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[Drama 2019] Mung Bean Flower/ Nokdu Flower, 녹두꽃


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Jo Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri, Yoon Shi Yoon, And More Say Goodbye Following The Finale Of “Nokdu Flower”

by S. Cho

Following the last episode on July 13, the cast of SBS’s “Nokdu Flower” said goodbye to the drama and its viewers.

“Nokdu Flower” tells the story of two brothers who wind up on opposite sides of the Donghak Peasant Movement of 1894. The movement brought upon a riot during which religious leaders of Donghak and peasants from Jeolla Province joined forces to protest the government’s push for Catholicism. Choi Moo Sung played Jun Bong Joon, the main figure to lead an uprising with the common citizens, and Jo Jung Suk played Baek Yi Kang, who works by Jun Bong Joon’s side. The drama also focuses on Baek Yi Kang’s relationships with his brother Baek Yi Hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Song Ja In (Han Ye Ri).

Along with a photo of himself and his script, Jo Jung Suk shared his admiration for the drama saying, “I think I was very fortunate to have been part of the production ‘Nokdu Flower,’ which tells the story of an important time period. The last six months were personally very meaningful and happy.”


The actor continued, “I want to express my gratitude and respect to the director, writer, cast, and all the other staff, as well as every extra who portrayed an important and unforgettable part of history. I felt much more responsibility for this drama, and aside from my character, this experience allowed me to deeply recognize the dignity of being human. I thank all the viewers who gave ‘Nokdu Flower’ lots of love, and I will see you again with an another great production.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1338954wpp/jo-jung-suk-han-ye-ri-yoon-shi-yoon-and-more-say-goodbye-following-the-finale-of-nokdu-flower

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Just in case someone hasn't watched the last episode, please ignore and skip my post because it is regarding Yi Hyun.


First thing first, the drama increased my admiration for the three lead's acting. To be very honest, everyone acted really well in the drama (except for the king...which I found him overdramatic in some parts).


As for the ending...


What Yi Hyun did was unforgettable, but he is a sad character. In someway, he is similar to Jeon Bongjun. As Yi Hyuk mentioned, he always thought Jeon Bongjun was a violent person who fought for reform, yet Yi Hyun had piles of dead body at his feet as he sought for "civilization." Both of them want the best for their nation, and both seek to change the current system. No doubt, Yi Hyuk looked up to Jeon Bongjun, but unlike his brother, Yi Kang, he thought his method of reform was the best way, only to discover that he had been fooled (by himself and by Japan) all the time. 


And at the end, he sought for death...in fact, he had been seeking death for a long time. I think that is one of the reason why he picked up the man (the one he tortured at the beginning, the one he saved and allowed the man to beat up a Japanese soldier) to be his assistant. When the man begged Yi Hyuk to kill him because he was too much of a coward to kill himself, Yi Hyuk sparred him because that man "remembered the old Yi Hyuk" but another reason why Yi Hyuk sparred him could be that he see himself in that man's shadow. He was waiting for someone to kill him...that's why he sat there when Beo Deul shot at him. 


He want to, desperately, turned back to Yi Hyuk. He seek Jeon Bongjun's advice, only to receive a silent ultimatum. His dad was still ruthless and distorted as he had been, so he was not a person Yi Hyuk could find salvation. He loved his mom, but she was primarily under his father's influence. He hoped that Myung Shim would love him like he was in the past, but she had given up on him even though she had promised to wait for "Yi Hyuk" to come back. To the end, the only person who loved and saw him as who he really is, was Yi Kang. The one who really waited for him, even in the afterlife, was his only half brother....and the one who really understand him was his half-brother. He took his life , accepting what his brother had suggested, because he had nothing to live for...and the only solace he could find was the fact that his brother would once again called him "brother" again in the afterlife. 


None the less, Jo Jung Seok, Yi Kang, drew me to this drama, and it stayed with him....but the one who gave me a lasting impression was Jeon Bongjun, Choi Moo-Sung's character. 

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Two last episode  really heartfelt, how far we are humans sought our humanity in the world full of discrimination and lost of identity , the pain of seeing our fellow sacrifice their lives to liberate themselves as equals mans who had same options to rule and to be ruled nevertheless always there's who's lost identity,

Swayed by their principles or by theirs own greed but at the end their heart knew the truth eventually source up.

Ones will never dies is when the ideas is become ideal to many people there always person who holds and spread it.

Who could judge wich more precious civilization but put you in to slave of other idea.

Or liberate yourself to founding civilization within your identity and culture, we're humans bound to be free from what enslaved us.

Good patriotism drama:thumbsup:


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SBS drama 'Mung Bean Flower', where Jo Jung Seok, Yoon Shi Yoon, and Han Yeri, etc. performed well, won the bronze award in the mini-series category at the '2020 New York Television Film Festival Awards'!




Congratulations to all the people who worked hard behind this amazing drama! They deserved all the praise.


Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/629/0000023669




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