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  1. THANK YOU to ALL chingus (esp mentioning @Ameera Ali @chrissydiva @lu09 @nohamahamoud2002 in alpha order) for your precious contributions here. I really enjoy reading your insightful & interesting posts, pics & gifs which warrant my diligent visits here throughout the months. I hope to meet again! Cheerio & take care! -Saranghaeyo-
  2. @nohamahamoud2002 I think you will score a distinction (wow!) in your homework if NJ is a character lifted from your literature textbook. For that purpose, I will also study him from all angles and present my views to my teacher. However, this is just a casual ungraded soompi forum. I just want to sit back & point my fingers at the bad guys and jeer at them. This is the fun of watching a drama and posting in forums. Relax dear chingu. In fact I've already refrained from writing nastier things about NJ since you've worked so hard at your blog and I feel bad for you, not NJ nor JTH. If you apply psychoanalytic theory on NJ, you won't enjoy the sweet triumphant of the OTP at the end, imao.
  3. I share the same view that AR & NJ should move far away if either one or both survives after being punished. If they haven't been defeated by the Parks, NJ would be an arrogant Aura chairman with SH being his amnesiac wife and they having some kids. PSH & SH would suffer the most and not forgetting Gun & SH family. Also, AR would have disgraced the Parks and made them down & out. I am not buying into their overdue apologies, regrets and it's their duties to set things right.
  4. SH's expression looks more like she's in shock & I think she receives bad news about AR & NJ? I don't really mind if AR & NJ have to suffer now for their past evil-doings but I am sure the Parks will be affected if anything happens to either or both of them since AR is still the granny of NoAh. The writer is re-using the same plot - revealing the villain's hideous act during shareholders' meeting (yawn) but I'm glad as long as they put chairman Oh behind bars or better still if he's evaporated from this world.
  5. Congrats @nohamahamoud2002! What could be more rewarding than having your idol noticed you?
  6. Law & order doesn't work for this drama. It has to be retribution like accident, illness or murder; or repentance. I am thinking HY will eventually kill chairman Oh as he's possibly the one who murdered her family and attributed it to suicide just like what he intended for AR. HY's rich BIL was also killed in a faked accident. I also hope that chairman Park will survive and the 4 generations will have a happy reunion in the end. Otherwise the title can well be 'Curse of Aura'.
  7. @nohamahamoud2002 @lu09 Chairman Park's walking stick has a hidden camera, if I'm not mistaken. He seems to switch on the camera and aiming at Oh. For his age, I doubt he can make it but still hope so. This drama should be more light-hearted by now but it's far from it
  8. @kimdaehwi When AR met up with her late dad's former right-hand man, he admitted that her dad had ordered the murder of NJ's dad as the latter had threatened to send NJ to AR. He said AR dad had no choice as he couldn't tolerate anyone who tried to get into the way of his only daughter's future and happiness. @nohamahamoud2002 It's frightening that JTH gets cyber bully for the role he plays in a drama. Can't viewers differentiate between drama & reality? Actors must indeed be careful of the roles they choose. But on a brighter note, JTH must have pocketed a decent income for the 100+ ep drama. Not to worry, his image will change once he acts as a good guy or comedian in his next masterpiece.
  9. @nohamahamoud2002 If only NJ will agree with his mum to forgo his goal and get treatment in US. He won't have to die and you will be the happiest viewer in this drama. But we don't know the final outcome yet. There's still hope. If NJ dies and indeed donates his cornea to SH dad, Oh family will get to see AR staring lovingly at SH dad's eyes every too often and get some claws injuries from SH mom . ( me nothing better to do on a lazy Sat afternoon waiting for lunch...)
  10. Chairman Oh wants AR's Aura shares as repayment for the $50mil debt she owed so that he can be the biggest shareholder. But AR would rather borrow the money from chairman Park and uses Aura gallery as collateral, to repay her debt to Oh. Oh is notorious for breaking up a conglomerate and sells in parts to different buyers. Both Park & AR don't wish that to happen to Aura hence Park is helping AR. (It seems like Oh is trying to kill AR & marrying HY off to NJ to eventually get AR shares from NJ?). While I understand why PSH needs to help AR, it's puzzling to see him using his blazers to keep her warm.
  11. @nohamahamoud2002 OMG! I can sense your excitement & gladness that NJ is not totally evil. BUT, not to pour cold water, he is addressing SH parents as MIL & FIL. His memory is possibly back at that stage when he was courting SH & trying to win SH parents' favour. Or maybe his crooked brain has been straightened by the embedded metal fragment and he's a changed person now. Anyway, I hope you are right.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002 No worries chingu. I know you study literature. I read Macbeth during high sch & I can never appreciate Shakespeare's plays as I am a science person. But I love art/drawings and everything nice probably due to my left-hand-right-brain theory. Hope that explains. x off-topic x
  13. Every bad guy in this drama wants Aura. For HY, she's mistaken chairman to be the culprit for her family's tragedy. Not that I like her a bit (plus her centre-parting flat hairstyle is a disaster) but she wants revenge plus money to treat her comatose sis. The adoptive father, being an underworld society chief, must have adopted them to make use of HY to take over Aura. Chairman & VC are looking into HY's claim. It's likely that the real culprit is AR's dad. Perhaps we will see how HY turns around to betray AR & NJ. Just my 2 cents. @nohamahamoud2002 Imagine you are a lady who loves your husband dearly and the love is mutual. Then someone like NJ comes along and you treat him as a very good friend and clarify your stance that there's no romantic love between both of you. But you discover he is obsessed with you and will never let you go even if you are married and have a kid. If he can't have you, neither will he let your husband have you. He won't sacrifice himself for your happiness with your little family. He wants happiness for himself by having you because of his unhappy childhood. He will attempt to marry and possess you. Will you really feel sorry for him, understand why he is doing this & brush it off as 'nay, he's just a psychopath with good reasons for his behaviour'? I can't, even as a bystander. I'd even shudder at the thought of having his pair of 'dirty' cornea transplanted into my dad's eyes. But well, the writer might end the drama with what you have in mind, i.e. forgiveness and redemption. But don't worry, I am simply referring to the characters in this drama. I won't black mark JTH as he's just acting according to the scripts .
  14. Gun has the same tube as NJ which he puts his drawings. NJ uses one to store the jewellery he steals. NJ loses his memory & finds his way into SH house looking for Jemma. (The house is empty & not locked as usual ). He drops the tube under the sofa. After NJ is chased away from the house, he recalls where he drops and returns to SH house with the thugs. But SH & Gun have already left for Parks house with the tube thinking it belongs to Gun. I think NJ decides to frame SH with the stolen jewellery. Btw, the man is HY's adoptive father. The thugs seems to know him & are fearful of him.
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