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[OFFICIAL THREAD 2] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]

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Hi brownies. Finally I was able to join this thread... I've been a silent lurker from the 1st thread, and honestly I haven't finished it yet, but I'm sooo overwhelmed that we have our 2nd thread for our dearest HoneyBee couple, hence I made this account so I can post to say my gratitude to our all-of-yous who made this 2nd thread possible... Very Well Done Brownies!!! I'm really proud to join this group... while I'm still catching up and finishing my readings for the first thread I'm very much looking forward to hear and read more updates and wonderful insights from everyone here in this recent thread abt our lovely couple... 

I started being a shipper since last year after watching MOLS then got to know more about them in WGM then the rest is a history... :grin:

Presently, while Jonghyun is being on an active military service and being visible on social media once in a while, my heart longs for our dearest Seungyeon :dissapointed::cry:....really wondering why she's been so quite, or may I say not having so much media exposure...

I hope and I believe some good things were bound to happen for our beautiful bear... very soon!!! Thank you everyone! More power to this group!!! Till next time... Tatah... 

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Yes this is not confirmed that they really date together. It was just my assumptions. My rational mind say maybe JH is joking when he said that. And my delulu mind he is not that kind of person that he will be joking that kind of topic. He  know it that it can be connected to his WGM days. He blurted it out I should be cautious. Or maybe he blurted it out because he want his exgf to know that shes still in his heart..


And now my story telling again. I was just connecting things. I am just in my own world try to read things on my own way. Yes I should post it in a fanfic site Coz my ideas are all hilarious. Dont scold me brownies please. For analyzing so much. 


Now when did they broke up. From the timeline they shoot MOLS sept. 24 to Nov 2016. SY adapt bami on Nov. 2016. Jh was still ok on jan. 2017. Then we know blue. He post it in his IG. Feb 2017 he is dancing twice songs with Jaejin and of course lu. March 2017 he post his video while doing dancing with twice song again.. his dating rumour with another girl. But we see him wearing nerdy sweatshirt with a bear on it. And SY seems not affected by the issue. Then april 2017 they both like each other IG. The 4.16.14 

05.10.17 blue again with bckground music of daughters of john mayer. 

05.12.17 JH post about blue

05.15.17 JH post peace while doing a guitar melody

05.20.17  he like SY post in IG with the circle cast. 

May 20, 2017 JH post miss u with lu and looking at the camera. 

Then he start singing songs in his IG. Well he sing a song last 01.23.17  a song about misses his wife his love. 

June 3 2017 he sing in his IG LET IT BE By beatles. ( i search for the deep meaning of the song and that song was compose by paul mccartney when he is down then had a dream that his mother saying let it be.and then the lyrics flowing in his mind and compose it. And said that his mother is always in his side when he always have a problem) 

Before, I thought mother mary in the song let it be is Virgin Mary. But  the  name of paul mccartney mother is mary. Then why JH sing that. Are there something that troubles him and said let it be let it be. It will be ok

06.07.17 post singing blowers daughter. (, you say life is easy on me most of the time... Cant take my eyes off you) 

Then he start posting i am happy. 

And in the concert in Japan @MattieCat said JH is not talking again. 

6.22.17 jh post a book about being young again and do aegyo (why he keep posting young again he said he is an ajhussi right) 

06.24.17 post a book about albert camus. The stranger. And the caption its amazing feeling whenever I see it. I research the interpretations  In you tube. And made nw realize that is how he feels. Being different and do hia own way. 

06.24. 17 newyork kcon. I think its @tiMadam  that said JH is quiet too


Look at this video YH was so lively. They always do that in the stage.. But JH seems different. And at 2.40 while JH singing YH look at him and smile while walking towards him and shout hey hey and tap him and put his arms in his soulder and stay at his side a little bit and when his hyung do that JH smile



I will stop here posting his post in IG. Coz its too long now. But yes he had a problem something bother him. Hes been super busy in 2015 and 2016. But 2017 they are just doing concert tour from here and there.  So what make him act like that. The last song they played in kcon is love light. And at the ending and timely the fans focus the camera on him. He seems bored at the ending while looking at YH as if he want to leave the stage and want to said to his hyung stop talking and end this. 

Their between us concert start in seoul june 3 or 4.

He got a haircut on may 7 or may 11.

( Oct.2017 they release a dvd of their concert in korea. And have a promotional by doing commentary in the concert. At the start of the concert when the camera focus in JH. YH said JH your hair is so short. And he said i was going through some emotional...) 

So he is really having a hard time. Emotional problem. And he keep on losing weight. At may 2017 we still can see him posting about fishing. But since june 2017 none. He just keeping posting im young. Im an idol too. I am happy. And doing cover songs in his IG. And some excerpt qoute from the movie, book he read and watch. 

What happen JH. 


I will interpret Their IG as all brownies said are connected. And here is my thought (we have all interpretations but every person can read it the other way. 1 book read by 10 people can also have 10 meaning. And reading our forum. Reading JH and SY in my own view I come to this.) And even after you finish the book or the movie you watch or sometimes listening to a friend story we interpret the whole thing as a whole even though we still didnt finish the book yet, the movie we watch or a story. But after reading the whole book our point of view change. Because at the end of  the story there is always a hidden message. Yes this is not the end of their story. And i will interpret it base on what I just reading before I got to this thread. Stalking their IG saga and back reading this forum my views now is different from before i saw it the first time. 


The MAUdIE. When I was searching of an interpretations of MAUDIE in the most accurate and simple thoughts. I find this shared video is the summary of the meaning of the movie. 


07.07.17 JH Post a japanese movie JOSEE THE TIGER AND THE FISH. 

The captions of him. " One day you will not love me anymore and no doubt one day I will not love you any longer. We will once again in solitude. The same loneliness while the year passes by." from the movie. Josee the tiger and the fish. 


When I first saw it. Especially all the cover song he did. I interpret it that They really broke up. BUT upon seeing it again in our thread it come to mind that he really is disturbed  and this is only one thought that he worry and keep thinking what if. ( in his grazia int. In sept. Issue the mc said you have so many thoughts. And he say yes  i have too many thoughts and it is a problem. I should stop.) 


07.15.17  SY shared in his IG the movie MAUDIE. And for me i want it to connect to JH post about the movie he share. That it was SY answer to JH. That yes you can love me or you can love me not. As years go by feelings can be change. BUT LOVE, TOO can change  people who are in love. In maudie the fisherman live in his own world (he is the type of person that dont want to be hurt. So he live alone with his dogs  Because he is the type of person who is afraid of rejection. He easily get angry. And maud was known for her art.

In that shared video i come to realization. The meaning of being guarded and in protection mode of one's feeling. 

JH is like that. His bio before said it. He is a kind of person that did this and that. And one of his int. He said i dont want to have a problem or something like that. That when it becomes a problem or before it going to be a problem I stop. And MH said to him it is impossible because thats part of  ones life. Having a problem. ( again not the exact word but as i remember it was about just him  being  happy) 

Maybe during this times. He feels SY is really getting famous and so many projects. And she even said that in AYHT. The directors offered her the lead actress. She did not audition for it. And maybe there is so many thoughts coming to JH. SHe would be famous. We will fall apart. Im busy. Shes busy. She will forget me. And along the way i will forget her too. Id like to qoute @Aileen4ever said during his grazia int. She said  ' . I believe they were 2gether until "a while" ago. Jh likes "a girl" (to quote his interview): "for myself" 


Yeah JH said he wants his girl to be by himslef. And If SY get famous and would have a lot of offer and so many loveline and kiss too. He know he cant take it. He worry to much. Hes thinking what if what if. So many worries. And SY keep on holding to him. Believe in LOVE. A happy ever after. Along lasting love. 


And 07.17.17 JH watch the movie. And he said he cry when he watch. It.  And post again with a video of him looking at lue and in the camera. The caption MY VALENTINE. 

07.22.17 JH cover song hozier work song. That he only think of his baby. How sweet his baby is. (yes SY is sweet. A very romantic person. Believe in a long lasting love. As long as they were together. They can win it all.)

Again cover song. Lee juck "  I didnt know at that time"  AND he knows now. And he cant let it slip away because true love comes only ones in a lifetime. It doesnt come twice.

07.24.17 daughters by john mayers. 


And for me SY strikes again. 




She post it. He answer JH again. 

The caption say" a sea that cannot play and with a bee on it ( she cannot play with the sea because he is not there. Who is her honeybee. It is JH right. We all know that brownies. Thats why brownies are so happy and even the back of her shirt have a bee too.)

But i was thinking the first picture her shirt have no bee right. And the second picture her shirt had bee now. So SY put a bee on her shirt. Just like when all the people say JH has a new girl we all see him wearing a swearshirt that has a BEAR ON IT. and have  im alive. 

That she purposely put a bee on it. To make his honeybee think. I miss you honeybee.) 

( this is what i really interpret their posting. Sorry if for some im being delusional. Cause i was one too laughing sometimes for brownies opinion and make connection to this and that and found at that it was just purely coincidence and nothing too be delulu on it. That we are just a shippers trying to connect things. That some may true and some may really unreal. But since we love our 02 couple so we interpret much.) 


But then again here he goes again

07.28 17  cover song HALFMOON BY DEAN. yes it is a lost love again. Want to go back at the memories again. But this time I want to focus to the part of the song. He cant make up his mind.  there is no one like her but half. The song is about the guy feels incomplete without her. He cant be filled. 

And maybe his worries strike again. He want SY for himself only. So that he can be filled by her love. But he know its impossible to be with her  at this point of time. 

08.01.17 post again JUST LIKE A STAR by corrine bae. ( a sweet song. It was a song that you can imagine it was his song for SY.) 


Before i was really confused of his ig post. Doing all the cover song in july  then part of august. And im even confuse with him posting about blue. I said to myself before maybe he was sad and want to be happy reminiscin old memories. Thats why sometimes his cover song is not about parting but loving a person. 

08.10.17 JH delete pictures in his IG. And all with  SY picture in it. 

Whats the fuss. I thought they are okay  now. Brownies said it just picture being deleted. Nothing much. But he is at that time for me having a trouble days. Worrying a lot. That before his been on his medication about the way of his thinking. He got a depression. So for me it is mean something. If he do it before during his sane mood. I would interpret it as nothing much. But hey it mean something. Did they  argue. What happen we really dont know. But maybe one he is missing her badly. Two it is really getting complicated. Three he has a lot of worries and he cant contain it anymore. Four. He must do something now before it got to be a problem a big problem. Maybe he was just want a space. To clear his mind and thoughts. To analyze things about them. But there is no use. Because his way of thinking strikes again. Maybe he dont want to do it. But seeing things in his own way he did it. 

And this time. Maybe SY ok. If this is what you want be it. And i interpret it as  maybe  SY think she is tired too. Busy schedule. Fans angry at her. They cant come in the open. But she thought its getting stronger. But here is JH worrying of something again and again. And maybe SY think that time it was just repeat again and again. So she give up. Even if she dont want too. ( In her grazia interview. She want her family to rely on her... And so on. And the last word she said. Ive yet to find someone to rely on.) 


And what is her ideal man. She said A reiable person who i can rely on comfortably. A loyal person. A considerate person. You read what i want to read. She want someone whom she can rely on comfortably. And she know things doesnt work out well with them. Even though she keep fighting on it. Maybe it is time now to give up. 


Remember JH post on 07.31.17.about genius excerpt. 

The caption say. " There comes a time when people have to leave like  when you become an adult and leave the house. 

Then 08.01.17 he sang like a star. Maybe he realize something again after that. He was not thinking rationally but yes he was thinking too much. Worry about the future.and yes that is a problem. And he said he should stop because it is problem. And then maybe that time. They end their good story. And all because of the way he thinks too much. Maybe he got a slightly depression out there.. That he want to cope up. 

And then we see him posting 

08.12.17 caption " a book for myself. The life of others." He want to really clear his mind. Sort things out. Find his happiness. Love and what would he do after interpreting the life of others. Maybe he can view himself and different way too. 

And I think in their bangkok concert. When he do that not so 02 sign. On 08.13.17. He really looks so happy doing it. And thai fans was so adorable. And maybe it makes him happy that there so much 02 fans out there waving at him. 


Then keep posting about happy and young again. And in his interview in grazia. When is his  last relationship. And he answer its been a while. That interview for us revealed who JH was. And for. Me too. I read him now as more clearly.


Want his girl. To be by himslef. And said  too " but i do think its hard lo  love as years go by. " and i know he said it because he experience it. 


What did he do when he gets lonely and he said playing songs in IG.


And yes he is really lonely. And from his point of view. It is a problem. Coz he is the type of person that dont want to be like that.


And when ask you keep posting in your bio that you have fun doing this and that... . . And he said   I'm having fun..... And so on but this sentence " im really happy then i dont have to upload that kind of pictures." 

When i first read it before it hits me especially he keep posting im a happy man. This time it is still the same. I still interpret it that way. If he really happy why would he do that. Why he always said that to his IG post. Coz deep in his heart he want to be happy man. A real happy man. 

Then ask again what is you always want that said to you. And he answer you really look happy. 

Then ask again. You are happy right. And he said.. ' i think im in the process of  finding happiness...... I think the process of finding happiness is more important  and beautiful.( but then later on his idea of finding happiness change. That even if someone did not find his hapiness as long as there passion there ia always happiness. And his jan. 2 post 2018. He want to see smile to everyone and finding happiness even in small things.) people change.


Then what do we have now. 

So to me ah they broke up around august 2017. So JH REALLY EXAGGERATE it again. The last time he has a girlfriend is 2.5. Yeas ago. 

Yes 1 plus 1 equals two. Two years in a relationship. Plus 6 months of being apart. 

Yes 2.5. Years ago did i interpret it correctly or just my delulu mind working. 


Then he start posting again. Sing agan in his IG on september 2017



And one song i dont remember the title. 

Then lastly posting and singing his new compose song. It was about regretful of losing someone. It was really a good song. And from reading the translations. He realize it now even more. He lost a great love. 

Maybe from really being apart. From ending their relationship. His mind is clearly working. He got a reflection now. Reflecting things that happen because of his own way of thinking before. 

Then out of the blue he like SY post and  even left a comment in her 9.30.17 post. 


Actually in this time of day i keep thinking while stalking their IG again and again. SY was posting a lo during those times. And brownies said it SY keep on posting. And all she post is more of her face. Her beautiful face. 

But there is no reply to SY. WHY. Because they fell apart.


And on my delulu mind. SY keep posting her beautiful face to let that someone know he miss his opportunity to be with this yeppo yeppo girl. 

Did we girls really do that. Keep flaunting our asset if we broken up with a guy. (And SY, it is working. If this is your revenge to torture the mind of someone. Keep it up.)


JH on his remembering their days. And he keep seeing SY beautiful face. Oh he click and comment because he cant hold back anymore of what he feels.

SY keep on posting. Then we able to see bami on the last week of oct. 

Then on oct. Another 4 cover song. 

And in 10.20.17 he like and comment again on SY IG. But no,reply again. 

His luck of being with her again is not coming back. He miss his chance. And he cant do anything about it. Remember when he said that he will keep bombarding the girl. He likes in social. Media if she did not answer him. 

Evwn if he know the consequences. He still do that. CoZ by now he realize what he lost. A beautiful, smart person and kind girl. 

But as much as he want to do it. He also want to protect SY. Coz fans getring crazy. And then he stop. 


And keep on reflecting. 

About life. His 11.17.17 post now his interpretations of findings happiness change. Then he post this again 11.17.17




A french movie. L'avenir. Things to come. 

Maybe when he watch this movie. Something hit him. The story is all about at first all that happen to the lead character is good. And then later on problems arrive. Her midlife crisis. Being a philosophical Teacher. Someone interpret the movie as i watch some reviews about the movie. Not really watching it. It is somewhat the lead think she is too smart to be sad.( But sadness came. It is always happen to every person right) From being cold the lead character turn to different person. When her divorce came he realize something from being distant to things that he used to work deal and even part of it. And she is a philosophy teacher she rely on the way of how she thinks. How could she act in certain things. Many happens but she keep on view things on her way. It is her defense to let things work out. How  her philosophical thinking.work

This is the video I watch. 



And JH now know what really happiness means. By readng books. Watching this movie. Somehow he realize that dont worry about future too much. And i interpret his IG post about today today as that the very important  things happen in lfe is today. What happen today is the reflection of your tomorrow. What happen today is your future happiness. You cannot worry about what will. Happen tomorrow too much coz later on you may regret that you dont value what happen today  and worry for future and it turn out. The today that you experience is your forever happiness that you are finding for your future. And he miss that because he worry too much. 


Then SY keep posting again and again. And with Bami too. We keep seeing Bami on her IG. 

And JH being JH.12.14.17 he unfollowed SY. wow He cant do it anymore. Looking at SY but not having her. It was so hurtful. Seeing the one you love but not having him. He miss his chance and this is his forever regret in life. Time to move on. Lets enjoy what he have today. He learned his lesson now.

But you know he is still sad. Keep. Posting i am happy again and again. 

Then one of his friend died.. God I can feel how sad and hurt he is. 


Then he sing on his IG EXO SiNG FOR YOU. 


Maybe before he end his 2017 he want that song to make someone know what he still feels. Beside SY still follow her. 


Then 2018 comes. 

YH got scandal again. So many problems arrived. How can he coped up. His concert. His work. It is his defense. His defense to make him happy. Enjoy every moment. Appreciate all things even though he is down. He even said to the concert that he want to cancell it and talk to the members.

But fans are waiting. So he do it.

And yes the butterfly song of YH composed song. He really like it. Because when they start recording. It is what he feels toward SY.  STILL IN MY HEART is an english song of him. The lyrics somewhat the same. He love the girl so much. But singing the song with his own language. And as a person who sings from the heart. You know by singing it he is really heartbroken.


To be continued....


 (My last part  dont take it seriously. Coz the last part more on a shippers thingking. Not thinking logically.It should be in fanfic site. But id rather write it here coz brownies will understand my delulu mind. Got busy at work. See you at the last chapter) 



Thank you   @luvtokki. Love your comments too for our bee couple.

When I read your thoughts about appreciating my comments in our forum. And share my POV in certain things. I told myself I will write  my final POV delulu. I dont want to post it really I told to myself this is the last. Coz I may too irrational  And not being logical and just so delusional. But yes it inspire me. So see you  brownies in last chapter of delulu mode on. 




I remember when I read @MattieCat translations and the share translations of tweets during his february concert. 

In one of their interview last 2017 during the promotion of their STAY GOLD Album. They've asked  what is their fave song in that album. MH said only beauty of JH and JH said i like the butterfly of YH. He said its similar to his style of music. 

Then during his feb. Concert he said to the fans " when I include butterfly in my list of songs I thought it was my own compose song. But it is hyung compose song. You know weve been in the group for so long thats why we are much similar now. 

Back then when i was searching for all the compose songs of YH that I can relate to  JH and try to connect each compose song about their story. And at first when i just searching for the title the song starting over is connected to them but when i read the eng translations it is haviing a party and enjoying. Having fun after a tired day.

Then BOok I really relate it to JH and about his love to SY. I cried when I listen to the song the first time I heard it. Because for me when I was stalking their IG before I found this thread. JH was really sad. Then the song MiRROR. From my thinking it is YH song to JH. He was saying share your burden share your worries we can work it out  coz we are here your brothers lending a hand to you. 

Then the butterfly, song.. When I saw the translations of the song i said this is another song for JH and SY that YH compose. Especially the lyrics is all about the lost love. That even if they are not together anymore he was still there for her. and he dont want to wake up to the dream and start his morning again. Yes he can just rewind their memories but he know he can never go back and said yes goodbye girl. Like his song STILL IN MY HEART. He said before when he do his album the mc ask him why it is almost in english (, i dont remember the exact words  but the idea is... because in english since it is not his language The emotions of singing it maybe less. And if he write it in korean the emotions and the feels in the song come out to him.) 

In his february 2018 concert setlist of songs  it is almost the same set of songs in his june concert. Just 2 songs are change.STILL IN MY HEART and BUTTERFLY he sing 20 songs and repeat hikari no machi in his encore. 

And in his June concert he sing 21 songs and repeat BLind love at the encore. He add LUCID DREAM, WHEN WE ARE YOUNG and I LOVE YOU. Since i want to listen to his version of butterfly i keep on searching on you tube if there is a shared video. I want to see his expression while singing that song.. But just an audio concert of his feb. 1 and feb. 2 concert. We know that he is so emotional during that time. And fans are crying when he sing because they feel his burden. He said i want to be energize you are my energy but looking all at you at the floor you are all crying.. And even said you can cry but Im not because i am a professional person. ( not really the exact words but, pretty much close to whatI read in our first thread) 

Then I listen to the audio clip shared in you tube.

He cant contain his emotion while singing this song. When he sing on the part of morning starts again.... and icant go back..... I came to understand what I have lost....Sayonara girl.

AND HE stop singing. I cant hear his voice only the back up singer. And start singing again after the silhoutte part... Then  I listen ro his feb. 2 concert coz maybe im wrong. That maybe it is part of how they sing it. But in his feb. 2 concert he sing that part along with the back up singer. And the way he spill the word I love you you can really feel it. 



The butterfly song starts in 01.24.30. 



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Thank you so much @jazmecu for such insightful views, please keep sharing them with us, it's always appreciated. :)


Unfortunately, I am not good in details, but, the signs that they did fall in love, and were not acting, are so evident that regardless of the outcome, I know in my heart (not delulu by any means) that they got to be a real couple. Hoping they are now or in the future will. :wub:


JH and Sy are compatible with outstanding chemistry, hope they get to bee 2gether forever at the end, and have a honey bee or Brownie bear (brown or amber eyes) family. :heart:

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Thank you @Aileen4ever

I know that is a fact. That JH and SY are in a relationship before. Its not my delulu mind working. I know i was just joking when I said that. But I was torn on if brownies would be ok if I share all my thoughts about are bee couple. I dont mind what will haters will say about my thoughts. But i was concerned what will brownies will say.

I was reading this whole thread. And going back and forth and stalking their IG from the start of their journey in WGM. As a newbie brownies. And not known them 4 years ago. This thread help a lot. It was reading a book of our bee couple. 

I like Song Hye Kyo and Rain. I love them in full house. I was young then. But keep believing they will end up together. Even if SHK had some relationship i still believe someday they will end up together. When rain got married i cried a lot. But imagine this. All i have about them is full house. All i have about them is their other dramas. All i have about them is just them. 

But in our bee couple. I have this thread. I have a lot of brownies keep believing and keep Fighting. I cannot give all my thoughts here if i only have WGM of our 02 coiple. If i only have their MOLS. If i only have their videos or their IG. Coz its  been too long when they are seen together. 

For not knowing this thread before. I was really hurt that I like a new couple too much but I know they will not end up together. Coz all I have is their IG. All i know then is that they dont follow each other. That JH didnt like any 1 post of SY. That JH has  a new GF. That JH has a new pet name blue because his new GF has a cat too. That JH was so sad maybe because they broke up with a girl and he really love him. And at that time i would say coz SY is your destiny. I was reading a piece of paper about them. Not the complete book. Just a piece of paper. And because I dont want to be hurt just like before. I keep my ground on my feet on not make so many delusional dream about them ending up together. But that was i feel. I was asking why you didnt end up together. Your WGM feels so real. It was not a virtual hug. It was not a so called i met you i like you and thats it. But you feel the emotions they've shared when you are watching them. And viewers will say they really like each other. They are not acting. It is true. So i still cried about them. And thinking again and again.. Are you my another rain and song hye kyo couple. 


Then find out of this thread. The piece of paper that i read about them is now turning to book. Al the memories of them. All the pictures. All the gif, videos fact and stories shared in this thread was a big help for someone like me that have not known them from the start of their journey. And it really overwhelmed me. Being in this thread is such an amazing journey. Now i know all the truth about them. Now i know that what i read on my piece of paper was  not all fact. It was just reading a small content of the story but many parts are missing. 

Yes JH and SY is in a relationship before. It was a FACT.  Thank you for our forum. And thank you too to JH for confirming. Thanks to him because now we know we are not in delulu that they ve been a true couple before. Thanks to busan namja man. 


But sharing my last part of thoughts. It really made me think if i want to share it. Coz there is still Incomplete parts. Their  story is not finish yet. So im afraid to share it. Coz all I have this time  is more of my delulu working. And thinking what if its only all coincidence. That  I was really thinking too much. If only his 3 songs in his metropolis album  has been translated to english. I maybe feel at ease. If only his last concert are sub with english on what he all said before his enlistment. I would feel completely at ease to share it. But somehow since some parts are missing im really afraid to share it. If only @MattieCat is here and translate it. How I wish she heard me. How i wish @MattieCat is not busy and pop up again in our thread. 


The reason why i am not confident to share all my thoughts coz when i was just starting to backread this forum and keep my delusional mind on my feet. I was once laugh on one of brownies thought about our couple. And said to myself. See it was just pure Coincidence. (sorry fellow brownies). Of course that exact day brownies read the situation in a delulu mode. And after wards. Days months passed. We know for a fact it was really coincidence. Purely coincidence. So in my thoughts what if I read it just purely coincidence. What if after 1year or 2 years have passed and all im thinking now is i am just thinking too much and here is another new brownies reading after 2 years from now read my thoughts and laugh at my thoughts and will said this girl are so in delulu mode. That's why im afraid to shared my last thoughts. Coz ive been there. Ive. Experience it while reading this forum. 

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Thanks and full credit to all owners and sources.


The song and video are beautiful. Seungyeon makes the video so touching. I am not crying, you are! :tears: Congratulations for the achievement. Let's keep streaming while enjoying it. :wub:


Also, seems there are some pets bath going on, another shared business? :phew:  maybe? :heart:


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@GongLee Global, that photobook is so beautiful and special... I hope they have kept their copies well and have looked and will look at it from time to time... I hope it will remind them of the joy they have given to many during their stint in WGM that survives up to now and that we are here to continue to support them as a couple and/or as individual artists striving to excel in their craft...

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Hello all I am back here again, a place where I can come to know about gonglee since I am being crazy about them. We reach 2000 page in three years I hope we will get reach 2000 page again in another three years. Thank you too all of you who make it happened :kiss_wink:


Reading Jazmecu post makes me want to share my mind too. It been a long time since our couple know each other, many things happened since 2015 until now, but I am still in love to them so much. Believe in them so much too. 


Nowadays maybe SY not longer very active in her IG account, JH too. But fortunately I still find something that connected SY with JH, NERDY.


Still waiting our ship will sailing in the right time, with SY become better inside the 'ship' and JH too. Fighting!!! :grin:





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Been really busy but it doesn't mean I don't think about these two or those here!  Hoping this month of love is a reminder to all of us just how amazing this journey has been and continues to be....:heart:

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Hi to all brownies. Especially for all the lurkers. Been so busy but I can't help myself to write a comment here especially when I read something in beehive and make my delulu mind go wild because it was connected in my delusional thoughts of our 02couple and laughing pabo like JH because of what I read about LJK and SY .And wonder where is @Aileen4ever She keep updating this thread. So sad it is so quiet here. 3 days to go SY bday is coming and on March 2, 2019 where brownies experience the miracle of 2 special person. The happy bee and the Bear fox girl. Can't wait for that special day so I can share my happy thought.

Good day brownies





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Trans: GSY Caption: Thanks to all who celebrate my birthday. I receive so much love, how can I give them back. Thank you very. I love you. Cr.  Gsyinternational IG


Thanks/credit to all owners/sources. 







Thank YOU to Gong Seungyeon and Lee Jonghyun! :heart: Thank you fellow Brownies! 


Happy Birthday Seungyeon!  Wishing that your dreams come true,  bee bless with your loved ones, every day of your life!  Thank you for being appreciative of your fans all over the world. 


Jonghyun,  thanks for posting today,  your voice is so soothing,  sure to bee appreciated.  


@jazmecuI had problems signing on the thread, seems because of the changes on the site.  Thank you for sharing here your thoughts. 


If anyone find and could share the translation of Jh's song(s) it's appreciated. It should be from someone who doesn't mind it to be shared here.  :)


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Hi brownies.  Happy to be able to log in.. I wanted to post all my thoughts about our 02couple  last January. But holding back. I am so afraid that some of my thoughts or maybe all my thoughts about them are purely coincidence. And since my momentum in posting was  long overdue some of my thoughts about them are not really clear now. I might miss some of my previous info coz it's almost 2 months since I finish  reading our thread.

And for those new 02 fans that will read my POV in the near future and found out that all my thoughts about them is just purely coincidence please forgive me. We are in a shippers world. And we are always on a delulu mode.

This time I will not put my comments in spoiler. Because I was so sad that our thread was still in page2.

Dear brownies please don't treat this as off topic. I wanted to share how I knew our beecouple. And some instances that I was laughing at myself because I never really remember that I've known cnblue  before LOL. This is a long introduction..

Well I like Park ShinYe. In 2009 I watch her Korean drama you're beautiful. And I really like her with JangkeunSuk. Forgive me BOICE fans. I really don't like YH before when he is paired with PSH Especially when he is link to ShinYe. And asking why she keep watching that YH band. But keep thinking she also watch leehongki concert with his band. So when YH and PSH do the heartstring drama I buried cnblue in my deepest thoughts even though I remember I like some of  their songs before I dislike YH. Coz I tell to myself I don't want YH to be paired with PSH. And got to remember it while I was searching of cnblue song and I was laughing oh I already know cnblue before because of Park ShinYe and yh. I was really like that. When I want to forget I really do forget. And I was really trying hard to forget our 02couple coz I don't want to break my heart because of them. But I wonder why I am still here. 

I also watch Gentleman's dignity. Where JH play as COLIN. I really like the story of Gentleman's dignity. But I never really appreciate JH's presence. I find his act so boring. So JH was no impact to me at that time. But I love the OST song. 

See I've known cnblue long before and know JH too. Laughing again.

And for SY  I thought her CF with parkhaejin was a Korean drama. I keep searching on it when I accidentally watch it on you tube before. It was 2016 and found out it was only a CF.

I mention before that I accidentally know our 02couple because of BBYU. I was not really a fan of WGM. Because I watch some several video in you tube and I really feel that it was really scripted. I like YooksungJae in GOblin. That is the reason why I know BBYU couple. Because I was searching YooksungJae in google. Since I really don't like WGM I was contented watching them in you tube. I find joy and sungjae really cute. And I love when sungjae blush when joy teases him. Back in 2017 I was thinking maybe I could give it a try. Watching sungjae and joy in WGM. And while watching BBYU excerpt video in you tube during their WGM days when I accidentally watch this couple


And AGAIN in my mind the word SCRIPTED play on my mind while watching this video. I was talking to myself and said see that. The woman said I LOVE YOU but the man was just awkwardly smiling. No I don't want to watch wgm. They make 2 person act that they like each other even though  they really do not like what they are doing. Coz at that time while watching SY and JH doing the Titanic pose  and another video that she shout  I love you I find JH really look uncomfortable.

Little did I know that all my thoughts about them will change a year after. I never really notice that it was SY and JH doing the Titanic pose. That it was them until I watch the full episode of their Busan trip. I was shocked when I first found that it was the same 2  person that I watch back in 2017. 

You see my thoughts about them before was really different when I finally hook watching them. I was just watching an excerpt in you tube and I totally judged them that JH look uncomfortable when SY shout saranghae.


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I got really hook with our gonglee couple. I was just scanning every episode when I was searching for BBYU couple. All I know their WGM stint start in 270 coz I remember BBYU couple was in 270 plus episode. I should search what episode would BBYU couple in google.  And I don't know why I never think of that. Maybe because it was destined for me to find and watch their story. Coz  in my journey of knowing them they brighten my darkest world during that time.

But knowing them make me cried too. I didn't know about this soompi thread before. I was just searching about them in google. Stalking them in IG. And heard a lot of rumour  about them.

JH already had a girlfriend. And SY already had a boyfriend. It really break my heart. But keep stalking them. I continue watching them. 

During those times and not knowing this thread I had a lot of coincidence thought when I stalk their IG. That they really have someone in their life. SY with her rumour BF and JH with his rumour GF.

Stalking JH IG and knowing about his rumour GF in 2017 I was broken hearted. This is the coincidence that I found in my journey of stalking their IG. 

1.That JH has a new pet and it was a cat because his rumour GF has a cat too.

2. He was so happy and really look happy and inspire.

3. He was on a vacation in April 2017 and his rumour GF was on a vacation too.

4. That when he is in New York during KCon in June 2017 his rumour GF was in New York too

5. He was sad because he is heartbroken and want to get back with that special person. 

6. July 2018 he was on jeju and after a week the rumour GF was in jeju too. I keep thinking maybe the rumour GF posted it late so that it wasn't obvious. And they are back together

7. He posted fruits and he will eat well before of his military enlistment and the rumour GF post while she is eating food.



Because knowing soompi thread and back reading this thread twice all that I mention above is really different from what I thought now.

1.Yes JH has a new pet Cat and her name is Blue. And yes  SY too has a new pet Cat and his name is Bami.

2.Yes JH was so happy and look inspire because he is in love  and it is not with that rumour GF

3.Yes JH is in a vacation in Philippines and he said when he is on a trip he was always with a friend. And the rumour GF place was far from being in Philippines. 

4.It was just purely coincidence that when they are in New York that girl was already in New York. And when they are in New York the cafe or resto where the band eat follow SY IG right.

5.Yes he was sad and I already give my POV about him being sad. He is heartbroken and we know who is that special person.

6. Yes he was in Jeju. Another coincidence right that a week after that girl is posting she is in Jeju I was thinking JH is on a vacation too with a friend before he was seen in Jeju. And during this time.Bbsong was hospitalized. And SY and yoo family was so sad. Especially SY she cried a lot. In my delulu mind. JH and SY plan to go to Jeju before JH enlistment. But because bbsong was hospitalized SY cannot come with JH. Delulu mode on 

7. Yes JH posting a gift from friends from fans and he will eat well and will be back in good condition. Maybe that comment is for someone. Please eat well too. And that someone is patiently waiting for him.


See brownies stalking their IG really make my heart cry. And I was really connecting things. And believe that JH had a new GF. So thinking of this my so called new GF of JH isn't it weird. I read them as real and until now I am afraid that I was reading JH and SY too much and someday  I will realize all my thoughts are just PURELY COINCIDENCE too.

And for SY rumour I really though that she already had a BF too and it was not JH coz I believe at that time that JH was with another girl. When I see this post and read some English comment I thought it was her new BF. The person who is sitting in the sofa is a man right. It is not a girl knee. Coz it look so big for a woman. 

Then finally found this thread. 


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