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[OFFICIAL THREAD 2] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]

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Found this thread clear my mind. But I was back reading this thread from present post to old post. And yes some of brownies delulu mode on make me laugh. I was thinking brownies think too much. 

1. When SY posted this on March 2,2018 brownies was on delulu mode. But I keep thinking of course SY will post this because it was a gift from a fan. She is a very appreciative in all the gifts she receive. Yes brownies think too much.

2. And when brownies said oh SY was wearing Nerdy clothes. SY giving nerdy clothes to her friend. And I was thinking again. Isn't it brownies said too that SY is a Nerdy stockholder too. 


This was my first thought when I was reading this thread backward for the first time. I was contradicting some brownies thoughts in my mind coz I stalk their IG first and keep thinking that they already have a special someone in their lives. 


Looking at JH sadness in 2017 I was so affected. And looking at SY post in her IG and she really look happy and become more beautiful and keep thinking she was happy with her special someone  I was more sad. Because JH look depressed and asking why did they broke up ( his rumour girlfriend )

Then boom I was reading this thread in early 2017then 2016. Then I realize they really fell in love with each other. That during those times they really in a relationship. Then I finally decided I will read this thread from page 1 and finally admit the rumour GF is just a rumour. He was not sad because he was broken up with that rumour GF. He was sad because he really got broken up with a girl and that girl is our bear SY. I was so happy then finally remember about his last GF is 2 and a half years ago. I was so happy as I continue reading this thread from page 1 to 1998 again.

Back in the days so many coincidence of them having a relationship. 

Their IG saga. Their posting at the same time or online almost at the same time. 

And when JH post a  blue plate with a fish on it and SY too posted it  and brownies realize it was the same plate. And SY deleted that post. And of course what would be the conclusion. They are eating at the same place and they are eating together.

I really believe that SY is JH strength during his scandal in 2016. Remember when Sooooyou posted this. I believe SY was with JH too. And about bami' s existence he was adopted by SY. And now we know when is Bami's bday. July 2016. 

And many friend of JH like SY post or follow SY. Isn't it weird.  We know there is something happen behind the scene.



And before MOLS many speculations in this thread that maybe SY is in Busan too. The ocean post with the rock on it. Her  post about cat and it is raining there. And the weather in Busan is rainy too. And finally it was confirmed. When JH friend  from Busan comment on one of SY post and a fan ask how did he know SY and the friend said during chuseok day. So it was confirmed SY is in Busan.

So the exgirlfriend of JH and why he is so sad in 2017  and 2018 and wish to be with her again  now we know who. 

JH song 

TlME MACHINE...MY EXEX GIRLFRIEND. Now we know the meaning of this song. Not fully but the meaning of wanting to be back with that pretty exgirlfriend using the TIME MACHINE.


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I will always connect Bami and Blue  with JH and SY. Bami look like his dad. And blue eyes is pretty as pretty with our baby bear eyes.

May 20, 2017 

This post of JH really make my delulu .

With a caption of I miss you. Maybe during that time JH and SY got so busy. Maybe they haven't met for a while. 

And JH change his IG profile pictures. He change his profile picture with his friend when his friend died. But later on he change his profile pictures with LU again. And until now it was still his IG profile Pictures. 


Seeing JH sadness in 2017 up to 2018 make me sad. And even more sad seeing SY was so happy and become more prettier. 



When  I see this post of JH my delulu mode on again. Someone is living the country to watch Twice concert. And in my delulu mind he was saying please don't catch a cold. Yes he don't follow SY but I still believe he still see his post. 


When I watch this video of their 8th anniversary.

I was become more sad. In 1:36 YH singing " oh pretty girl you make me wasted baby " then look at JH.

 And when YH said laugh for 3 seconds to the fans. And they all laugh but JH was exaggerating his laugh. Then YH said you always said be healthy be happy always right ( looking at their fans) but ( then look to JH) and JH said stop. And YH stop.  Because  JH know what would YH is saying. I know YH was really talking to JH. He really don't look ok. He look stressed. Portraying his happy but the members know his not really happy. And on 7:10  MH singing Miracle. I watch some fancam video and MH really trying hard to hit the note but failed so YH turn to JH and make him sing it. But JH didn't continue. While singing the song he was looking above as if he forget the lyrics and trying to remember it. And then he stopped he even touch his eyes. I was thinking is he really forgot the lyrics or he can't really sing it because he remember MIRACLE is so special to them. SY chose that song right. I was really sad watching this. And after the show he post in his IG with the caption I am a happy man. 

Then I was thinking when JH was having a concert cnblue had a scandal. YH scandal. You can see in his concert he was sad. But he said he is professional so he can do the concert. But still fans feels his sadness. He felt sad because of YH scandal but before that he was sad because he lost a friend. And before he lost a friend he was so sad because he lost someone special. When he sing the BUTTERFLY you can hear the sadness in his voice. He even stop while singing the song.

Then after the concert he post this. 


January 31, 2018 

SY was going to Japan for a photoshoot. And said to Bami you want to come. Maybe Bami really do like to come with SY. He miss his dad. 

Isn't it coincidence Feb 1 to Feb 2 JH is having a concert in Japan. And SY was going to Japan for a photoshoot. I wonder if they meet there. Or I wonder if SY watch JH concert. But many updates with SY on Feb 1. She was having a dinner with the group. No time to meet. How I wish. No time to talk. Maybe JH feels really sad and want to meet many person that's why he posted it. He want to meet many person. And one of them is our baby bear who is in Japan during that time. 

Feb 2 concert

He was talking about his post go trending. And he said he was just being himself. 

Feb 8 to Feb 9, 2018  SY with her 163 friend 




Now I will ask brownies can you spot the difference during JH concert in Japan


JH Feb 1 to Feb 2 concert and

On his Feb 12to Feb 13,2018concert in Japan


This is JH video thanking his fans

Feb 2, 2018


Feb 13,2018 JH say thank you to his fans


And while SY is with her 163 friends someone is wishing please spring come soon. Why he love spring. Because during the spring time he met someone special.




 Feb 3 fan signing


Feb 14 fan signing


Jan 31 JH going to Japan


Feb 11JH going to Japan




Feb 3 JH from Japan airport to Gimpo airport


Feb 15 from Japan to Gimpo airport

Brownies can you see the difference. His first concert in Japan Feb 1 to Feb 2

And his second concert Feb 12 to Feb 13.

The pictures and the video of him during his first concert you can see his tired,look stressed he is smiling but he is not glowing. Something is lacking on his smile. Maybe he is sick on January 31 he really look unwell. But on his Feb 11 he look fresh. Like his old typical JH. He look cool and doing well. And his dimple is showing off. He smile a lot.


During his fansigning on Feb 3 concert he was smiling maybe because he is happy because lots of fans cheering on him. But you can see the difference during his fan signing on Feb 14. He look so innocent and on a fresh mode look. 


Feb 3 going back to Korea. He is smiling while talking to the phone but after that you can tell in his aura it's not the same JH we see during his airport sightings. And still look tired.

Feb 15 going back to Korea. It was the old JH I see. So fresh and the camera even caught him smiling. I wonder why.



Maybe because of this... Delulu mode on. When SY is with her 163 friends Feb 8 to Feb 9. And JH post spring please come soon. And anti fans comment in that post. So much negative comments according to gonglee global. And SY posted this. MY BAMI ISNT UGLY. 

Yeah right SY your Bami isn't ugly he is adorable like his dad. I was connecting their IG post again. Yes delulu mode on.



And then someone update with SY Feb 18, 2018. I love the video when he is doing her AEGYO pouting her lips . And then wave her hands. Maybe she was saying hello to someone.


Then got to see this. Feb 18, 2018

jH posted saying hello. Yes JH hello kiddo. But my delulu mind said you are saying hello to someone.




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I remember this. This FNC picnic fan meeting happen after their Jeju trip in 2015. See how lively JH is. He do the moves. The dancing moves he and SY do in the car while their singing and doing a hip hop moves. Look at his hands movement he can't control it.

When I was searching  about cnblue previous interview I find him not that talkative. Yes he sometimes talk but not that much. But in 2015 until early 2017 he really talk a lot.  He laugh a lot. He do AEGYO. Yes we always seen him always holding his cellphone. But back in the days He was seen holding his cp too. 2012, 2013. But the difference in 2015 onwards he was just holding his  cp maybe becuse he don't have an IG back then. I don't know about his weibo. Cnblue fancam videos caught him holding his cp. Or calling someone. But that's it. He immediately put his cp on his pocket. Not really holding it. 

Well I really love this video. YH was smiling too and so as  JS and MH. I was thinking they are cheering on JH. 




Then back to his sad days. When I was back tracking this thread and watch cnblue  concert in 2017 I was really observing JH. And compare to cnblue 2015 and 2016 concert.  I really feel JH sadness. 

 Back in 2016






 09302017 cnblue concert. Watching JH in cnblue previous concert he was always in his own world. But back in 2015 and 2016 aside from being in his own world he look happy too. Well his always happy when he do concert with his band. But try watching their previous concert before his WGM stint you can see the difference.

But watching this video I feel like  JH is in his own world. Well some of cnblue concert in 2017 I feel JH trying to be alive, wild and happy. Their last concert in Philippines while they are doing their encore observe JH. I feel like what happen JH.

Watching this again

JH is really in his own world. Sometimes he look like he is blankly looking at something and then go wild. He was portraying  that he is happy, he smile, he dance and he go wild. But back then he was just wildly playing his guitar and Keep humming and wildly singing. 

I know he want some charging. He need a charger. Commenting in SY post and maybe his thinking please reply but none of them happen. No response to SY. And maybe that's why he acted that way to forget something and be happy as a bee. But intently looking at him we know he is not that happy.




This fan meeting with MH and JS. The original concept of this fan meeting is Cnblue will play a pilot. But YH scandal make that fan meeting cancelled. And without YH too. He was suddenly enlist to army. And watching all this March 2018 video for the first time while first back reading our thread I cried especially when the MC told them to act that they are crying. And the 2 maknae said they can't cry. But JH did and the MC said you are all actors but why JH can do it and JH said because he is full of sorrow. Wow my heart ache I cried a lot too. And watching all the video just observing JH because most of the shared video has no subtitle. And I was wondering JH did not talk much. He is more fluent in Japanese. But the 2maknae speak well too. They are the one who keep on talking. And JH was just silently sitting there. And he butt in once in a while. Or when the MC ask him. And MH and JS enjoying the moment. They are the center of the attention no YH that keep on talking too. That's what I observed watching this fan meeting. Conclusion JH become more sad and sad. 












But. .. BUT a big BUT while reading again our thread. My POV change. Watching this for the first time Al am thinking is JH is sad. He is so lonely. Well reading again and watching it again and again my conclusion change.


And then JH, MH and JS travel to switzerland. Watching all the video in their you tube channel during their trip JH seem so happy. Is he reminiscing especially the ice cream part. He do a lot of aegyo and so many cute pose. He look different to me in their Switzerland trip. And I was laughing when he was so scared when they are on that hanging bridge. Yes  he seem so happy but I stil feel he is lonely. 

When JS and MH play he walk alone and sit and looking at the view. For me at that time he was happy yet stil sad. 








And watching this JH fan meeting last May 13, 2018 for the first time I still think that JH is still sad. He smile, he laugh but you can feel the sadness in his voice. And I am thinking when will JH be happy again.  And hoping that he can endure the pain especially when he enlist in the army. The original place of this fan meeting is at SY university.  The place where JH and SY met for the first time. But FNC change the venue. Maybe because of all the melons. 







May 27, 2018 JH and JS fan meeting in Thailand. I wonder JH really look happy does he already move on. Does he accept it that its time for him to  forget all the pain and live a new life without her. 


Then JH concert in Japan

June 7 to June 8,  2018

June 14 to June 15, 2018.

I watch some excerpt video that are uploaded in you tube. I was confused. He look like an old JH. But then he really look like he is happy. He was smiling especially when he sing Pinacolada. 







Look how handsome JH is. He was directly looking at the camera and smile as if he is teasing someone. 



But then watching this video my heart felt sad again. 



But when burning souls of Thailand uploaded the full version of JH concert last June 15, 2015. I feel relieved and happy. And much more happier after I finish reading our thread. 

Sorry brownies for a long post. Sorry for the long introduction. But during those times that is what I feel. 

Now my last POV  where I will really start my delulu... 


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Hi brownies


Credit to ketch_cp Twitter account


When I read the translations of ketch_cp in JH concert last February 2018 in our thread and after I finish reading our thread and felt happy and make a post about our bee couple and holding back for my last POV about them. I stalk Ketch_cp twitter. Hoping I would get some more info about JH or maybe some translations of his Metropolis song. And ketch_cp translations really help me. I understand more JH now. 


And yes JH was feel depressed and SAD. He really look stressed. He feel sad about YH scandal. But he was also enduring his own pain. And his music, his concert his fans that are cheering on him make him forget what he feel inside.


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:


He want to heal his broken heart by singing his song. And tell the world this is how I feel right now. 

ONLY BEAUTY JH composed song during their Stay Gold album that are released last October 2017. He was really sad during that time right. He lose weight. And fans asked him how did he lose weight and he answered "stressed" 

MH said and even JH confirm it in their old interview that JH lose and gain weight easily as if told the fans it's his strength. If he want to gain  or lose weight he can do it easily. But that answer it was his real answer he lose weight because he is stressed.


This song is dedicated for someone. 

This part of his song 

" Even tears spilled suddenly
Its strength that will turn into light
Because indeed you’re the hope of this star ".

He was sad but yes that person is indeed his hope. 



In the wind that’s blowing through You are You You are
Shaken the red flower You might You You might
Look up to the sky and reach out
Its appearance that will never fears
The path that you choose is not wrong

Just confront it dignifiedly Silhouette
Everything is beautiful

Blooming Beauty sparkle is Lasting
You are the Only Beauty in this world

In the falling rain You are You You are
The flower that dance to the sound You might You You might

Even tears spilled suddenly
Its strength that will turn into light
Because indeed you’re the hope of this star

But I wish I could lean on today
I want to hug and protect you tenderly

Beauty without dirt More freedom than anyone does
Forever lighting this world Only Beauty

The one and only shine
Don’t wither up, don’t disappear

Blooming Beauty sparkle is Lasting
You are the Only Beauty in this world


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

And his lonely days he keep posting in his IG about life. And as he grow old he realize now that life isn't good as always. People tend to experience a hard life. He once told in one of his interview that if problems come  he forget it before it becomes to be a big problem. Now he knew problems is part of humans life. And he want to be a good person more and more. In one of cnblue fan meeting I already forgot the exact answer and the exact question. But the idea is having someone is hard you should be a good person. And JS tease him. (As if  JS saying oh you had a good person on your side are you a good person too ) and he answered back to JS that's why I said it's hard.

So he want to be  good person more and more.


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:



He once said that he love STARLIT NIGHT and BLIND LOVE.

I know he is enduring pain. He keep saying he love his members. But he also wanted to say it to someone special.

The part of that song. I know he always said it during his concert 

" No matter how far you go, I'm always loving you " 

He wanted  to say it to someone special. That no matter what I'm still here. Always loving you 


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

JH said he is always professional. Even though he is sad and keep enduring his own pain he want the show to go on no matter how hard it is for him. His music, his fans and doing that concert give him strength especially all the fans are cheering on him. But he is also a very honest person. No matter how he tried to hide what he feels it still shows. The fans feel his sadness. That he is not ok.

Although there is no shared video about his February 1, 2018 concert I am grateful that there is an audio shared in you tube. And singing that BUTTERFLY song that YH composed. He can't hide it in his voice. And maybe if there is a shared video we can also see the pain in his eyes. He said during their promotions of  their stay gold album he like the BUTTERFLY song that YH composed. And we know why. That song is about a person he love but got separated. That the only he can do is remembering the old days but he can never go back. And said now he know what he had lost. That no matter what he is still there for her. Goodbye girl.

 Hearing the shared audio you can really feel his in pain. He even stopped singing for a while. 



Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

Then JH post this. Right after his February 1 concert. He was tired of hiding what he feels. And at that time he don't care. He wanted to say what he feels. He wanted to say what he wants. And saying there is so many people that he want to meet. But he can't meet. 

Remember SY was also there in Japan for a photo shoot. Maybe that's why he said that because he wanted to meet SY. But SY is busy and he is busy too.


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:




When I first heard about it in our forum and made some shared thought about this so called my last girlfriend is 2.5 years ago.. I wonder at that time does someone asked JH and he just answered. 

And when I finally see this tweet of Ketch_cp when I stalk her Twitter account I smile widely.

So for 2.5 years he has no girlfriend. And he said HE CANT LIVE ALONE. Then how on Earth he endure to be alone for 2.5 years. Just being with friends make him happy. Yeah right JH you're not good at lying. You even said Oh I should be careful and never said that. Yeah JH what made you said this. It was your MC no one is asking you. You just SAID it to the world. Did you just accidentally said it. Then WHY. You are a very cautious man. Why saying this kind of statement that fans would connect to your WGM days and especially to that bear lady SY. Are you implying something or you are just so happy that you wanted to share what you feel.

2.5 years. 

2015 to 2016 we can see how happy you are. You look inspired. You are always on your cellphone. You're addicted to it. And the kiss you shared with SY during your MOLS days you are enjoying it. That watching it, viewers will always said this two is really having a relationship. You know JH what we are talking about it's not a screen kiss it's a real kiss. A kiss shared to special someone. So how on Earth you will say that your last girlfriend was on August 2015.  You're twisting your words. You're exaggerating your words. In my delulu mind this is what you wanted to say "  last August 2015 I had a girlfriend our relationship last for 2 years then we broke up. And it's been 6 months. Two years in a relationship and 6 months of being alone. Yes my last girlfriend is 2.5 years ago.we lasted for 2 years."

So JH why you said that in your MC. Talking about girlfriend. No one asked you JH


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:


And then this. Wow talking about love now. During his encore. You are really implying something JH. Your brownies fans is in delulu mode.


Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:



Check out @ketch_cp’s Tweet:

ILLUSION. jH said love is illusion a fantasy. We have to SAVE that ILLUSION each other.

In his saddest days.he composed song about a regret love. He sing some songs in his IG about love. A lost love. That somehow no matter what happen he is in his fantasy world that he want to go back at that time. Stalking Ketch_cp Twitter account I found some translations of JH song. but I cannot dig on it anymore. I don't know how twitter account works. When I viewed her tweet all I can see is her last Jan. 2018 tweet. The shared translations happen last November 2017. Does twitter work like that you can't see the previous tweets anymore. I'm sad I thought I can shared the link.


Check out @BlueEclipseGT’s Tweet:



Thanks to ketch_cp translations of JH interview and translations of JH song. Now I finally understand the meaning of TIME MACHINE, CRY TO HAPPY and HIKARI NO MACHI DE. Although I don't understand killing me Softly meaning hard boiled man's life.

When I watch the full version of JH concert I was really curious with the meaning of Hikari no machi de. Now I fully understand  that aside of I LOVE YOU song why he is so emotional while singing this song too. 

JH meaning of LOVE 


His Metropolis album you can see some of his illusion.

Starryplaces. Feels like their old days in their WGM days.

Head trip SY charming spell he can take JH on a head trip 

Shine - his shining through and discover what really life is and he know someday he will conquer it

Cry to happy - cheering on a sad lady  and start a new life

Time machine - ILLUSION of going back to his ex GF 

Still in my heart -  illusion of loving someone until the end. Though he will never get a chance to hold her again but he will keep on loving her.


In this song he has one wish an illusion 





Such a wonderful song. He wrote down this song in. A span of 5 to 10 minutes. You can see the meaning of the song. His illusion and hope to be with that girl again and be together with her again and laugh together again. 





1. STARRY PLACES  - A guy's happy emotion who got a woman in his heart




2. HEAD TRIP - JH said when he is driving in sunset he feel like a cowboy




3. SHINE - We praise each other overcome both good and bad things and make an only one srtificial work


I'm shining through
I discover my own purpose
Deep within beneath the surface
Tomorrow means I never will resign
‘Cause I know that I'll get a chance to shine
The sadness and anguish
That I can't do a thing about
Erasing all my doubt
Encounter the darkness
The day will bring me the reason
In despite of troubles and strife
They turn into the brushes of my life
I let go and breathe it in
Ilove this part of the song. Before JH don't want worries. Now he realize it's part of ones life. 
4. Hikari no Machi de - JH said I wanted to express the warmth of the word IM HOME,WELCOME BACK.
5. CRY TO HAPPY - Cheering from all women. After all your tears taken out look forward up and start walking to the next.
6. TIME MACHINE - A guy sees his ex GF and regrets because she is beautiful and wishes to back to the past by time machine.
7. KILLING ME SOFTLY - Hard boiled man's life. 
8. STILL IN MY HEART- Sadness of a lost loved. And swearing to keep on loving her.

Remember  JH post on Feb 10. 2018

spring come soon please. And lot of hate comments on this post and SY post MY BAMI ISNT UGLY. On February 11, 2018


Then one of his interviews in 2018 or 2017 he said he don't like winter

In WGM days he chose winter over summer.



At this point of time I know they communicating again. JH aura change during his second concert.. in his Feb 12 to Feb 13 concert he looks happy. In the airport he smile  we can see his dimple. And even shared and talk about LOVE while doing his MC.

Doesn't brownies ask why. Because I am asking a big WHY. Why mentioning about exgirlfriend. Why mentioning what is love.

Because his illusion, His fantasy are coming true. 

The hope and keeping the faith of holding on to that ILLUSION is clear now. Yes in my delulu mind they talk. Maybe SY know how depressed JH is. Just like  what happen in him in 2016. And SY see that. If she is in Japan she can hear some news. What happen to JH concert. That JH post trend and fans worries about JH. SY know what is happening to JH. She still follow JH. She can see clearly what's going on  on his IG. All the hate comments. His feeling towards it. And maybe heard about how he acted in his concert. Yes SY will know that. That's why I conclude they're getting there. Communicating again. And timely JH composed song he played in his IG right after SY bday. The letter of his father. I believed that's what SY said to him during those times " ARE YOU OK " That WGM days when she is upset to JH and told Him " UNTIL NOW YOU DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO RIGHT" . in my delulu mind again I know she said it to JH again.  That's what will I originally  said . connecting their IG post. That's how they start their communication. Because SY  know JH was so sad. 

( Then his IG post singing a new song. 

Response. Are you doing OK. Wow do i read your mind JH.maybe one of my so called coincidence about reading their IG.)

Then their IG post Feb 18, 2018. SY with her friend doing Aegyo post and JH saying hello to the kid. 

They are really communicating right.

Pabo laugh.

And isn't it WEIRD 

that on FEBRUARY 19, 2018 SY UNFOLLOWED JH and on the same day again JH UNLIKE all pictures of SY that he liked before. Give me some explanation brownies. We have the same thoughts. Something is happening during this days. 

Some brownies said that maybe SY realize on that day that JH UNFOLLOWED her. Oh c'mon lots of brownies tagging her. It's impossible for her to didn't notice that JH UNFOLLOWED her last December 14, 2017.

Then pabo laugh again. I was searching about JH translated English mc on his concert or the meaning of his Japanese song. Then finally read at ketch_cp. And decided yes I will post my delulu about our 02couple.

Then our BEEHIVE CHATROOM give me some info connecting to what I am thinking to their IG post.

Thanks to anon4796 of browniehive

" Heard about SY link to LJK

That on the same day SY unfollow JH LJK followed SY coach. And then her coach friend post a SKY picture that she make a caption  like cheering someone. And LJK change his IG profile with SKY PICTURE. 

Wow another coincidence.

In melons point of view. And if I will not know about this thread and just reading their IG post. I will also think that way. That JH unlike SY post because he has a new BF. Why would he do that. Isn't it a childish act. And how on Earth that coincidence happen on the same day. Does he still stalk SY IG that's why he know SY unfollow him. 

Of course he did. He always stalk SY IG. And that unfollowing and unliking is their way to make melons think they are not really communicating with each other anymore. But in reality they are really communicating again.


BUT brownies isn't SKY is a very special word to SY and JH.The SKY BLUE COAT song.


And brownies remember this WGM days. The post card SY give to JH. And until now we didn't know what SY write to JH. And during this time they are posting about SKY or talking about the clear SKY. SO that SKY that SY coach post is connected to someone and she want to cheer on them. And LJK post about SKY too is connected to someone he know too.


JH has a lot of friends. He hang out with them and his friends know what happen to JH. And LJK know that. As a new friend and a new business partner he will know JH is in troubled. And now JH see the clear SKY. Does he always composed a song about sky right or talking about that starry places. Yes the coach and LJK is cheering for a reunited couple. The coach and LJK is very happy because finally their friends is going to be happy again. Really happy to be with each other's arms again.



I therefore conclude maybe not exactly FEBRUARY 19, 2018. Maybe between February 9 to FEBRUARY 19. JHand SY become officially ON again. And their friends know that. And that hint on February 19, 2019 is a clue for brownies. 

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i want to ask to brownies in korea, in regard of seugri take down his CEO/owner position in his busines for military duty, did JH did that too with the NERDY ?


because, in my delulu, SY is still active wearing nerdy clothes, and during the ISAC tournament ... nerdy is active sponsor. my delulu is JH take down his position and give to SY ...


or maybe someone in here can give me info for that matter

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@Na NeNi jh isn't the listed CEO for nerdy, so he doesn't have to step down. if you look at the official site, the person listed as CEO is someone called lee minkyung. nerdy is handled by a company called multinex which is a subsidiary of apr corporation (owned by lee jukwang and kim byunghoon). you can see all the information in apr's official japan website.

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Now brownies... 




To all lurkers melon behave please. I know you reported that kiss scene video shared in you tube by one of brownies. I can't watch it on you tube anymore. And I am afraid that some of IG post that  I will share today will be reported or I may not be able to see it in IG. Because of you melon lurkers.

Hope my fear is not true. But I really feel sad that myunmoon shared video about their kiss scene in MOLS I cannot watch it anymore. So please melons mind your own business.


FEB 19, 2018 an intriguing IG saga happen on JH and SY. The unfollowing and the unliking. You want fans to think it on another way. But brownies didn't think that way. 

Now after that no IG post from them right.

Feb.24, 2018 JH post this



When I was stalking SY, JH and BBsong IG before. This IG post about Bami hurt me. Because at that time I thought SY is with his rumour BF.

But after reading our thread. After stalking their IG account again and again. After reading many IG post of brownies about them now I know it's not his new rumour BF.

Look at the video. When you are watching it. The person who took the video is focusing on Bami. Especially Bami"s eyes. Why why why. Because that person want to tell her guest ". Look at Bami's eyes, look at Bami's face it really look like you. Many people told me that. And also many fans are commenting Bami look like you." ( Pabo laugh. Yeah delulu overload.) You really can tell on the 3rd picture and the last video it was really focus on Bami's eyes and Bami's face. Someone is visiting BAMI right.



Then someone is saying good morning to someone. And that someone will be having a birthday the next day. Coincidence. I think so. Coz JH is not good at remembering dates.

Insert JH pabo laugh.




March 2,2018

When I first saw this I really thought it was just a simple posting of a gift from a fan. That's why I'm contradicting brownies. That no delulu on this post. Because at that time I thought SY is with his new BF.


But then analyzing this post. If SY already had someone in her life. Isn't it weird to post this. Because a bear. A

honey bee. A guitar and the 2 baby bear is all related to JH. That someone might get jealous right. And yeah I finally admit. There is a delulu in this post. And yes SY has a special someone. Someone special who love baby bear. Someone special who love to play guitar. Someone special who dream a conception dream and want to have a 2 child. A son first and a baby girl. A happy BABY BEAR FAMILY.

That special someone will not get jealous because he love our Bear SY.


Then this post. it's March 2, 2018. Same date SY post that Bear family Gift.


The caption said as per google translations. THE CRUEL HUNTER.

HUNTER.... did SY said Hunter. 

Hunter is one of JH nickname in WGM


And it was posted on March 2 the day SY and JH first met. And JH hunt SY. He do a lot of honey bee moves to make SY fall for him.

That green caps. That big eyes on that toy. It reminds me of JH. JH love green. It's his fave color. Yes SY

Your LOVE HUNTER hunt you again .



Then this. JH really look happy. See his hands. He do it again. That moving hands it reminds me of how excited he was. Doing that dance move with SY. In his Korean drama  Girl generation. He is not that happy right. Because at that time he was stressed.

But now did we see a stressed JH. Did we see a sad JH. Yes I can't see him anymore. It's just been a month.. During his Feb 1 to. Feb 2 concert we can see that person a stressed and sad JH. But how come in a span of time he really look good. He really look happy. On his Feb 12 to Feb 13 concert we already see a different JH.we can see his smile. His true smile. Not a fake smile we can see how happy he is.

I wonder why. 

Ah I know he has someone special. He is not alone now. He is happy. He don't post about being happy again in his IG. 


MH, JS and JH airport sightings 

Yeah we can see how happy he is right. This was March 7 2018. Their heading to Japan for a fan meeting.

The fan meeting where I thought JH is so sad and watching all of it. It makes my heart cry because I thought JH was still sad and stressed.



Well brownies I watch all this video shared in you tube. But I'm lazy right now searching for a shared video where JH do the Aegyo post like SY. He do the shrugging shoulder that he loved when SY do that shrugging shoulder.

I once said that JH was still sad during their fan meeting. I can see he look stressed or tired. Yes he is tired. That's why he look like stressed. But that airport sightings. On how we can see his smile. JH is just being JH. He was just reminiscing what he encounter during his bad days.

And yes I wonder, JH among the four members is fluent in Japanese language. I ask why does the 2 maknae keep on talking and JH was just butt in or he just talk when the MC ask him. Why.

Yes he was on his bad days. FNC know that. That fan meeting original concept is Cnblue to be portray as a pilot. That fan meeting was already shared last January 2018. And with YH.  But then something happen..No YH. No talkative YH and JH is in his bad days. So how can that fan meeting survive. The 2 leaders are not ok. So in my mind FNC decided the 2 maknae will take the lead. They should be the one to do the talking. And learn more the  Japanese language. So that fan meeting will survive. Even without YH or even with JH who is in bad days.  And FNC know JH attitude. Yes he is professional. But a live interview. FNC know JH can't handle it. He will still show he is not OK. 

But then something miracle happen. JH being happy again. And we know why. And for me that would be the reason why JH is not that talkative. Because when YH enlist and FNC thought he can't handle it So they decided it's JS and MH turn now.

( Pabo laugh so much of my insight about this fan meeting )



Stalk plepinpin IG and got to see this. I was lazy watching that Aegyo shrug of JH in you tube. But all I'm doing right now is stalking JH, SY, CNBLUE4BOICE GONGLEE GSYINTRRNATIONAL and other brownies IG again and again. Just because of  SY IG story .



 JH really love SY Aegyo. He like it and He giggle when SY shrug her shoulder. He do that in their fan meeting last March 2018. Yes JH miss SY Aegyo. Maybe when they are together  he told SY to do a lot of Aegyo. Because he terribly miss it. And because JH easily adopt what SY doing he did that Aegyo in their fan meeting. 



Match 11, 2018

The caption

It's become warmer.

Spring time. Just like JH wish. He want the spring to come soon.

And JH why it's become warmer. Because someone is warming you right.



See how happy JH is. Yes I change my POV in this fan meeting. JH is not sad. He was just being JH.





March 12, 2018

Airport sightings again. With JH smiling and look happy and jolly.


March 21, 2018

Yes JH snow in March is amazing. Because it's a blessing. A blessing for two persons reunited.


March 31, 2018

I love this IG post.

I remember when I first saw BLue. I couldn't watch any single video of blue and JH. Coz I thought at that time Blue is connected to someone.

Then found Bami . And @EggsBenedict really help a newbie like me. He always answer when a new brownies ask something. I was in heaven when he posted about Bami. So that is the reason why JH has a new pet. He had Bami once. During his bad days in 2016 he has  cat. So he decided again to have one. Now it's BLue. Blue eyes, pretty eyes, pretty blue.  Yes melons may think the cat name is blue because it has blue eyes. Or because of CNBLUE. But my delulu mind said Blue is connected  to JH and SY. EYES then the color BLUE. We know JH love pretty eyes. And we know he love SY's pretty eyes. And the color BLUE. It will always be a special color to all the brownies out there. JH fell for SY because of her pretty eyes. jH fell for SY because of the SKY BLUE COAT. 

I really miss him posting about BLUE. This IG post of JH. Brownies saw the big BEAR in his bed.. A BEAR then BLUE. See how sweet JH with LU. And see how JH looking at the camera. He is sending a message to someone. Saying hello miss you.

March 28,2018

Wrap up party

I wonder this busan man who always post like a true namja

Always do AEGYO now adays

And we see him doing that heart hand post. Why

Yes because Jh is in love. He is full of love right now. No need to post a caption in his IG I'm a happy man.

Coz during this time. He is indeed a happy man. No need to elaborate it. No need to say it because it show in her face. He was really happy.

Welcome back JH.

Now we always see your dimple.


April 2,2018

SY too. Doing that heart post again and again. In her photo shoot. With her guesting. And always do AEGYO post too.

April 3, 2018

So JH is in JEJU.Yes he miss JEJu. 

He miss the surfing.

Jeju is a special place to them and of course for us brownies.

I will always think that something special happen to them in Jeju. 


April 5,2018

I really wanted to make my POV about this post. That's why I decided to make edit and make it last because I will use some link related to this post 

But now I decided to make another comment to feed my delulu more.

Because of JH post and because of SY posting her IG. I am thinking why there is so many coincidence happen. Well it always do a lot of coincidence when gonglee is concern. If it's just purely coincidence yes as I said before only time can tell.

Well this SY IG post is very important to me.

In this post that's when I realized I was very addicted to gonglee couple.

I'm a kind of person who is a bit lazy doing the same thing over and over again. But when it comes to gonglee I do watch a lot of videos related to them. Stalk their IG and other IG's account related to them. And I couldn't believe myself that I stalk cnblue4boys IG account over and over again with a thousand of pictures posted and got to see it one by one just to know JH more. And now stalking their IG again because of JH and SY . Yes I'm addicted to them 


April 10,2018

When I am stalking IG post of some brownies. And stalk IG post of a cnblue fan and burning soul fan and got to see this


I know JJY is such a tease person.

But when people are joking it's either half meant or just really joking. But I know JJY is really implying something. How he can comment like that. That JH is with someone. He know JH is an idol. Fans didn't like it. But JJY like JH don't give a damn. He is a kind of person like JH. He will say what he want to say. Thank you JJy for noticing it. Thank you for making brownies happy with that comment of yours.


April 18,2018

Talking about the weather.

And then the next day someone is talking about the weather too.

IG SAGA continue. 

They unfollow each other. But their posting is always connected. Just like before.


April 19, 2018

Yes JH the weather is really nice.

Someone said it yesterday.


Aptil 21,2018

How cute JH in this post. His smile and that eyes, that dark eyebrow. Are you saying to someone let's take a bicycle ride. 

I think it's @myumoon  who imply about that serendipity thing. We always see JH wearing this cap with a BIG SERENDIPITY on it. Myumoon talk about the movie serendipity. After a long time they still end up with each other. Then I look for the meaning of serendipity in google.


If you find good things without looking for them, serendipity — unexpected good luck — has brought them to you.


The meaning of the word, good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally, refers to the fairy tale characters who were always making discoveries through chance. You can thank serendipity if you find a pencil at an empty desk just as you walk into an exam and realize that you forgot yours.



For JH love is ILLUSION. A FAIRY TALE. Doing his concert with the same day SY travel to JApan. When you are in your ILLUSION and thinking it is just a fantasy then miracle happens. 

i always ask why when JH do a concert For the release of his album something happen. In 2016 then 2018. Yes everything happen for a reason. It always has a reason for everything. And at that moment the reason will be for him to be so sad again. Someone is thinking can JH overcome it. He lost me. He lost a friend now another scandal in the band. She must do something. A charging perhaps. A little conversation will do. " Hi JH are you doing OK. Fighting." Delulu mode 

But yes there must be a reason for everything. We intend to experience things not just having them. But to give us courage to conquer it. Or give us more strength and get through it. Or simply being hopeless for the situation we live in. And JH chose to have courage. And said no one will take down his band. And he took a courage too of posting he is tired of hiding and tired of just posting an upload photo. And someone take courage too. Seeing that post of JH. And knowing he is really experiencing a bad days. She take courage to communicate with him. ( DELULU MODE ON AGAIN )Yeah thats why he all smiles when he back to Korea last Feb. 3 , 2018.

2018.Unexpected good luck happen to him. Because of YH issue. Because of that post. And people think he is so down. So someone is cheering him up.

yes SERENDIPITY indeed.

Thank you @myumoon 


April 25,2018

Then the Switzerland trip.

We see a happy JH. Lots of JH aegyo pose. The ice cream part. He wants ice cream. And of course during the entire trip we can see JH always with his phone. Are you always communicating to someone.



April 26,2018

Goodbye Jeju

Then this. Why I have a delulu that before JH go to Switzerland he was with Jeju too. ( Just a wishful thinking. Don't mind this )

Yes SY is in Jeju. Last time  we see JH in Jeju. Now SY.

Look at the second video. She was in that red lighthouse. And she took a video. She was saying hi to someone outside the country.

( DELULU THOUGHTS " Hey I am in jeju..See that red lighthouse. It's still the same. Hope to travel again with you in Jeju " )


sure it will always be a special memory to our 02couple and for us brownies. It will always be. 


May 2,2018

Survival report that have been missed for a time. Yes you are reporting to someone too. And you missed him too right. 



May 9,2018

I sent you my selfie too

This pose of SY holding her chin. I know it's for someone too. A selfie pose that is not so obvious because JY is in front with BBsong.

Yeah taking selfie for BBsong to make BBsong heal.

But I know SY you're taking a selfie for someone too right.


May 7,2018

And this JS post with the that bear.

And JH comment. Pabo laugh


May 19,2018

The twice concert.

Sy is so cute in that third picture. A cute headband and that peace hand sign.

Yes brownies said SY might a stockholder of nerdy too. So she keeps wearing nerdy clothes.

BUT why on Earth we always see her wearing same nerdy clothes like JH. So many nerdy clothes related to JH. Why are you coupling a nerdy clothes SY and JH. For instance 

The maroon nerdy shirt like JH.

The Blue nerdy clothes with the same design JH wearing. The white nerdy clothes. JH for white and SY for BLue.

And this sweatshirt jacket.

If she don't have some relationship to JH. Either JH or SY choose a different color or a different design. We can see some Korean artist wearing this color blue sweatshirt. But why with SY too. She can chose a different color. We can see in JH Switzerland trip he always wear this blue sweatshirt jacket. So people will connect that jacket to both of them. We know SY is always brave. She was . During their 2gether album. No mater what she post that 02gether album in her IG. What a brave girl. She can all have the hate of JH fans. But she didn't care. He want to support JH. Then this nerdy clothes. This same color nerdy clothes that we see all over in JH Switzerland trip. Yes SY you are being brave again.


May 22,2018

The SEA the FISHING. Yes JH it's been a long time. You're back to you're old self again. 


May 26, 2028

When I am watching JS and JH video of their fan meeting. I was wondering. JH looks very happy. And I'm thinking maybe he already move on. 

But now I know yes he moved on. He moved on to the next level. Being with SY again make him a real happy man.

This airport sightings. Different from his previous airport pictures. 

Before that bad day happen. Fans always see him on a serious note. Not really smiling. He just look cool. 

Then bad days come. It becomes worse. A stressed JH we see.

But now. We always see him smiling. We always see his dimple. You must really happy JH. 

Because you miss being happy right. It's been 6 months when you really look so bad and.stressed.

But after that 6 Months we see a Smiling JH.



And this Aegyo post. Aigoo JH 

Saying hello to someone.

You must really happy. Because Thailand is 02 home. Lots of 02 fans in Thailand right. You see that during your concert in thailand. So many brownies waving at you.


May 26,2018


It's gonna be a long time.


And you wake up someone JH. With your Aegyo post. It's raining in Thailand but SY said it's hot in Korea.

Yeah right you are communicating again.

Hello JH. It's hot in here. And your Aegyo post wakes me up.


And this.. Jh stopped being cute will you. You're sending a cute pose again to someone. 
You miss SY Aegyo. And SY miss your Aegyo too. That's why you keep doing so many cute pose right.



June 7,2018

 JH smiling again.



July 19, 2018

BBsong is getting well.

At this point of time. JH is in Jeju. 

And in my delulu mind if BBsong didn't get sick SY must be in Jeju too.


This dancing JH.

In their March 2018 fan meeting.




When I saw this video. I was torn of JH looks good but he also looks sad. And I'm sad because some fan ask him to sing MIRACLE but when he is strumming the guitar he said he forgot the lyrics. And I said to myself maybe he don't wanna sing it because it reminds him of someone. But then watching this again after reading our thread I convince myself maybe he really forgot the lyrics. Since it's a song that SY chose among all the song JH wrote he tried to forget it. That's why on their 8th anniversary. Meeting of cnblue when YH ask him to sing it he didn't continue. But then fans said and JH too said he is strict when it comes to his song. When fans sing a wrong lyrics he corrected it. But back then too in one of their interview JS said he is good at memorizing lyrics. And JH. said to him what's the use ( implying you're not a singing so what's the use if you memorize all the lyrics ) and JS answer " yeah ... But JH is good in adlib. " And JH said " yeah  when I forgot the lyrics I adlib because I feel my song" something like that  

While I was watching all their video I really wanted to know every detailed. Knowing that JH is sad I keep looking in his expression, the tone of his voice. And google all the song he sing in his concert and fan meeting. Then at the end of the encore of this fan meeting. He sing IRONY. he said it was one of his favorite. And ask fan you like it. And then said no you like LIE ( JH song ). You are all good at lying. You don't like IRONY because you like LIE.

Then he sing IRONY and it broke my heart. When he sing a song he really sing from the heart. When you heard him sing you really felt the meaning of the song. 

The set list of this fan meeting

1. LOVELIGHT- I said to myself he was  happy singing it. Why. It was one of the memorable song of JH and SY during WGM.

2.MY LOVE - He look okay too singing this song.

3. BLIND LOVE - Well one of his fave song. He is happy singing this song especially when fans song with him

4. LOVE IN THE RAIN -  when JS and YH sing this on their Jan. Fan meeting and JH Was just playing his guitar even if his band was happy singing it. But then now he even tease his fans while singing it.

5. FOOTSTEPS - He sing it from the heart. I feel like he is sad singing this song. 


Then fans request for MIRACLE and then he said oh he forgot


6. LIE - Then I wonder why he look ok singing this song. He should be sad if he still not ok. 

7. CONTRAIL -  one of the song he cover in his IG





Even though I saw you from behind before
I was not so bad
But I can't feel happy any more
Even though I see you in front of me now
I don't wanna stay
'Cause I can't feel your warmth any more
Do you know?
Everything's ironic. Hold me
I wanna feel your truth ANYMORE
  ( every time  CHANGE TO ". ANYMORE " )
Irony. Hold me
All I want is to hold you every day

My love, don't let me leave
Our love will become grey, before we know it
I do feel strange
It will not light our love any more
Do you know?
Little too ironic, don't you?
How can I want your love any more?
Irony. Hold me
All I want is to love you every day
My love, hear me
My love, don't let me leave )
( ESCAPE THIS PART- Everything's ironic. Hold me
I wanna feel your truth every time
Irony. Hold me
All I want is to hold you every day
My love's black
Don't just leave me alone... Don't leave
My love, don't let me leave)
Little too ironic, don't you?
How can I want your love any more?
Irony. Hold me
All I want is to love you every day
My love, hear me
Don't just leave me alone  ANYMORE

My love, don't let me leave



Irony it really hit me.

When he change some words in the song. I know he is doing adlib. But he said the song is his favorite. He know all his song even if it is along time ago. And changing that lyrics to AND adding that word ANYMORE really make me think. 



Don't just leave me alone  ANYMORE


He was saying please don't leave me anymore. If I want to leave don't let me leave anymore. 

Yes he made this song along time ago. But during this time he really appreciates the song he made. 

This song is about not wanting to be in this kind of relationship coz he think this love will become grey along the way. But the truth he is longing for her love. He want that love everyday. He want to hold her. But fear that her love is not the same anymore. So he wanted to escape. Yes ironic he wanted to leave but his heart knows the truth. That's the meaning of the original lyrics don't let me leave. Let me stay I want to feel your warmth so that I wouldn't leave.

but changing and adding the word ANYMORE it does change the meaning of the last part of the song.


IRONY when I interpreted this on my own. I cried. Coz I feel what JH been through losing that special someone.





See this fancam  meeting of  their 8th anniversary last January 2018 . See how YH tease JH. When he sing MIRACLE because MH is out of tune.Then when he sing RING and JH start humming it and move his hands and arms and even feet. And YH look at JH when it was his turn to sing the part of the song but then JH can't sing the song. He sing it first but then cannot continue. But he still humming  ring ring my bell.And YH looking at  him as if saying him move on dude please... And whenJS and YH sing LOVE IN THE RAIN you can see YH being happy but he keep humming the song as of teasing JH and MH too and JS happy singing even if they forgot the song. They are making the atmosphere happy because they know someone is not ok. . And then TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN. JH can't sing it too. Then here goes YH again though he forgot the lyrics JH know his Hyung teases him and he awkwardly smiling. When YH sing " I wish upon a star I wonder where you are .... Just the same like it used to be and wooh. " And YH look at JS and MH. And before the song COLD LOVE II don't know the title but you can see YH looking at JH and smiling and teasing him. I wanna kiss you every day....sing my love...saranghe. THEN the last song YH song I DONT CARE. 



Then this JH concert in June 2018.

I really love how he sing the song I LOVE YOU. I watch all the shared video when he sing this song yes he really sing this song from the heart. But in this concert. He was really holding and hoping and wanting to let that lovestory  to survive. During the last part of the song. You can really feel his heart.

Then  Hikari no Machi de. I was always curious about this song. He look sad when he sing this song during FNc kingdom in 2017 in Japan Then he was emotional too while singing this song in this concert. But you can tell the difference when he sing this song to their fnc kingdom in 2017 ( SING IT IN HIS ENCORE 1:57:28) His eyes is close while singing this song. Just like when he sing the song I LOVE YOU.































When I watch this concert before. I Really feel he is sad while singing this song.  That's why I want to know the lyrics of this song. 

Then watching this full concert again yes this song is what he really feel in 2017. 

I don't know if  he create this song during his shooting in 2016 for his Japanese movie. But if he create this song in his stressed days that's why he easily create  this song for 5 to 10 minutes I can really tell this is what JH feel.


Especially this part. 









Yes seeing him singing this song you know he is sad. But at the end of the song he smile. That's when I realize he was just feeling the song. And when he smiles at the end of it yes his hope his fantasy become real.  That his fears is losing one by one and keeping the hope of being together again. That someday he know the day will come when they were laugh together again in the CITY of hope will grow again. And I believe that city that place is JAPAN. we're in my delulu mind happen that they start communicating again. After JH struggles. That's why he smiles at the end of this song. His fantasy really becomes real. Because he was holding in it. He was holding for that ILLUSION. And we know in SY 2018 int. She talks about life and love and interpret love that is more beautiful when conquering all the hardships together 

Yes I believe they are back together. It is my ILLUSION. SEEING THIS WHOLE SCENARIO this is what I interpreted JH and SY journey.

But if someday if all what I'm thinking about them is just purely coincidence it's all in the future for us to know.







I got so busy and even have a toxic weekend and toxic people around me. So need to watch some gonglee episode to make me feel refresh.


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On 3/4/2019 at 12:12 AM, EggsBenedict said:

@Na NeNi jh isn't the listed CEO for nerdy, so he doesn't have to step down. if you look at the official site, the person listed as CEO is someone called lee minkyung. nerdy is handled by a company called multinex which is a subsidiary of apr corporation (owned by lee jukwang and kim byunghoon). you can see all the information in apr's official japan website.


Then, wat is JH position on nerdy ..? did he is just one of many store owner/reseller ...?

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On 3/6/2019 at 9:47 PM, Na NeNi said:


Then, wat is JH position on nerdy ..? did he is just one of many store owner/reseller ...?


No one knows for sure, but if taking into account how deeply invested he seems, he's probably some kind of a Director  (as opposed to just an Investor who poured in capital for the venture) that has deciding powers within the corporation that owns Nerdy. But anyway, I don't think anyone of us here can know for sure unless JH says it on his own.


Also, as far as I know, Nerdy just has one store - the one in Hongdae which SY frequents. What Nerdy has is a lot of distributors in other malls and in Japan. 

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I've been freaking out for a few days now since JJY's scandal broke since we know jonghyun is very close to him.  Worst fears are confirmed today but I'm still v shocked as to the extent. I stan cnblue so I know jh has always been a bit of a bad boy but I cant believe how bad it is.  I hope  SY is not badly affected by this cos she seems like a really nice girl and I do  believe they were dating at one point in time.

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Yesterday I really believe in him. Even if I am in doubt. But this morning. As I read all the news. I really got scared. And half of me still believe in him. Every hour I check all the news about this JJY scandal. Even if I am at work. And reading all this mess. My heart really die. Now time to move on. I can never tell my last post about them. Yes JH must reflecting his sin. In  2018 we never see him hanging out with JjY again. But it's too late for him too correct all his wrong doings. But then again thank you to all brownies out there. I dont know when my heart feel at ease again. I feel betrayed

and really crying right now. Goodbye brownies. Hope for the best with SY and see him in drama soon.

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21 minutes ago, jazmecu said:

Yesterday I really believe in him. Even if I am in doubt. But this morning. As I read all the news. I really got scared. And half of me still believe in him. Every hour I check all the news about this JJY scandal. Even if I am at work. And reading all this mess. My heart really die. Now time to move on. I can never tell my last post about them. Yes JH must reflecting his sin. In  2018 we never see him hanging out with JjY again. But it's too late for him too correct all his wrong doings. But then again thank you to all brownies out there. I dont know when my heart feel at ease again. I feel bettered and really crying right now. Goodbye brownies. Hope for the best with SY and see him in drama soon.

Maybe... but we'll know..and if he did he'll have to face the consequences of the actions that he had done.. I love his music specially Hero so that's why I'm hirting right now..

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Honestly, I’m not even surprised. I know the lee they talked about was him, Lee junghyun, why? His soooo close with JJY, they’re buddy buddy. His my biased, followed him in Twitter and Instagram. I’ve seen videos of him saying his not really a good person, I guess this is what he meant that time. I’m honestly sad that he choose to go this path. This shows that the same feathers flock together ( saying) is true. I’m disappointed, really. But what can we do, we’re just fans. If a person do something bad, they have to repent and I meant wholeheartedly. Reflect man, and honestly you need GOD. You’re too full of yourself , that you forgot that your not invincible. And that bad things you’ve done can always be exposed. As a fan, what I can only do is to let you go, pray for you and wish you well. Peace.

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I was really brokenhurted right now. I am hating myself coz I really wanted to forget this nightmare. And wanted me to go back to the time that I don't know 02 so that I can never feel this way. I am literally crying right now. I can't even read  the news about him. Coz I'm scared with her. I just visiting this thread and the hive and wanted to share what I feel coz I am really not feel ok until I read the news that he was the MR. LEE.  Early this morning I send a message to @Aileen4evertelling her I am really scared. Because reading all the shared news  about him and JJY really scared me. And scared too much when the reporter doesn't depend him like he did with lee hongki. When I read that news that she said Leehongki is not the Mr Lee but with other group. I was so scared and send a message to @Aileen4evercoz my thoughts telling me why she doesn't say anything about JH and cjh . But still half of me still  believe in him. And now I want to move on. Really wanted to move on. Hope for the best with our baby bear. She was my strength now. I am still crying. And want to let go of all the tears so maybe tomorrow I will feel at ease and not to feel this way anymore. He maybe repent. But too late for him. Too late. JS, MH And YH hope when you are out in the military you still do your best. And BOICE fans will just be there for you. I am not your avid fan. And I even unfollow you all. Coz seeing all your IGs. Seeing all cnblue IGs make my heart hurts more. I don't want to read the news. Just seeing he was the Mr Lee. Really make me wanted to faint. To our dear baby bear please don't be in a hiatus now. Be on a drama. Fly high GSY.  We are all here for you. 

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10 hours ago, Moca_hanzel23 said:

Maybe... but we'll know..and if he did he'll have to face the consequences of the actions that he had done.. I love his music specially Hero so that's why I'm hirting right now..

I understand and I’m sorry to hear that your hurting.People make mistakes, that’s the hard truth. But people also change for the better and Also people do deserve second chances. Don’t make dark places eat you, always see the positive and brighter side of things. This will teach him a lesson and I think this lesson will make him a better person in the end.

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