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  1. He is not a child. Not everyone is perfect, but, stop to excuse his actions by telling people they all have monsters, skeletons and/or every other excuse. People don't all do what he did, and NO, not all people are sinners. We forgive, but, we are not blind. Stop it!
  2. Hi! It seems she deleted her account. Hope she is fine and doing okay as well. I was hoping she had stayed to post in Sy's future drama threads, always interesting and helpful, her posts are well written and beautifully done. I am going to miss her so much, it makes me so sad knowing that while I will stay reading the drama threads, someone will be missed as a collaborator and a friend.
  3. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is feeling better and in the process of moving on. Not here to judge anyone. I do feel sad for victims as it seems the mayority won't have justice from the authorities at all, so one day the Almighty will do that for them. "Bee Couple" have moved on for sure, my own thoughts for it, let it be, let it go. I am cherishing the people meet along the way, for that I am thankful. *hugs*
  4. Hello! Difficult times for everyone, not here to judge anyone, please be kind to one another. Just a reminder that this is Soompi's forum site "Shipper's Paradise" page. While is good to see words to lift our spirits, please remember also the Soompi rules. Off topic comments/posts should be on "Spoiler".
  5. @moca_hanzel *hugs* @Faith Isabel Caylan very wise words. @jazmecu I am shocked, sad, disappointed, and almost still in disbelief. I want to wake up tomorrow and realize that it was a nightmare. Sorry to not be much help at this moment, I am heartbroken at this point. *hugs* @USAFarmgirl thanks to you my dear friend for all that you did for this forum and it's members. It was nice to had meet you and also fellow Brownies that came to share the sweet memories of what we witnessed. Thanks everyone! Please, let's pray for Seungyeon and her family. Let's pray also for the victims all over the world dealing with similar circumstances like South Korea, people that are being taken advantage off, victims of their surroundings, and that it never happens again. Let's pray for those who really are sorry for their actions and want to change for real, and be better people, better yet, let's pray for them to look within themselves and seek help if they feel the need of harming others, so they can stop on time. Let's pray for the families of the victims. Let's pray for the families of those who hurt them, and are hurt themselves because they didn't teach their kids to hurt others, and are caught in this awful situation. Let's pray for a better world, and let's help others in need. Don't be blind to injustice, but, don't lose the faith in the humanity. Time might heal the pain, let's move on, and hope for a better tomorrow. Thanks to all Brownies for the memories. @kenxynth thank you.
  6. Sy IG Trans: GSY Caption: Thanks to all who celebrate my birthday. I receive so much love, how can I give them back. Thank you very. I love you. Cr. Gsyinternational IG Thanks/credit to all owners/sources. Jh IG Thank YOU to Gong Seungyeon and Lee Jonghyun! Thank you fellow Brownies! Happy Birthday Seungyeon! Wishing that your dreams come true, bee bless with your loved ones, every day of your life! Thank you for being appreciative of your fans all over the world. Jonghyun, thanks for posting today, your voice is so soothing, sure to bee appreciated. @jazmecuI had problems signing on the thread, seems because of the changes on the site. Thank you for sharing here your thoughts. If anyone find and could share the translation of Jh's song(s) it's appreciated. It should be from someone who doesn't mind it to be shared here.
  7. Sy IG: Sy is enjoying time with her loved ones, family and friends, and pets, priceless! Happy New Lunar Year 2019 to those who celebrate!
  8. Sy IG Seems like the whole Yoo family went to Jeju island for a short vacation. It most bee a beeutiful dreamy place to visit. Sy related: Thanks and credit to all original owners/sources.
  9. Sy IG Related: Bonus: Thanks and full credit to all owners and sources. The song and video are beautiful. Seungyeon makes the video so touching. I am not crying, you are! Congratulations for the achievement. Let's keep streaming while enjoying it. Also, seems there are some pets bath going on, another shared business? maybe?
  10. Thank you so much @jazmecu for such insightful views, please keep sharing them with us, it's always appreciated. Unfortunately, I am not good in details, but, the signs that they did fall in love, and were not acting, are so evident that regardless of the outcome, I know in my heart (not delulu by any means) that they got to be a real couple. Hoping they are now or in the future will. JH and Sy are compatible with outstanding chemistry, hope they get to bee 2gether forever at the end, and have a honey bee or Brownie bear (brown or amber eyes) family.
  11. @jazmecu at the right of each post there is a "share icon" besides a "flag icon", if you click at the share icon it's supposed to post exactly what you want to share only. At least that's how it should work, if not, then maybe is a problem with the coding of the page with the media you might be using or the coding from this page.
  12. For reliving the beginning of their love story, and for those new in the fandom, here is the link of the official first thread #1: Thanks to @USAFarmgirl @angelangie @Reen2you our angel @kenxynth and Brownies from the official first thread #1 for making it possible to have a continuation of our Bee Couple story, and thanks to @GongLee Globalfor starting the official second thread #02 for everyone to enjoy. All work on behalf of Jh and Sy, for Brownies, and all things shared in this second thread, is truly appreciated. Thanks also to the B.E.S.T. team for original translations, what would we had done without you!!! Thanks to Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon, our Bee Couple, for letting us in their journey, a ship to sail to the end of the earth/sea. Bee happy! Lets do this Brownies!
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