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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤


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On 4/25/2019 at 6:14 PM, tok-soompi said:

Their back

The lookCredit all the above to author



This early i feel like they will have a great chemistry. I hope that my intuition is right. Can't wait for this drama:wub:

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23 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

My feel of the character description using google translate which maybe wrong.


Reading the mbc website and feels that jung in eldest sister and mother are not happy with their current marriage for various reason.  Unlike previous drama, this time the bad person in the family is father.  Seems like both jung in father and Ki Suk father felt like the dictator.  Jung In brother in law might be quite a difficult person to be around.


Ji Ho family seems more humble and his mum is very supportive.  Also he has a wonderful son.


Although Ki Suk's father does not sound like an easy person but Ki Suk character seems ok.  And he has all the great quality to be husband material.  Not sure is it because of jung in and his father relationship for them to start a relationship or it is simply they have been together for too long that they already not in love but just too used to each other company.


The synopsis of long term relationship and in discussion of marriage may really be Jung In and Ki Suk and enter Ji Ho that shakes Jung In.


Both Jung In and Ji Ho has great colleague. 


I agree. I think the biggest conflict here is jung in having a patriarchal family where even their relationship is being influenced by his father. Also, ji ho being a single father so more reason for jung in's father not to accept him. I think jung in is just used to having ki suk around and everything will changed once she meets ji ho:)

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Google translate of Ji Min first Interview article:

[First interview] Han Ji-min, "Spring Night", "A drama that can give a tremble in drawing"

2019-04-18 20:00


The first interview of actor Han Ji Min, who appeared in MBC's new tree drama 'Spring Night', was released. 

In the play, Han Ji Min plays a local librarian Lee Jung In. Lee Jung In is a person with a clear conscience and a strong personality, and living the life he wants is the greatest value and happiness of life. Han Ji-min, who showed her work and love in her 30s through 'Spring Night', introduced her role as "a character who can think about love and marriage, I have a lot of branches, and I expect a lot of personally how Jung In will change in the future. "


Han Ji-min, who had just finished his first script reading and interviewed, said, "It's a bit strange and tense because everyone is greeting for the first time. I thought that such a strange tension would be a time to give curiosity to each other. I am excited to be able to shoot in harmony with many actors and staff. " 

It is also interesting that Han Ji-min, who has been in the 17th year of his debut, has met with most actors such as Jung Hae In and Kim Jun Han in this film. Han Ji-min, who recently joined the Ahn Chang-seok division through the "Spring Night", said, "Personally, I wanted to perform a melodrama with An-chan Seok and Kim at the same time. I am very glad that such an opportunity came earlier than I thought. I will shoot hard while taking care of a lot of consideration and breathing. "


Finally, Han Ji-min said, "When spring arrives, everyone will have a feeling of throbbing." "Spring night" is like a feeling of being given in a title, and it is a drama that can give a tremble in the attraction when a new person is met. I would like you to have a lot of love stories to come along with. " 

On the other hand, MBC's new tree drama 'Spring Broom' is a drama about a romance full of sorrow that two men and women are searching for love in a spring day. 


article extract from http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/258264


So Ji Min wanted to work with the director and writer and she found the opportunity!  Bonus is her male lead adore her and wanted to work with her.  What an interesting combi!!

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Google translate of Jung Hae In 1st interview

[First interview] 'Spring night' Jeong Hae In, "Let's be together with us"

2019-04-19 20:00


The first interview of actor Jung Hae-in appeared in MBC new tree drama 'spring night'.

In the drama, Cho Seonin plays the prescription of the pharmacist. 'After a beautiful sister who is good at buying rice', Ahn Chang-seok once again co-directed Kim - Jung Hae In, who was in a relationship with the artist, transformed into a thoughtful man who was tender in her 'spring night'


"I am very glad and I am just grateful to have returned to the depths of melody, and I am looking forward to having a good show because of the excitement and good feelings of" spring night ". "I said. 

In the scene of the first meeting of all the actors' official meeting, the actor of the eye-catching Ahn Chang-seok division was caught several times. So, Jeong Hae-in said, "I tend to be very nervous when I read it, but I was in a lot of ways to help. I heard it when I read the script alone at home and read it all differently. I was really excited about the start of Spring Breeze.


As for Han Ji-min, who is in the process of breathing together, he confessed, "I'm so excited. As there is already a lot of interest in the visual chemistry of the two people, such as the warm spring day, this spring is the most anticipated birth of the best melodrama this spring. 

Finally, Jeong Haein said, "I think it will be a good drama for the drama 'spring night', springtime. I hope that you will be excited with us. 

On the other hand, MBC's new tree drama 'Spring Broom' is a drama about a romance full of sorrow that two men and women are searching for love in a spring day.


can read original article in http://m.imbc.com/enews/view/258294

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Ji min with the director Ahn Pan Seok and they are visited by MBC president wow. I think this project is highly anticipated and i really do hope it will rate well.


@tok-soompi I knew it. Most of the time ji min choose a project because she likes to work with the actor or director. She was given an opportunity to work with PD Ahn Pan Seok with the writer and she grabbed it. And jung hae in also likes to work with her. Looking forward to the team's synergy:D



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I am quite disappointed with the plan to promote this drama very much. It's slow and doesn't attract In wanting to know the story I'm not sure if the  MBC channel doesn't really focus on the promotion of the drama? And it is not surprising that the MBC drama channel has always made a rating rating rather not high. In many dramas, past stories:(

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I feel the same too. Competition would be mostly romcoms and the kbs will air the final episodes of the ratings leader so they should really step up. Romcom from tvn, fantasy/sci fi romcom from kbs and sbs. I just really hope this will rate well despite the lack of promotions. Oh well there's a reason why mbc is always at the bottom lol


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On 5/1/2019 at 11:24 AM, tok-soompi said:


Credit to author

A very welcome translations by Soompi:


Watch: Jung Hae In Can’t Help But Smile In Warm Teaser For Upcoming Drama With Han Ji Min

May 2, 2019
by J. Lim

Jung Hae In brings the warmth of spring in a new teaser for his upcoming drama.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Spring Night” (literal title) is set to premiere this month and leading up to it, the drama has released a teaser for its main character Yoo Ji Ho, played by Jung Hae In. The warm and calming energy that radiates from him increases anticipation for the drama.

The new teaser shows Jung Hae In walking around late at night with a faint smile on his face. His steps look as light as he’s feeling, and he continues to smile like something good has happened. Han Ji Min, who plays Lee Jung In, narrates, “This feels like a special connection, let’s be friends.” Her words seem to be the reason why Jung Hae In looks so content in the teaser, hinting at a warm romance to come.

“Spring Night” is set to premiere on May 22.


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