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  1. Wait till the boy sees his new grandma yelling at blind grandpa for the tiniest thing and beating up his aunt for filming herself eating pizza which is also his favourite video. Then he'll gladly stay with great-grandparents in 5min and again shocked by great-grandpa ya-ya-ya and whacking his stick and throwing tissue boxes around. Maybe he'll say "just ship me to US!" And yes! That Oh family house belongs to NJ. Writer has forgotten about it& so have I.
  2. @Ameera Ali Oh yes! SH puts so much effort to preserve the cosmetics she creates with her dad and only to stop selling them when Esther tries to tarnish the image. Then they simply close shop & let mom start a boutique. A good start with an abrupt ending. Crazy storyline. I thought Chan is too quick to embrace & trust his new family after what he's been through. But his closure with Tiffany is just right as he's a kind-hearted & grateful boy. I'll like to find out what that drawing is about. Tiffany has been repatriated and Gun will start his new chapter in a safe haven. There'll be more pleasant surprises coming his way - a cousin & great-grandparents. Feeling happy... @lu09 Instead of collecting her debts from the Parks, this time she'll be making 'repayments' to them and chairman will be asking "are you saying LSH is my grandson and Chan is my great grandson?"
  3. LSH has lost his memory on the necklace. If he does have a faint memory of it, likely granny will tell him she ever gives him a similar one in the form of a brooch. Seems like SH mom will be the heroine if LSH does see the necklaces and mentions it to her. Ep 73 preview: Chairman with LSH in his study and they talk about NJ Granny with NJ, AR & Esther in the living room. She shows him the necklace and asks him a question which he seems unable to reply. AR looks on (and likely to have an answer for her). AR engages on her hp in her room. She talks about granny & is smiling. Embezzlement investigation on VC by the authority starts SH & LSH talking in Chan's ward VC, in Sleeping beauty aka snow white state, sleep-talking & trying hard to wake up
  4. Let me try...if you move the cursor to the top left corner of the quote, you will see a cross sign. Click on it and hit the delete button on the keyboard. The quote should disappear. Then you can 'click to go back'.
  5. @Ameera Ali They must have 2 teams of writers. The better team left after closing the episode with NJ being captured. The second team comprises mainly of comedy writers. I wonder what is LSH's actual name? Not Lee Soo Ho, not Park Do Kyung but Park XX?
  6. @Ameera Ali Thanks, dear. Always looking forward to your humorous gifs & such. I'm feeling so relieved because our SH is so happy. "Wayo"? Because I don't have to watch her sniffing, calling Susi when she's helpless & she can keep her wobbly legs in check now & finally no more fainting spell. Please make her the strong gungho lady again, who can help LSH to solve the last piece of puzzle, but minus stupid question such as " KNJ, was that you that I saw giving bribes to the officer at the missing person centre yesterday?". @lu09 I ROFL at "The guy was useless even when he was standing." @chrissydiva LSH must be a superman to accomplish all those in a jiffy. Perhaps SH can rest and enjoy her "Uli Corny" time now.
  7. @lu09 These days I can't watch over youtube at all after resetting my laptop. I watched the family reunion from ep 73 preview. SH is REALLY happy, lol. I switched over here because I THINK chairman mentioned NJ is the lost grandson! Can somebody verify that? (actually I'm keen to know because that was my guess previously ). But don't laugh at me if it's wrong, haha.... Ep 73 preview: LSH & SH with family in Gun's ward. They are all smiling because Gun is happy. Chairman looking heartbroken as he slowly whispers something like NJ is the grandson in granny, AR & Esther's presence. Esther is shocked as she asks him like who again? SH mom talks to LSH outside Gun's ward. She looks serious. NJ arrives outside Park's residence & Esther appears from behind smiling proudly at him. Esther talks to AR in her room & walks out with a big smile while AR remains composed and proud.
  8. @Ameera Ali I am thinking only when Tiffany' is provoked, she'll go hysterical & shake Chan continuously until he faints & that's abuse. Not attending to him while she's at work is not abuse but negligence. But not everyone has the luxury to leave her work at any time she pleases as in the case of SH. It's not fair to her colleagues but that's the privilege of being a director's wife. I'm certain they'll find Tiffany guilty, with child abuse history in US. Agree that the writer is not doing a balance job. They're mostly showing Tiffany sweetly doting on Chan but also on SH's determination to get 'uliui Guni' back from her as if he's never been given up for adoption. That's the reason I didn't give full support to SH earlier, unlike the DK1 case which is clear-cut LSH belongs to her. @dulceres Chan's blood group is O, unlike DR's cis-AB which is rare. Maybe they'll come out with 'cis-O' for the 'famous blood transfusion' scene.
  9. Hope I'm not misleading as I heard 'siljong' which means missing . Thanks to kdrama that I'm picking up some korean lang. And yes, the bad guys are always full of creative ideas
  10. @lu09 @Ameera Ali Haven't been trolled by a character's dream for a while . SH barging into Tiffany's shop, shoving her away from a sickly Chan & accusing & arguing with her is a bad idea, not to mention her entire family. It just makes Tiffany suspicious, more defensive & cause more delay in treating Chan . Hopefully LSH can save Chan so that Tiffany will let her guard down & also realises her inadequacy & evenually gives up. But most likely, writer will make her a villain to return Chan to his rightful place. Ep 72 preview: LSH has to leave the homeshopping shoot for an emergency about Gun SH & her family at the police station LSH is running along a corridor but is stopped by NJ Chan is unconscious & is being wheeled into A&E room with Tiffany following anxiously behind NJ house is being searched by police I think Esther eavesdrops AR's hp conversation in her room but manages to hide in time AR & NJ in the ward where VC is still being sedated & they seem to have a plan Chairman takes a call at home & and the caller identified himself to be from the missing person centre
  11. Apparently SH sis places a cctv in Tiffany shop with the help of her mom and has also disguised herself as a clown to give Chan & DR a teddy bear each. (In fact her mom will make a more realistic clown ) . Chan's bear has a cctv camera hidden. He brings it to NJ's house and that's how they discover the whereabouts of VC. @Ameera Ali "As usual SH run her mouth, didn’t wait , question what she thought she saw to NJ , dumb girl did she forget what he done to her husband, what the need to ask , if u think u see it , that probably correct " Indeed! She shouldn't crow like a rooster (does it ring a bell?) and wake the perpetrator up.
  12. The server is loading at snail pace today. Still stuck but I gather that AR shouts for help at first but she is stopped by NJ who regains consciousness. He reasons with her and they finally decide to wheel VC out of the hospital. The father stops SH mom as they are merely speculating that LSH is VC's illegitimate son so it's better LSH hears it from the horse's mouth. SH & LSH catch a glimpse of Chan alighting from the school bus to school. He looks happy and well so they are relieved. Esther & DR come along & she threatens them about the restraint. SH sis & mom visit Tiffany & she secretly places a cctv in Tiffany's shop... Ep 71 preview: SH looks at her hp (cctv footage?) and looks uneasy as LSH takes over it NJ finds VC gone from his bed and yell at the doc He informs AR who is resting at home and Esther overhears it AR goes downstairs and is shocked to see VC standing in the living room, still in his hospital clothes, with chairman & granny present (edited)
  13. @Ameera Ali HAHAHAHAHA!! You are so good in digital photos editing! I gladly accept this offer with arms wide open: * if anyone want to see DORi thought on SH , I am happy to help
  14. @chrissydiva You are probably right about SH running to help granny as she can't access to the left, which is nearer, else she will block the cameraman. Anyway, some of the scenes shown in previews will be cut from the actual telecast. Dear chingus, let's enjoy the ep tonight & pick up those unintentional humour as usual. (Time here: 0725H Monday morning)
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