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  1. Speaking of Song .... Somebody knows why MOLS is named My Only Love Song? Why incorporate the word "song" in the title? It is not story related so is it some kind of hidden message? The only love of these two? Linked by a song? My one and only love? Like somebody said today, they got 5 kisses.... 5.... that's quite big for a drama this short... I was also watching yesterday another kiss scene from a drama I love (one of my favorite) "I'm not a robot"... The kiss scene got quite a big echo on how much it was hot and not fake... I must say I found some similarities in the comfort and realness of MOLS first kiss scene... I really can't get over these two and what about the lyrics of the song "Only you" of MOLS...
  2. I loved the short movie about the power of dreams and how people can bring inspiration and vocation to others and the song.... omomo so beautiful, like a lullaby.... and what about SH look at the press conference?! Stunning again... and those red shoes, gosh, I want the same October 25th, what a beautiful day for mama bear, so proud about her... I hope she gets a congratulatory message from papa bear....
  3. @USAFarmgirl I never get bored watching that scene... I sometimes watch it with sound off just to watch their body language... even in slow motion sometimes too... this moment is so pure, so true, so real... that's why deep down we are all gathered here to support them in believing... Thank you for your kind and wise words always... I love this place and the comfort it gives me... forever young, forever love, they will never forget these blissful moments they shared...
  4. @USAFarmgirl I love this video edit My guts really tell me this song is for SY to remember that busan night... and what tickles me is that the radio show, on which was red the letter SY wrote for JH, is named "Starry night".... ah ah ah coincidence?
  5. I loved your post... our positive vibes will resonate at unison and this will give them the support they need... The power of love is true... If we believe they will believe. I truly think there are these unamed and unseen powers among us with positive thinking and love magnet. It's the battle of the forces (basically like in Star Wars right?... sorry my second ship is Reylo so.... even though its fictionnal...). Our faith in these two will beat the negative forces that have been pulling them... I have faith, I believe and we will see the miracle of Love one day I'm sure... Seeing them falling in love was a blessing, and it makes me sad for them that they cannot fulfill the love they deserve because of the industry they are working in. But fair to say they met thanks to this industry too so.... So I'm sending my vibrations to the universe everyday and it makes me believe it may work out for them one day... Love is all...
  6. I’m really wondering in which unit JH will be dispatched or which one he volunteered considering all his abilities...
  7. Like my Meditation app told me this morning "Forget all the reasons it won't work and believe the one reason that it will". That's my new 02 motto
  8. I was watching Cnblue videos on Youtube and came across "Ask in a Box: CNBlue" video from Sept 2015... It was to promote their new single Cinderella (some of you said this song was written by Yonghwa while watching Jonghyun falling in love). At around 5min of the videos they have to eat ice cream and say how Cinderalla will feel while eating ice cream with one of them... JH answer killed me ! He said "This ice cream could make Cinderella stay past midnight".... And other boys just laugh out loud like a private joke... I immediately linked it with the Icecream proposal in WGM He just cannot keep his mouth shut... Sounds like an outspoken truth to me... You can see at 5:51min of the video...
  9. And now I'm just watching again the US movie Serendipity on Netflix while head tripping about JH and SY fate signs... I was also listening to JH last solo album and the song "Still in my heart". I can't help but see a hidden message when he says "you said to me these last few words - no matter what, I'll find you, I am sure-" and rewatching the last 5min of MOLS that's basically what On Dal is saying to her... "I'll find you no matter what".... That's why I'm watching Serendipity again.... Like JH's cap.... Too much signs really... On Dal going to war... She's waiting for him... JH going to military enlistement... you see where I'm going? Edit- I just add to that post an answer I got on Brownie Hive which I think is really interesting
  10. @gongleefan Thank you for saying out loud and very detailed what I was keeping inside me...
  11. Thank you for your reply. Let's conclude we think differently and I'll just focus on positive outputs and delulu for the destiny of these two
  12. @Faith Isabel Caylan no disrespect but I start to doubt that your messages are really from a gonglee shipper... are you trolling this thread? (Sorry if I cross the Line moderators) i liked coming here to read positive things about this couple and not the contrary. It upsets me frankly speaking
  13. @Faith Isabel Caylan well we all make assumptions but I prefer to send positive vibrations for these two who have a real chemistry and seem they can be a happy couple before, now or in the future. I believe in what I see and in their future! O2 forever
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