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[OFFICIAL THREAD 2] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]

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Hello guys, im a new follower. I’ve been in love with GONGLEE since Jan 2019. Hahahaha may be too late, but i dont really think so. ‘Tis Couple rocks that they continue to spread honeys to every new BEELIEVER.  Thanks for all the fun chats. Let us continue our support to Lee JongHyun and Gong Seungyeon

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I’ve been scanning through opinions and thoughts in this thread. Honestly i’m a bit  sad but id like to respect everyone’s opinion. I always love the guy since early this year when I watched GONGLEE couple. After all that happened, i really cannot reconcile in my head why  LeeJongHyun received so much hatred. I watched and rewatch WGM and i just keep on falling in love with this guy and these couple. Much more when i delve about him deeper. The thing with this celebrities, we almost put our own wonderful ideals about them, but I understood that they are mere humans capable of messing up. His conversation with his friend is done privately. A man can talk disgusting stuff  when they are in their circle of friends, that is a given fact. Women does that all the time too. There is no crime in it. The crime was actually done to them, when these malicious people throw this private conversation to the public. I’m so furious that JongHyun was made bad instead of the victim of circumstances.But things happen. For whatever purpose this might be, i hope and pray Lee JongHyun will rise above from this ordeal. I maybe a new fan, but in my heart I think i saw enough how the world works, the  human struggle to fit in to this world.  I want to love him and accept him. Because idols are not really idols, they are human who desires to be accepted in their good and bad aspect.


I want to be gracious and will be gracious and accept and love Lee JongHyun. He gave love and work hard for his work. Please don’t hold back the love you once gave him. One day we might need that grace too. One day, we would hope that someone will believe in us. Maybe we can give it to Lee JongHyun, right now...

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