.


From soompi:


Jung Hae In Brings More Depth And Warmth To His Character In Upcoming Drama With Han Ji Min

Jung Hae In Brings More Depth And Warmth To His Character In Upcoming Drama With Han Ji Min

Apr 23, 2019
by J. Lim

Jung Hae In is ready to return and woo viewers with his romantic side.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Spring Night” (literal title) will tell the beautiful love story of two people deeply in love, who are played by Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In.

Jung Hae In will take on the role of Yoo Ji Ho, a warm pharmacist who is a man of integrity. The new stills are enough to make viewers’ hearts race, as Yoo Ji Ho has a bright smile on his face as he talks to someone on the phone but also draws people in with his deep gaze. The still of him sitting in a dark area and lost in thought hints at an inner struggle he deals with as well.


Jung Hae In’s character will be one who rediscovers all of his forgotten emotions after meeting Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min). As his feelings for her deepen, he finds himself hesitating as reality looms over him, and the story the two weave is sure to tug at viewers’ heartstrings.

The warm love story of MBC’s “Spring Night” is set to premiere on May 22.


Can't wait. I haven't watched a good melodrama in a while  so i hope this is the one:wub: I want to be in love while watching this lol

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It looks like the annoying mother in SITR is also ji min's mother but based on the pictures above, she is a bit tame on this. Her role should be the opposite lol. Top list is related to ji min while the bottom list is related to hae in. I hope they will release short teasers this week. Only barely a month since it's premiere:)

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Relationship extract from Wiki:



People around Lee Jung-in

Jung-in's mother
  • Im Sung-eon as Lee Seo-in
Jung-in's big sister.
  • Joo Min-kyung as Lee Jae-in
Jung-in's little brother.
Jung-in's colleague and friend.
  • Lee Moo-saeng as Nam Si-hoon
Lee Seo-in's husband, he's a dental hospital director.

People around Yoo Ji-ho

  • Oh Man-suk as Yoo Nam-soo
Ji-ho's father
Ji-ho's colleague.
  • Lee Chang-hoon as Park Yeong-jae
Ji-ho's friend.
  • Lim Hyun-soo as Choi Hyun-soo
A bank clerk and Ji-ho's friend.

People around Kwon Ki-seok

Kwon Gi-seok's father
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11 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

I have no idea what is written in the relation chart

Credit to author

With the help of google translate in the mbc website, i finally got some clue. :)  source below from



Lee Jung-in Han 35 years old / library librarian

I put the most value on living the life I want. The affection between sisters is strong. I do not have to talk to my sister. When we talk about the marriage to the old lover, Kiyoshi, we begin to look back at each other 's relationship. Whether you are doing what you've been dreaming about, whether the love is right, or if you choose, you will regret it.

Yujiho jeonghaein 35 years / pharmacist

It is warm and upright. It was as big as a so-called, unaccompanied child once in a parent. Then, I was hit by a vortex of my life with my girlfriend when I was in college. While living with his own self-defeats and loss feelings, all the emotions that he forgotten while meeting Jeong-In are revived. I know that I try to control but it is not possible.

Kwon Ki- suk Kim Jun- won 38 years old / Chung-in Lovers / Bank Head Office

Between confidence and pride is a breathtaking spread. It has a wealthy family background, but there is no pride of pride. With a quick head and a good fighting ability, the position at work is okay. There is a crack in the relationship with Jungin, and it is early to detect that it is not ordinary, but I believe it will be overcome enough.
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My feel of the character description using google translate which maybe wrong.


Reading the mbc website and feels that jung in eldest sister and mother are not happy with their current marriage for various reason.  Unlike previous drama, this time the bad person in the family is father.  Seems like both jung in father and Ki Suk father felt like the dictator.  Jung In brother in law might be quite a difficult person to be around.


Ji Ho family seems more humble and his mum is very supportive.  Also he has a wonderful son.


Although Ki Suk's father does not sound like an easy person but Ki Suk character seems ok.  And he has all the great quality to be husband material.  Not sure is it because of jung in and his father relationship for them to start a relationship or it is simply they have been together for too long that they already not in love but just too used to each other company.


The synopsis of long term relationship and in discussion of marriage may really be Jung In and Ki Suk and enter Ji Ho that shakes Jung In.


Both Jung In and Ji Ho has great colleague. 

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