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  1. It was not a sentence it is a word “belly fat” two words at that. My fangirl ❤️: Everyone please be kind. This has to be the most heartbreaking thing that has happened to these young men. Please offer your prayers for all of them. Young people make mistakes, please don't make JongHyun pay for it a life time. We all have monsters and skeletons in our closets that appear from time to time but we ask people to overlook them and our short comings. He's human like everyone else and for him to be shunned like this is unforgivable. I know I don't know all, but FORGIVENESS is what he needs. We need forgiveness cause without it we would all be miserable and alone
  2. A person could be very wrong in one area of his life, and that might make us feel like we are in a higher ground. But if we could only try to remember maybe distant memories in the past when we did something so badly and off, i think that would shut our arrogance out. We would be more patient and understanding. We would be more forgiving and listening. We would be able to see how we are just different symptoms of one disease — IMPERFECTION. Be KIND.
  3. I appreciate your comment and I understand your point completely. Thank you so much for the insight. I will take what you told me in heart. And I love you too.
  4. Judging others always comes back to us at some point. In something not very pleasant that we regret or not have in our lives. The easiest thing in the world to have is an opinion. When we judge someone, it means to set yourself as God in that persons life because only God has the right to judge. Let me clarify that this is not talking about not judging sin. Obviously, what he did is sinful we know that in the scripture and that’s wrong. And i need to pray for him that his eyes be open. But what we don’t get to judge is somebody’s heart. Because to be honest we just don’t have any idea what’s going on in people’s lives. I can’t just say your a wicked person. Even good people sometimes do things that aren’t good and that doesn’t mean what they do is right but it does mean that God doesn’t just look on the outer appearance but He sees the heart. God knows the why behind the what. and that’s something we don’t know. So we have to be very careful when we’re starting judging people’s heart. That’s why the Bible says to pray for your enemy, to pray for those who are doing wrong things. We should try to bring people in a place of RESTORATION. Really think about this phrase, why do you try to take the speck out of your brothers eye when you have a telephone poll on your own eye? How can you say to your own brother, let me get the tiny particle out of your eye when there’s a beam of timber in your own eye. HYPOCRITES! First, get the beam of timber on your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the tiny particle out of your brothers eye. We don’t begin to know how to help other people correct their mistake/problems if we’re not dealing the issues in our own life. Honestly and truly, sometimes we can be judging somebody and we’re doing the same exact thing. (In ROMANS 2:1, Those of you who do judge is doing the very exact thing that you judge them for.) because for these people there’s no excuse for the people who sin but for them there is always an excuse. It’s amazing how many times we just have opinions about what people do but we never moved a finger to offer to help them. So our war is not with human beings. The Bible tells us that our war is not with flesh and blood but with principalities, powers and wickedness. That doesn’t relieve people or any one of us our responsibility to not let the enemy (evil/satan) through us. The bottom line is all evil everywhere in the world, all bad things that happen, the source of it all is an entity that the Bible calls the (devil/satan/deceiver, etc) and not human beings. The Bible says “the way you judge others, you’ll be judge the same way; the way you criticize others, you’ll be criticized in the same way”.
  5. I need a hug you guys...and a prayer to. . There I feel better now. Today is a good day. Fighting!
  6. I think In some point of Lee Jonghyun’s life he thinks that there is no point in living a righteous life. Because the people that surrounds him, his friends and acquintances are doing bad things and they’re not caught. So it was ingrained in him that as long as nobody knows about this (chatroom, immorality, sex) and as long as he don’t tell anyone about it, he will be okay. The byproduct of that of course is that he begin to think that he can actually do anything as long as it is in secret. That controlled everything in his life, the way he thinks/thoughts, they way he feel and the way he acted. So for that he does not recognize the need for God in his life/ the need to live righteously. It is likely that he thought that life would be much happier and enjoyable without God that would tell him what he could do and couldn’t do. He was doing well on his own and got a promising future ahead of him. Life is very good, life is easy, his getting more and more popular and he really enjoying his life. Entertainment industry has a promise of fast track in everything ( popularity, fame, wealth). Sure enough he got what he worked for fame, influence, wealth and women. I think all of this made him self centered. What’s happening now, I’m sure he wasn’t ready for it all. He wasn't ready for the problems of his so called success. I’m sure that pride creep in into him and in no time he was into womanizing and other shameful thing that only a man with perverted thinking could do. He did all of this in secret so he thought it will be okay. But also these easy women doesn’t help him or anyone to be a decent person (just throwing themselves at him like that). The scandal now most likely horrified him because the ideal man and image that he had carefully cultivated for years are shattered. I think he realize back then that even if you have fame and wealth that doesn’t bring fulfillment. So At the end of the day when he is alone In his bed he still feel lonely. I remembered when he posted something in his IG that got us worried about him (his depression) signs that his not happy, not fulfilled, finding answers. For an artist, an image of them is created, people fall in love with that image but that image is not them. So what do you usually do when you feel lonely? And no fulfillment? You look somewhere else. In his case worldly pleasures (sex). He tried that which supposedly will bring him fulfillment. But he found out that is unsuccessful. So he read books so I’m sure that there were times that he thought that his not doing the right things that’s why his searching for answers with books. I remembered watching videos and reading articles that he devoured dozens of books about psychology, spirituality but leaving out one that he didn’t think at that time contains any answers to his questions and this was the Bible. So I think he genuinely wanted to be a good person, he wanted to change. But (if you are the problem, you cannot help yourself) means you need something outside you, a higher being. Now, society is telling him poundlessly (change your way of life and you can change your being). But Jesus is the only one who says, give me who you are and I will change you and I will create something new. Once Lee Jonghyun is born again in Spirit(I hope in my hearts of hearts) his way of thinking will change, the experience he will pursue will change, the desires he have in his heart will change and the way he will do things will change. All by God’s Grace. Lesson learn is that in life your not made happy by what you acquire but what you appreciate. And I hope right now that he appreciate all the things he has. Lastly, I think this scandal is helpful in the sense that he can change for the better. His transformation will come with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ if he seeks the Lord wholeheartedly and if he will Let Him work in his life. The transformation is coming. the Lord just started His work in his life.!So I don’t really worry to much about this scandal of his because I know this scandal had a purpose, everything that happens has purpose. All the challenges he is facing right now (Christians and non Christians) are meant to really increase our faith. The learnings that is coming his way is not possible if he does not have this experience. And in the future, he wouldn’t be able to help other people with their struggles if this didn’t happen and go through this. ( They say in love service, wounded soldiers serves best ). What we could actually do that is helpful is to teach/preach/encourage him to be a better person. To let him (relearn)I’m lacking of a better term (how to treat a woman better). There is still hope because REPENTANCE and rEDEMpTion is always possible with the help of the Lord.
  7. Here’s another comment from heavyhulk1999_310...... I am not here to influence anyone's thoughts. Neither I would dare to defends what Jonghyun did. But what netizens are doing is also not right in any sense. He do deserve criticism for being the person he was back then but it's been almost five years and guys pleazzze don't tell me I have to tell these reckless netizens, who are mature enough to be a judge and pass judgements without giving it a slight thought, that words like REPENTANCE and REDEMPTION do exist in this world. And him leaving the chat group ages ago is proof that he's been reflecting on his behavior. Fine... If you think he haven't redeemed his ways, But if there's even 1% chance that he repents for his harsh behavior, your are ruining his only chance for a better life recklessly moving your fingers on your keyboard. For God's sake HE'S NOT A RAPIST. So please refrain from writing shi**y things about a HUMAN cause he has a long life ahead. Please be thoughtful before you go around splattering nonsense and analysing a person's character when you don't even know him personally.
  8. Found this comment in soompi from ( jotto4-533). I like this comment very realistic, truthful and non-biased. Here it goes:......The mob mentality has taken over in regards to Jonghyun. The only thing that has been proven is that he had participated in a private chatroom (with his friends) and made inappropriate and rather disgusting comments about women in that chatroom. In the chatroom, he has also talked about having sex with multiple woman. Was that just boastful talk? Nothing proven there. Has he had non consensual sex with anyone? Not proven. Underage sex with girls? Not proven. Attacked Yoona and a member of AOA at concerts? There is video, but open to discussion about whether it was an accident or purposeful. Not proven. Is he worse than any other other male in K-pop? Not proven. Is he worse than any other young man in the world? Not proven. Were his comments about women in the chatroom illegal? Immoral and demeaning of women and of poor judgement - Yes! His comments were not fitting to his clean image and status as a K-pop idol, true. Should he quit CNBlue and the entertainment industry - probably. It's a shame he has fallen to this level, but I have to say netizens are condemning him of things he has not been proven guilty of in the court of popular opinion and it needs to stop.
  9. A word of encouragement: ( 2 Corinthians 12:10, For Christ sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong ). . What we want is power to escape weaknesses in leisure but Christ offers power to endure weaknesses in love. It’s counter- intuitive, but it’s the way that works. Someday we will look back at our lives and just be In aWe at how far we’ve come despite them (dochayden). (Hebrews12:6, the Lord disciplines the one he loves and he chastens everyone he accepts as His son ).... God’s discipline is love. Our pain is not the effect of Gods hate, but of Gods love. He wouldn’t tell you ( Lee Jonghyun ) why it is your turn or why it is happening now, or why there is this much pain, or why it last this long. But it is the love of an all-wise Father to His child. (Jeremiah 29:13, You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart).... it is not natural for man to seek God. Why? Because it hurts his ego to admit that he can’t become a god and he needs God. Thankfully, God promises, that if we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. And a life lived with God and for God is a life that is fulfilling. (I hope that Lee Jonghyun seeks God).
  10. For everyone ( especially Lee Jonghyun ) Leave your past at the foot of the cross and begin anew with Christ. He can cause you to be born again. Quite literally you can be a new creation. Your past doesn’t have to define who you are. ( Philippians 3:13-14, forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead. Press on toward the goal to win the price for which God had called me heavenward in Christ Jesus ). Your past does not define your future. Every saint has a past and every repentant sinner has a future.
  11. Here’s something to think about: Galatians 5:13, you, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather serve one another humbly in love.....The great paradox of freedom is that it is not free, and that it’s greatest enemy is freedom itself. When expressed without restraint, it easily becomes permissiveness, licentiousness, and eventually it undermines itself. The only appropriate restraint to freedom is self-restraint and the only way for it to truly flourish is through humble, self/sacrificial service (Dochayden). This is what exactly what happen to Lee Jonghyun, he use his freedom in a negative way (scandal).
  12. People, us and Lee Jonghyun are truly battling giants everyday. I think it’s safe to say now with all of this scandal that what his battling is worldliness ( sex, desires, worldly pleasure). still even if this happen a long time ago or ongoing we don’t know, what he did and talked about was wrong. It is disrespectful and shows how he look at the opposite sex. What is happening now are things/ consequences that he need to deal with in his life and he needs to face them. It is helpful for us to teach and tell him that ( that conversation) is not good. Funny in a way that we sometimes (celebrities) forget that we all must face our giants sooner or later. Whether we run from them in fear or face our giants but we need to focus our sight on God. I believe that theres no giant/ scandal that is too big, if Lee jonghyun God is God ( he’ll get through this). It is extremely amazing how God can work the impossible struggles that the persistent giant bring in our everyday life. But because of God’s amazing grace that we can defeat our giants.
  13. There are things about us that we are blind to that are causing our problems especially in relationships, and not just relationships with men but more importantly our relationship with God. It takes both the willingness of our hearts and the mercy of our Lord to remove our sin and change our habits. Lee Jonghyun I hope in my heart of hearts that you will cry out to God, let Him lead you the way everlasting. The more we soak ourselves in God’s word, the more we changed for the better. And we see life in a better light. 2 Chronicles 15:2, the Lord is with you while you are with him. If you seek Him, He will found by you, but if you will forsake Him, he will forsake you. Also, God uses people and circumstances in order to prevent us from doing what would immediately and eventually hurt us. For instance, this scandal, is a circumstance for a loving Father to teach His child His ways so that He will grow beautifully into the person He wants us to be. It’s obvious that things are not going Lee Jonghyuns way and If ever you question if God is real, don’t look down but Look UP! The heavens declare His glory. If His hand can create the sky, the moon, the constellations and other marvelous things you see, the miracle you need is just a snap of His finger. Remember, you also are made of the stuff the stars are made of. (Psalms 19:1, the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaim his handiwork).
  14. Our God is in the business of changing hearts (Lee Jonghyun heart). we would be wrong to think that this heart change happen overnight but we would be just as wrong to assume that this change never happens at all. It may come in fits and spurts. A ha— here or a breakthrough there, but it comes. The Bible says that the Grace of God brings salvation will appear. How I know this? I’ve been through it, been in dark places and rock bottomless pits. But by the Grace of God I’ve been saved. So, Grace, what is Grace? I hear about banks gave us a grace period, a city politician falls from grace and even musicians talked about grace. But, have you been change by grace? Shaken by grace? Strengthen by grace? Embolden by grace? Soften by grace? Shaken to your senses by grace? I have, and you see, God’s Grace has a drenching about it, a wildness about it, a white water rip tide turn you upside downess about it. God’s Grace comes after you. It rewires you, from insecure to God’s secure, from regret riddle to better because of it. From afraid to die to ready to fly. God’s Grace is the voice that calls us to change. And then Gives us power to pull it off. When grace happens, we receive not a compliment from God but a new heart from God. When we gave our heart to God, He returns the favor. The Bible has God saying, I will gave you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I called it a spiritual heart transplant. You see a Christian is a person in whom Christ is happening. We are Jesus Christ in the sense that we belong to Him but even more we are Increasingly Him. He moves in and He requisitioned our hearts, mind and tongue. Rather than tells us to change, He creates the change. Do we clean up so he can accept us? NO! God’s Grace says He accepts us and then He begins cleaning us up. Grace is God as heart surgeon , cracking open our chest, removing our heart ( poison as it is with pride and pain ) and then replacing it with His own. God’s dream isn’t just to get us to heaven but to get heaven into us. You can’t forgave your enemy? Well, Christ can, and He is on the moved aggressively changing us from graceless to gracious and grace shape living. God’s Great Grace, is greater than we can imagine and more than we deserve. ( so yes, it’s not too late for Lee Jonghyun to change but this only happens if he seeks guidance from God and not human beings).
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