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[Drama 2019] Left-handed wife, 왼손잡이 아내


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Ep 70 preview:



Notice how fast SH runs ahead of everyone, when her seat is farthest from the exit, when it's not about Gun






AR is not in her ward  (previously I thought they are visiting VC)




Meanwhile...AR finds them here




Blood is thicker 




They aren't aware of VC/NJ's accident except AR (and of course she's not telling)




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@newyee thanks for the screen shots:D:wub:. Our crazy San Ha is back from the dead lol:joy::mrgreen:.


Indeed, blood is thicker than water in AR's case :expressionless:. She started to get attached to her son already. 


It seems like they came to visit AR. But, how is AR gonna explain this mess? First of all, this is Aura hospital and the chairman is bound to find out what happened to VC anytime soon. But you know what, I'm not gonna expect a thing from these people at this stage lol:sweat_smile:

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@lu09 & @newyee of course the blood thicker than anything but it’s no surprise AR run to NJ , she probably thinking he done that to save her , her new change son - that defense his momma :mrgreen: So she wouldn’t need to check on VC or try to save him , it’s his own fault that he's half dead right now  , why did he have to get in the way , she sorry of course that he hurt :mrgreen: , but she still need NJ to get the company he failed to get it for her :yum:, he can go now peacefully and  meet her in the hell & punish her there but right now she need to reach her dream *roll the company*  :joy:


*  what happen to NJ  , I am disappointed can’t he bush him without getting hurt , there will be no Camera so he can do it easily. 



I like they giving us new materials to chew on , rather than crazy SH story. For me killing the hypocrite VC would be treat & get to know story behind this is bonus :joy:





@newyee thanks for preview  + picture :wub:

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@lu09 & @newyee I hope next week full of funny moments, this week  was full of hilarious moment . :joy: These are my top 5 moment :mrgreen:





..  loved how someone who is hiding wear a colorful clothes - anyone can spot her for 3 mile away :yum:


Of course Dori & his mom partnership top it all :joy:




.. don’t sell me for a cake be better than ur grandmother :joy:




... sorry mom , cake tasted delicious , remember u take my snack :tounge_wink:







... wow , she can run fast , what kind of plan is this , throw me out of house  :sweat_smile:




can anyone stop laughing while hearing this discussion :phew:











... someone forget his place for second :sweat_smile:



Finally this 








... help help she stealing my blind child :lol:



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@Ameera Ali the mother and son partnership failed because of a cake lol:joy:. I was laughing like crazy when he said "Ok"  like it was the most natural thing:mrgreen:. Also Chan passing Tiffany like he is planning to score a goal lol:joy:. The kids are becoming more hilarious than the adults :sweat_smile:.  Indeed, we need more hilarious moments in this upcoming week lol.


Good to know I wasn't the only one who didn't mind the VC dying lol. Like I said in my previous post, may he rest in peace:innocent::grimace:. Now I wonder what that Cufflinks is all about:confused:

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@Ameera Ali @lu09 Y'all make me laugh so hard I need the washroom....


Yes, Esther's clothes are too bright to miss and she can run down the stairs real fast. It's no wonder crazy SH tries to compete with her but she forgets it's her arch enemy who is hospitalised.

Those pics of 'sister' AR :lol:

Indeed Chan looks as if he's avoiding an opponent in a soccer game and the 'blind child' comment is hilarious!!



@mizkorea What's meant to be tense/tragic situations are made much less stressful to watch with all the fun-loving chingus here. 

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LOL at the above posts. This show is unintentionally funny. Esther is really like the cartoon coyote. A freaking idiot! She is still salty over SH winning over her by getting her husband back and making her a bum. SH did warn her that her life would be a living hell lol. Chan running to SH instead of Tiffany is still my highlight of the week. Blood is thicker indeed. 

For the preview, I thought SH was running toward the grandma almost fainting again. At least, that's how it looks like visually. I doubt she cares about Aera lol This is the woman who always looks down on her, grabbed her by the hair, and threw water on her over her precious "not" son. Previews are always pasted together with different voiceover overlapping. 

Yeah can't say I care about VC dying or not except for grandma. That poor lady keeps on losing sons and grandsons at this rate. He had plenty of chances to confess. And why did he need to do it in a freakin hotel when they have the privacy of their home? (well minus Aera lol). So unnecessary but I guess to stretch out the plot. Smh I also can't believe Aera is still roaming in that house when they all know she basically killed her son. Stop using Dori to justify y'all stupidity. That's why she kicked their butts. She shows no human decency or compassion, but yet they don't do the same to her. 

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@chrissydiva You are probably right about SH running to help granny as she can't access to the left, which is nearer, else she will block the cameraman.

Anyway, some of the scenes shown in previews will be cut from the actual telecast. 


Dear chingus, let's enjoy the ep tonight & pick up those unintentional humour as usual. (Time here: 0725H Monday morning)

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It's no wonder crazy SH tries to compete with her but she forgets it's her arch enemy who is hospitalised.


Hahaha , that  funny , she forget a lot these days  :yum:





but seriously girls ( @lu09 & @newyee she need to stop questioning children , I couldn’t believe it when she said to Chan tell the true , can trust me , I will save u :joy:


poor little Chan , he probably thinking , let me think she said trust me , she is harmless like 




No like 







No she more stronger , she probably   :joy:





She will help me :mrgreen:




Then remember all grown up are lairs 




So he think it’s best to defend his fake mom :mrgreen:




* if anyone want to see DORi thought on SH , I am happy to help :relaxed:



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@Ameera Ali my stomach is hurting me here lol:joy::mrgreen:


@chrissydiva everyone is treating Esther like she is a freaking idiot lol:D. It came to the point where everyone is looking at her and asking her one question only: " What did you do this time? Lol" 


Yep, looks like San Ha is running to granny from the way the picture was posted. Indeed, San Ha couldn't care less about AR :mrgreen:. I wonder if San Ha will end up pulling AR's hair when the bomb drops:smirk:. Ahhh, How wonderful would it be:glasses:


@newyee let's enjoy it:D. See you laterB).

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@newyee thanks sweetie :blush: 





Love DoRi , he sweet , innocent, loved so his thoughts process isn’t that complicated , for his famous I want daddy he probably choose him because he think of his daddy a 






We all know , DoRi loves his food he may even  imagine him as his 





.. this child is unbelievably funny so I run wild with his thought :joy: 



His mommy & SH as two animal fighting making loud noises  :mrgreen: He can’t understand what they saying :joy:








... @newyee & @lu09 if was there a fight between these two , who will win , I put my money on crazy chicken SH 




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I couldn't get to watch the full episode because it's Monday and my site doesn't work as usual :triumph: however, I found some KBS clips at YouTube lol:yum:.


VC is alive. NJ got the VC on a wheelchair and took him out of the hospital. Someone is not in their right mind lol. San Ha saw him and called out but was stopped by AR. AR didn't know she was getting a visit from the chairman and looked shocked.


Another clip shows AR cleaning up the blood from the floor and LSH catching her in the act. But as usual, she has an answer to every damn question and LSH looks at her weirdly:weary:. Dude, look at the FLOOR........


It seems like the VC got a surgery in another hospital. NJ got a fractured hand and stayed with him. he got a visit in the form of AR and they were talking about taking over the company before the bomb drops.


San Ha mom planned to tell LSH the truth but the father stopped her :rage:. Why????


Why do I suddenly miss Esther and Dori?:weary::sweat_smile::mrgreen:.


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@lu09 u make me laugh,  I am telling u DoRi & Esther the life of this drama :blush:


episode of today it’s all about after math of CV where about :joy: - they all looking for 40 something old man  :lol:




That fall was beautifully done, ouch that would hurt tomorrow, I mean stuntman  of course  :tounge_wink::sweat_smile:





Wow , no one need to spill the beans to him ,I think he would remember later how affectionate she was to NJ :mrgreen:  





As u usual SH run her mouth, didn’t wait , question what she thought she saw to NJ  , dumb girl did she forget what he done to her husband, what the need to ask , if u think u see it , that probably correct :joy:




* This family cursed, they losing family members  one by one , I hope is contagious SH family need to lose some members of her family they annoying me lately :rage:



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The server is loading at snail pace today. Still stuck but I gather that AR shouts for help at first but she is stopped by NJ who regains consciousness. He reasons with her and they finally decide to wheel VC out of the hospital. 

The father stops SH mom as they are merely speculating that LSH is VC's illegitimate son so it's better LSH hears it from the horse's mouth.

SH & LSH catch a glimpse of Chan alighting from the school bus to school. He looks happy and well so they are relieved. Esther & DR come along & she threatens them about the restraint. 

SH sis & mom visit Tiffany & she secretly places a cctv in Tiffany's shop... 



Ep 71 preview:

SH looks at her hp (cctv footage?) and looks uneasy as LSH takes over it

NJ finds VC gone from his bed and yell at the doc

He informs AR who is resting at home and Esther overhears it

AR goes downstairs and is shocked  to see VC standing in the living room, still in his hospital clothes, with chairman & granny present




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