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  1. I added the link to the 02 Thank You photobook in the information page, but you can access it here too. Hope you guys still remember ^^
  2. HOUSE OF BROWNIES Official Thread 02! Welcome to the Bee Hive Gong Seung Yeon SNS: Official Instagram Pet Instagram BH Entertainment Lee Jong Hyun SNS: Official Instagram Official Twitter FNC Entertainment FNC Entertainment Japan WGM Episodes (English Sub) Complete 1-24 Alternative Link My Only Love Song Netflix Official Site Soompi House of Brownies Thread 01 02 Thank You Photobook Read * This thread is for Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon * For any unrelated post please put *OFF TOPIC* before posting it . * DO NOT QUOTE ANY IMAGE / GIF / VIDEO * DO NOT BASH ANY IDOL / ACTOR / SOOMPI MEMBER * Maintain respect at all times. This place is a place to celebrate love! * HAVE FUN WHILE SPAZZING! * Our dear @kenxynth is forever in our hearts! May she look over us and our couple forever.
  3. [Notice] Our main website http://gongleeglobal.com is now back online! You can still check out our alternate sites http://gongleeglobal.blogspot.com and http://gongleeglobal.tumblr.com
  4. Hi guys, we're sorry to inform you guys that we are having some issues with our site currently. We are currently trying our best to restore everything but in the meantime, we've created temporary sites. Tumblr - http://gongleeglobal.tumblr.com Blogspot - http://gongleeglobal.blogspot.com Alternative links for those who don't have access to Tumblr/blogspot: GDrive - https://drive.google.com/…/17GBhKvRT5FmXIR38F7KORhHCOtF9-Rw… Mega - https://mega.nz/#F!DNwVFbAJ!VdIrPa0fTw9CgtOFj7RUdQ We'll put up another notice once we recover the main site. Thank you!
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