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[OFFICIAL THREAD 2] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]

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Official Thread 02!

Welcome to the Bee Hive :wub:









Gong Seung Yeon SNS: Official Instagram Pet Instagram BH Entertainment

Lee Jong Hyun SNS: Official Instagram Official Twitter FNC Entertainment FNC Entertainment Japan


WGM Episodes (English Sub)

Complete 1-24

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My Only Love Song

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House of Brownies Thread 01


02 Thank You Photobook




* This thread is for Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon 

* For any unrelated post please put *OFF TOPIC* before posting it . 



* Maintain respect at all times. This place is a place to celebrate love!


* Our dear @kenxynth is forever in our hearts! May she look over us and our couple forever. :wub:

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For reliving the beginning of their love story, and for those new in the fandom, here is the link of the official first thread #1:


Thanks to @USAFarmgirl  @angelangie @Reen2you our angel @kenxynth and Brownies from the official first thread #1 for making it possible to have a continuation of our Bee Couple story, and thanks to @GongLee Globalfor starting the official second thread #02 for everyone to enjoy. All work on behalf of Jh and Sy, for Brownies, and all things shared in this second thread, is truly appreciated. :heart:


Thanks also to the B.E.S.T. team for original translations, what would we had done without you!!! :w00t:


Thanks to Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon, our Bee Couple, for letting us in their journey, a ship to sail to the end of the earth/sea. Bee happy! :wub:


Lets do this Brownies! :heart:



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OFF Topic but heartfelt...


@angelangie   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSnntaSwcmEHnrvEsLt2LSimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTujpuiCiz1vfPh1rLBnh0

Being a MOD isn't an easy job and it's often thankless as people forget it's volunteer and takes so much precious time and effort away from your everyday life.  Your kindness to our thread and others is appreciated...:heart:

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Hi brownies.. Thank you for the new thread. For all the effort to create a new one. As a new fan of our bee couple I really learn a lot from all of you guys. And our bee couple really touch my heart. When I accidentally watch them last july 2018 I was really down then. And watching them is one of the greatest things happen to my life during those days. And as I continue to read this thread my spirit up. Positive thoughts come to mind. And looking back to my old self I smile because brownies and bee couple make me appreciate small things in life now. Hope for the best for our bee couple. And yes to another 2000 pages. 

Can we add the Brownie Hive Chat link. I am a silent lurker on that chat room. Thanks brownies. 

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The color of the sea and the sand are different. The other one is darker while the other one is lighter. But the clouds in the sky look the same. Although on SY 's picture the clouds  seems hard to see. But when I try to crop it so I can see more the details of the photo it seems the same. 

And when I visit bbsong IG. Jan 5 SY said that nanan was not there and maybe bbsong too. She just said nanan maybe becoz nanan is so agressive and nanan and bami are the real tom and jerry. From my delulu mind she sent home the 2 dogs in their home. Because she will having a vacation with Bami since Bami miss his dad too. 

I dont know when SY edit  the bday of her pets. But when I last saw bami's IG the only written date is 2016 only. Bbsong and nanan had complete date. But on bami it was only 2016 when I last saw it. But now it was written 2016.7. So Bami's bday is July 2016. And SY adapted bami on nov. 2016.

In my delulu mind again. And since JH new apartment is not allowed a dog he take a cat as a new pet and it is Bami. He dont need to be alone during those times. 6.30.16 when the scandal broke up. And leaving alone is much harder on that time. And when he got busy during solo concert bami was senn hwre and there on his friends house. Thats why Bami look like his dad maybe because during those times rhe expression of his dad's face is always serious. A busan namja man. Pabo laugh again. Is it pabo or babo..




Hi brownies. Just asking in this twitter account ( I saw it from beehive chat room) When does this picture of SY taken. And when did JH start his vacation. 

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Prior to this JH post last nov. 17 he post something living today. Today today is the day we cannot go back and be our happiness for future ( this is not exactly the exact words but similar to that. But you can see it in gongleeglobal october or november 2017) and in this post you can connect it to SY 's post treasure the moment. A poem I dont drift away posted in 051918. And you can connect it too 

In this 111717 post of JH . JH post is about living today and value it. Your choice for treasuring this moment can be your future happiness. And if somehow you cant find your happiness as long as there is hope and passion and perseverance you can achieve it. 

While on SY post the waves is the obstacles. When we are in the sea there is wave you can stand in it you dont know where it can lead you. the part of the poem " I was in the waves but the waves did not in." Coz its you or within us if we let that obstscle in. We can lose it or we can win it. Yes as long as there is passion and hope we can fight all the obstacle weve encounter to find our happiness. 


And on the 010218 post of JH he was expecting  a smile on every one. And finding happiness in every little thing. And SY said

"I've found that happiness is not something you need to search for, but is something found in the small things in our daily lives." She goes on to explain that her idea of happiness is to be thankful for anything. 

SY  it is wat papa bear said last jan2 2018.. You think alike. 


And their definition of love. They define love as if they encounter it before. SY of course the notebook movie feels. Talking about conquering all the hardship together. Their lovestory has a lot of obstacles. 

And JH love is not demanding  but make us want to just give. In one of his interview before he said that he want her girl to be by himself. Only to him. (what a demanding busan namja.) But he learned his lesson. 


during this time JH always post about finding happiness. And he always post I am happy. Be happy. 

And SY

Interview for Cosmopolitan Korea, June 2018 Issue:

Cr.: gongleeglobal


Gong Seungyeon, "My role model is Son Yejin... she's an actress I really want to take after." (Blink at me if you know what I mean )


In the interview with Cosmo, Seungyeon will reveal her loves and happiness. She introduced a poem in the book '시로 납치하다,' that when she thinks of the ultimate kind of love is something you see more lovely and beautiful after going through a lot of hardships together.

She adds, "I've found that happiness is not something you need to search for, but is something found in the small things in our daily lives." She goes on to explain that her idea of happiness is to be thankful for anything.


She also reveals that she's 'very hard on herself.' Even though she's an actress who has never had an acting controversy since she was a rookie, she says, "When I watch myself, I always see issues with how I act." When asked about what Gong Seungyeon's best weapon as an actress, she responds, "It might be steadiness, patience, and perseverance? And I can really stay up well late at night?" Gong Seungyeon is a joy to work with, she brightens up the atmosphere with her pleasant smiles and laughter. More on the June issue of Cosmo Korea. 



Thanks @MattieCat for always sharing the interesting bits of JH interviews 

  On 5/18/2018 at 8:58 AM, MattieCat said:

"I believe love is all illusion.  What’s important is how much of the illusion (the other person held) in the beginning you can protect.  To simply put, love is ‘not about demanding, but makes us want to just give’ – that’s what I think love is."


Wow... I finish reading the thread from page 1 to 1998. Although I was backreading  it before I read it all over again. When I read something I try to be rational and forget my delulu mood. But its keep appearing im my mind as I was continually reading the thread at the very end. Sorry brownies for posting a lot. I am just so happy and maybe live in a fairytale land because of my state of mind today. 

We all see all the coincidence about them. And here is the big coincidence



To be continue.... 


I copy this post about SY interview in june 2018 to @ahnborabora post thanks to her and credit @MattieCat too. 

Cr to gongleeglobas and gsyinternational

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Even though it's a little sad to be closing out the first thread, it's good to know that all our love and all our thoughts about JH & SY during the time they were together on WGM and through MOLS and beyond have been recorded and kept here for all Brownies new and old to enjoy and reminisce about those times.


Many thanks to @GongLee Global for picking up the mantle of carrying on with this second thread.  Also to @Aileen4ever and @USAFarmgirl for keeping this thread alive with bright pictures and loving commentary.


Hello to @sarangbit - after so long, welcome back!


I'm thinking of this as "phase 2" of their love story.  Onward and into the future!


And to all new Brownies who have discovered them either through WGM, MOLS, Youtube or whatever - read these pages carefully and with love, and realize the magic created by 2 beautiful, young people who fell in love years ago - and impacted the hearts and minds of so many people from around the world.  Truly, love can heal the world and bring it closer together!


We welcome all who wish to comment and share their hearts here - this is a place of love and warmth.  


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@luvtokki  You sure do know how to make me smile...  Thankful for you more than you know!!! 


Sharing a picture I have shared before but I just can't help myself it was a turning point for me and my feelings about this couple and I don't think I will ever forget how I felt when I saw it for the first time...

koreaboo-1.png  AW321495_00.gif They still move my heart....


I think it's because of seeing him encourage her and her giving into his words which gave her the ability to open up and join him.  She always had such a gentle and shy way about herself that came across so well here.  He was proud of her and she trusted in him....  Sometimes even words can't explain how beautiful a moment can be...


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I remember when I first join this forum I had so many questions about them and so many worries too. But only asking question and share some thoughts. Then as I go on I even shared a long post when I saw how sad JH is. I give my sentiments on our first thread coz that time it really broke my heart when I see him like that. And you brownies heal my heart. As I read all the post again I never thought I would cry again reading all the translations interview of JH when I felt that he was really sad during those times. The difference now is I have a calm heart now. More on a postive thoughts and keep believing that there is always a miracle happen in our lives. Loving SY and JH is a great feeling. I enjoy every moment watching them. I enjoy reading all the comments here. And somehow I found it miracle to me. Knowing them in my lowest point of my life and smiling again is hard to find for me during those times. But I really did smile and laugh and giggle and excited watching them. 

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I was reading a lot. And hope brownies would forgive me if I share my POV about our couple afer reading the 1998 pages of our first thread. I know you are not leaving in a fairytale. You all always leave in reality. I am too. But I cannot convince myself that what I feel is just my imaginations. I even shared to the forum the BOOK song  written by YH and said that maybe he write the song because of what he see in JH during those times. I hold back myself from writing here. I first stalk their IG before I know this thread. And looking at his IG post especially all the cover song  it makes me believe that he is really sad. Then I watch almost all the shared video during those times and I still felt the same that JH was really look sad. When I read all the shared translations of his interview here It really hit my heart and I cannot hold back anymore from writing my sentiments of him being sad when I watch sub video of their 8th anniversary fan meeting. I put it in spoiler in case you dont wanna read it. But I am really happy right now that's why I want to share again all my thoughts about them. I really dont want to write it because maybe you will say Im just being soo delusional. I even think of writing a fanfic last  night but I am not a good writer and my english is bad. And I am not good at conveying the feelings the sweet moments that a fanfic story must have. So I cant contain it anymore. And share my thoughts.. 


When I watch them I really think that they develop a feelings towards each other. And get hurt when I read all the rumour about JH. But I continue watching them cause I felt it was real. That they truly share their real feelings while doing WGM. Backreading this thread is hard for me because that time all I see is them being apart and not friends anymore. But as I read it again from 1st page to last page it warm my heart. 

JH said 2015 has a great effect on his life and all brownies know why. And I connect it to what he said to his Metropolis concert in february 12  2018. He said his last GF is 2.5  years ago and then said Oh i should be cautious i should not be saying that. And he know he's 02  fans are good in doing CSI and he know right at that moment being a deep thinker JH is. He know 2.5 years is connected to his WGM days. And when he said 2015 has a great effect iin his 2017 interview. ( and i was thinking i thought his memory is bad at remembering dates. But august 2015 he remembered it. The last episode of their wgm lives. Yes people change) MH said and even JH said he used to exagerrate things. And 2.5 years is an exagerrate words from him. From my point of view and him saying that he is a type of person that if he really like the person he would say it directly. Their last taping of WGM we all see that they dont want to be apart with each other. 

And when SY is doing her recording and upon finishing it. You can see JH mouth and face expression and even hide his face to the camera. I Feel he is holding back his tears from that moment as soon as SY end the song  "thank you my love".  And when they end their recording and looking at each other you can see the sadness in their eyes. And I know right at that moment JH made a decision that he cannot let go of this girl and ask her Be my love. (just what his song says) and brownies even shared a picture of SY posting see you at 5 wearing the same clothes. Although I did not see it. Maybe it was deleted. 

 And their wrap up dinner with the wgm staff you can see they are still very comfortable with each other. Holding hands kissing hands. And so close with each other. They doesn't look awkward. And even stare at each other when SY said you should hold my hands properly. We all see that. It was discuss in this thread how so close them really really close with each other. 



And yes feb. 12 2018 confession of JH he has a gilfriend 2.5 years ago. Because it was the time HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND 2.5 YEARS AGO. OFFICIALLY GIRLFRIEND not ex gf. I read what he say that he has a girlfriend last 2.5 years ago. I hope you understand what I mean. He declare his last gf is 2.5 years ago. But i dont read it as it is an ex gf. You know JH convey his message sometimes in a very tricky way. For me i was thinking. He has a girlfriend a long time ago before he join wgm and 2.5 years ago i had a girlfriend again but we already broke up. She is my last gf 2.5 years ago. Hope you understand what I mean i dont know if I elaborate it in a good way.( for me it ia impossible that JH and SY is officially on when they are doing wgm. It is impossible. Because JH is a very cautious man. Yes they develop the feelings while doing it. But JH is torn between dream and reality (lucid dreams). And he cannot risk it. Because he is a kind of person doing things at the right time. And that is not the right time. So for me it is impossible too that aug. 2015 is when they broke up. Exagge JH. 


In their jeju island trip aug.. 5 2015. As I said before from my point of view SY was really in a no holds barred. She do what she want to do. No restrictions. And it is JH call now if he see what SY is feeling during their jeju trip. 

In this video remember her  reactions when she got jealous again.Usually she do death stare to JH but this time she twisted her mouth a little bit and look disturbed and look at JH. That moment she is not playful but really jealous. 


And in this video when she confess again the word I love you to JH 2x and tell him what will you say. And JH was just smiling to her she do the death stare again ( and jh remember the stares she had given him when he dont want to do the aegyo.and jh got scared again. Not scared of the death stare but the effect of that death stare afterwards. That she can be cold again to him  ) and JH automatically whisper the words to her. And that lift up her mood. Especially when JH kiss her head she was being bold there. Lean her head to JH as if expecting a kiss from the lips. 


 And in the  evening during their dinner. JH hinting that what is he doing. And SY told him maybe  he is drunk. But no actually Jh was flirting at her. Wipe SY mouth using his  finger  and then lick it as if he wanted a kiss on the lips. How naughty JH is. Then we thought he is really drunk but during the picture taking in the light house he copy the ugly face pose that SY done in the evening when he wants her to do the wacky pose. 

And the ice cream scene. It was 3x right. It was SY being bold again. We can see how playful they are. But we also know that deep feelings is there and they know it. 

We dont know when they become officially a couple. Is it after the wrap up dinner or it was the same day when they do their last filming. When SY post see you at 5. But all I know yes they become a couple officially a couple in August 2015. It comes from JH mouth not mine... 




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7 hours ago, luvtokki said:

Even though it's a little sad to be closing out the first thread, it's good to know that all our love and all our thoughts about JH & SY during the time they were together on WGM and through MOLS and beyond have been recorded and kept here for all Brownies new and old to enjoy and reminisce about those times.


Many thanks to @GongLee Global for picking up the mantle of carrying on with this second thread.  Also to @Aileen4ever and @USAFarmgirl for keeping this thread alive with bright pictures and loving commentary.


Hello to @sarangbit - after so long, welcome back!


I'm thinking of this as "phase 2" of their love story.  Onward and into the future!


And to all new Brownies who have discovered them either through WGM, MOLS, Youtube or whatever - read these pages carefully and with love, and realize the magic created by 2 beautiful, young people who fell in love years ago - and impacted the hearts and minds of so many people from around the world.  Truly, love can heal the world and bring it closer together!


We welcome all who wish to comment and share their hearts here - this is a place of love and warmth.  


Hello Thanks for the welcome! :) It's good to be back <3 <3 


Thankyou @GongLee Global for creating the new thread <3 :)


Welcome to the new brownies <3 

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This is the last concert of JH. Even if it is long I watch it 3x. And since I'm a new fan of CNBLUE I search all the title he sang in his concert so I can understand what is the meaning of each song he sing. But sad to say I'm just relying to google and you tube. Maybe it has on twitter but I dont have  a twitter account. But his Metropolis album most of his japanese song are no translations in English in google and in you tube. Hope @MattieCat is not in hiatus and she can translate the song in his album and translate what he say to the fans during the concert. 

This is the song list of this concert. 



TIME MACHINE (i cant find translations)




CRY TO HAPPY (no trans) 


KILLING ME SOFTLY ( no trans) 



2ND part of the concert when he change to white polo with red collar. He really looks good in white.. 














HIKARI NO MACHI DE (no trans) 


and BLIND LOVE again


I really love the way he sings. He sings from the heart. He really feel his music. And when he sing I LOVE YOU. You can really feel the emotions. He was only sitting and closing his eyes. And when he open his eyes he look at the camera intently as if talking to someone. The part of the song ( we thought our love wasnt possible because it was too beautiful) then close his eyes again the whole time while singing it. And when the last part of the song (.... Put on that smile that stole my heart as you walk away. That way I can find you wherever you are. If we meet again promise me one thing. Let's make our love continous so we dont have to say such painful goodbye ever again) he both use his hands to hold the microphone. As if it was his lifeline. And singing the song as if he was out of breath because of the emotions he was giving while he sing it. 

I watch his other videos while singing I LOVE YOU. But on this concert you can really feel the pain the way he sing it. 




And lets continue. The part 2 of my bee couple story


I believe after WGM they are really dating. The ask in a box video while promoting cinderella. The icecream part. The  vlive. The guesting in idol  and doing the aegyo for SY. Looking at the camera as if SY was in front of him. He was happy. He was not bored during interviews. He even get talkative and  competitive during games. The way his members tease him. You know he is in love and he really looks like he is dating. When they guest in ambers show and one of the things that they should do is compose a lullaby song while singing. YH compose a song about 3 bears. And MH tap him and JS laugh and say wow. And he was just smiling. 

All the radio guesting he was always looking at his phone. And one of the guesting brownies pointed it out and do the translations of that radio guesting. That he like a back hug while he do the cooking. And when the DJ ask about the lotion coz it was mention in their song. And when he answer the members look at him. And YH is smiling. So many link during those times. And I know all brownies know that. And with SY. When Jungyeon guest at kyukyun show and said that he is the ideal man of her sister. But not now. It was only before. And the inkigayo incident. When kim min seok ask JY if SY had a bf and JY said she dont know. And the reactions of SY was just smiling and teasing. They were both glowing during those times.Pretty and handsome. 

And then they did MOLS. It was a tiring moment to JH doing concert here and there then doing shoots for the drama. But he never complain. And he enjoy it. He is happy because of them working together and they can recharge the whole time while being together. We all see that during the bts of MOLS during script reading. While everyone is busy reading their scripts they are busy in staring at each other. Their kiss was so intimate. And read some comments in you tube that it is not a simple lack lips  that JH use his tongue too. And one brownies imply it also. I dont know if its beeinlove. But when I watch it I dont see anything  about using tongue. But yes when you are watching it your imaginations go wild. The way JH kiss SY.

It is not a simple korean drama kissing scene. You move to one angle to another angle as if you are kissing but in reality it is just a camera trick. And how the actors and actress act of how the way their kissing. At first you can see the lip lock but their lips are all closed. And then close up shot  as if they are really kissing intimately. So many angles but it just the way how the actors move his head or making his hand cover her lips so that the audience  feels that it was really a good kiss. But as the camera keep rolling it was only the cheeks that they are kissing. Or the end of the lips to look like it was a real kiss. Yeah some korean dramas does not have a camera trick kissing scene. Intoverted boss is one of them. Some Kissing scene may look intimate but it does not feel natural. The blinking of the eyes.

But what is the difference in our bee couple we all said they kiss naturally. And someone point it out maybe it is Iamsoulreader. That how relax their faces is when they are kissing. And the pdnim of mols pointed it out too. He cant cut the kissing scene easily because SY and JH was really projecting their character. Oh cmon. When it comes to kissing scene the actors and especially the actress know their limit. Unless they are attracted to each other. 


I watch the evergreen. And one kissing scene of JH and soeun in the cafe of JH. JH ears is really red. We know he is not comfortable with the scene.


I watch the kissing scene of jaerim and so eun drama in YT. And i really dont want her when after they kiss she bite her lips as if tasting the kiss. There is no cut there mind you when she do that with jaerim


And i find it uncomfortable when I see that when she and JH kiss and she bite her lips after. but you know it is just a camera trick. It is not really an intimate scene. So many cuts  after their lips touched then camera at the back of jh and JH head is keep moving then back to their faces again as if they really kiss for so long. But in reality it was just a simple lock lips. Some actors in korea are known for their unique way of kissing and maybe so eun is known for that. Coz I dont watch any k drama of her. Ive known her in boys over flowers only. 


Well back to JH and SY. Thanks to @myumoon I finally see it. When JH use his tongue while kissing SY.  If you are just colleague  you cant do that to your co actor right. Especially with SY. She is so conservative. And now I can say even their kisses are real. Not just a simple looks like so real. It was really a real kiss. A kiss share between a man and a woman who is really inlove with each other. Can we see the other 4 kisses. Yeah the kiss in the flower field.the camera start at close up shot but zoom out then close up shot again then wider shot. Unlike to the first kiss scene. You can see it is all close up shot to medium shot and wider shot. Zooming out the camera. Maybe because it was their first kiss scene in the drama that's why they highlighted it. But every kiss they share in MOLS is important in the story. The flower kiss is also a very romantic scene. But the shot is from close up to wide shot. 

The third kiss is important also. You are both dying to see each other and want to clarify things. The scene was so intense. But it was so fast. The proposal kiss scene. A very very important kiss scene. But some close up shots again zoom out. The last kiss should be a highligted kiss too. They both miss each other. They are longing for each other. But JH hair cover the kiss. And yes some close up shot and wide shot again.

Why MOLS production do that. Some kiss scene in kdramas have a circular movement panning shot to the left and to the right. To let the audience feel the kiss was so romantic. But pdnim dont need to do that anymore. Cause we all see that in their first kiss scene. Maybe shooting their kiss scenes is so intimate to them that they feel they are invading JH and SY privacy. So first shot close up a little close up in the middle of the kiss scene and more on zoom out shot. Cause JH cant control hinself anymore. He is recharcging. Fast charging is he  need when he is too tired. And maybe if the shot is all close up shot we can see more of their intimate kiss. 


If theres no relationship between them then why JH kiss her that way. Is JH flirting. Oh i doubt that. He really kiss SY and he is not acting and she neither. Because the moment they are close to each other and intimately close to each other they forgot that there is a camera. They forgot all the people around them. That's the reason behind this kiss. Because they are real. They are real couple at that moment and not projecting ondal and nanneon





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@jazmecu  at the right of each post there is a "share icon" besides a "flag icon", if you click at the share icon it's supposed to post exactly what you want to share only. At least that's how it should work, if not, then maybe is a problem with the coding of the page with the media you might be using or the coding from this page. :)

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Hi all brownies,

Thank you to all who helped with opening the 2nd thread.  This new thread  begins another new journey with the bee couple. I can't wait to see how this thread develops.


Last week, my internet at home was off so I could not stream much but I had saved one of the show and again same feeling as I first watch it.  The love is beaming through each time I have watch this couple.  


@USAFarmgirl  I still love that video and all the feels you have watching it.

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@USAFarmgirl - knowing I've made you smile with my simple words makes my day! :)


@jazmecu - your detailed and exhaustive research on our couple is awe-inspiring.  Keep up the good work.  I like reading your thoughts and discoveries.  Don't worry about your writing not being understood, you write well.


I, too, believe that while they were on WGM they were in love.  But I also believe that they became very busy after WGM, with JH on tour with CNBlue and SY filming 6 Flying Dragons, and then one series after another for her, that maybe they could not keep in contact as much as they would like.  Sometimes relationships suffer when there is no contact.   Sometimes one person feels slighted and becomes disappointed and angry because the other person in the relationship is busy.  I think this happened with them for awhile.  This was probably JH's 'sad time' that you noticed.


But then came My Only Love Song.  And, despite the risk of stirring the angry pot of JH's unreasonable fans and the bad feelings that could have developed toward SY, and the risk to SY's career as an actress, they both jumped into MOLS without a second thought.  This told me the feelings they had for each other on WGM were strong enough for them to take the risk and plunge into co-starring in a series together.


And MOLS was pure magic.  The old fire was back, the sparks flew between them, the confortable co-existence they showed on WGM had never left.  And, they seemed to have carte blanche as far as what they could express with the script.  Everything they couldn't do or didn't have the time to do on WGM they did on MOLS because they could hide behind the excuse "we were just acting, it was all written in the script, we were just following the director's instructions." ;)


UH-HUH!  SURE!  We know the truth is in the kisses....those long, hot, kisses.  Like no other Korean drama kisses. :wub:


Everyone who participated in MOLS noticed how close they were, and how much fun they had being together again.  That, to me, proved more than anything they did on WGM that they were committed to being in a long-term relationship. 


I hope and pray once JH returns from his mandatory enlistment, they will re-ignite their love together again!


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