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[Drama 2019] Mung Bean Flower/ Nokdu Flower, 녹두꽃


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On 5/16/2019 at 6:12 AM, anony12345 said:

I picked up this drama the other day and have now caught up, I'm surprised by the lack of posts, I thought the main lead was a pretty popular actor?


I'm a thread lurker since I do like the actors but I'm unfortunately not attracted to watch a sageuk, especially one that is set in such a dark period of time. Maybe I'll pick it up sometime. Maybe. Huhu


I also think theres a shift of how people are watching dramas and how they respond to it. Due to the growth of Kdramaland and its viewer pool has grown exponentioally, many new platforms exist for viewers to discuss/rant/comment about a drama. It can be seen from soompi threads number of replies. Older dramas (before 2015) has much more comments and discussion compared to recent dramas. Its kinda sad to be honest. Because soompi and DB  are my go to places for drama discussions~ huhuhu. Another thing I noticed is romantic dramas be it modern or sageuk, garners more response and disucssion compared to darker dramas.



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I'm still hazy about Yi Hyun. What is his belief actually? I also don't understand the conflict btwn him and teacher Hwang. And isn't teacher Hwang aligned with Donghak? 


HYR is a superb actress. She may not be a beauty like SHY or anything but i just can't get my eyes of her

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All the actors are amazing.

But, YSY is too good of an actor, not to be the main lead. 

Even in the short scenes between YH and JI , there is chemistry

on the screen.


I like this mind fight between YH and lord Hwang. 


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Hello everyone! I just got back here on Soompi from being MIA. There are a few who posts MBF contents on YSY thread. You can copy-paste maybe. Haven't watched the drama, been away from K-ent for a while.






Screencaps  http://www.jjan.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=2045212&sc_section_code=S1N36&sc_sub_section_code=S2N71


Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2019-04-26 1 7.2% - 8.6% (9th) 10.1% (8th)
2019-04-26 2 9.5% - 11.5% (5th) 13.2% (3rd)
2019-04-27 3 - - 6.5% (15th) 7.3% (12th)
2019-04-27 4 6.8% - 8.6% (9th) 9.5% (6th)
2019-05-03 5 6.7% - 6.6% (14th) 7.2% (12th)
2019-05-03 6 8.3% - 8.8 %(6th) 9.8% (5th)
2019-05-04 7 6.2% - 6.8% (9th) 8.1% (6th)
2019-05-04 8 7.4% - 8.1% (6th) 9.4% (3rd)
2019-05-10 9 6.8% - 7.4% (9th) 8.6% (8th)
2019-05-10 10 7.7% - 8.6% (7th) 9.9% (5th)
2019-05-11 11 7.4% - 8.1% (6th) 9.9% (5th)
2019-05-11 12 8.0% - 9.1% (4th) 10.9% (3rd)
2019-05-17 13 7.0% - 7.0% (13th) 8.2% (10th)
2019-05-17 14 8.2% - 8.4% (7th) 9.5% (6th)
2019-05-18 15 6.3% - 6.5% (14th) 7.4% (9th)
2019-05-18 16 6.8% - 7.7% (8th) 8.6% (5th)


Cr http://asianwiki.com/Mung_Bean_Flower

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About ep 19-20:



Wow, Lady Song is such an idiot. This is like the 3rd time she is a hassle to the Donghak's members... And now she's coordinating a treacherous attack to them? really? kill them in the dark? wow, that is sooo nice of her, I'm sure Baek Yi Kang will be giddy listening to that plan. Nokdu General is absolutely right about peddlers and her father. And about her too.


Yi Hyun is indeed cruel, not close to an evil spirit level, but he's has so much darkness ... fueled by his convictions that "civilization" (or the idea of "civilization" that a society that allows to have slaves can have) will be Joseon's light out of the political (social, economic and moral) dark strife.


Yi Kang is learning the hard way, and his past just came back to punch him the face.



I do still wonder why such a good series has only 9 pages of comments, why are we so few who comment on the series? :tears: :tears: I like it when I can not only watch a drama but  I can also discuss about it, chat and fangirl overall (*) with others.




Yoon Shi Yoon is looking soooo fine in Yi Hyun character... :wub::wub: :w00t:

I blame YSY face tho.


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Nokdu Flower: Episodes 9-10

by odilettante


Just when the brothers thought their lives might be improving, everything turns against them — except each other, of course. Their brotherly love continues to triumph over the prejudices of family and social class. Even if they find themselves forced to be on opposite sides of the burgeoning revolution, their loyalty to each other will remain strong — or will it?



more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/nokdu-flower-episodes-9-10/




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7 hours ago, cafe99 said:

The story & cast are amaizing... what a pity about the poor ratings... :tears:

Given the huge number of competitive competitors, the ratings are not that small. It’s just too painful for people to watch this drama, especially in summer, when you want something light ...
And on the contrary, I really, really, really like the drama. It makes you nervous, anxious, bite your lips and nails from the experience and grit your teeth ...
Starting to watch, you need to immediately prepare for the fact that in the finale everyone will die. Such is the price paid for revolution and rebellion.
And yes, I think this is the best role of Yoon Shi Yoon. The gods of dramas made him a great gift! He learned a lot from his older colleagues ...

But how sad it is for me that the brothers are on opposite sides of the barricade. And when Yi Kang finds out that this is his brother's shooting at everyone ... He will be very sick and he will not be able to forgive him. How not to forgive his beloved, who betrayed him to save ...:tears:

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Dramabeans recap (ep 11-12):




@Friendly kitty Yes, the fact that everyones will die made me incredibly sad so I kinda understand how people may feel about such tragic events (I'm not from Korea or anywhere from Asia so I didn't knew about the peasant revolution till this drama, and when I found about it, it was utter sad...)


My heart hurts for all the people who died and suffered, even so, I find myself immersed in the characters and their story... 


Also, I think that this is the best Yoon Shi-Yoon character (Yi-Hyun) & performance, it reminds me of Gaksital's Shunji (played by Park Ki-Woong)... Yi-Kang & Yi-Hyun are following the same path as Lee Kang-To & Kimura Shunji, respectively

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mung bean flower' Yoon Shi-yoon ↑ the immersion, subtle acting created dramatic changes too.

기사입력2019.06.02. 오전 8:01
[The Daily Sports Hwang So Young]
'mung bean flower' Yoon Shi-yoon delicate playacting and have been praised by the dramatic changes.

Currently there is a possibility of sbs Friday Saturday drama 'mung bean flower' a half brother who had to be fighting farmers separated into military and a punitive force. full of ups and downs of the human story, a piece of work125 years ago, the grass roots of the Tonghak Uprising of. 

Yoon Shi-yoon of a flowering of the Joseon Dynasty who dreamed of becoming a brother, gave an impassioned performance as the station baegiyeon, strapped him and his brother lives bitter in the mud that didn't they want with mixed fortunes.Security were.

First, his ardent tears broke the hearts of viewers.'mung bean flower' that is broadcast on January 23, 24 from Yoon Shi-yoon Choi Moo Sung for the future is (baegiyeon) trying to kill the (Jeon Bongjun) but finally he going to die away and I know.Yoon Shi-yoon million life is missing a chance to succeed, but after all.So far, the firm determination and effort into the mixed emotions in fact be everything out.The tears of the Yoon Shi-yoon was pulled the flow.

Yoon Shi-yoon print-out in accordance with the situation in the Master's appearance gopttigou a delicately into his feelings.Don't feel any feelings at all that pointed a gun at a cool look like Yoon Shi-yoon of grief from the depths of her heart is like being out watching.Did pity them.All for the dated atmosphere of the drama. 

The production team, " Yoon Shi-yoon originally played by baegiyeon is the most dramatic change in the drama character.Extraordinary concentration and energy, such as baegiyeon jeomcheungjeok out changes to the drawing and the viewer's engagement and blessing, ". " 

'mung bean flower' is broadcast every Friday, Saturday afternoon at 10.

Hwang So Young news hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr.

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