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  1. No one knows for sure, but if taking into account how deeply invested he seems, he's probably some kind of a Director (as opposed to just an Investor who poured in capital for the venture) that has deciding powers within the corporation that owns Nerdy. But anyway, I don't think anyone of us here can know for sure unless JH says it on his own. Also, as far as I know, Nerdy just has one store - the one in Hongdae which SY frequents. What Nerdy has is a lot of distributors in other malls and in Japan.
  2. @Na NeNi jh isn't the listed CEO for nerdy, so he doesn't have to step down. if you look at the official site, the person listed as CEO is someone called lee minkyung. nerdy is handled by a company called multinex which is a subsidiary of apr corporation (owned by lee jukwang and kim byunghoon). you can see all the information in apr's official japan website.
  3. @ahnborabora you still have to upload it and you can use youtube, but put it as unlisted so no one can search for it. only those with links can access it. hope that helps.
  4. this is a famous fan-created rumor. it was because they had some cute interaction in a music show before so people started to ship them. yoona and jonghyun are same aged friends so that can explain their closeness. jonghyun is actually close to a lot of snsd members - taeyeon, seohyun, yuri, sunny, yoona, but being the same age, yoona and jonghyun are more comfortable. cnblue is actually very good friends with snsd. if ever they dated, we wouldn't really know but yoona and seunggi also officially came out in 2013 so there might be an overlap.
  5. @Faith Isabel Caylan seolhyun, by the way, is close to jonghyun because she's from the same company and they've worked together in a drama before. she's also the ex-girlfriend of jonghyun's very close friend, zico. unless we think that jonghyun, zico, and seolhyun are the types to date their friends' exes, what you're saying is a bit impossible. but anyway, assumptions are all we have when we don't know all of the aspects of the stories and since we'll never gonna know their full stories, we can just hope and enjoy the ride.
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