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  1. HOUSE OF BROWNIES Official Thread 02! Welcome to the Bee Hive Gong Seung Yeon SNS: Official Instagram Pet Instagram BH Entertainment Lee Jong Hyun SNS: Official Instagram Official Twitter FNC Entertainment FNC Entertainment Japan WGM Episodes (English Sub) Complete 1-24 Alternative Link My Only Love Song Netflix Official Site Soompi House of Brownies Thread 01 02 Thank You Photobook Read * This thread is for Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon * For any unrelated post please put *OFF TOPIC* before posting it . * DO NOT QUOTE ANY IMAGE / GIF / VIDEO * DO NOT BASH ANY IDOL / ACTOR / SOOMPI MEMBER * Maintain respect at all times. This place is a place to celebrate love! * HAVE FUN WHILE SPAZZING! * Our dear @kenxynth is forever in our hearts! May she look over us and our couple forever.
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